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5five other private cars stood on the Redlands siding: Citrograph, April 8th.
6Citrograph, January 28, 1893.
7Division date: May 9, 1893.
8Citrograph, March 18th.
9Ibid. August 5th. A thousand rabbits were killed in the drive.
10A June 2, 1894 Citrograph will refer to this date as the creation of San Bernardino Forest, December 20, 1892 as the allotment of San Gabriel Reserve. No date is given for Trabuco Reserve, the third of sixteen western reserves established this year, per July 20, 1893, Citrograph. Occasionally the date of April 2, 1894 is given for SBRF – the date on which settlers were notified to file prior claims.
11Adolph Wood Dedicates Harrison portrait.
12Cf. January 1912. Trial (regarding foundations).
13Times-Index, March 3rd.
15Citrograph, April 29th, June 17th.
16Times-Index, June 23rd.
17Times-Index, March 3rd.
18Deed 177-261. N ½ Section 8 2N 3W from Bart Smithson and Sam Rolfe.
19Deed 175-147. March, 1893 to SE ¼ Section 22 2N 4W.
20Who signed for the pipeline.

21Citrograph, March 18th, 28th.
22Ibid. May 6, 1893
23Ibid. April 8th , May 27th.
24Ibid. May 27th: article describing Seven Oaks.
25Ibid. June 24, 1893.
26Cf. Times-Index April 12, 1895 when the whole Victor Water project is reviewed.
27Chester W. Wright, Economic History of the United States. pp. 872-885 regarding the 1893 panic.
28Citrograph, July 8th.
29Daily Times-Index, February 15, 1895.
30Testimony in a Joseph Brown trail.
31Editorial: Citrograph, June 10th.
32Ibid. July 29, August 5, August 12, 1893.
33Ibid. August 12, 1893.
34Riverside Daily Press, June 26th.
35Citrograph, July 29, August 5, August 12, 1893.
36Ibid. August 12th.
37November 13th a government edict came out freeing miners from the $100 labor requirement in ’93: Intent to work was sufficient. It was considered that more good prospects might be uncovered that way.
38San Bernardino Courier mining article quoted in the September 30th Citrograph.
39Per H 155, December 22, 1890; sheriff’s deed to J. M. Carter (88-380, 244-312).
4012th Annual Mineral Report, J. J. Crawford, p. 233.
41San Bernardino Courier mining article. Citrograph, September 30th.

43(i.e. the Van Dusen, the Magnet, and the Green Meadow K292 proof of labor.)
44Deed 185-206.
45Crawford’s 1894 Mineral Report credits him with an “experimental mill built in 1893”. (See also January 1896, when offered for sale.)
46Riverside Daily Press, July 6, 1893.
47See Mines P305, Deed 202-88.
48Citrograph, July 22nd. The Morongo King Mining Company, Inc. comprises S.W. Allen, Judge J. L. Cambell, Banker W. S. Hooper of San Bernardino; W. S. Hathaway and C. O. Barker from Banning; Judge Wilson Hayes and J. B. Nanna from Colton; Livingstone, Hansen, and Martin.
49Mines N148, N264.
50Citrograph, July 15th.
51Ibid. August 19th: Charles Button Trial for the murder of Gus Boehm, November 1, 1895.
52Times-Index, June 14, 1983.
53Ibid. September 13th.
55Citrograph, September 9, 1983.


