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1Citrograph, February 18, 1888.
2Ibid. February 11, 1888: 3 standard guage lines, 3 motor lines, 4 streetcar lines.
3Ibid. February 4, 1888 – “East San Bernardino” contracted.
4Tyler Diary; Citrograph, April 21st and May 5th.
5Citrograph, February 4th
6Ibid. February 18th.
7San Bernardino Daily Times, May 14th.
8Citrograph, January 7, 1888, February 11th, March 3rd.
9Ibid. May 11th.

10Hook Patent Applications – whenever applied for, were granted:
C628 – E ½ of Section 23, T2N, R3W, August 10, 1891

NE ¼ of Section 13

SW ¼ of Section 14

C638 - N ½ of NW ¼, Section 14 (Hospital Hill), May 10, 1891

N ½ of NE ¼, Section 14, Section 14

D280 – W ½ of NW ¼, Section 24 (adjoining mill site) John

Suverkrup, August 10, 1892.
11Mortgage Book 7-209.
12As you see they do not have all these lands for several years; they do pay taxes on the, beginning in 1889.
13Lease B 361.
14Citrograph Lumber article, November 24, 1888.
15of Henry Hudson, W ½ of Secion 24, T2N, R4W

of Henry Morse E ½ of Section 23; of J.F. Miller N ½ of NW ¼ Section 23;

of Harrison Von Burkle NE ¼ of Section 26.

16Deed 80-231 (which would be on the west branch of Huston Creek, straight north of the Lake Gregory outfall.)

* it could have been Hook Mill.

.17 . . or so they told the Daily Times. It was a year in materializing and proved to be only ten stamps.
18Water Records C416 – 417, Crystal Springs and Arctic Springs Mines C519, C520.
19Citrograph, September 1, 1888.

