University of Hawai‘i Maui College dental assisting program review october 21, 2013

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Engaged Community

The UH Maui College Dental assisting Program is fully engaged with our community partners. Dental experts share their expertise in the classroom (32 dental experts), provide externships in their offices (11 dentists and dental clinics), provide in-kind donations of supplies, and financial support for equipment and supplies. Community dentists invite our students into their office for specialized training on the most up-to date equipment and processes. In 2012-2013, 37 dental professionals shared their expertise with my students.
The results of student learning were extensively discussed with UHMC Dental Advisory Board members, with formal discussion and documentation. Dentists and other dental professionals routinely discuss program goals and curriculum with the Dental Assisting Coordinator and faculty. UH Maui College CASLO Written Communication results were discussed in detail, with suggestion for improvement offered. In fall 2013, 3 patient charting teaching strategies were implemented in DENT 151 (pp. 11-12.)
Students and faculty participated in 25 community health fairs, high school events, and service projects, working collaboratively with local dental professionals. The Maui County Dental Society and Maui County Dental Hygienists’ Association contributed funds to the UHMC Dental Assisting Program for the purchase of toothbrushes and paste used for community service events.
In addition, Maui dentists are generous in their support of student travel to the annual Hawaii Dental Association Convention on Oahu and have established two-$500. scholarships for Dental Assisting graduates entering the Dental Hygiene Program every other year.
Community supporter Sara Jean Tokunaga has shown her support in the establishment of the Donald and Alice Tokunaga Scholarship, which awards two-$500. scholarships to Dental Assisting Program graduates entering the Dental Hygiene Program every other year. Kihei Sunrise Rotary club also awarded a UHMC Dental Assisting scholarship to fund students’ certification exam.
The Dental Assisting Program students and faculty actively participate in community service and oral health education by attending health fairs, school recruitments, and other community activities.
Since 2009, the Dental Assisting Program initiated, obtained funding, and organized the Baby Dental Packet Project at Maui Memorial Medical Center (MMMC) and pediatric offices and clinics on Maui. Dental Assisting faculty and students work closely with community partners to educate our community about proper oral health. Kaiser Permanente Community Benefit funded this project in 2013 and has renewed their support for 2014.
In 2013, the UH Maui College Dental Assisting Program will initiate and organize a “Keep Your Smile” Dental Informational packet project for seniors will be funded by the Doyle Foundation and Kaiser Permanente Community Benefit. This project will bring oral health education to Maui’s elderly population and service opportunities to our students.

  1. Recognize and Support Best Practices

The Dental Assisting Program has led the campus in implementing innovative teaching techniques, innovative use of technology, and incorporating “best practices” into pedagogy. Through Perkins funding, in spring 2013, Dental Assisting faculty assess students in real-time using Livetext assessment. This assessment tool allows assessment in the clinical areas using iPads. Students are able to view their progress and make necessary remediation, if needed, immediately. Students are also able to create ePortfolios, which highlight student work during the program when seeking employment or pursuing higher education.
Through Perkins funding, iPads were put in the hands of students, increasing access to curriculum, researching of pertinent clinical issues in the operatory, course content understanding, and practical use in patient education, as they do in the dental office. Students report increased understanding of course material and ease in tracking their progress and knowing immediately if remediation is needed for skill mastery.
Faculty routinely utilize Turning Point Technology (Clickers) in theory review. Students report increased understanding of course material by using this non-confrontational method of reviewing material and gauging student understanding.
Dental assisting students learn from industry experts in the classroom and in the dental office. Students visit every specialty dental office, including oral and maxillofacial surgery, periodontics, orthodontics, endodontics, pedodontics, and prosthodontics, to experience industry settings. Students draw posters depicting radiographic processing and exposure errors; fabricate bleaching trays and mouth guard appliances; research, conduct, and judge debates on current dental ethical dilemmas; prepare for employment by participating in mock interviews with community members serving as perspective employers; create a marketing program for a fictitious dental office; experience hands-on training in the clinical setting using manikins and then proceed to patients; and other hands-on, real-world learning strategies.
The UHMC Dental Assisting Program was awarded the grant funding for Livetext and iPads for faculty and all dental assisting students, the Baby Dental Packet Project, and the Maternal Home Visit Project in 2013. The Dental Assisting Program Coordinator was invited to facilitate an ePortfolio roundtable presentation at the American Dental Education Association annual conference in San Antonio, Texas in March 2014.
c:\users\joyce\pictures\students doing assessments in operatory.jpeg

UH Maui College Dental Assisting students

use their iPads to research topics to complete

patient assessments.