1Times-Index, January 5, 1894.
2California Fruit Grower, March 24, 1894. Not Redlands fruit. She was very particular about what went out under her highly-reputed brand.
3Times-Index, January 5th, 1894.
4Ibid. February 2nd.
5Citrograph, January 20th.
6Mines N146, January 22, 1894.
7Citrograph, February and March: $20 from Missouri to the Pacific Coast.
8Times-Index, July 9th.
9Ibid. February 9th.
10C. J. Perkins has declared bankruptcy, Citrograph, February 17, 1894.
11Ibid. February 10th.
12By now Morrison and A. G. Hubbard hold 3429 Class A shares.
13Citrograph, January 20th.
14Redlands Citrograph.
15Ibid. May 12th.
16Ibid. June 16th.
17Times-Index, April 14th. (The Pioneer Society questioned such a limitation of privilege.)
18Times-Index, August 6, 1894.
19Citrograph, May 12, 1894.
20He had come from Scotland to the Ukiah redwoods…then here on the recommendation of Sheldon Stoddard.
21Times-Index, August 3rd.
22Ibid: a quote of August 3rd.
24Citrograph, July 21, 1894.
25Times-Index, August 30th.
26Daily Times-Index, July 27th.
27He had saved the Boyd and Ball sawmill from the December 1892 insolvency.
28Times-Index, August 28th. (From the Grass Valley Waterhead to Dark Canyon.)
2912th Annual Mineral Report, p. 229.
30Mines S5 Proof of Labor (2500) plus a $5000 mill December, 1894. P101 January 1894.
31Citrograph, January 20th and June 9, 1894. (Two and a half tons per stamp was average; therefore 25 tones @ $16.)
32Ibid. July 14th; Mines 203-140.
3312th Annual Mineral Report p. 325. Crawford (1894).
34Mines T377. 1894 Proof of Labor.
35Mines P305 Proof of Labor.
3612th Annual Mineral Report, p. 232.
37Citrograph, September 3rd.
38Mines P387. 1894 Proof of Labor.
39A Captain Dick millsite is later shown in Saragossa Cienega, but Rowell cabins are down toward the Greenlead. The later would be Holcomb Creek …..?
40Citrograph, June 23rd.
4112th Annual Mineral Report, p. 233. If they got $175 a cu. yd. as predicted in 1881, what expenses they could pay!
42Daily Times-Index, July 27, 1894.
43Citrograph, April 14th.
44Times-Index, September 7thor in the new Democratic daily, the San Bernardino Sun, begun September 1st.
45Citrograph, October 13, 1894.
46Times-Index, October 22nd.
47Agreement C443, November 20, 1894.
48His count was given in the Spring round-up, June Times-Index.
49Citrograph, October 20th.
50Times-Index of August 1, 1895 (from $17,000 to $6000).
51$75,000 per the Judgment Suit; references also in J.A. Graves, My Seventy Years in California. Times-Mirror Press. 1927.
52Such as Frank Talmadge’s Sawmill (Mortgages C598, D117, G174, N492) 54-214.
1Johnson Precipitation Table.
2Times-Index, January 22, 1895.
3Ibid. February 15th.
4Circuit Court Suit in Los Angels February 11th.
5Times-Index, June 28, 1895.
6Ibid. June 14th … “hence the company name”.
7Citrograph, June 15, 1985.
8Southern California Historical Quarterly, June 1948, Martha A. Chickering.
9Citrograph, November 20, 1895.
10Weekly Times-Index, April 19th.
11Ibid. March 15th.
12Ibid. May 3rd.
13Both the ARC and Colton Cement wagons have tried it, and stopped after 189 cords.
14For a year they had found it too costly.
15Probably over a team of mules.
16Citrograph, July 6th.