* if silver is 1/15th of Gold value, it is over $2.00 an ounce; hence

90 x 2 or $180 assay per ton.
20Ibid. December 17th.
21Deed 74-280, April 19, 1888.
22Eighth Annual Mineral Report (i.e. 1888), p. 503.
23Mines E 196, December 8, 1888.
24Citrograph, June 30, 1888.
25Ibid. August 11th.
26Patent C 223, august Knight Jr., February 8, 1888: E ½ of SE ¼ Section 19, T2N, R1E/N ½ of N ½ of NW ¼ @ $320.
27Citrograph, May 5th.
28Ibid. May 26th. Mentone and Bear Valley Toll Road.
29Ibid. August 25th – from the letter of an Ontario newsman.
30The first use of the name in print; Matthew Lewis had given the appellation in honor of his English home, Seven Oaks.
31Citrograph, July 9th: “Screed from Seven Oaks.”
32Ibid. August 18th, letter, Mrs. F.G.
33Ibid. August 25th, comment of an Ontario newsman; see Miscellaneous Records E 551, giving Boyd fishing privileges for his work.
34Ibid. September 22nd.
35Ibid. October 13th.
36Ibid. December – Smiley trees.
37Ibid. --$Million funding by Severances (Muscupiabe).
38Ibid. April 6, 1889.
39Ibid. February 6, 1889; San Bernardino Daily Times, Janaury 23, 1889.
40Citrograph, March 9, 1889, as projected by W.E. Brown and W.R. Palmer.
41Ibid. April 6th.
42Citrograph, March 9th: A. Harvey Hanson, C.M. Aitken, H.A. Nelson, and Ben Watrous. Deed 94-305.
43Citrograph, May 11th; runs, June 8th; hoax, June 29th.
44Ibid. March 23rd.
45San Bernardino Times-Index, July 19th: $250,000 and $25,000 from the state.
46Tyler Diary, February 6, 1889; February 18th; February 22nd.
47Citrograph references. We note that Waterman did not propose his own.
48Tyler Diary, April 20, 1889.
49Deed 89-139, November 28, 1888 @ $3,200 from Van Slyke; Mortgage 11-471 with Joe Brown Bank.
50Tyler Diary, My 16, 1889.
51Chattel Mortgage to Park and Lacey Foundry @ $2,431, July 5, 1889 – somewhere on the patch of land north of Lake Gregory bath houses.
52Citrograph, January 26, 1889.
54Ibid. May 11th.
56Ibid. April 20th; compare Note 17, Dreams of Manna.
57Mines H-155 to 159, Proof of Labor; Water C 586, C630.
58Water C 539, C546.
59Deed 105-254, September 20, 1889. Signed by Sir Thomas Clifford and Thomas Arrowsmith Megates.
60Miscellaneous Records, B360, Troy Placer Mine, McSwinney and O’Mara; cf. Mines 93-360, 1912)
61Mines F 32, March 14, 1889.
62Ninth Annual Mineral Report, 1889. San Bernardino Mountains, pp. 214-231. Crossman quoted assays at $5 - $110 per ton.
63Citrograph, May 11th; A. Harvey Hanson was a silent partner.
64Citrograph, August 17th; Mines F 662.
65Or he might have referred to Baird and Beall’s Mill.
66Citrograph, April 13, 1889. No document or lease is seen, however, with either Baldwin or Doble.
67San Bernardino Times-Index, August 12, 1889.
68Citrograph, June 1, 1889.
69Ibid. May 2, 1889.
70Ibid. June 1st.
71Ibid. August 31st.
72See Mines F 328 – F 340, Dr. W.P. Rice! Pedley was manager for Valley Gold Company, LTD.
73Quoted from San Bernardino Times-Index, of September 7, 1889.
74Rose and Effie, almost grown; 3 half-grown boys, 2 smaller girls, baby Fred; 2 older boys were out on their own. Interviews with Effie Smithson Campbell and Fred Smithson.
75Per tax files on Frank Binkley Possessory Claim, 1889; “E ½ of NE ¼ of Section 25 T2N, R4W, including 100 trees.” No lease to Smithson shows. Ten years later he would homestead it.
76Interviews with Maud Kuffel, Nellie Kuffel Grant, and Walter Kuffel in Skyforest.
771889 Tax Files.
78Colton Semi-Tropic.
79Hesperia Land and Water Company, James Breen: Water C 336, C 506.
80San Bernardino Times-Index, August 1, 1889.
81Tyler Diary.
82Citrograph, September 14, 1889.
83October 7th, 18th, 21st, 23rd.
84Tyler Diary, November 5th; “Blow, blow, blow every day from the North. Everybody is sick and tired of wind.”
85Ibid. October 20th
86Ibid. December 3, 1889.



    Mr. Perkins is a candidate for the State Assembly in the fall.

    2Eighteen water companies have been formed in the state, thus far, by the authorization of the Wright Act; nearly five and a half million dollars worth of bonds have been voted to pay for irrigation from them.

    3Tyler Diary.

    4San Bernardino Times-Index, February 8, 1890.

    5Ibid. April 10th.

    6Citrograph, April 9, 1890.

    7Times-Index, May 6, 1890.

    8Ibid. February 27, 1890.

    9San Bernardino Times-Index, March 18, 1890. Holt Editorial.

    10As a visiting northern editor said was possible by judicious application of "water, muscle, brain, and coin." Redlands and Old San Bernardino had plenty of examples: Cram - $1,730 per acre; Morrison - $10 a tree.

    11Eshelman and Flory, Alessandro agents, were Dunkards.

    1210th Annual Mineral Report, p. 520: J. H. Crossman, Dr. Henry de Groot.

    13Ibid. pp. 523-525.

    14Ibid. p. 520.

    15Mines J197 to J203, G. A. Metzgar: Swartz Point, Moonstone, Shellbark and Van Dusen - "3/4 mile each of Van Dusen Canyon, 1 1/2 miles from Saragossa Spring Camp."

    16San Bernardino Times-Index, June 12th.

    17The Spoopendyke Mine, "1/2 mile southeast of the Haley-Osborne Mill."

    18San Bernardino Times-Index, August 20, 1890.

    1910th Annual Mineral Report, p. 525.

    20Redlands Citrograph, November 9, 1889, ". . . with headquarters at a lovely spot under the mountains called Cushenbury." The assessor called it Cook's Possessory Claim.

