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Warp Spawn Games by genre

Science Fiction Games

Fandom: Warpspawn Conversions

Space 1889 Empires - Brits on Mars.

Doom Trooper Empires - Mutant Chronicles.

Castle Wolfenstein - Blast Nazi Zombies with Flame Throwers.

Out Worlds RPG - Classic SF.

Jorune - Thriddles & Cleash & Bronth oh my!

Alpha Centauri - Card Conversion.

Wrinkles in Time - Fight the Good Fight

Dredd - Patrol the Streets of Mega City-1.

Farscape the Cardgame - by Peter Cobcroft.

Babylon 5 Empires - Narns, Centauri, and Minbari.

Victorian Villains - & Extraordinary Gentlemen.

Matrix Replay - Neo vs Agent Smith.

Buckaroo Bonzai - I speak Spanish to God, French to women, English to men, and Japanese to my horse.

Bionicle Skirmish - Toa Nuva vs Rahkshi.

Heavy Metal Mayhem - Hardcore SciFi Erotica.

Escape from LA - Snake Plisskin does it again.

Incal - A game for Moebius fans.

Interstellar Pig - Game of Survival.

Fabulous Thunderbirds - Lead Rescue International.

Lensman - Rebel Space variant by C. Gerard Luft.

Battlestar Galactica - The Cylons are coming!

Star Craft Spawn - Terrans, Zerg, and Protoss.

Buck Rogers - Help Buck defeat the Han Empire!

Go Joe - G.I. Joe vs. Cobra.

Star Command - Buzz Lightyear vs Evil Emperor Zurg.

UFO's & Government Agencies

X - Files - Play as Mulder & Scully.

Men In Black - Play as J & K.

Giger & Aliens

Alien Skirmish - Mix it Up.

Aliens - Aliens vs. Colonial Marines.

Alien Queen Brain - A Space Marine adventure by Zak

Biomechanoids - Giger meets CCGs.

Star Wars

Battle for Naboo - Gungans vs Droids.

Star Wars Fleets - Fleet Actions.

Battle for Hoth - Star Wars Scenario.

Star Wars Dogfight - X-Wings vs TIE Fighters.

Geonosis Arena Skirmish - Star Wars Scenario.

Rebel Space - Evil Empire vs Rebel Heroes. Card Set Included!

Jedi Warp Duel - One on One Jedi action.

Light Saber Duel - "Luke, I am your father"

Formula Ace Racing Pods - by Emmanuel Delva.

A New Hope - by C. Gerard Luft.

Star Wars Campaign - The Cosmic Sweep.

Star Trek

Away Team Skirmish - Man to Man Trek Combat.

To Boldly Go - First Season Star Trek Card Game.

Star Fleets - Star Trek Fleet Actions.

Phasers - Star Trek Fleet Actions.

Space Cruisers - Fast & Fun Space Combat.

Federation - Star Trek Empire Building.

Star Trek - by C Gerard Luft


Tron the Card Game - Erase the MCP.

Tron Skirmish - Don't get De-rezzed!

Star Blazers

Quest for Iscandar - We're off to Outer Space...

Earth Defense Force - Star Blazers: Fire the Wave Motion Gun!

Racer Games

Speed Racer - Go Speed Racer Go!

Johnny Racer Storyteller - by Casey at

Giant Robots

Mek Leader - Lead your Mercenary Squad to Fame & Fortune

Mekatac - Set piece Giant Robot tactical combat; Mech design rules.

Mekka Advance - Advanced Mekatac by Rokendo

Zoids - Take the controls of Liger Zero.

Battletech Skirmish - Giant Robot Combat.

Robotech Skirmish - Veritech Fighters vs Zentraedi Battle Pods.

Transformers Skirmish - Autobots vs Deceptacons.

Gundam Wing - Variant of Mekatac by Emil Srdoc

Mega Tank - The title says it all.


Dune - Atredies vs Harkonnen.

Spice Raid - Man-to-Man fighting on Dune.


Wizards - Avatar vs Blackwolf.

Scortch -

Space Fighters

Wing Commander Fighters - Kilrathi vs Terrans.

Space Fury - Set piece Fighter tactical combat; Ship design rules; Pilot skills, quirks, & cool.

Space Fleets

Starmageddon - Fusion of Mekatac & Galax by Matt R. at

Point of No Return - Set piece Spaceship tactical combat, Fuel & Inertia; Ship design rules.

Solar Invasion 2100 - Defend the Earth from the Alien Invasion Fleet.

Orbital Escalation - Low Earth Orbit Combat.

Galax - Set Piece abstract Spaceship combat; Written orders to move & fire; Ship design.

Berserker - Save your Planet!

Devastators 2500 - Giant Interstellar Warships go head to head.

Devastators 3000 - High Tech version

Space Marines

Starship Troopers - Destroy the Arachnoid Threat!

