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    6Ibid. A127. A124, 127, 128 pertain.

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    8Ibid. A126.

    9Ibid. A128 also, November 9, 1865.

    10Ibid. A1262, September 29, 1865. Of the seven names, none were currently "Davis." Stiles, Schoenman, Oehne, Martin, Chrislmark.

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    13Our "Agua Fria."

    14Agreement A54.

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    The East Fork of the West Fork. Per pioneers, they were attacked in the valley below Pilot Rock and Bald Hills.

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    5Possessory Claim A97; on one corner is "a seven foot thick sugar pine."

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    7Lawsuits 0170-0174, $26,000 in all, per deposition in Circuit Court-Book of Judgements, p. 130, microfilm in County Clerk's Office: Richard Garvey vs. Abner Wade, Pittsburg and California Mining Company.

    8$5,000 in July.

    9Deed G428, issued January 11, 1867. Moore bought Green Lode @ $2,900 at Court Auction about July, 1866. A March 9, 1867, Guardian would say "through mismanagement and extravagance, the Green Lode was sold under attachment."

    10Miscellaneous Records A145.

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    13Quit-claim deed from Abner Wade to Pittsburg and California Mining Company, G330, August 27, 1866.

    14Deed G330, October 27, 1866, Garvey-Southwick had put in $1,000 of the $4,250 owed by Mellus.

    15Deed H250, for a $2,726 judgment, which would be issued by the Los Angeles County Sheriff, June 1, 1867. Garvey paid Wade $1,800 for his claim on Mellus property.

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    21Ibid. A117, December 24, 1866. One house would have stood on Edgewater Point. The other probably on the tip beyond Orchard Bay.

    22Assessor's Rolls 1866-67.


    24Both Strong and Talmadge children have carried down memories of long, scary hours hiding under the beds.

    25Also a Talmadge memory, that of six-year-old Will. San Bernardino County Museum Quarterly, Spring, 1958, p. 10, a symposium of memories of the 1867 Indian attack.

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    32Possessory Claim A119, March 21, 1867. It would be resurveyed for patent in 1872.

    33January 27th (case 0170).

    34Stated and priced in Miscellaneous Records A148.

    35Suit 0174, Wade deposition.

    36Per the March 9th _______________, the Olio was down 80 feet, the Mammoth 80 feet in on a 45 degree angle.

    37Suit 0174.

    38These had to testify.

39People have always thought La Praix came directly from Sacramento to the Knight-Dickey Mill near Seely Flat.

    40Newmark, My Sixty Years, p. 279.

    41Deed H250, June, 1867, Garvey bought Mellus's remaining interest @ $100. In July, 1867, was Garvey's trial in San Francisco re Injunction.

    42Lawsuit 0171, Garvey deposition.

    43Ibid. Wade deposition.

    44Miscellaneous Records A1522, June 28, 1867. W. W. Wallace, Wade Hampton, Wm. Tite, S. M. Kier, G. F. Filmore, S. K. Thane, A. A. Partridge, Levi Wade, H. H. Hartman and Abner Wade, Agent.

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    60Deed H127 @ $500. October 31, 1867.

    61San Bernardino Guardian, October 5th.


    63Ibid. December 31, 1867.



    Adelanto Springs crossing, one mile below Mojave Narrows.

    2San Bernardino Guardian.

    3The Central Pacific in March acquired a small railroad south of San Francisco, planning to build down the Santa Clara and San Joaquin Valleys on a Congress‑given authorization to connect with the Atlantic-to-the-Pacific franchise, sponsored by Senator Benton. The name of the company was the Southern Pacific. Southern Pacific Historical Sketch, Bureau of News, Dept. of Development, March, 1933.

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    14"Little Grass Valley in Sawpit Canyon," according to pioneers in the May, 1897, Semi-Centennial Times-Index.

    15San Bernardino Guardian, August 22, 1868.

    16Huston's location is eventually learned as on the east half of Section 19, Township 2 North, Range 3 West, in the canyon now occupied by the Arrowhead Alpine Conference Grounds, Rose Canyon.

