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GLobal leadership Summit FACILITATION NOTES September 2014

2014 GLS Facilitation Notes

and Guidelines


 Willow Creek Association UK & Ireland, PO Box 966, Southampton, SO15 2WT

National Office: 023 8071 0295 National Public Website: www.willowcreek.org.uk

Global Summit Central for GLS Operations Team details and Downloads: www.globalsummitcentral.com

Table of Contents

I N T R O D U C T I O N ... ... ... ... 3-6

Overview, Guidelines and Programme Elements
S E S S I O N 1 ... ... ... ... 1-11

Bill Hybels: Hard Fought Leadership Lessons

S E S S I O N 2 ... ... ... ... 12-16

Cary Fiorina: Defining Leadership

S E S S I O N 3 ... ... ... ... 17-20

Ivan Satyavrata: The Power Paradox

Erica Ariel Fox: Winning from Within
S E S S I O N 4 ... ... ... ... 21-23

Tyler Perry: When Leadership Meets Inspiration

S E S S I O N 5 ... ... ... ... 24-27

Joseph Grenny: Mastering the Art of Crucial Conversations

S E S S I O N 6 ... ... ... ... 28-32

Don Flow, Allen Catherine Kagina & Wilfredo De Jesús:

A Grander Vision
S E S S I O N 7 ... ... ... ... 33-35

Jeffrey Immelt: Positioning your Organisation for the Future

S E S S I O N 8 ... ... ... ... 36-38

Louie Giglio: Take the Step

Facilitation Overview and Programme Elements
Conference Facilitation

The uniqueness of the Global Leadership Summit is that we know exactly how long speakers are going to talk for and what is going to be said. This gives us a wonderful opportunity to maximize the potential impact of the teaching through facilitation.

Conference Facilitator

The Facilitator is responsible for leading and guiding Delegates through their conference experience and being the person they will connect with and look to for direction both before and after a session.

GLS Speaker Talks

We always encourage Facilitators to experience a live Global Leadership Summit in Chicago and, indeed, many Facilitators have done that, some attending again and again. We publish a set of speaker messages shortly after the live event on the Summit Central website (www.globalsummitcentral.com under the heading United Kingdom & Ireland / Facilitation). These are in an unedited form called CRASH SET and are issued in advance of the UK edited master copies so that Facilitators can get a flavour of the talks well ahead to prepare for the GLS Summit they will be facilitating.

Facilitation Notes

Facilitation Notes provide the Conference Facilitator and Producer with a script and all the relevant information required to facilitate the Global Leadership Summit. The aim is for the whole event to flow smoothly and seamlessly. By being both clear and warm you, as the Facilitator, are able to create a tremendous learning opportunity for Delegates. Comprehensive Facilitation Notes and Guidelines are available in September, downloaded from www.globalsummitcentral.com under the heading United Kingdom & Ireland / Downloads.

The Facilitation Notes include details of the programme for each session, followed by directions, information and scripts for the times when the Facilitator is on the stage. The figures in brackets in the session headings refer to the length of the Speaker Message and the Delegate Process Time, i.e. (63/18) = Speaker 63 minutes, Delegate Process Time 18 minutes.

The Facilitator and Producer

The Facilitator and Producer work together to ensure that the programme runs smoothly and seamlessly. The Producer is responsible for the production, technical and communication elements of the event, including everything that happens in the auditorium. It is the responsibility of the Producer to cue and guide the Facilitator through the Facilitation Notes and to have all the necessary props and aids in place for the duration of the conference (i.e. lectern, handheld or other microphone, resources mentioned by the Facilitator on the stage, etc).

The Facilitator and Event Manager

The Event Manager is responsible for overseeing all the preparations leading up to the conference and for the event management during the conference. It is the responsibility of the Event Manager to liaise with the Facilitator and Producer and ensure that any elements of the facilitation which directly involve the event management of the Conference are fully covered (i.e. ‘Housekeeping’ announcements, Resources mentioned by the Facilitator on the stage, Prayer Room cover, distribution of handouts or collection of Delegate Feedback Forms and Delegate Badges at the end of the Conference, Emerging Leaders’ Offering, assembly of Volunteers for ‘thank you’ from the stage).

Delegate Process Time

This is a key part of the programme and the goal of the Facilitator is to provide a guided time for Delegates to capture key learnings and apply this to their own personal and church situations. This happens through prayer, reflection, response and interaction. The programme provides adequate space for Delegate Process Time (both Group and Personal) to happen. In order of priority, this is the next most important programme element after Speaker messages that we can offer to achieve lasting impact.

