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Historical Games


Cro Magnon - Stone Age Empire Building.

Ancient Civilizations

Faiths - Spread the Word.

Phoenician Sea Trader - Ply the ancient Mediterranean.

Culture & Conquest - Dice game. Civilization building; Published in the Academic Gaming Review!

Advanced Culture & Conquest - Card Kingdoms.

Imperious - Ancient Civilizations struggle for dominance. Fast & Simple.

Empires - Variant of Imperious by Emmanuel Delva

Ancient Warfare

Ancient Battlefields - Command & Control.

Ancient Generals - Two armies clash. Complete with Elephants, Chariots & Catapults.

Ancient Warfare - To War!!!!!

Ancients: Egypt & the Fertile Crescent

Men of Sumer - Conquer all of Sumeria. Map Included.

Egypt - Dynasty building in ancient Egypt.

Qadesh - Hittites vs Egyptians.

Ancient: Greeks

Thermopylae - Battle at the Mountain Pass.

City States - War and Politics in Ancient Greece.

Greek Fire - Fleets of Biremes and Triremes in action.

Periplus - Greek Naval Warfare.

Ancient: Roman Empire

Rome is Burning - When in Rome...

March on Rome - The work of Caesar is never done.

Pomerium - Variant of March on Rome by Steven Cranmer.

Ancient: Roman Wars

Punic Wars Combined Arms - Scipio vs Hannibal.

Gallic Wars - Caesar vs Vercingetorix.

Jerusalem 70 AD - Will it be a setback for the Romans?

Ancient: Gladiators

Gladius - Roman Gladiators fight to the death in the arena.

Gladiator School - Supplement to Gladius.

Gladius Miniatures Variant - by Patrick H. Lewis.

Ancient & Medieval: Nordic

Viking Loot - Loot & Pillage the most.

Huscarl - Norse Tribes.

Norse Odyssey - Viking Adventure by Markus Salo. Map included!

Ancient & Medieval Asian

Three Kingdoms Combined Arms - Conquer China.

Genghis Khan - Conquer Central Asia. Solo.

Daisho - Japanese Sword Duel.

Land War in Asia -

Daimyo - 14th Century Japanese bloodshed.

Seven Samurai Skirmish - Recreate the last Battle Sequence.

Japanese Swords - Wargame set in Feudal Japan.

European Medieval Games

Tournament - Win the Most Contests.

Joust - Take up your Lance good knight.

Melee - A Smashing good time!

European Medieval Strategy

Kilts & Claymores - Feuding Scottish Clans Skirmish.

Hastings - Normans vs Anglo-Saxons.

Feudal Lords - Expand your Barony.

Knights & Castles - Build & Destroy.

Guild Master - Build a Medieval town; Published in the Academic Gaming Review!

Castle Siege - Simple 8 X 8 Wargame.

Castle Keep - Medieval Siege and Conquest.

Medieval Keep - Defend your lands from the invading hordes.

Medieval Middle Eastern Games

Lepanto - Great Galley Naval Battle of 1571.

Crusades - Brave Knights compete for the riches of the Holy Land.

Thieves Guild - Rival Guilds compete for gold and members.

Age of Gunpowder

Master of Venice - Renaissance.

Doubloons & Dragoons - Recruitment; Control cities, establish trade routes, build armies.

Thirty Years Warfare - Take on Tilly and Spinola.

Tactical Black Powder

Napoleonic Solitaire - Easy to make, play.

Muskets - Micro-deck card game.

Musketeer Skirmish - Parry, cut, thrust!

Grognards - Napoleonic Men, Guns & Horses.

Cannonade - Set Piece; Cannons, Cavalry, & Infantry; Counter Set included!

Fusillade - Press the attack or wait for the right moment?

Shot, Shell & Grape - Warfare in the Napoleonic style.

Ready Aim Fire - Improved version of SS&G by Ian Milnes. Cardset included!

Eagles of Glory - Variant of RAF by Alexander Herklotz. Over 400 Historically accurate units!

Charge Variants

Into the Valley of Death - Charge of the Light Brigade

Charge of the Light Brigade - Into the Valley of Death.

Age of Imperialism

Colonial Empires - Empire Building 1600-1850.

British Sudan - Mahdists vs Anglo-Egyptians.

Zulu Spears - British-Zulu battle simulation; Published in the SGS Strategist! Card Sets Included.

Aztec Skirmish - Conquistadors vs Aztecs.

Fall of the Aztecs - Aztecs vs Conquistadors.

Colonial Florida - Build your Empire in the Sun.

Dark Continent - Lead your colonial Empire to greatness. Published by Schutze Games!

Wooden Ships

Commodore - Micro-Deck card game.

Blown Away - War at Sea.

Ships of the Line - Sail your Fleet to victory!

Naval Duel - Old Navy tactical action.


Buccaneers - Boarding Action.

Piratical - Circular Board; Plunder, Fight, & Navigate.

Early America

Colonials - Pilgrims & Puritans.

Bunker Hill - Don't Shoot Till you see the Whites of their Eyes.

War of Independence -

American Revolution - Don't Tread on Me!

The French Connection

French Revolution - Reform France.

Napoleonic Empire - Give me Empire or give me Elba! Cards, Counters, and Map included!

Cowboys & Indians

The Mystic Warriors of the Plains - Lead your Brave to Greatness!

Gunslingers - of the Old West.