    17Deed H283, Mortgage A96, May 26, 1868.

    18Interview with Cash Caley, youngest son of the marriage, donor of the Bear Valley Mill picture, including the house.

    19Later Fleming Creek.

    20The account of Mollie Tyler Bright, daughter of Jerusha Hancock, a Hancock-Bemis genealogist.

    21William Stewart La Praix had come here then.

    22San Bernardino Guardian, November 8, 1868.

    23They know places we do not. Maybe Holcomb branch and Coxey country.

    24Miscellaneous Records A183, December 28, 1868.

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20His name may be Mulla__’n’. Script is difficult.
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22Agreement A 60; Mullau – Norris and McWorthy – 5700 sheep and $1

T2N R1W E ½ Section 24, NE ¼ Section 25, Section 23

R1E S ½ Section 12, Section 13, Section 23

N ½ Section 26, NE ¼ Section 27, Section 23

R2E W ½ Section 15, SE ¼ Section 6, NE ¼ Section 7

E ½ and NW ¼ Section 19, Sections 16, 17, 18, 30

23Per Historical Sketch of Southern Pacific (Bureau of News) – after December 31, 1869.
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25At which time 15 parcels of assigned land would be patented. Miscellaneous Records A 245 – A 276.
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291870 Tax Rolls say: “sawmill in Little Bear Valley, on a possessory claim.”
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    San Bernardino Guardian, April 23rd. Lumbering via Twin and City Creek Turnpike.

    2Miscellaneous Records A236, A306.

    3Ibid. A246. This year the Brown sons received John Brown Sr.'s cattle-brand for their cattle-raising efforts in the knee-deep grass of the Val Verde Ranch (Mojave Crossing).

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    5Patent A63, 280a in Section 29, 3N, 4W, May 10, 1870, J. P. Houghton; Patents to 1440 acres in 4W and 5W. At least, so the 1870 tax book says. Starting with parts of Section 29, James P. Houghton receives land in California as assignee for State of New York, May 1, 1869. Patents to parts of Section 28, Section 13, A140, A141.

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    15Miscellaneous Records A274, March 1871. Blackhawk District organized.

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    24Later John Comerford would have Patent B64, N 1/2 of SE 1/4 of SE 1/4, Sec. 29, T2N, R3W. "Old John" memories come from Don Tyler and Molie Tyler Bright, children of Charles and Jerusha Tyler.

    25Deed L59, August 14, 1871; the $52.67 was proffered by friend Horace Rolfe; K535 records repayment to Rolfe.

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    37Deed L454, Grass Valley Steam Sawmill to Charles and J. B. Tyler.



( note - the complete diary was printed in the book)



    Tyler's land, contracted directly from Avery as promised to Anderson, is the East half and Southwest quarter of Section 17, and the Northwest quarter of Section 20, Township 2 North, Range 3 West, now the lovely Grass Valley Country Club addition.

    2Possessory Claim A338. NW 1/4, Section 30, T2N, R3W. Photographs and stories from Joseph Scherman, Orange County Forester.

    3Dutch Charlie's last name may be "Fiedler." Deeds show his movement in the approximate area.

    4Deed L59, March 15, 1872, legal after September 15th.

    5Deed L56, June 1, 1872.

    6Patent to 141 a placer granted November 25, 1872, and the ledges A89, A94, by Lot Number. Mammoth A102 (Lot 40), Olio A131 (Lot 38), San Bernardino A106 (Lot 39), granted January 2, 1873.6.36 chains north of placer boundary entered August 27, 1872.

    7Deed L353, September 30, 1872.

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    14Patent C389. NW 1/4, Section 23, T2N, R3W @ $200.

    15Agreement with D. T. Huston, November 6, 1872, Chattel Mortgage A1. Much later, the site of the Arrowhead Ranger Station. However, by 1874 the Metcalf-Schermann Mill is shown (by Mortgage A111) to be on the NE 1/4, Section 23, T2N, R3W, on a stream directly back of Santa's Village, Skyforest, per Louie Calwell White. A road came to it along the front from Old John's.