17Times-Index, August 1st: the S.M. Goddards, the Wrights, the Howard Smiths, the Jonas Wood’s, Edna Foy, Charlie Whitmore, Dr. Hutchinson.
18Published from August 9th to September 11th, most of it repeated in the Times-Index columns, Paula Lee Goddard, editor.
19July 22nd Judge Ross had decreed that Jo Brown must pay the $15,000 and submit papers for due business process. The ARC made an attempt to buy Talmadge Mill. When that failed, they took a second mortgage on Talmadge property.
20Ferncliff Rattler. TI.
21Citrograph, August 10th.
22A custom adopted from Frank Stockton’s Squirrel Inn book.
23Times-Index, May 27, 1895: Builder of that and others. N.A. Torstensen.
24Citrograph, June 22nd.
25Land Patent E100, March 1895: S ½ SE ¼ Section 22, T2N R3W.
26From Sissons Government Hatchery, through the post office department.
27Citrograph, July 6th.
28Times-Index, July 19th.
29Citrograph, August 17th.
30Pears, apples, prunes, greengage plums. Ball – many of the same plus blackberries and vegetables.
31Seven Oaks letters: July 6th, August 10th, September 21st, October 5th.
32B. G. Holmes – one of the boys: Tales of the Pioneers of Big Bear Lake. Chatsworth, 1956, p.4. Per the Citrograph of July 20-August 3, 1895 – he was there.
33Deed 204-35. December 15, 1984.
34Citrograph, August 3, 1895.
35In March George Otis, P. P. Morrison, and H. H. Garstin bought a ten-acre plot in the NE ¼ of the SE ¼ of Section 19, T2N R1E from Gus Knight, Jr. and divided it.
36Citrograph, August 25th, October 5th; also Craford’s 13th Annual Mineral Report, p. 319.
37Times-Index, July 19th.
38Mines T377: Morongo Mining and Milling Co. Proof of Labor on the Christie.
39Mines T120. November 1895.
40Mines X93: $600 labor by Thame and Marchant.
41Times-Index, February 8, 1895.
42Mines V84 and V85.
43Citrograph, August 3rd.
44Crawford: 13th Annual Mineral Report, p. 323.
45Citrograph, November 23rd.
46Times-Index, August 19th.
47Mines X44 and X45.
48Redlands Daily Facts quoted in Citrograph, July 27th.
49Citrograph, September 28th.
50A bill will come up in Congress in April of 1896.
51Citrograph, June 29th.
52Ibid. November 2nd.
53Ibid. November 23rd.



    The first use of anything but canvas tents, and suggested by F. C. Finkle. A "fog" of water was likewise mentioned.

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    8Ibid. May 29th.

    9To quote a Cropley Stage ad for mountain tours. June 4, 1896.

    10Times-Index, June 5th.

    11Ibid. July 17th. "My advertising," says George Cooley.

    12Former proprietor of Baldwin's Hotel in San Francisco, and the promoter trying to "muscle in" in the Yellow Aster Mine in Randsburg. With a jug and a pen he had signed Burcham's two partners.

    13Deeds 206-241. January 4, 1896.

    14Deeds: Knight 227-113, April 29th; Metcalf 228-132 @ $900, June 4th.

    15Mines U365 through U370, September 11, 1896. Tallac is his new Lake Tahoe hotel.

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    19Times-Index, June 28-July 17 (17 days on the road).

    20Lease C302 @ $20,000. July 23, 1896.

    21Times-Index, July 25th, property of A. M. Hamm.

    22Op. cit. 16.

    23Op. cit. 16 per J. J. Crawford.

    24Deed 244-192.

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    28Times-Index, July 17th. Visit of John Muir, Agasiz, Pinchot.

    29Ibid. August 21st.

    30Ibid. August 7th.

    31Ibid. July 8th: Board $1 per day; $1.50 for cot on a board-floored tent, or $6 a week.

    32Ingersoll: "Two miles north of Squirrel Inn," but possibly on the northwest quarter of Section 26 2N 4W. Franklin K. Van Ness, April 30, 1896. E262.


    34Times-Index, August 14th.

    35Taxes 1896 on NW 1/4 Section 29 T2N R3W and NW 1/4 of NE 1/4.

    36Times-Index, August 21st.

    37Ibid. December 25th.

    38Times-Index, September 25th, 1896.


    40See September 1897; at end of project.

    41Times-Index, August 28, 1896.

    42Jo Brown's poem, November 26th.

    43Times-Index, February 19, 1897.

    44Times-Index, June 17, 1899.

    45Houghton Creamery.

    46Times-Index, March 26, 1897. Less than the allowed 6% on a $700,000 investment per Mr. Spoor, BVI manager.

    47Sinclair and Fisher, $198,500 each.

    48Cf. Times-Index, April 1, 1899.

    49Times-Index, February 19-May 28th.

    50Ibid. May 21st.

