Visit their website, (see above) to sign up for handy collection day reminders!

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ACUA has launched a new notification system to remind you of your collection schedule and alert you to important service changes!

Visit their website, (see above) to sign up for handy collection day reminders!

Click the Create a Reminder button to sign up for email, phone, Twitter or test reminders.

You can also get a Calendar and download your schedule into your iPhone, Google calendar or Microsoft Outlook calendar, or you can print your schedule at home.


Trash will be picked up every Thursday and bulk picked up the last Thursday of the month. Remember, break down and stack your cardboard. Please do not place your plastic bags in the recycle receptacle. If you have any questions, call City Hall.

Atlantic County Emergency Preparedness

The Atlantic County Office of Emergency Preparedness has a Community Notification System in order to notify resident in the event of an emergency. To register for Atlantic County CODE RED go to Atlantic County web site Register your home phone and or your cell # with your home address in order to receive notifications. You can also go to City Hall and give information to our City Clerk. LISTEN AND OBEY THE WARNING!

Atlantic Gardens

What is Atlantic Gardens? Many years ago the mobile home area was originally named “Atlantic Gardens.” Because some of the residents in the area did not like the area being called the trailer, or, mobile home area, it was decided that the area would be referred to as “Atlantic Gardens” as it was before.

Atlantic Gardens is the only area where sidewalks and curbing are installed. This was to prevent flooding in the area. We are asking residents to keep the sidewalks swept and clean of debris and snow. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Corbin City Newsletter

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