Traveller 4 بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

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Traveller 4

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


Traveller 4

الثاني ثانوي– الترم الثاني

Mobile no. : 0501189823

خليص – حي المغاربة – مقابل محطة الشعيبي

Module 1


مخطط انسيابي: معالجة متعاقبة 2مخطط انسيابي: معالجة متعاقبة 1

وظائف سمع الجميع محامي ضابط شرطة

Doctor, police officer, lawyer, teacher... Everybody has heard of these jobs, but the

ناس واضح دائما سيق

most interesting jobs are not always the most obvious. Here are a few people who

ممكن العالم أفضل

think they have some of the best jobs in the world – and it is possible that you have

never even considered them.لم تفكر فيهم

طفل لوح زيتية يختبر يستمتع

Brad Taylor has enjoyed examining paintings since he was a child. He could tell the

لذلك قبل بين الفرق

difference between a Van Gogh and a Da Vinci before he was seven. It, therefore,

يصبح قرر ان يعرف كل مفاجأة

did not come as a surprise to all those who know him when he decided to become

يصادق على صحة اللوحات

a painting authenticator.أساليب متعددة باستخدام عيشه يكسب

What, you may ask, is that? Well, Brad makes his living by using various techniques

مزيفة اللوحة حقيقية بين يميز

to distinguish between a real painting and a fake.

للبشرية خدمة

‘I think what I do is a service to mankind’ says Brad. ‘Paintings by Botticelli and

فني عمل جميل استثنائيا لأن ليس فقط لا تقدر بثمن

Renoir are priceless not only because they are exceptionally beautiful works of art,

التاريخ زمنية فترة الكثير لان

but because they tell us a lot about the period of time in history in which they were

افكار أسلوب الحياة عن الاصلي بالكشف

painted.By examining the real thing we learn not only about the lifestyle, ideas

مستخدمةأساليب مواد عن ايضا الناس المعتقدات

and beliefs of those people but also about the materials and techniques in use at

معلومات مصدر غني لذلك

that time.These paintings are therefore a rich source of information for us and it

تحمى تصان ضروري

is essential that they be preserved and protected.

المتاحف يختبر شركة ممتاز

Brad works for a prestigious company that examines paintings for museums. He

واسع معطف

spends his day in a special fully-equipped laboratory dressed in a lab coat, baggy

فقط معظم حذاء رياضي بدلة رياضية

tracksuit and trainers. ‘I might spend most of my time alone with only an old

أي شيء يغير شركة

painting to keep me company, but I wouldn’t change what I do for anything in the

على وجهه بسمة يقول العالم

world!’ he says with a big smile on his face.

مسئول مركز الشرطة محلل بصمات

Gus Wong is a fingerprint analyst at a police station. His job is responsible, and

المجرمين يحدد بصمات الأصابع المحللين مثير اكثر

maybe more exciting than Brad’s. Analysts use fingerprints to identify criminals.

أسمائهم حتى لون الشعر يغيرون ينتقلون بعيدا مجرمين

‘Criminals can move away, change their hair colour, even their names,’ says Gus.

جريمة وجدت البصمات يقارن يغيرون

‘But they can’t change their fingerprints.’4 He compares the prints found at a crime

يغيرون المجرم حتى قاعدة المعلومات منظر

scene with those in the police database. That way, even if a criminal has changed his name, he can be identified.يتم تحديده

مطلوبة مهارات يتعلم كورس خاص يدرس محللوا البصمات

Fingerprint analysts need to take a special course to learn theskills needed for

مركز الشرطة خلال الكلية

their job, which they may do at a college orthrough the police station.Many

شهادة الثانوي بعد يتطلب منهم الموظفون

employers also require them to have a post-secondary degree. ‘You need good

حللت صبر بالتفصيل مهارات

computer skills, an eye for detail and a lot of patience,’ adds Gus. ‘I have analyzed

مرهقة عملي فردية

thousands of individual fingerprints over my career. It is often exhausting, but I have

دليل بسبب يدان مجرمين

seen many criminals convicted because of evidence that I found.’

مختلف العامة مفيد

Richard Beamish also does a job that is beneficial to the public, but in a different

منتجع يعمل مذيع نشرة جوية للانهيار الجليدي

way. Richard is an avalanche forecaster and he works for a ski resort in the

يفحص طقس الجبل يلقي نظرة

Monashee Mountains. It’s his job to take a look at mountain weather, check the

يبلغ تحذيرات خاصة منتجعات

snow and write up forecasts, reports and special warnings in order to inform people.

