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    37Ibid. November 5th.

    38San Bernardino Daily Sun, October 8, 1912.

    39Redlands Daily Facts, January 13, 1913.

    40Ibid. May 31, 1913. When written up in Outlook Magazine.

    41San Bernardino Sun, December 10, 1912.



(Pages 293 through 308)

    San Bernardino Sun, January 9, 1913.


    3Redlands Daily Facts, March 4, 1913.
    4San Bernardino Sun, January 31, 1913; Deed 523-111. March 13, 1913, from John and Olive Fisher to the Pine Knot Company @ $10: NE 1/4 of NE 1/4 of Section 19 T2N R1E except eight parcels (two of them split) sold to several builders.
    5Redlands Daily Facts, April 22, 1913.
    6Times-Index, January 27, 28, 29, 1913.
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    8Ibid. April 14th, 1913.
    9Ibid. April 19, 1913.
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    12History in the Making, Burr Belden. Sun Telegram, November 29, 1953.
14Redlands Daily Facts, June 24, 1913.
    15Ibid. June 17th.
    16Ibid. June 26, 1913.
    17Deed 528-23. April 8, 1913. @ $13,000: 680 acres. See note 37 - Low Gear Forward.
    18Redlands Daily Facts, April 23, 1913.
    19Ibid. June 21, 1913.
    20History in the Making, Burr Belden. Sun Telegram, November 29, 1953.
    21Redlands Daily Facts, July 10, 1913.
    22It was quoted both ways in the news, March 4th. No further mention appeared in the papers all summer. August 3 Sun tells of Mojave ranchers petition to the government.
    23San Bernardino Sun, August 3, 1913.
    24Daily Times-Index, August 22, 1913.
    25Report of Perry Green, resident engineer.
    26San Bernardino Sun, August 10, 1913.
    27Report of Perry Green, resident engineer.
    28San Bernardino Sun, August 10, 1913.
    29History in the Making, Burr Belden. Sun Telegram, November 19, 1961. An article in Desert Magazine, March, 1962, dates it as in June 1913.
    30Deed 538-290. August 6, 1913.
    31Redlands Daily Facts, August 1, 1913.
    32Ibid. April 22, 1913.
    33Ibid. August 19, 1913.
    34Ibid. September 19, 1913.
    35Ibid. November 22, 1913.
    36Interview with Lee Kemp 1969.
    37Redlands Daily Facts, December 18, 1913.
    38Ibid. November 11; December 17, 1913.
    39Redlands Daily Facts, January 8, 1914: paper by Judge Hutton.
    41Ibid. March 14, 1914; San Bernardino Sun of same date.
    42Only One Redlands, Lawrence Emerson Nelson, Ph.D. (Redlands 1963) p. 220. "Call of the North" from Stewart Edward White's Conjuror's House was copyrighted August 14, 1914; shown in San Bernardino, September 25th.
    43Redlands Daily Facts, March 24, 1914; there was rivalry as to which car drove closest to Pine Knot.
    44Redlands Daily Facts, March 27, 1914.
    45Deeds specifying no Negroes, Indians or Chinese, and no liquor sales ranged from November to February. Twenty owners paid 1915 taxes.
    46San Bernardino Sun, August 14, 1914.
    473484 acres @ $8.80 per acre. Redlands Daily Facts, March 27, 1914. Deed 548-20.
    48San Bernardino Sun, April 12, 1914.
    49Ibid. March 11, 1914.
    50Ibid. July 18, 1914.
    51Witness John Dexter, February 14th, celebrating his 22nd birthday there.
    52San Bernardino Sun, W. S. column: August 4, 1914. Information from "Goldie" Nichols who in a few years heired the job and held it for forty years.
    53Ibid. March 3rd, March 8th.
    54San Bernardino Sun, July 11, 1914. Covered also in May "Touring Topics."
    55Ibid. August 30th.
    56Ibid. September 26th.
    57Several times William Stephen has spoken hotly about people taking: "this federal outing ground -- this national park." March 15th Sun spoke of Wixom's and Thompson's homesteads. March 31st the staking of Strawberry Flat Summer Home Tract began.
    58He says. By mid-July he was building, per W. S. column in the Sun.
    59San Bernardino Sun, September 11th.
    60Ibid. August 4th.
    61Ibid. July 19th.
    62Ibid. September 26th.
    63San Bernardino Sun, July 1, 1914.
    64Ibid. August 15, 1914.
    65Ibid. July 12th. W. S. column.
    66Ibid. August 20th.
    67Would that I knew which verses! Delivered September 15, 1914.
    68San Bernardino Sun, December 21, 1914.
    71San Bernardino Sun, January 5, 1915. W. S. column.
    72Ibid. February 6, 1915.
    74Ibid. April 13, 1915.
    75Ibid. January 5, 1915.
    76San Bernardino Sun, February 24, 1915; re. cats Redlands Daily Facts, May 5, 1915. The story is Frank Mooney's. Interview, 1960.
    77San Bernardino Sun, March 25, 1915.
    78Ibid. March 31st.
    79San Bernardino Sun, January 3, 1915; open April 18, 1915.
    80Ibid. March 14, 1915.
    81Ibid. March 27, 1915.
    82Ibid. May 6th.
    83Ibid. May 7th.
    84Redlands Daily Facts, May 5, 1915.
    85San Bernardino Sun, May 12th.
    86See San Bernardino Sun, January 9, 1916.
    87San Bernardino Daily Sun, May 8th.
    88Redlands Daily Facts, May 14th.
    89Ibid. June 8th.
    90Ibid. June 12, 1915.
    91Ibid. May 19th.
    92Ibid. July 1st - staged in five at a time.
    93Ibid. May 19th.
    94Ibid. May 26th, 1915; June 26th, when the road was open weekends.
    95San Bernardino Sun, June 9th.
    96Redlands Daily Facts, June 18th.
    97San Bernardino Sun, July 4, 1915.
    98Redlands Daily Facts, June 28th.
    99April 18, 1915, had been the first use of the name. April 25th Dr. Baileys used it in a Pincers ad for his $15 a week cabins, for his hotel rooms with board $3 to $4 a day.
    100San Bernardino Sun, May 30th, 1915.
    101Ibid. June 18, 1915; W. S. column.
    102Ibid. May 30th.
    103Ibid. June 1st.