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    23San Bernardino Guardian, May 3, 1873.

    24Mountain mahogany ash, they discovered, smothered the fires.

    25These Lone Valley locations take on added interest when you know that, under the original name or another, they continue to have commercial value in the 1950s. See Volume 49, Spring, 1853, Journal of Mines.

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    35All the above information comes from the deeds themselves, as recorded in the San Bernardino County Recorder's Office (Hall of Records, Second Floor) in Books of Miscellaneous Records. They are given so completely because they will be challenged, misrepresented, litigated.

    36Even if Barney Carter had bought Littlefield Lead out, they would be paid more by the Gold Mountain Mine Co. for clearing title (M488), March 1874.

    37A cap-rock region later to be called "the Saragossa Thrust" by geologist Robert Guillot.

    38Miscellaneous Records A550-551, December 1, 1873 - a Baird option signed to Baldwin and Curtis, December 10, 1873.

    39The Ophir, owned by E. J. Baldwin. We are told in Glasscock's biography of "Lucky" Baldwin (New York, 1933), that "an old prospector he had once grubstaked had sent him word of a mine in Bear Valley that might interest him," p. 169. It had to be Garfield or Baird.

    40Pat Higby, per the tax collector, had a law library, so might have been a well-versed man with whom to while away the winter.

    41Deed M473, December 15, 1873, @ $10,000.

    42Deed M488.

    43Deed M473, December 15, 1873.

    44San Bernardino Guardian. Did someone lose a decimal point?

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    51There were other claimants than Littlefield, and Barney and Charlie Carter from whom Baldwin had bought: Sam Barnum, Enoch Davis, Martin Anderson, R. A. Hester.

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    53Per the May 30th Guardian, when it was erected.

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    55"John Bull Flat" per a 1953 Mining Journal.

    56Shipping ore to San Francisco (Formerly Wilson, Holmes, McCurdy).

    57April 28, 1874.

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    65Patent B520 on SE 1/4, Section 5, T3S, R1E. Mortgage on Gilman-Akers mill.

    66Tyler Diary.

    67Charles B. Tyler remembered many a picnic under a big sugar pine at the Rose Canyon-Grass Valley Road junction.

    68There was something about a paper that was lost. Caley would pay if they would show him the paper. They thought he had it.

    69The Upper Old Mill was at P. E. Camp, now Pine View, per Denver Benson, Talmadge grandson who played there. In 1874 it was still on public land.

    70Caley-Talmadge partnership agreement.

    71Deed M569, May 21, 1874.

    72San Bernardino Argus, August 31, 1874.

    73San Bernardino Guardian, August 22nd.


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    76Water Records on company members around Baldwin Lake: A35, B15, B29, B30, B44, B45, B47.

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    82San Bernardino Guardian, October 1st, and Dunlap Valley is mentioned.

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    84San Bernardino Guardian, September 1st.

    85Los Angeles Star, October 7th. Also Deed N224, November 6, 1874.


    87Deed N350, December 3, 1974.

    88Tax Rolls, 1874-75.

    89The weight of a forty-stamp mill would be 140,000 pounds.

    90Per Guardian correspondent Hack Hurley, December 19th.

    91Wilson and Taylor, the Southern Pacific; Roaring Story of a Fighting Railroad (McGraw-Hill 1952), p. 61, presenting casting their bullion in 700 pound cannon balls to outwit robbers, of which there were so many that Wells Fargo refused to run a stageline there. Caesar Meyerstein of San Bernardino hauled the first supplies 168 miles up the new road.

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    Tyler Diary.

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    7January 4, 1875, he had sold back to the head of the Ralston Ring shares that had cost him $60 at $315, five million dollars worth. It might be fair to add that the acquisition of all the San Gabriel holdings except Santa Anita, purchased from Newmark, was his "luck" and another man's sorrow.