    21Kuffel would have to pay the state $200 within 60 days, and record the sale, F82 and F83, later Arrowhead Villas.

    22Peter Guernsey, S 1/2 of NW 1/4, S 1/2 of NE 1/4, Section 14.

    23Talmadge pictures from Berenice Talmadge Gray; interviews with Effie Morse Logan and Denver Benson.

    24Grass Valley: Bluebonnet Spring, Brentwood curve behind #8 Golf Green. Charles B. Tyler.

    25SW 1/4, Section 11, Range 4.

    26Henry was out prospecting at Eagle Mountain.

    27Impressions of the touring Times-Index editor, August 25, 1890.

    28San Bernardino Times-Index, June 25th.


    30San Bernardino Times-Index, May 12, 1890.

    31Deed 114-339, May 1, 1890; Riverside Press, June, August.

    32The Dexters - George, John and Greg.

    33Riverside Press, June, 1890, and August, 1890.

    34Times-Index, July 15th.

    35Ibid. March 11, 1890, when J. G. Burt showed around a Michigan banker.

    36Agreement N639, June 18, 1890; Deed 116-185, July 19, 1890.

    37San Bernardino Times-Index, July 23rd.

    38Ibid. May 26th.

    39Ibid. August 9th. Pinetop Correspondent. This was, I think, the courting time for Gus Jr. and Nancy Clementine Henry. They married July 18, 1891.

    40Metcalf Patent G77, November 13, 1889. Swarthout 1/4 Section 19, T2N, R1E/SE 1/4 Section 24, T2N, R1W. Knight Jr. Patent D145, same date, SE 1/4 Section 20, N 1/2 of Swarthout 1/4 R1E (Lake front).

    41Deed C582, January 21, 1890.

    42San Bernardino Times-Index, August 19, 1890.

    43Ibid. August 21st.

    44Thaddeus Lowe interview, February, 1955.

    45Chattel Mortgage A60, Kuffel crops.

    46San Bernardino Times-Index, August 15th.

    47Thaddeus Lowe interview, February, 1955.

    48San Bernardino Times-Index, August 2nd. Brown, North, F. P. Morrison, R. J. Waters, N. McAbee locally. Capitalization $400,000. Senator Graham of New Haven, Connecticut, President; Theo. Clark of Hartford, Connecticut and Redlands, Vice-President; E. P. Kitching of Boston, Massachusetts, Treasurer.

    49San Bernardino Times-Index, October 11, 1890.

    50Ibid. September 20th.

    51Ibid. September 3rd.

    52Open in April, 1890. It had 24 rooms, running water, call bells and speaking tubes.

    53Interviews with Charles B. and Don Tyler, Highland, sons of the owners.

    54Tyler Diary, November 11, 1890.

    55San Bernardino Times-Index, October 21st to 25th; later, a Trades Carnival that J. B. said was the finest entertainment the town ever had.

    56Times-Index, December 15, 1890.

    57Ibid. November 10th.

    58Ibid. July 22nd and November 6th.

    59Ibid. September 27th.

    60Ibid. October 21st, November 11th.

    61Ibid. December 7, 1890.