2012-2013 Dental Assisting Program Community Experts who Share their Expertise

Dean Arashiro, DDS, MS, periodontist

Linda Brady, American Lung Association

Dr. Todd Carter, DDS, oral surgeon

Dr. Michael Clarke, DDS, oral surgeon

Dr. Peter Comny, DDS, orthodontist

Mark Cook, UHMC Instr. Design & Support Specialist

Lisa Copeland, RDH, Philips Oral Healthcare

Kathleen Couch, RN, Caregivers Program Coordinator, Hale Mahaolu

Dr. Mickey Damerall, DDS, orthodontist

Mr. Doug DeRyke, Patterson Dental equipment specialist

Kathy Fay, VP Operations Hawaii Dental Service

Dr. Peter Fay, DDS, prosthodontist

Chris Gilbert, MICT paramedic & EMS instructor

Ron Hovious, CAN, ARC of Maui

Nancy Johnson, APRN, UH Maui College Allied Health

Dr. Scott Kanamori, DDS, general practiceg:\dcim\100d3000\dsc_0038.jpg

Jill Kollist, RN, BSN, ARC of Maui

Kay Kusumoto, RDH, Ultradent

Dr. Jon Lau, DDS, general practice

Dr. Neil Nunokawa, DDS, general practice

Phyllis Martina, RDH, Colgate-Palmolive

Maui Oral Health Center staff

James Merrett, DDS, general practice

Julie Morrill, Hu-Freidy Dental Instruments

Domine Opena, Central Pacific Bank

Dr. Lorrin Pang, MD, Hawaii State Department of Health Director

Mara Sandi, CDA, dental assistant/ office manager

Kimo Tuyay, Henry Schein Dental Supply Company

Dr. Melanie Vallejos, DDS, general practice

Dr. Shaun Wright, DDS, pedodontist

Dr. Randall Yee, DDS, endodontist

Melissa Yoshioka, UHMC The Learning Center
2013 Dental Assisting Externship Sites

Maui Oral Health Center

Dr. Michael Clarke

Dr. Mickey Damerall

Hui I Ke Ola Pono Health Center, Dr. Eddie Melendez

Dr. Scott Kanamoric:\users\joyce\pictures\dsc_0302.jpg

Dr. Frank Kihara

Dr. Jon Lau

Malama I Ke Ola Health Center, Dr. Alex Pijpaert

Dr. James Merrett

Dr. Melanie Vallejos

Dr. Ken Zielinski

Dental Assisting iPad/Livetext Project Evaluation

October 21, 2013

Does the use of the iPad/ Livetext meet your expectations? Why or why not?

  • Yes. I enjoying having the iPad. Livetext helps me identify what I need to improve on, with such quick access to my grades.

  • Yes, it is a pleasant bonus that I was unaware of when applying to the Dental Assisting Program.

  • Yes, it has definitely met my expectations because I have used it so much for many things in and out of the classroom.

  • Yes, the iPad meets my expectations. I enjoy using the iPad because it helps prepare me for class, lets me follow along with the instructor during lecture, study, and it has helped me work on my portfolio by taking pictures as I learn new things.

  • Yes. The use of the iPad meets my expectations. It is a big help in learning. The Livetext is easy to navigate and it gives us an idea of how we are doing in our classes.

  • Yes, for those who uses Livetext on a regular basis we know what grades we’re getting. iPad, I love it helps so much with homework and doing research in class

  • Yes! It has the latest software to ensure it works perfect. It has never froze, malfunction, and long battery life.

  • Yes, I am a new user to Livetext so I have some “getting used to” to do, but I do enjoy my iPad and Livetext for learning purposes.

  • Yes both the iPad & Livetext have met my expectations because having all the programs books on the iPad makes reading & studying so much easier to be able to always have all your books with you with one simple iPad.

  • Yes it does because I’ve never had and iPad or an account that I’m able to view my grades within minutes. Makes learning easier and convenient.

  • Yes, it has meet to my expectations. Livetext allows me to access my grading material (competencies) and keeps me updated in what has been completed and what needs to be done assignments.