    51Ibid. September 17th.

    52Ibid. May 21st, June 24th.

    53Patent E225, Palmer SW 1/4 of SW 1/4 Section 20 2N 3W, applied for in 1892, not granted until 1896.

    54From the reminiscences of Thaddeus Lowe. 1955.


    56Times-Index, July 23, 1897.

    57Ibid. September 3rd.

    58Mr. B. F. Allen of Covina was Sueprvisor of Arizona and California south of the Tehachapis.

    59$500 or twelve days was the penalty.

    60John Calori was hurt there.

    61Times-Index, October 1st.

    62Mines 6-137, Otober 14, 1897. Dorothea Baird is named as an owner.

    63Citrograph, May 21st.

    64Times-Index, October 1st.

    65Times-Index, September 16th.

    66Miscellaneous Records L143, December 7, 1898 (on completion); K58, August 18, 1897.

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    72Ibid. December 10th.

    73Ibid. October 21st.

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    Approaching completion September 23, 1898, per Times-Index.

    2Times-Index, June 24th.

    3Ibid. March 4th.

    4Times-Index, January 14, 1898; Citrograph, July 2, 1898. He says on the appropriation it is for the benefit of Beaumont.

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    6Ibid. September 16th.

    7Ibid. August 16th.

    8Ibid. June 17, 1898, @ $525,000 from A. G. Hubbard, Cleveland agent.

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    11Citrograph, July 30, 1898.

    12Arrowhead Reservoir Company option to buy of Guernsey right-of-way across NE 1/4 of NW 1/4, Section 26, 2N 4W. Guernsey-Van Ness deed 251-85, June 1898.

    13Returned, July 2nd, Times-Index.

    14Citrograph, August 21, 1898.

    15Times-Index, August 16, 1898.

    16Ibid. May 20th. "The first of Brookings."

    17Ibid. July 29th. You hear this tale with other locations.

    18Ibid. August 12th.

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    21Per John Hansen, who was one of the boys and has a picture.

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    27Thaddeus Lowe, guest and later member, assured me in the only words a gentleman could use that Squirrel Inn "had every facility," so this may be literal.

    28Interview with Doris Fishburn Akerman, child of the marriage, and owner of the house still.

    29Citrograph, September 10th.

    30Ibid. September 17th.

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    37Ibid. March 31. I am sure there is a background for the name "Hunsaker Flats," but it has never showed up in deed or press.

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    54Patent F160 in Sections 21 and 24.

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    57From a cigar stump on Clark's Grade' above Skinners in Mountain Home Canyon; a hundred acres near Brookings Mill; in Little Bear Valley.

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    61Ibid. August 4th.

    62Ibid. August 11th.

    63See Riversdie Daily Press, August 25, 1900.

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    65Citrograph, August 26th.

    66Deeds 270-262 $5000, August 5, 1899; Deeds 283-207, including $500 to Guernsey, $4500 to Wilson.

    67As one did May 14th.

    68Citrograph, August 26, 1899.

    69Cf. Citrograph, Setpember 14, 1901. The mines are listed as: the Henry M., Mountain Chief, Mount Lillie, Baby Bess, Adaline, El Capitan, Hartwig, Rover, Queen of May, Valencia, Old Sam Central placer, Memphis placer, Anti-fat, and Rattler. When labor is declared there are in addition, the Oxnam, Happy Jack, and the Ace of Clubs.

    70Citrograph, June 2nd, July 14th.

    71Water G6 G28 G46 G89. January 1900.

    72Water G5. January.

    73Water G23. April 4, 1900.

    74Citrograph, May 12, 1900.

    75Mortgage C38 Gregory-Baker on the sawmill, December 7, 1900.

    76Times-Index, August 4, 1900.

    77Lukens had a $60 surplus that he used for seeds and seed-care. He asked campers to gather seeds for him.

78Interview with daughter, Gertrude Switzer Berry; daily talks with Bert and Sara Switzer at Twin Peaks Store and Post Office in 1930's.

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