Toronto Area Safety Coalition

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Toronto Area Safety Coalition

Thursday November 12, 2015

1:00 pm-3:00pm

York Region Offices, 50 High Tech Rd., 2nd Floor, Committee Room A


Active Members:

Peter Mohyla, GO Transit/Metrolinx

Wendy Jang, City of Toronto, PF&R

Silvana Farrace-Perry, York Public Health

Sheldon Koo, City of Toronto, Transportation

Stephanie Cowle, OIPRC X

Brock Munro, Toronto Fire Services

Joanne Banfield, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre (C) X

Brett Moore, Toronto Police Services

Brandy Tanenbaum, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre (T)

Giancarlo Marrelli, Toronto Police Services

Karen Hodge, York Regional Police X

Bill Watts, OPP, Port Credit

Lisa Thompson, Ministry of Transportation (S) X

Paula Waddell, Toronto Public Health X

Sheila Dove, Toronto District School Board/Toronto Catholic District School Board X

Associate Members:

Sonia Douglas, Health Canada (A)

Attendees present (X)

Associate Members (A)









Agenda item



  1. Welcome and introductions


  1. Review previous Minutes from April 2015

  • Motion to approve the Minutes from September 2015:

    • Motion approved: Karen

    • Seconded by: Lisa

Lisa will upload Minutes to microsite

  1. Treasurers Report

  • $10,490.74 in total, unrestricted funds


  1. Adorable Outfitters alliance

  • Fashion Show

    • Work with show producer to share TASC ideas

    • Background for show idea: Busy city streets, reduced visibility. During an intermission, have an engaging PSA on pedestrian visibility

    • Ensure the AO films the event

  • Ideas for locations for the dry run:

    • Lebovich locations on Bathurst

    • Distillery district

    • Downsview Park hangars

    • Jarvis Collegiate auditorium

    • Etobicoke School for the Arts

    • Cardinal Carter (has a stage)

All to send suggestions to Lisa on locations for the dry run by Nov. 19

Lisa to connect with AO and to suggest alternate locations for the dry run and ensure they plan to record the show

  1. Roundtable

Updates below, only if provided

  • Karen, York Region Police:

    • Busy dealing with an increase in collisions in the region

    • Moving forward with the 2015 Red Ribbon Campaign. Launching at the Sacred Heart with Kevin Frankish as the MC.

  • Shelia, TDSB/TCDSB:

    • Toronto is a high-needs bussing area.

      • Bus companies looking for school bus drivers, but also need to prioritize the curriculum so that drivers are properly trained.

      • Some students are behaving more aggressively on the buses, which is impacting driver safety

  • Paula, Toronto Public Health:

    • Reviewing some injury data reports to move beyond just public education

  • Stephanie, OIPRC:

    • Save the date: Feb 23-24, 2016 for the annual meeting of the public health reps from various regions (managers & practitioners). Will take place in Toronto, at the Holiday Inn Yorkdale

      • Would like to have 1-2 TASC members in attendance

  • MTO:

  • Joanne, Sunnybrook:

    • Road Traffic Trauma conference on February 25, 2016 at the BMO Institute for Learning in Toronto

  1. Next meeting

Holiday meeting at the Pickle Barrel – Date TBD, 10am-1pm

All to respond to Doodle availability poll by Nov. 19

Lisa to make reservation & notify TASC by Nov. 20

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