  • Yes, the use of the iPad/Livetext exceeded my expectations.

  • Yes, it’s a big help especially the iPad. We don’t have to carry books because we have our iPad all the time.

Has the iPad/Livetext enhanced or improved your learning? Why or why not?

  • Yes, the iPad/Livetext has enhanced my learning because I am able to use my iPad during class. I can read my books, read the Powerpoints, view the rubrics for competencies, and take photos for my portfolio.

  • Yes, having an iPad makes lectures so much easier to follow along by going online and downloading the Powerpoint in which the instructor is going over that day!

  • Yes, it has improved my learning because I can follow along with my professor’s Powerpoints /lectures and my eBook is just a click away on my iPad.

  • It has made studying on-the-go a lot easier now that all of our textbooks are located in one light weight device.

  • The iPad has improved my learning because it is lightweight therefore we are able to do researches in class instead of carrying a laptop

  • The iPad has enhanced my learning by researching information when needed. Livetext I’m in the middle because I’ve only used it to look at my grades

  • Yes! We are able to follow along with the teacher, exchange notes easily with other students. We can pull up the syllabus or any other teaching aids

  • Both have definitely improved my experience as a student. I’m able to easily access my study materials whenever I want.

  • Yes both the iPad & Livetext has enhanced my learning because with the efficiently of having all your school information in one location makes learning so much easier and at your fingertips. Also being able to keep up to date with Livetext on grading to see what needs improvements is very helpful.

  • Yes because my books are always available and if the teachers make comments on my work I can read them and improve myself.

  • Yes it definitely does. The iPad alone allows me to access internet, email, Livetext, and my e-books where ever and whenever. As for Livetext, it allows me to view my grading assessment my instructors have given me at all times.

  • Yes, the iPad improved my learning style because I found it convenient to have access to all my e-books and to the internet when studying.

  • Yes, because having the iPad and Livetext makes it easier for me to use my books online and look up rubrics for a specific project on Livetext.

What were the advantages of the iPad/Livetext project?

  • There are many advantages of the iPad/Livetext project such as being a portable study device, follow along in class, read textbooks, and view the rubrics so I understand what will be expected of me.

  • Learning new technology, and putting it to use every day, to improve my educational needs.

  • Advantages would include being able to get instant feedback after certain competencies in lab on Livetext, going through Powerpoints/lectures on the iPad in class, taking photos and videos for the program portfolio, airdropping files to classmates, having internet access in class for in class projects, and having the eBook on the iPad to look up during class as well.

  • I love e-books, access to the net, and Airdrop.

  • The advantages of the iPad is that it is lightweight, we can download our eBooks, download other apps that can help in our learning. Also, we do not have to share it with other students. The Livetext allows us to receive feedback from our instructors.

  • Advantages iPad: use it to take notes, research, take pictures for our portfolio

  • Advantages of Livetext: able to view competencies, grades, notes teacher’s telling us for certain assignments

  • We can take pictures to help with studying or projects

  • The immediate feedback I received from instructors soon after a competency or presentation. The iPad made all my reading and researching very easy.

  • The advantages of iPad/Livetext project are the ability of taking all your books with you. Wherever you go to be able to study and research projects right on the spot with the iPad. The advantage of Livetext is to get up to the moment progress in each class instead of finding out at the end of the year, when it’s too late.

  • Easy access to books and grades.

  • Internet access capabilities, emailing, airdrop (allows us to share pictures with our peers), take pictures for our end of the year dental assisting portfolio, and access our performance grading on Livetext.

  • iPad: portable, faster than a laptop, airdrop (easy file sharing among classmates), viewing digital content very fast, basically a computer that is fast and portable and convenient.

  • The advantage of having iPad and Livetext is that you have the two main things to improve my grades, study for exam and quizzes and look up the things I need to improve on by going to Livetext and see my grade on my homework and presentation.

What information, features, programs, if any, would you like to see added to future iPad/Livetext projects?

  • For the Livetext I would have wanted to learn how to use the program much earlier in the school. There was a little confusion in the beginning.

  • It would be nice to have some kind of symbol or alert showing when a professor adds comments on Livetext.

  • Notifications when new items are uploaded/ available on Livetext.

  • A feature I would like to see added to future Livetext projects is a notification alerts that let us know if we receive a feedback from our instructors.