Delegate Process Time Guidelines

We know from experience that the GLS speakers can be rated as among the best in the world when it comes to equipping leaders and, as Conference Facilitator, you are given an opportunity to steward ‘gold.’

Because the speakers are not live, your role as the visible and defining leader in the room is absolutely crucial. You set the culture and feel of the whole day. You are not a continuity announcer but a true shepherd creating a space where everyone can feed well and be refreshed. This is particularly true in the Delegate Process Time. Your brief comments have the power to create room for God to change whole lives and ministries as Delegates are given time to engage with, and reflect on, the material.

It is of particular benefit of the GLS in the United Kingdom that we have this process time which Delegates do not experience in the States during the live Summit. It changes the GLS from being a good conference to being a conference with discipling and life changing opportunities.

We want you to excel in this important role as Facilitator. We are excited about what God will do through the GLS. Would you mind taking the time to prepare well? Could you do some self-reflection on your approach and skills? You may benefit from talking this through with one of your team who would be able to give you good personal feedback. The following questions may help you with this process:

  • How do I create a relaxed, engaging atmosphere where people feel free to be themselves and start to open up?

  • How do I create the best possible platform for the speakers? How do I help people feel engaged with the speaker at a personal level?

  • How well do I manage the temptation to introduce my own thoughts and ideas? How do I serve the ideas and message of each speaker?

  • How do I decide whether to give Delegates more time to interact? How do I help people stay focused? Would it work to bring people together to share as one large group? How would that work?

  • If I ask for feedback from Delegates during the Delegate Process Time, will it make a ‘value added’ contribution?

  • How can I make sure we all work well as a team?

Emerging Leaders’ Offering

Every venue takes up an offering to help finance emerging under-resourced leaders to attend a Global Leadership Summit in their own country next year. The vision and purpose for the offering is announced on Day 1 of the conference to give Delegates an opportunity to think and pray about their role in helping other leaders attend a GLS. The offering takes place during Day 2 of the conference and usually after the volunteer ‘thank-you’ so that stewards are on hand to receive the ‘thank-you’ and then take up the offering. Details are included in the Facilitation Notes.

Thank you’ to Volunteers

It is customary to undertake a public ‘thank you’ to Volunteers which usually takes place before the Emerging Leaders’ Offering. Some Facilitators ask Volunteers to come on to the stage so that Delegates can see them and acknowledge the work that they have done to make the GLS a success. Please work with your Producer/Event Manager on this one.

Compassion Partnership

The Willow Creek Association has been partnered with Compassion for a number of years and a Compassion stand is located at all GLS events, supervised by Compassion representatives. Video and script details are included in the Facilitation Notes.

Event Materials

The Event Manager will ensure that the Facilitator and Producer have the following:

Hard copy of GLS Facilitation Notes or electronic copy on tablet, etc.

GLS Delegate Workbook complete with all enclosures (handouts)

GLS Name Badge

Resources, as listed in the Facilitation Notes


The Event Manager provides any notices such as site facilities (location of resources, prayer room, refreshments and toilets) and ‘housekeeping’ items such as health and safety announcements (first aid, fire exits and assembly point in case of building evacuation).

Delegate Collections

The Event Manager organises the collection of Delegate Feedback Forms and Delegate Name Badges at the end of the Conference and details are in the Facilitation Notes.


SESSION 1 09:00–10:45

Bill Hybels: Hard Fought Leadership Lessons (60/18)

Session length: 105 minutes



VIDEO: 30 Minute Count Down



VIDEO: Summit Opener - Who we Are



Music Group:



VIDEO: Bill Hybels Opening Comments



Facilitator: Welcome / Explain GLS Experience including Facilitator’s Role and Process Time / Prayer / Announce Speaker (Video Introduction to Bill Hybels)



Speaker VIDEO

Bill Hybels: Hard Fought Leadership Lessons



Facilitator: Set up DELEGATE PROCESS TIME (Questions on Screen) Delegates split into Groups



Facilitator: Site Facilities / Prompt Start 11:15


Dismissal for Morning Break

Morning Break 10:45–11:15 (30 minutes)

Session 1

Bill Hybels: Hard Fought Leadership Lessons (63/18)

Session Length: 105 minutes
Notes to Facilitator on Welcome and Housekeeping

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