1San Bernardino Times-Index. January. “The city has $64,000 worth of fences; the pound master is kept busy all the time catching stray stock”.
3To each he granted free family-usage and the right to haul 30 cords of wood annually as Deed 241-51.
4John Metcalf, Gus Knight Jr., George Rathbun, Beard, Case, and James Smart (who has just patented NW 1/3 Section 20, T2N R1E –C582) have subscribed $10,0000. Times-Index, July 31, 1891.
5Memories of Shirley Bright, another surveyor-to-be.
7Tyler Diary.
8Suvurkrup’s first patent application (D280) was for the W ½ of NW ¼ of Sec. 24 T2N R3W, August 1892.
9Deeds: San Bernardino County Hall of Records. It is not generally known that these purchases were not all cash. James Fleming carried a $17,333 mortgage for several years.
10Gamble – with his brother-in-law, Proctor – a soap baron; Kilgour – merchant, head of a railroad and banking dynasty; Mooney – owner of tanneries, a coffin company, the Queen City Electric Company, and Mt. Adams Incline. During a visit to Pasadena in 1887 (per Margaret Smith Green and her mother who accompanied him) Mooney rode the ridges eastward to grayback, looking for possibilities for irrigation reservoirs – a then-fashionable investment. Adolph Wood, also of Cincinnati, was stepfather to Robinson J. Jones of Etiwanda who worked with Koebig in the water appropriation.
According to the August 17, 1901 Citrograph, it was L. M. Holt who went to Cincinnati and swayed the group to organize and make the million-dollar investment. (Holt and Frank Brown were enroute to England to re-capitalize the BVI.)
11San Bernardino Times-Index, June 13, 1891.
12Present Arrowhead Avenue.
13At the south end of Riverside, landscaped by James Boyd, roadmaster.
14Tyler Diary. June 18th, June 24th.
15Los Angeles Times, quoted here.
16San Bernardino Times-Index.. or “snatch-block and tackle”.
17The cost of the company road was listed as $50,000 (Times-Index April 1895)
18Water D96, July . . i.e. the Mill Fork of Plunge Creek, just east of the Enchanted Forest site.
19Times-Index, July 29th, October 8th.
20@ $2500 and $6000, respectively.
21Los Angeles Times, July 27, 1891.
23Times-Index, May 15th.
24Ibid. August 7, 1891.
25Ibid. June 19th.
26Deed 145-93, August 13, 1891 to: W. S. Sweatt, D. A. Wheeler, A. J. Twogood, D.C. Twogood, K. D. Shugart, L. C. Waite, and John A. Simms.
2711th Annual Mineral Report. Wm. H. Irelan Jr., state mineralogist: W. H. Storms, Field assistant. 12th Annual Mineral Report. J. J. Crawford – p.245.
28Mines J108, May 31, 1891.
29Mines K35 and K77. Proof of Labor, 1891.
30Mines K50. Proof of Labor, 1891.
31Mines J393. Proof of Labor, January 12, 1892.
32According to Wm. Irelan Jr. in the 11th Annual Mineral Report, they had the same problem as Rose Mine.

33Los Angeles Times, August 4, 1891.
34Ibid. August 20th.
35Water D122 and on.
36Los Angeles Times, August 14th.
37Butler letter to Holt’s Orange Belt Weekly, January 2, 1892.
38Times-Index, San Bernardino, September 18, 1891, October 9th.
39San Bernardino Times-Index, September 20th; Citrograph, September 21st.
40Tyler Diary.
41“Rock Camp”
42San Bernardino Times-Index, September 15th.
43Ibid. September 19th.
44Tyler Diary June 28th, August 28th.
45Deed C298, June 1892: Doyle gives right-of-way for certain surveyors.
46San Bernardino Times-Index, September 4th, 1891.
47Ibid. Editorial, March 24, 1891.
48Ibid. December 7th.
49Redlands Citrograph, April 2, 1892.