  • I did not like using Livetext. It would be nice if there was notification when a teacher left notes.

  • At this point, I am very impressed with all the programs and resources we were provided and have no other suggestions thus far.

  • Not sure yet, but know this is definitely been helping in my Dental program and since using this I see it has been an added tool for success at school. Now can’t imagine how people can do without this in school, it simply does add to your learning.

  • A notification on assignments that have comments from the teacher on Livetext. Instead of having to open up every single assessment.

  • I am not sure what else needs to be added in the future but keep up with the improvements; will be looking forward for them.

  • I would like to see an official Livetext app for all apple devices. Livetext: a more friendly organized User Interface design.

  • I would like for the iPads to have Microsoft word application.

What could be improved in the iPad/Livetext project?

  • It’s great just the way it is!

  • I appreciate what we currently have and can’t think of any improvements.

  • It would be nice to have some kind of symbol or alert showing when a professor adds comments on Livetext.

  • Maybe by adding a tutorial in how to use the features when they are issued.

  • The Livetext would be improved by having a “grade book;” that shows our grade and progress in class.

  • It was nothing but useful

  • Nothing at the moment

  • It all has been working good for me so nothing as of yet

  • Nothing that I can think of.

  • Hopefully, on Livetext add a grading section to see where an individual stands overall.

  • iPad: perfect Livetext: more organized content and a mobile application.

  • In my opinion the iPad/Livetext project is such a big help and I can’t complain anything so far.

Did you encounter any problem with your iPad? If so, please explain.

  • No (3)

  • No, I didn’t encounter any problems with the iPad.

  • No, I have not encountered any problems with my iPad.

  • I have never had/used much Apple products before, so it was just a matter of learning the system.

  • No, the iPad is great and definitely useful.

  • When looking in Laulima sometimes the Powerpoints or charts won’t show up

  • No, it has been perfect

  • I have not yet encountered any problems, and probably won’t.

  • No problems so far.

  • Sometimes the iPad glitches with certain programs but nonetheless it is sufficient.

  • None so far.

How would you rate the tech support for the iPad/Livetext project?

  • 10!

  • I personally haven’t used the tech support but the tech support at the school and the speaker that came to the school were helpful.

  • I would give the tech support a very high rating.

  • 10/10 (2)

  • From 1-10, one being least I would say an eight.

  • I have not had to use the tech support yet.

  • Good.

  • 10/10, very helpful.

  • 5/5 (2)

  • I would rate it 10

Would you like to see the iPad/Livetext project continued next semester? Why or why not?

  • Yes, it is such a huge help within this program.

  • Yes, I like to continue the iPad/Livetext project next semester because it has had many benefits so far and I think it will help me continue to learn in my program.

  • Yes, the iPad has been such a great addition to the program because it allows us to access certain things in class, take photos and videos needed for the program, and the use of airdrop (sharing files) with my classmates. It is my first time using eBook and it is very convenient to have that stored on the iPad as well. We all feel very fortunate to have the iPads for this program because it has been very beneficial.

  • Yes, it has been a GREAT resource thus far.

  • Yes, because they will definitely help the future students of the program.

  • Yes, it helps a lot for our eBooks doing homework and projects

  • Yes! It would really help future students

  • Yes, I would. It allows me to access my Livetext courses and see my grades or progress

  • Yes, for sure this has been a great improvement in education and learning to be able to have access to your books as needed and to be able to research projects when needed. Keep up to date with your class through Livetext has been very beneficial.

  • Yes. Having the iPad makes it so much easier to access our books. Plus when we’re doing our work on the computer it’s easier to look at the iPad rather than switching tabs or continuously minimizing your work to read your textbook. And the screens are small on our computers to be reading the textbook. Another couple benefits of the iPad is, it is easy to take with you to read and you don’t need internet to access your textbooks.

  • Yes, it has been very helpful for me. Keeps me updated at all times with school and instructors.

  • Yes, because I find it more important in my daily life because I always use my iPad to do homework with.

  • Yes, definitely the iPad/Livetext is a big help.

Before receiving your iPad, did you have access to a computer/laptop/iPad?

If yes, was it a computer of your own at home?

  • Yes, Mac Book Pro.

  • Yes, I had a personal laptop and desktop computer.

  • Yes

  • Yes but the iPad is a lot more convenient.

  • At first a mini Acer, but I have recently bought a new HP.