شتاء الماضية

For the past three years, every winter, Richard has been heading out into the

يحدث تشرق قبل الجبال

mountains before the sun rises in the morning to see what has happened to the

ملاحظات اختبارات يجري الثلوج يتفحص النشرة الجوية

snow since his last forecast. He examines the snow, performs tests and takes note

الرضا الاحساس يعطيه الطقس تغيرات

of any changes in the weather.That gives him a sense of satisfaction because he is

يشمل معدات مكان أفضل العالم

helpingmake the world a better place.The equipment he uses to do this includes

ترمومتر عدسات مكبرةمسطرة مجرفة

shovels, rulers,magnifying glasses and thermometers.

يجهز مناطق مختلفة من عينات

After getting samples of the snow from different areas, Richard prepares an

يكتشف يدخل مستشار

avalanche advisory that people can access by Internet, phone or e-mail to find out

المنطقة يسافر آمن

about how safe it is to travel in the area.

يقضي الحقيقة لا يمانع الخارج

Richard loves the outdoors and doesn’t mind the fact that he spends 75% of his time

رسمي بالرغم من شهادة علمية يتزلج

sliding around in the snow. He has a science degree although it is not a formal

معترف به نشرة الانهيارات الثلجية متطلبات

requirement for the job. All avalanche forecasters must be certified by theCanadian

ضروري مطلقا جمعية

Avalanche Association, but Richard says, ‘The one thing that is absolutely necessary

تجربة شخصية لا يمكن التنبؤ به العالم

in our world of unpredictable snow is personal experience.’


4. Guessing The Meaning Of Unknown Words

Look At The Following Words From The Text And Choose The Correct Meaning A, B Or C.

1. essential ضروري

a. unnecessary b. importantهام c. exciting

2. baggy (F)واسع

a. tight b. small c. looseفضفاض

3. identify يحدد هوية

a. understand b. arrest c. say who somebody isيحدد من هوالشخص


4. convicted (line 36)مدان

a. found guiltyمذنب b. set free c. arrested

5. access (line 52)يحصل على

a. use b. find or get c. request



- ist

- er

- ian


baby sitter جليسة اطفال








archeologistعالم آثار


receptionistموظف استقبال

biologistعالم احياء


C. Now use some of the words from the table above to complete the sentences.

1-When the Smiths want to go out in the evening, they find a(n) babysitter to take care of their children.

2-Nasir is a dental technician .

3-The manager of the company decided to give all the staff an increase in their salary.

4-Andrew is a very talented artist and he has an exhibition at the Fisk Gallery this week.

5-The electrician charged me 50 euros to fix my cooker.



Use the correct form of the words in the boxes to complete the sentences.

يفوز بشيء عمل – مكان العمل وظيفة

Jobwork win

يستقيل يتقاعد يفوز

Earnretire resign

1-This is a jobthat requires a lot of patience.صبر

2-I was late for workthis morning because of the traffic.

3-I only have a part-time job, so I don’t earnmuch.

4-Ahmed wona poetry competition last year.

5-Mr. Jacobs resignedas general manager of the company because of health reasons.

6-My grandfather taught French for 35 years and he retiredlast year at the age of 65.


The Present Perfect Tense

aقوس كبير أيمن 684رابط مستقيم 743lready بالفعل I

jرابط مستقيم 685ust توا you

Yرابط مستقيم 58رابط مستقيم 686etحتى الآن We Have + V3

sinceمنذ They

fرابط مستقيم 61or لمدة He

eرابط مستقيم 63رابط مستقيم 62ver …? هلسبق She has + V3

never أبدا It

1- alreadyhave +V3 تستخدم نهاية الجملة أو في الوسط بين

2- just have + V3 تستخدم في الوسط بين

4-yetتأتي نهاية الجملة المنفية و السؤال

5-ever تأتي في السؤال قبل التصريف الثالث

Never No تأتيقبلالتصريفالثالثعندالاجابةالبادئةبـ


فعل حدث في الماضي و لم يذكر الوقت .

for actions that happened in the past but the exact time is not mentioned

for recently completed actionsحدث تم و اكتمل حدوثه الان اومن فترة قصيرة

for past actions whose results are obvious in the presentفعل ماضي له أثر ما زالموجودا

for actions which started in the past and continue up to the present (emphasis on the action)حدث بدا في الماضي و ما زال مستمرا حتى الان
with adjectives in the superlative form and expressions like the only/first/second... etc.مع صفات الدرجة الثالثة

.- Choose the right word(s) :-

1- The boy …………………… his bike already .

