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Fantasy Games

Featured (Newest) Games

Tarot Wars - Tarot CCG Style.


Golden Axe - Low Tech Side Scrolling Solitaire Fun.

The Horde - The Return of Chauncey.

Krull Quest - Defeat the Beast in his Black Fortress.

Myth Dimensions - Join Aahz & Skeeve in their Madcap Adventures.

Xanth Quest - Where everybody has Magic.

Orkworld Quest - Humans are Dumb.

Hercules & Xena - Light Hearted Fare.

Amber - Join the 9 Princes of Amber in their Struggles.

Cabal - Mage the Ascension.

Rabbit Run - In the Spirit of Watership Down.

Quest for the Old Ones - By the Two Moons! An Elf Quest game!

Stormbringer - Elric vs the Forces of Chaos.

Cthulhu Mythos

Cthulhu Skirmish - Eight Factions

Elder Things & Outer Gods - Help Cthulhu drive the Yithians off the Planet.

Warp Quest Rules -

Fun, Frolicking, and Frivolous Fantasy of Old

Oz Quest - Visit the Emerald City.

Adventures in Wonderland - White Rabbits & Cheshire Cats.

Baron Munchausen Plays Cards - Boasts & Toasts.

Card Conquests

Birthright Conquest - Awnsheghlein. Ghesunteit.

War in Hell - Asmodeus vs Mephistopheles.

Plane Wars - Githyanki vs Mind Flayers.

Mighty Magics - Can you get the Magic you need?

Fantasy Heroes - Fantasy conquest made simple.

BorderKeep - Defend your settlement from rampaging monsters.

Destiny - Unique characters & allies share a common deck.


Iron Fantasy Chef - Regenerating Troll Stew & Ice Cream Elemental.

Wizardly - Increase the Prestige of your Covenant.

Opus Magnum - The Philosophers Stone. By Alexander Herklotz.

Wizards Game - Merlin vs Aleister Crowley

Fairy Circle Ring - Will you, won't you, will you, won't you, won't you join the dance?

Chess Fantasies

Knaves & Knights - Slay the Dragon & Save the Princess.

Champion Chess - The objective is still the same.

Merry Old England

Grail - Arthurian Legend.

Quest for the Grail - The Ultimate Quest

Sherwood - Robin Hood vs the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Celtic Saga - Will the Bards sing of your exploits?

Greek Myths

Grecos - Mythological War.

Agea - Greek Mythology.

Greek Heroes - Retrieve the Golden Fleece

The Far East

Wuxia - Chinese Sword & Sorcery

Samurai Quest - Sharpen your Katana on this one.

Big Trouble in Little China Skirmish -

Arabian Adventures

Voyage of Sinbad - Watch out for the Minotaun!

Arabia - Take on the role of Aladdin, or Ali Baba, or Sindbad in a quest for Faith, Fame, and Fortune.


Crack of Doom - Help Frodo dump that pesky ring.

Ring War - Warfare & Questing in Middle Earth.

Five Armies - The Battle for Smaug's Treasure.

Moria Skirmish - Fellowship vs Moria Orcs.

Middle Earth Empires - Map & Recruitment.

LOTR Warrior Dice - One on One Combat.


Pirate War - By Ian Milnes. Cross between Piratical, Man O' War, & Buccaneer!

Pirate Island - Buried Treasure

Strategy with Recruitment

Lord of the Abyss - Infernal Fun by Jason Newell

Conquest of Demara - by Jiminy Bollocks.

Magic Encounters - Use your Allies Special Powers.

Golems - Make your Minions.

Cave Wars - Subterranean Warfare.

Swamp Fighters - Eat or be Eaten.

Ice Lords - Northern Wargaming.

Empires of Mystara - Expert D&D.

Overlords - Become the one true Overlord.

Magus - Fantasy warfare with a little luck.

Battle Magic - Fantasy warfare done right.

Warbah - Gold & Record Keeping.

Archmagi - Lots of Detail.

Wizards and Warlords - Abstract units with variable stats.

Contests of the Gods

Immortals - D&D Style.

Deity - Followers, Armies, Temples, & Miracles.

Pantheons - Gathering of Gods.

Heaven & Hell

Paladin in Hell - Get your Holy Sword ready.

In Nomine - Good & Evil.