  • Yes, I had a laptop

  • Yes, it was at home, I had a desktop and laptop

  • Yes, I had access to a personal computer at home. However, I didn’t utilize it as much as I do the iPad

  • Yes, I have a macbook pro

  • No

  • Yes, I had a personal laptopg:\dcim\100d3000\dsc_0367.jpg

  • Yes, a computer at home.

  • Yes, I had access to my laptop and my android tablet

  • I have my own computer at home.

Is it a laptop of your own?

  • Yes (8)

  • Yes but the iPad is a lot more convenient.

  • It is a laptop of my own

  • Yes it is

Did you bring this laptop to UHMC?

  • On occasion.

  • No, I didn’t because I didn’t want to carry it around due to size.

  • No, I bring my iPad to class because it is more compact to carry.

  • Not yet

  • Sometimes (2)

  • Yes (2)

  • Only once so far, but prefer the iPad

  • No, I didn’t.

  • No, too heavy and battery does not last as long as the iPad.

Is it a computer that you shared with others?

  • No (5)

  • No, it was my own computer but I allowed others to use it.

  • No, it’s my personal computer

  • Sometimes. It’s mostly mine but I do have family here and there that will come over to borrow it for a little.

  • No, personal computer

  • Yes

Where did you use this computer?

  • At home, and at school, when necessary.

  • I used it at my house. I previously went to online school where a laptop was necessary.

  • Nog:\dcim\100d3000\dsc_0069.jpg

  • I use this computer at home.

  • At home.

  • School and home

  • Home and school

  • Most times I use the computer at home.

  • At home.

  • Personal home computer

  • At home, public places, and school.

Do you have access to wireless connection at home?

  • No.

  • Yes, I have access to wireless connection at my house.

  • Yes, I have access to wireless connection at home.

  • Yes (6)

  • Yes I do

  • No I don’t.

Do you use your iPad at home?

  • Yes (6)

  • Yes, I use the iPad at my house. I really like to use the iPad when I’m not at my house and somewhere else so I can continue to study.

  • Yes, I use my iPad at home.

  • Yes, I have access to other electronic devices, but I prefer to use my iPad because of its easy access.

  • Yes, I use the iPad to access my textbooks at home.

  • Yes, I do.

  • Yes, I do. The thing about the iPad is, it is portable. I am able to study anywhere within my house and outside.

  • Yes, all the time

What type of internet connection do you have for studying?

  • I use the school Wifi, Maui Oral Health Center Wifi, and public Wifi.

  • I have wireless internet.

  • I have wireless internet connection at home for studying.

  • Wireless

  • WIFI

  • Roadrunner, Oceanic Time Warner

  • I have wireless connection in home and school

  • Oceanic Time Warner

  • I’m connected to a modem through Hawaiian Telcom .

  • Time warner

  • Oceanic Road Runner extreme speed internet 30MB/SmB

  • High speed internet from the cable company

Side note- Having the laptop from the school was a real benefit this past weekend. My personal computer wouldn’t start and I had many projects and assignments to get done and test to study for. I was so lucky for having the laptop from school because I was still able to get all my work done. I didn’t have to stress about my work not getting done on time. I am so grateful for these laptops , iPads, and Livetext.

University of Hawai‘i Maui College Dental Assisting Program

Employer Survey Summary
Please complete a survey for each UH Maui College 2012-2013 Dental Assisting Program graduate dental assistant employee.

How many months has the dental assistant been working for you?

  • 4 ½ months

  • 4 months

  • 3 months

  • 1 month (2)

  • > 4 years

How did you recruit the dental assistant?

  • Assistant applied and dropped off resume

  • Pua should interest in working with children while assisting Dr. Adams at MOHC Health Fair. (Emailed Joyce Yamada Re: DA Position to all DA graduates)

  • Craigslist posting regarding Dental Asst.

  • Dental assisting director

  • Keri is an existing patient who was interested in dentistry

  • Craigslist ad, as well as dropped off resume in the office

Did the dental assistant complete an externship with your practice?

__3__ Yes __4__ No
Please answer the following questions about the performance of the UHMC Dental Assisting graduate in your office (circle the correct number).

Strongly Agree



Strongly Disagree

The chairside skills of the dental assistant met the needs of my practice.

5 (2)

4 (4)

3 (1)



The office skills of the dental assistant met the needs of my practice.