1San Bernardino Times-Index, January 2, 1892.
2Redlands Citrograph, January 16th: opened April 11th by Mr. And Mrs. W. P. McIntosh who – with General S. S. Marlette and Wm. Tiffany – had brought water from the mountaintop to the Mentone development.
3Citrograph, March 12, 1892.
4Ibid. Between February 27th and July.
5Ibid. April 16th.
6An R. J. Waters comment in the Citrograph, July 1898. Taxes on the Alessandro ditches and pipelines neared $2000 in 1892.
7Soon it will be Clark’s Grade, for Hiram Clark has bought McHaney’s squatter rights on Deer Cienega: tax rolls, 1892
8San Bernardino Times-Index, February 5, 1892.
9Deed 150-32, February 12, 1892. The ARC purchased the north half of Section 10 T2N R3W from Henry Guernsey, and leased land for the outlet of Tunnel #1 and passage of a canal from it.
10Times-Index, March 20th. A truer story is usually told of grade when a road is to be supplanted. George M. Cooley called it 18% in August 1912 on his first demonstration trip with a White Truck; at a later time 22% was claimed for “Ford Hill”.
11San Bernardino Times-Index, March 20, 1892.
12Hook and Suvurkrup pay taxes on close to two sections; by August, patented.
13Times-Index, May 13th.
14Patent Deed E220, May 1892: SE ¼ of SE ¼ Section 20 T2N R3W. (The application must have been misplaced; it did not come back to him, signed, until 1896.)
15“Agua Fria”. See Tyler Diary, September 4, 1892 when Tyler oxen ate their potatoes.
16Mortgage Book B635 – C38, July 9, 1892.
17Times-Index, June 10th.
19Per tax rolls: the Sugar Cone front, south from Running Springs School; also a half section immediately south of the new mill. (Section 6 T1N R2W)
20Citrograph, April 23rd.
21Deed E27. SW ¼ Section 22, 2N 2W.
22Citrograph, July 23rd.
231892 taxes.
24Times-Index, June 4th.
25Ibid. July 16th; Citrograph, July 17th.
26Citrograph, June 4th.
27Times-Index, aprl 24, 1892.
28Citrograph, May 27, 1893.
291892 Tax Rolls. Sections 8, 10, 17, 20, 22, 24, 26, T1N 1W.
3011th Annual Mineral Report, pp. 337-365.
31Proof of *800 labor – Mines J183, January 1893.
32Mines K50, February 1892; K196, January 1893.
33Mines J360. Proof of Labor.
34K35, January, 1892 Proof of Labor; K77 P.L. June 24, 1892.
35One thinks of the Frenchman who was Stebbins partner in Austin Drake’s
”Lost Van Dusen Mine” story in Big Bear History, Legends, and Tales, pp. 37-50.
36Mines K139, January 1893. Proof of Labor.
37Citrograph, October 22nd.
38Mines L222 January 18, 1892 “1 ¾ mile from James Miller’s cabin on SW ¼ Section 11 T2N R4W”. L254, adjoining; Wm. Knapp already had “the Blackjack” J186, a mile and a quarter north of his ranch.
39Citrograph, July 16th, July 30th.
40Tyler Diary, June 24th; Joe Tyler was one of the jury-appraisers. Deed C298, July 1, 1892, leased ARC the above strip for a year, and water from his shingle Mill near the Tollhouse.
41See Miscellaneous Records D187, May 21, 1892, a restatement of Frank Talmadge’s title to E ½ of Sec. 16.
42One might wonder if he had discovered that the decomposed granite of Little Bear Gorge will not lend itself to a safe masonry dam such as Big Bear has – or one might wonder if the originators of plans in both Little Bear and Big Bear were not restive under the autocracy of imported money.
43You will see his figures in 1893, pages 26-27.
44Los Angeles Times, December 17th.
45Yucaipa residents were most glad to at last have their barley and potato land legalized. One and all start getting five-acre tracts to orchards; Andrews Brothers, Wm. Sibley, Edward Dunlap, T. J. Wilson, Ed and Will Parish, Henry and Joe Wilshire, Childs Brothers, Mark Thomas; Joe, Henry and Reese Webster; Mrs. Van Leuven, Ike Meecham, Will Benson, Wm. Davis, Covington, and of course James Birch who already had seven acres of bearing orchard.
46Tyler Diary, August 6th.
47Ibid. August 16th.
48Charles B. Tyler interviews 1953-1964.
49Times-Index articles, September 13th, 1892.
50Tyler Diary.
51Citrograph, September 10th.
52Ibid. November 26th
53Quote from Los Angeles Express of December 10th. Hunting Library.

*San Bernardino Daily Sun, February 20, 1927. Norman Henderson article on occasion of Mill Creek historical-plaque ceremony.

54Citrograph, October 29th.
55Mortgage Deed. For Cleveland Trust Company.
56Citrograph, December 3rd.
57Deed 171-290. October 4, 1892.
58Miscellaneous Records D273 and Deed 169-240.
59Citrograph, December 3, 1892.



1Citrograph, February 25, 1893.
2Chosen from four bidders: Citrograph, February 15. See Note 53-54.
3Ibid. June 3rd.
4Ibid. January 28th. It was over the best judgment of his directors. A five percent dividend was hereafter voted, the remainder going toward improvements.
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