Dante's Inferno - Explore the depths of Hell with C. Gerard Luft.

Satan's Folly - by Dana Darby.

Set-Piece Scenario

Battle Dice - Dice are used to represent elements of Fantasy armies.

Denizens of the Deep - Combat in the Abyss.

Ragnarok - Units only; Norse Mythology.

War for Atlantis - Spells & Units.

Army Quest - Army men vs Fantasy Figs.


Army of Darkness Skirmish - Ash vs Evil Ash.

Archon Skirmish - Light vs Dark.

Wizard Skirmish - Magical Battle.

Fantasy Skirmish - Orcs & Dwarves, Orcs & Dwarves...

Narnia Skirmish - Help Aslan defeat the White Witch.

Legend of the Five Rings Skirmish - Crane vs Crab.

Minor Melees

Tavern Brawl - Beer & Berserkers.

Fantasy Fight Club - Retro Hack & Slash.

Miniatures Rules

Minions - Fantasy Miniatures combat on a chessboard.

Swords & Sorcery - Fantasy Miniatures War Gaming Rules.

Juggerball - Juggernaught Design & Conflict; Several races.


Fantasy Fliers - Small unit aerial combat.

Zeppelin Battles of the Great War - Romanticized Lighter-than-air Tactical combat.

One-On-One Fights

Warrior Dice - Quick one-on-one Combat.

Fantasy Fighters - Card Combos.

Combat Dice - Fast, Furious, Lots of Dice.


Warp Play - Fantastic Worlds.

Warp Spawn Role Playing - Aaaii! Alien Elemental Space Fungi!

Beautiful Girls with Swords - Babes with Broadswords.

Terrible Tales - Story telling game.

Primea - Fantasy Roleplaying system.

RPG to CCG Conversions - by C. Gerard Luft

Abridged Dungeons & Dragons - by C. Gerard Luft


Vampire Prince - Vampire Politics.

Draculas Castle - Play as Dracula or the Vampire Hunters. Cardset included!

Methuselah - Vampire Hunting.


SpellJammer - Into the Phlogiston we go.

Spelljammer Skirmish - AD&D in Space!


Warp Hammer Empires - Raise your Hordes & Hosts!

Warp Hammer - War Hammer Fantasy meets Warpspawn.

Man-O-Warp - Man-O-War Conversion.

Conan Games

Hack & Slash - Bloody Barbarian Mayhem.

Conan - Create your own Tales of the Mighty Barbarian.

Kings of Hyboria - War in the Hyborian Age. Counter Set included!

Harry Potter Games

Dumbledore's Army - Order of the Phoenix Skirmish Game.

Hogwarts - Get the most House Points.

Quidditch Cup - Catch the Golden Snitch!

Harry Potters First Year Adventure - Find the Sorcerers Stone.

Wizard School - Get the best grades and watch out for Lightning Bolts!

Fantasy Adventures

Adventures in Talislanta - Calling all Xambrian Wizard Hunters!

Dragon Slayers - Throw another Dragon Steak on the Barbie. Cardset Included!

Dungeon Clearing

Warp Dungeons - by Jason Newell

Hunt the Wumpus - by Jason Newell

Pieces for Troll Treasures -

Classic Dungeon Crawl - by C. Gerard Luft.

Dungeon Master - Dungeon Adventuring. Card Set Included.

Treasure Hunter - Adventuring parties race to acquire the most treasure.


Ravenloft Quest - The Demi-Plane of Dread

Underdark Adventures - Drow & Mind Flayers

Dragon Lance Companions - Kender & Draconians

The Isle of Dread - Dungeon Module X1

Palace of the Silver Princess - by C. Gerard Luft

Dark Sun

Dark Sun Empires - War for Athas

Dark Sun Skirmish –m Death in the Sand

Dark Sun Adventures - Psionics in the Sun

Solo Games

Goblin Quest - by Dave Stattler

Solo Crusade - by Zak

HolyQuest - by C Gerard Luft

Adventure Squares - by C Gerard Luft

Solitaire Conquest - Use your troops wisely

Steel & Crystal Game System by Zak




Artifact: Victorian Adventure Gaming Series

Artifact Core Rules

The Depths of the Earth

Mummys Tomb

Lost Continent of Atlantis

The Shadow of a Dark God - by Zak

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