Drop Troops - Power Armor Miniatures Rules.

Alien Queen Brain - A Space Marine adventure by Zak.

Astral Dreams - Space Opera Miniature Game by C. Gerard Luft.

Ground War 3000 - Mechs, Vehicles, & Infantry.

Trooper - Variant by Tryvor J. Phillips

Space Empires

Lunar Conquest - Fight for the Moon

Astrum Imperium - Stellar Empires by Patrick Bunch

Galactic Civilizations - Aid your client races.

Emporex - Recruitment; Strategic conflict for 20 planets; Unique units

Star Fiefs - Card Game version of Emporex. Control the Sector.

Planet Busters - The Board will begin to look a little empty.

Alien Empires - Use the special abilities of your race to dominate your opponents.

Galactic Supremacy - Advance your Technologies. Crush your enemies.

Battle for the Universe - Intergalactic Warfare by C Gerard Luft.

Stratastar - Space Empires collide; Recruitment; Fast gameplay; Counter Set included!

Space Insurrection - Recruitment; Very stylized unit interactions; Counter Set & Maps included!

Martial Arts

Kung Fusion - Martial Arts... HiiiiiYaaaahhhhh!!! Card Set Included!

Power Up - Super Powered Martial Arts Combat.

Bujutso - Japanese Martial Arts.

Caped Crusaders

Silver Surfer - Sentinel of the Spaceways.

Challenge of the Superfriends - Justice League vs Legion of Doom

Super Man - Its a bird... No, Its a plane... No, its...

X-Men Skirmish - X-Men vs Sentinels.

Batman - Clean up Gotham City once and for all.

Super Powers

Super Dice - Superhero action with just 10 dice.

Mad Scientists - Death Rays & Disembodied Brains.

Psionica - Psychic Combat: Mind Whips, Psionic Blasts, and Brain Burn.

Power Rangers - Mighty Morphin Mayhem

Thundercats - Thundercats vs. Evil Mutants

Masters of the Universe - He-Man vs. Skeletor.

He-Man Skirmish - Take a thwak at Skeletor.

Sailor Moon - Help Sailor Moon and the other Sailor Scouts defeat the Negaverse.

Slugfest Gaming

Superhero Slugfest - Design your own superhero team and pulverize your opponent.

RPG Expansion Rules - by Michael Callahan

Sword & Sorcery Rules - by Michael Callahan

Super Critter Slugfest - Cute & Deadly Fun

Superhero Slugfest Card Combat - Card game version.

Giant Monsters

Megazilla - The Terror of Tokyo returns!

Monster Brawl - Godzilla vs Rodan.


Cards of Mars - John Carter of Mars Game.

Martian Invasion - Martian Menace vs hapless humanity.

Warrior Races of Mars - Martian Warbands vie for Dominance.

Martian Cloudships - and Victorian Aerial Gunboats.


Mutog - Post-Apocalypse Armies do Battle.

Gamma World - Mutants Galore!

Enclave - Recruit followers & Scavenge guns.

Death Race - Mad Max style Vehicle combat.

Zombie Assault - by Jörg Hansen.

Space Opera

Space Opera Campaigns - by Patrick Bunch.

Space Hole - Defend your Space Colony.

Space Scouts - Explore the Mysteries of Outer Space.

Classic Space Opera - by C Gerard Luft

Traveler Traders - by C Gerard Luft

Advanced Star Frontiers Lensman - by C Gerard Luft

Rockets & Rayguns Gaming

Rockets & Rayguns Roleplaying - Live the Adventure.

Rockets & Rayguns Skirmish - Rescue Dale.

Rockets & Rayguns Operational - Storm Ming's Palace.

Rockets & Rayguns Strategic - Full Scale War on Mongo.

Warhammer Gaming

40K Skirmish - Space Marines vs Genestealers.

Fleets of the Imperium - Warhammer 40K Space Fleet Action.

WH40Kards - War Hammer meets Warp Spawn!

Titan Attack - Get Ready to Rumble!

War Hammer Space Empires - A cast of Millions.

Time Travel

Time Line - Fight for Time itself.

Chronos - Temporal Warfare by Zak.

War in Heaven - by C. Gerard Luft

The Interface of Time - Miniature Game by C. Gerard Luft

Dr Who Games

Dr Who - Save the Universe again.

Dr Who Empires - Daleks vs Cybermen.

Remnant of the Daleks - by C Gerard Luft.

The Keys of Chronos - by C Gerard Luft.

The Lords of Time - by C Gerard Luft.

The Sabbath Days - by C Gerard Luft.


Foundation & Empire Wargame - by C. Gerard Luft.

Asimov's Foundation - Psychohistory by C. Gerard Luft.

Pulp Fiction

Adventurers - 1930-1940's Pulp Cliff Hangers.

Noir - Tell your own stories of crime in the Big City.

Crimson Sky Privateers - Take to the skies.

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