Range War - Feuding Land Barons.

Boom Town - Wild West. Use Gunslingers to do your dirty work.

Custer's Last Stand - Red Man's Revenge.

American Civil War

Blue vs Gray Combined Arms - Pure Strategy. No dice or cards.

Union & Confederacy - Warp Empires Scenario.

Civil War Poker - Ante up boys.

Gettysburg - The Turning point of the Civil War.

Duel of Iron - Civil War Era Ironclads duke it out.

Gangs of New York Skirmish - Death in 5 Points.


Boer War - South Africa 1899.

Alamo - Victory or Death!

San Juan Hill - Replay your favorite battle of the Spanish American War.

Russo-Turkish War - 1877.

The First Balkan War - Balkan League vs the Ottoman Empire.

Boxer Rebellion - Race of 4 Foreign Armies in China; Just before WWI. Map & Counters included.


WWI Combined Arms - Pure Strategy. No dice or cards.

Stormtrooper - WWI trench fighting. Solo.

Ypres - Who will lead your men? A game by Markus Salo. Card Set included!

Megiddo 1918 - Help Lawrence of Arabia fight the Turks.

Jutland - The great sea battle of WWI.

Attrition - Trench Warfare; Published in the SGS Strategist! Card Set Included!

Fix Bayonets - Man to Man fighting in the Argonne Forest.

High Seas Fleet - Simple WWI Naval Combat Rules.

Fokker - Sopwith camel vs Fokker. Card & Counter Set included.

Post WWI

Reds & Whites - Russian Civil War.

Chinese Warlords - Chaos in China.

WWII Strategic

Nations at War - Pick your Country.

East Front West Front - WWII in less than an hour!

Russo-German War - Abstract Barbarossa.

Sino-Japanese War - Three player Game.

Cards of War - Strategic WWII motif.

WWII Operational

Afrika Korps - The Desert Fox vs The Desert Rats.

Battle of Berlin - Be the First to Hitler's Bunker.

Fall of France - Invade the Low Countries. Solo.

Beach Head - Normandy Beach Landings. Solo.

Autumn Mist - Battle of the Bulge.

Janne's Cardset -

Mass Warfare - Recruitment & Resources; WWII Tech.


Naval Engagement - Micro-Deck Game

Battle of the Atlantic - Tactics, Tonnage, & Technology.

Pearl Harbor - A Day that Will Live in Infamy. Solo.

Sea Battles - Abstract set piece. Counter Set Included!

Midway - Set Piece Dice game; WWII Carrier battle simulation; Counter Set & Flowcharts included!

Wolf Pack - U-boat attacks on allied convoys in WWII; Published in the SGS Strategist!

Carriers - Skirmish rules. Cardset available!

Malta Convoy - Operation Pedestal. Solo.


Chain Home - Battle of Britain by Mike Marinos. Solo.

Blitz - Fight the Battle of Britain; Card Set included!

War over the Reich - Bomb Nazi Germany

WWII Tactical

Battlefront - Card Game.

WWII Combined Arms - Pure Strategy. No dice or cards.

Company Commander - Deploy your Squads carefully.

Operation Blitzkrieg - WWII Ground combat.

Tank Killers - Panthers vs Shermans 1945; Card Set included!

Panzer - WWII Tank warfare.

WWII Squad Level

Destroy the Rail Road Bridge - Finnish Army Recon by Marcus Salo.

Way of the Warrior - Small unit missions by Zak. Solo.

Endless Patrol - GIs vs Wehrmacht. Solo.

Squad - WWII small unit tactics simulation. Two different Card Sets available!

Green Plastic Massacre - Combat rules for plastic army men.

Korean War

38th Parallel - The Forgotten War.

Pork Chop Hill - By Joe Nixon.


POW - Prisoner of War Solitaire.

Surviving the Gulag - Another Russian Winter by Marcus Salo

Biker Brawl - Hell on Wheels.

Raging Gun Battle - Guns!!!!!!!

Cat & Mouse - Terrorism and Counter Terrorist Measures.

Mission Improbable - Don't let your agents get captured.

Mobsters - Build up your criminal organization.

Third World - Simulation of a developing nation.

Manifesto - Rival Ideologies vie for World Domination in the 20th Century.


In the Nam - Vietnam Platoon level Search & Destroy

Firebase Nam - Vietnam.

Vietnam Air Fury - By Joe Nixon. Variant of Space Fury.

Tunnel Rat - Vietnam. Bluffing game for 2 players.

Rolling Thunder - Bombing Mission. Vietnam War

Modern Military

Somalia 93 - Blackhawk Down.

Militia Groups - Ethnic Cleansing.

Air to Air - Modern Jet Fighter Combat.

AFV - Armored Fighting Vehicles.

AFV Skirmish - Move & Shoot.

Sea Intercept - Alpha Bravo we have Bogies...

Thunderbolt - Fly your A-10 Thunderbolt II Warthog on Close Air Support Duty.

Dogs of War - Lead your Mercenaries to fame and fortune.

Revolution - Simulates a coup in a developing nation.

Middle-Eastern Modern Military

Iran-Iraq War - 1980-1988

Mujaheddin - USSR vs Afghanistan 1979-1988

F-14 Tomcats - Middle East Bombing Run. By Markus Salo

Protecting the Skies - Defend your Dictatorship. By Markus Salo

Desert Storm Solitaire - Patriots vs SCUDS.

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