5 (2)

4 (2)

3 (3)



The dental assistant was dependable.

5 (6)

4 (1)




The dental assistant worked well as a member of my dental team.

5 (7)





If you were not satisfied with any area please provide specific recommendations on how the graduate could be better prepared. Your recommendations will be used to revise curriculum, including clinical experiences.

  • Just needs more experience, as well as more full exposure to the procedures we do in our orthodontics specialty

  • I am satisfied with Keri’s performance

  • Students need exposure to various dental software

  • Performance equivalent to amount of experience

Please provide general comments and suggestions for improving the UH Maui College Dental Assisting Program.

  • Thank you very much for the program here on Maui!.

MAHALO for helping us enrich the UHMC Dental Assisting Program!
Student Exit Survey 2012-2013

UH Maui College Dental Assisting Students
Please complete the following information to help improve the Dental Assisting Program.
In the past year I have volunteered at a community health activity. 16- Yes ___ No

Describe volunteer efforts.

  • Oral Hygiene for Children

  • I taught children oral hygiene at Kihei Elementary and Kamalii Elementary with Rotarians and Queen Kaahumanu Center for Keiki Festival.

  • HOSA at Baldwin High School

  • Teaching children at Queen Kaahumanu Center, Kihei Elementary School, and Kamalii elementary school good oral instructions, such as how to brush and floss their teeth.

  • Oral Health instruction to young (elementary) children

  • We have been to numerous schools to complete community health activities teaching OHI.

  • Teaching kids how to brush their teeth.

  • Teaching the kids how to brush and floss their teeth

  • OHI at schools

  • Teaching children about proper hygiene, good experience

Please rate the importance of the following statements (circle correct number).

Very important





Not very important


I arrive to work on time or earlier.


I always work cooperatively with my co-workers.


If I do not understand instructions from my supervisor, I ask for more information.


I keep information about patients private.


Please rate how well the UHMC Dental Assisting Program prepared you to perform in each of the following functions. Write the appropriate number in the blank using the scale below.

Extremely well prepared


Well prepared


Adequately prepared


Inadequately prepared


Totally Unprepared


______ Infection control procedures



______ Patient educational oral hygiene instruction




______ Health history review and documentation




______ Chairside assisting procedures




______ Restorative charting




______ Periodontal charting




______ Orthodontic functions




______ Mixing dental materials




______ Emergency procedures




______ Office reception responsibilities





______ Taking alginate impressions




______ Making study models




______ Exposing radiographs




______ Dental Assisting Certification Exam




______ Other (please specify) ________________

Check one of the following:

  1. Currently employed full-time in a dental office

4- Seeking employment full-time in a dental office

  1. Currently employed part-time in a dental office

  1. Not seeking employment

5- Currently enrolled in college full-time, pursuing dental related field of study program

  1. Currently enrolled in college part-time, pursuing dental related field of study program

0- Currently enrolled in college full-time, pursuing fields other than dental

  1. Currently enrolled in college part-time, pursuing fields other than dental

What did you like about the UHMC Dental Assisting Program?

◦ The teamwork among classmates

◦ Helped me learn the basics of dentistry

◦ I liked how I went into the program knowing nothing and now graduating from the

program I know a lot


◦ I enjoyed all hands on clinical procedures! I also enjoyed the community services

we’ve done

◦ I learned a lot and I am prepared to be a full-time dental assistant

◦ The learning process of everything

◦ It has given me the experience that I need in a dental office. I have learned the

materials and basic

things that I need to know as a future dental assistant

◦ The fun community services. Meeting new and professional individuals

◦ The involvement and opportunities in community service to teach children the

importance of oral health.

Also, Joyce’s door was always open to us if we needed help with anything,

◦ So Fast! Finish in one year and going to different offices!

◦The teachers are knowledgeable about the subjects teach them well

◦Going to different offices

◦ The relationship I made ask me again in a few months, cause I’m kind a over it now. A

lot of busy work, need more hands on.

What did you dislike about the UHMC Dental Assisting Program?

◦ I felt that sometimes some teachers expect you to do everything perfect even thou it takes years of practice to get it right.

  • Nothing (9)


◦The staff at the MOHC can be overwhelming at times

To keep a positive attitude and want to learn

◦ Some learning issues at MOHC

◦ Here and there were minor issues. But overall this program was a wonderful learning experience!