    8Curtis had apparently been returned to Virginia City duties. It is possible that this James R. Keene was the mining engineer famed for San Francisco Mining Exchange transactions, who did occasionally work with Baldwin. Glasscock, "Lucky" Baldwin, p. 150 and p. 160.

    9of March 20, 1875, Los Angeles Evening Express, March 21, 1875.

    10San Bernardino Guardian, April 3, 1875,or Deed N330, November 19, 1874. According to Glascock, Baldwin never thought Gold Mountain was rich, just endlessly supplied with low grade ore. "Lucky" Baldwin, p. 171.

    11Patent A269, 19.53 acres near the 2-3/10-11 corner of T2N, R2E.

    121875 Tax Receipts.

    13See also Miscellaneous Records B106, on the line between 31/32. The same area later owned by del Mars, Gardner and Griffin, then Pedley, then Hitchcock.

    141875 Tax Receipts.

    15Patent A176, May 3, 1875. All of Section 22, S 1/2 of Section 23, N 1/2 of Section 26, NE 1/4 of Section 27, T2N, R2E (Moonridge). Mr. Slauson was a Los Angeles banker and business man, perhaps owner of sheep.

    16Deed O196 @ $9,375, March 22, 1875.

    171875 Tax Receipts.

    18Miscellaneous Records B94, April 30th.

    19Tyler Diary.

    20Miscellaneous Records B138, La Praix-Simon Jackson agreement, NW 1/4 Section 22, T2N, R3W @ $1600. Formerly Hunningers.

    21However, he paid taxes on all of Section 15. It might be interesting to know that when it did sell, it carried the Southern Pacific name on the deed.

    221875 Tax Rolls.

    23Tyler Diary, Mary 27, 1875.

    24San Bernardino Guardian, May 29th.

    25Deed O408 to Garvey @ $1 - half; O406 to Thomas @ $10 - half. But Garvey sold his to C. C. Thomas at $1,000, Deed O404, June 15, 1875, and John Brown had received $1,000 for his interest in Valencia Mine.

    26Mrs. Wozencraft, Mrs. Rousseau, H. Rolfe and John Brown Jr. were awarded $600 for a contested strip. Later he dealt with Henry Willis and Sydney Waite on the same issue.

    27San Bernardino Guardian, May 15th.

    28Ibid. June 12th.

    29Frazee, San Bernardino County Climate and Resources, p. 51. A hundred miles, he said.

    30Declared in 1879.

    31Tyler Diary, June 4th. The sequel was learned in a 1955 interview with Louie Colwell White, 85, and one of the sisters, and a summer resident at Strawberry Flat.

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    San Bernardino Argus, January 8, 1876.


    3cf. Note 57, 1863.

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    6Interview with son Joseph Schermann, for years Fire Control Officer at Santa Ana.

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    9Frazee in the 1876 County Resources book says 40-60 teams were driving from the five sawmills, bringing three million board feet of lumber to market.

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    12On Greenwood. See also Mining Records 23-88, 23-91.

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    16Miscellaneous Records B306: Affidavit of James B. Cook, resident mining recorder. He claimed Gold Mountain Company to have gone bankrupt at this time, September 1876. There was rumor of a disagreement between Baldwin and Garvey, who claimed that Baldwin owed him money. Perhaps Baldwin would not pay for the Valencia Mine which he had Garvey buy. Glasscock, Baldwin's biographer, mentions it, with a different cause. Belden, History in the Making, May 16, 1954, tells a tale.

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    26Joe Tyler's diary never told it until it happened.

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    29cf. Redlands Citrograph, May 2, 1893.

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    33Deed P555 from Reyes.

    34Tyler Diary. "Baby Charley," possessor of the lifetime Tyler diaries, came up several times between 1955 and 1965 to point out locations, answer questions and name sawmill-family descendants who might be reached for an interview. After living with his father's diary for so long, I almost felt like a member of the family at his Baseline orange grove. He was my bridge to the past.

    35Mortgages D117, March 1877, and G174, March, 1878. Caro kept the mill and would later buy the timberland - public, railroad or Avery's - on which he has cut.

    36Present Cedar Pines Park.

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