a-mends b-has mended c-mend d- is

2- He ……………………………. the homework already .

a- has written b-writing c- write d-is writing

3- She hasn't finished it ……………………… .

a-since 0b- for c-yet d-just

4-Ali has studied his lessons ……………………. .

a-never b- already c- yet d- ever

5-Have you …………………… found a large sum of money?

a-never b- already c- yet d- ever

6-No, I have …………. Written my homework yet.

a-never b- already c- yet d- ever

7- Hassan and Ali………………….. played a good game

a-am b-has c-are d-have

8-She ………………… five stories since nine o'clock.

a-has read b-have read c- is reading d- read


The Present Perfect Continuous Tenseالمضارعالتامالمستمر

رابط مستقيم 50رابط مستقيم 52رابط مستقيم 51 now

رابط مستقيم 53 Past future

I –You - We - They + جمعhave + been + verb + ing

He - She - It + اسممفردhas + been + verb + ing

Uses :

for actions which started in the past and continue up to the present (emphasis on the duration of the action)حدث بدا في الماضي ومستمر للأن و ما بعد الانأي .. التركيز على استمرارية الفعل
for actions which happened over a period of time in the past and may have finished, but the results are obvious in the presentحدث قد يكون انتهى و لكن اثره ما زال مستمرا
to show annoyance resulting from a recent actionلإظهار الضيق من حدث مستمر


إذاجاءت since كحرفجردالعلىالزمانتأتيفينهايةالجملةوقبلهااسم وقتحدوثالفعل :

رابط مستقيم 284رابط مستقيم 285 Last They have been to Jeddah since last week.

ارابط مستقيم 299لساعة He has slept since three o'clock.

ارابط مستقيم 703ليومWe have started work since Monday.

ارابط مستقيم 300لشهر I have been here since Ramadan.

ارابط مستقيم 302لسنة She has gone to London since 2002AD.
إذاجاءتكحرفجردالعلىالزمانيأتي بعدها المدة الزمنية التي استغرقها حدوث الفعل.

aرابط مستقيم 309رابط مستقيم 310 while I have seen my friend for a while.. للحظة

رابط مستقيم 311 a long time We have lived here for a long time. لوقت طويل

five minutes The bus has stopped for five minutes. رابط مستقيم 312

رابط مستقيم 313 Three hours. He has slept for three hours.

رابط مستقيم 314 Four weeks I have stayed in London for four weeks.

Fرابط مستقيم 301ive months They have worked in that house for five month.

رابط مستقيم 320 Six years I've taught E. for six years.
Choose the right answer:

1- We……………………….. to solve the problem for two hours now .

a-tried b-have tried

c-have been trying d- are trying

2-The school………………English courses for ten years and it still offering up till now .

a-has been offering b-have been offering

c-offered d- is offering

3- Some students …………………. here for five years and they still doing that .

a-have been learning b-has been learning

c- learned d-are learning

4-They ………………… that house since last Ramadan .

a-built b- have been building

c- has been building d- building

5- I …………………….. the living room but I haven't finished yet.

a-painting b- has been painting

c-is painting d- have beenpainting



A. Read the sentences and circle the correct answer.

1-I haven’t finished / didn’t finish reading the book yet.

2-Haven’t you never / everbeen to Paris?

3-John has slept / has been sleepingsince two o’clock this afternoon; wake him up.

4-Did you visit / Have you visited your grandparents last weekend?

5-Emma hasn’t had a holiday since / for two years now, and she feels like she really needs one.


Sheikh Sulaiman Abdul-Aziz Al-Rajhiis a famous Saudi Arabian bank owner and billionaire. He (1) (grow up) grew up in the Nejd Desert, where he (2) (start) startedhis business with his brother, Saleh. For many years, he (3) (be) has beenthe chairman of Al-Rajhi Bank, one of the largest companies in Saudi Arabia and the largest bank in the world. His wealth (4) (reach) has reached$7.7 billion, making him the 120th richest person in the world. Moreover, he (5) (donate)has donated a significant part of his fortune to charity and he (6) (also establish) has also establishedSulaiman Al-Rajhi University, which focuses mainly on health and Islamic banking. In 2012, the King Faisal Foundation(7) (award) awarded him the King Faisal International Prize.Bill Gates (8) (work) has been working with computers from a very young age. When he was only 14, he (9) (have) had his own company and he (10) (make) made his first fortune of $20,000. Through his company Microsoft, Gates (11) has made(make) the personal computer a household item and he remains one of the richest men in the world.

Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given. Do not change the word given. You must use between two and five words including the word given.

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