◦ Going to MOHC for externship and Fridays

What recommendations would you make to incoming Dental Assisting Students?

◦ Be Prepared

◦ Study hard, take a lot of notes, and pay attention

◦ Study! And don’t take things personally, as it a professional setting

◦ Be prepared to work hard

◦ Good Luck-2

◦ Study hard and don’t procrastinate

◦ Help me expand me knowledge in dental assisting

◦ Always work hard and never give up

◦ Start projects early and never get behind on your reading

◦ Keep pushing through and don’t fall behind. When you think you might be ahead of

your deadlines, the next one is very soon to follow

◦ towards the end you may feel like you’re not ready to take your DANB, but in all

actuality you’re more than prepared and ready! Keep a positive and open to learning.

Attitude at all times no matter the amount of experience you already have.


Are you currently employed in a dental office? Yes- 1 NO- 13

Dr. Kato

If yes, name of dental office ______________________________________________

How did you become employed there? Current patient of his wanted to experience the dental field.
Did you pass all three parts of the DANB exam? Yes __18_____ No _______

If no, which parts did you not pass and when will you be completing them?________________________________________________________________

What are your plans for the future?

◦ Dental assisting

◦Go into the dental hygiene program and work part time as an assistant

◦ Be the best dental assistant and learning new things

◦ I am going to become a dental hygienist. Whether I get into the upcoming class or I

have to reapply later, I will keep trying

◦ Finish school and get a career

◦ Full-time job in a dental office

◦ Be a CDA. Perhaps look into hygiene

◦ Find a dental assisting job

◦ After this program, I plan on taking more classes and maybe, hopefully transfer to the

mainland to become a general dentist

◦ Being an assistant and going to lab tech school

◦ Find a job or go to school

University of Hawaii Maui College

Dental Assisting Program

Fall 2012-Spring 2013

Community Service Learning Service (25 events & activities)
1. Baby Dental Packet Project

Maui Memorial Medical Center

August 2012- June 2013

2,000 dental baby packets distributed to Maui’s babies and their families

Shared information on proper oral health practices for babies and their families
2. Baby Dental Packet Project at pediatric offices and clinics

July 1, 2012- June 1, 2013

2,000 baby dental packets distributed to babies and their family at one and 6 month well baby visits

Reinforced proper baby dental health practices.g:\dcim\100d3000\dsc_0429.jpg

3. WHOA! UHMC Health Fair

UH Maui College

August 11, 2012, Saturday

7-12 noon

Serviced: 82 students and community members

Brushes distributed: 82 toothbrushes & toothpaste

Showcased the dental assisting program and promoted good oral health practices.
4. Stand For Children Rally

Queen Kaahumanu Center

September 22, 2012, Saturday

10:00-2:00 pm

Serviced: 150 Maui community members

Brushed distributed: 144 toothbrushes and toothpaste

Taught proper brushing and flossing technique and share proper oral health practices
5. Maui Fair Parade

UHMC Campus-Stadium

September 27, 2012, Thursday


Serviced: Maui Community members

Brushes Distributed: 0

Rode float and marched in the parade to introduce and promote the UHMC dental programs to our community and share good oral health practices.
6. Maui County Fair UHMC Allied Health booth

Thursday-Sunday, September 27-30, 2012

Serviced: Maui Community members

Brushes Distributed: 300 toothbrushes & 720 toothpaste

To promote community awareness of UHMC dental programs, teach proper brushing and flossing technique and promoted good oral hygiene practices.
7. 13th annual Meadow Gold Healthy Baby Contest at Maui County Fair

September 29, 2012, Saturdayg:\dcim\100d3000\dsc_0467.jpg

9-12 noon

Serviced: 120 1- 2.5 years old participants and their families

Baby Dental Packets distributed: 120 baby dental packets

Promoted good oral health practices and education

8. Tutu & Me Program

Kahului Community Center

October 9, 2012, Tuesday

Serviced: 50 children and seniors

Brushes distributed: 30 stage 2 & 60 stage 3 and 100 toothpaste

Promoted good oral health and taught proper brushing and flossing

9. Tutu & Me Program

Kamehameha School

October 10, 2012, Wednesday

Serviced: 50 children and seniors

Brushes distributed: counted together with other Tutu & Me Program

Promoted good oral health and taught proper brushing and flossing

10. 6th Annual Kihei Maui Children and Youth Day – Roz Baker

Kihei Youth Center

October 13, 2012, Saturday

3-8 pm

Serviced: 700+ children and their families

Brushes distributed: 988 brushes and toothpaste

Promoted good oral health in collaboration with Hawaii Dental Service and Maui County Dental Hygienists’ Association

