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Defense !—F-35—Air Power

F-35 key to military’s air capabilities
McFeatters 10 (Dale, Staff @ the Herald Sun, February,

And he also said he was withholding $614 million in performance bonuses from contractor Lockheed Martin. "The taxpayer should not have to bear the entire burden of getting the JSF program back on track," Gates said. To paraphrase another administration official, that's change we can believe in. Earlier this year, he relieved Gen. David McKiernan, the U.S. commander in Afghanistan, over a difference in war-fighting philosophy. He fired the secretary of the Air Force and the Air Force chief of staff when a B-52 flew cross-country accidentally loaded with nuclear missiles on their watch. And he fired the secretary of the Army and the director of Walter Reed Army Medical Center for poor treatment of outpatient soldiers at the hospital. With the cancellation of the F-22, the F-35 is critical to the military's air-war capabilities, and certainly we're paying enough for it: $11.4 billion in the president's new budget, including $8.4 billion to buy 43 F-35s.

U.S. will rely on F-35 for 90% of the air force
Claffey 10 (Jason, Editor @ Fosters, 5/29,

The F-35 is critical to our national security and defense," said Shea-Porter spokeswoman Jamie Radice. "We will rely on the F-35 for 90% of our tactical air forces, and having only one engine is an unacceptable risk to our nation and to our pilots." The more than $300 billion F-35 program is regarded as the largest weapons program in history. It will replace nearly every American fighter jet now in operation. The U.S. partnered with several countries to buy more than 3,000 F-35s combined.
F-35 is key to invest in for American aircraft.
Bartlett 11 (Roscoe, Chairman of the Subcommittee on Tactical Air and Land Forces, 2/14,

I don’t believe the President’s proposal which would increase our $14 trillion debt by an additional $8 trillion comes close to what needs to be done to get our federal government budget under control. However, for one program, the Joint Strike Fighter F-35 Alternate Engine, the President’s budget is penny wise and pound foolish. “I have reviewed the arguments for and against the F-35 Alternate Engine for the Joint Strike Fighter in extensive hearings and briefings by the House Armed Services Committee. I can assure you that the Defense Department’s own data* provides the proof that Congress must continue to approve the Alternate Engine for the Joint Strike Fighter that was part of the original plan for the F-35. Continuing the engine competition for the F-35 is crucial for our national security and that of our allies. “The current plan calls for the F-35 to be 95 percent of all of America’s fighting aircraft. The original engine awarded under a noncompetitive contract is $3.4 billion over budget and far behind schedule. Competition always produces better, cheaper products. GAO has advised Congress that a competitive alternate engine program could save money over the life of the program. The alternate engine program for the F-16 fighter saved 21%. Right now, we have many different fighter aircraft that can be called upon in the event engine failure requires us to ground one type. If in the future, 95% of our fighters are F-35’s they should be powered by more than one engine to prevent a simultaneous grounding of nearly all of our fighter fleet due to engine problems. Yet, the Department of Defense is asking Congress to approve a monopoly contract for $110 billion for thousands of engines for the F-35 for decades into the future.

F-35 key to US air dominance
Cooper 11 (Elise, Political Analyst, 3/14,

There are three versions of the aircraft. While all F-35s are stealth fighters, the F-35A will be used by the Air Force with a conventional takeoff and landing capability. The F-35B will be used by the Marines with a short takeoff/vertical landing capability. The F-35C will be used by the Navy with catapult launch and arrested recovery capabilities. Presently, there are eight international partners with each one contributing varying amounts to the development phase, the cost of the program, and a commitment to purchase a certain number of the aircraft. All interviewed believe that the F-35 is necessary for America to maintain its air superiority. This high end stealth aircraft replaces several less effective, aging planes flown by three branches: the Air Force, Navy, and Marines. Richard Myers, a four star Air Force General and former Chief of Staff, explained that the F-35 will allow the US and our allies to penetrate those defensive environments that have advanced fighter and missile defense systems. This aircraft has the ability to penetrate and deliver weapons on targets in the face of sophisticated enemy defenses. I definitely support this plane.

Defense !—F-35—Air Power

F-35’s are the key to US air power
Air Force Magazine 9 (

In the once-crowded field of manned combat aircraft, the F-35 Lightning II fighter now has become the only game in town. Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates, with his April 6 budget cut recommendations, terminated further production of the USAF F-22 fighter, began winding down the Navy’s F/A-18 carrier-based fighter, and postponed the next generation bomber, which was supposed to enter service in 2018. That leaves only the F-35 as a full-fledged manned air program. Gates has heaped on the aircraft the burden of providing most of the capability and credibility of American airpower for decades to come.

The F-35 is the best plane ever
Lockheed Martin 9 (

All-aspect advanced stealth enables the F-35 to dramatically reduce the detection and engagement ranges of enemy defense systems or aircraft. Very low-observable (VLO) stealth cannot be added on – it must be designed in from the outset. The F-35’s shape, embedded antennas, aligned edges, internal weapons and fuel, and special coatings and materials all contribute to its VLO stealth capability. The F-35 excels in all air-to-surface and air-to-air combat missions while operating around the clock in any threat environment. The unmatched situational awareness of the F-35, along with extreme agility, acceleration and stealth, provides an asymmetrical advantage over all adversary aircraft. Unrivaled Situational Awareness The F-35 features the most powerful and comprehensive integrated sensor package of any fighter aircraft in history. Its next-generation avionics and sensor fusion give the pilot real-time access to battlefield information with spherical coverage and an unparalleled ability to dominate the tactical environment. Joint Force Multiplier and Enabler Embedded, network-enabled capability allows distribution of fused information to enhance and enable other platforms. Information gathered by F-35 sensors can be immediately shared with commanders at sea, in the air or on the ground, providing an instantaneous, high-fidelity view of ongoing operations.

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