Funded by MCDHA and HDS

11. Maui High School Dental Orientation

October 26, 2012, Friday

40 Maui High school students, Promoted Dental Assisting program and dentistry and exercise on dental charting
12. UHMC Pumpkin Patch

October 27, 2013, Saturday

Promoted good oral health and taught proper brushing and flossing to 50+ children and their parents
13. UHMC Headstart Preschool

October 31, 2013, Wednesday

Gave toothbrushes/paste to 25children/9 adults to promote good dental health

14. Ke Ola Mau

January 13, 2013, Sunday

12:00-3:00 pm

50 intermediate and high school students

Promoted Dental Assisting program and dentistry and exercise on dental charting

15. Dental Project with Kihei Sunrise Rotary Club at Kihei School

February 6, 2013, Wednesday

8:00-11:00 am

Taught 130 1st graders about good oral health and disclosing tablets

16. Kihei Baptist Presechool

February 8, 2012, Friday

9:00-10:30 am

16 preschoolers – promoted good oral health, toothbrush and floss instruction, distributed toothbrushes/paste

17. Waihee Elementary School

150 1st graders

February 21, 2013, Friday

12:00-2:00 pm

Gave toothbrush/paste, OHI, Good food/bad food relay
18. Maui High School Fair

March 1, 2013, Friday

9:30-1:00 pm

Program information and promoted good oral health

40 high school students
19. Baldwin High School Bear Affair

March 8, 2013, Friday

9:30-12:00 noon

60 high school students

Program information and promoted good oral health
20. Smile America Project with MCDS members

March 9, 2013, Saturday


30 Marshallese children

Exams, radiographs, and restorative procedures
21. Waihee School

March 15, 2013, Friday

12:00-2:00 pm

160 toothbrushes/paste/activity books

Promoted good oral health, OHI, good food/ bad foods relay

c:\users\joyce\pictures\maui youth and family 2012.jpg

22. UHMC Automotive Car Show

March 23, 2013, Saturday

5:00-10:00 pm

Promoted the program and proper oral health

20 people impacted

23. Paia Elementary

April 5, 2013, Friday


180 Preschool-2nd grade

Promoted good oral health, OHI, good food/ bad foods relay
24. Dental Project with Kihei Sunrise Rotary at Kamalii School

April 26, 2013, Friday

8:00-11:00 am

125 1st graders, promoting good oral health, disclosing tablets, and OHI

25. Island and Bluffs Family Health & Safety Fair

May 18, 2013, Saturday

1:00-4:00 pm

Taught good oral health and promoted dental assisting program




Dental Assisting


X I have reviewed the curricular student learning outcomes and approve of the level of industry skills that Maui Community College students attain in the Dental Assisting program.

X I understand that the Dental Assisting program is accredited by the NLNAC and American Dental Association Commission on Dental Accreditation and that this national certification meets or exceed industry standards.

X I have reviewed the student learning outcomes of the Capstone/Portfolio Projects and approve of these projects as an acceptable assessment of student achievement in meeting industry standards.

Dr. Michael Clarke, DDS

Dr. Mickey Damerall. DDS, MS

Dr. Matt Dodson, DDS

Ms. Rowena Estayo, consumer

Ms. Andrea Hetherington, DH student

Dr. Scott Kanamori, DDSg:\dcim\100d3000\dsc_0119.jpg

Dr. Frank Kihara, DDS, MS

Dr. Jonathan Lau, DDS

Dr. Daniel Mayeda, DDS

Dr. James Merrett, DDS

Mrs. Joyce O’Hanlon, RDH

Dr. Neil Nunokawa, DDS

Dr. Fumio Tsuji, DDS retired

Ms. Jeannette Vences, CDA

Rubric for Evaluating Outcome and Goal Achievement , Degree Program Review Assessment Rubric, and Degree Program Review Examples of Evidence can be found at under Dental Assistingg:\dcim\100d3000\dsc_0130.jpg

Download 463.68 Kb.

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