    104Ibid. June 10th.

    105Ibid. June 10th; Redlands Daily Facts, July 10th. To open August 1st.
    106San Bernardino Sun, July 20th, 1915.
    108Ibid. June 26th; endorsed July 11th.
    109Tax Assessor's rolls 1915.
    111San Bernardino Sun, August 18, 1914; Tax Rolls 1915. As for mines: a new index of locators and proof of labor is made every two years.
    112Tax Assessor's rolls 1915.
    115San Bernardino Sun, August 18, 1914; Tax Rolls 1915. As for mines: a new index of locators and proof of labor is made every two years.
    116Tax Assessor's rolls 1915.
    121Redlands Daily Facts, June 18, 1915.
    122Ibid. August 18th.
    123Ibid. September 3rd. Showed in San Bernardino January 10, 1916.
    124"Tales of the Pioneers of Big Bear Lake," B. G. Holmes. "God's Country and the Woman" will be copyrighted April 15, 1916, shown in July of 1916. His tale of the tourist taking shelter from the rain, lighting a fire in the false fireplace and burning up the set would be an addition to this.

    125Redlands Daily Facts, September 18, 1915.

    126San Bernardino Sun, September 5th.
    127$8000 loss per Redlands Daily Facts, September 4, 1915.
    128San Bernardino Sun, September 7, 1915.
    129Tales of the Pioneers of Big Bear Lake, B. G. Holmes, p. 6; also San Bernardino Sun, January 7, 1916.
    130San Bernardino Sun, January 13, 1916.
    131Ibid. January 20th.
    132Ibid. January 17th.
    134Ibid. February 23rd.
    135Ibid. February 13th to June 13th.
    136Ibid. February 13, 1916.
    137Ibid. May 2nd.
    138Ibid. January 27, 1916.
    139Ibid. February 23rd. Supervisors offered $5000 to help. Edison put in $7500 and the work of 150 men. June 16th the Supervisors withdrew their pledge: the road would not be up to County standards.
    140Per July 5th San Bernardino Sun. Authorized.
    141On July 6, July 16 and September 12th, Rex Goodwill spoke strongly on why and how they deserved help on building a mountain road.
    142San Bernardino Daily Sun, June 27, 1916.
    143Ibid. July 23rd.
    144S 1/2 of NW 1/2 Section 13 T2N R4W: Deed L17.



(Pages 309 through 323)

San Bernardino Sun.

2Ibid. June 11th. J27 Water application says he is on SE 1/4 of NE 1/4 Section 30 T2N R3W. Water application made March 14, 1914. A tall redwood tree today centers the Southern California Edison Company's Rim Forest Service Center.

3San Bernardino Sun, March 8th, July 14th.

4Ibid. July 6th. Under the trees east of Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church; per daughter, Ruth Dowling Chapman.

5Ibid. May 30th.

6Ibid. July 17th.

7Ibid. June 25th.

8San Bernardino Sun, July 1, 1916.

9Ibid. June 7, 1916.

10Ibid. June 17th interview; for July 30th, Los Angeles Times.

11Ibid. June 4th.

12Ibid. July 16th.

13Ibid. August 3rd.

14Ibid. August 5th.

15Ibid. May 20th.

16They were all right at a July 17th planting. January 13, 1917, Sun told of 107,000 dumped, and the closing.

17San Bernardino Sun, August 25th.

18Map Book 20, page 37. Part of the SW 1/4 Section 13 and NW 1/4 Section 24, surveyed August 1916. Henry Fisher's land, partly Bear Valley Mutual (Garstin signing). Shows Sawmill Cove and road to Stillwater Cove (T2N R4W).

19Book 20-39; surveyed by Isaac Ford September 1916. Property of Bear Valley Development Company, north of the lake, west of Grout Bay.

20book 20-25; surveyed by Isaac Ford October 1916; I.S. Ranch (SE 1/4 R1W Section 24) owned by John W. and Frank Leslie Talmadge.

21Book 20, page 26; NE 1/2 Section 24 R1W owned by Henry Fisher. Surveyed by Isaac Ford November 1913.

22Book 20, page 19. Surveyed by Isaac Ford November 1916. Cline-Miller subdivision. Ne 1/4 of SE 1/4 Section 19 2N 1E; owners: A. G. Kendall, L. C. Brand, W. G. Hunt, Will Keller.

23Deed 602-135. November 6, 1916.

24Tales of the Pioneers of Big Bear Lake, B. G. Holmes, p. 1.

25She stopped at son Frank's Strawberry cabin en route, august 14th Sun: W. S. column.

26San Bernardino Sun, April 3, 1917. Memory of John and Mable Dexter.


28San Bernardino Sun, September 24, 1916.

29San Bernardino Sun, January 3, 1917: Hearing before Supervisors.



32Ibid. February 6th and 10th, 1917.

33Ibid. March 11, 1917.

34Ibid. February 10th; April 18th.

35San Bernardino Sun, March 15, 1917.

36Ibid. March 17th.

37Ibid. March 19th.

38Ibid. April 6th.

39Mrs. Jeanette Phillips and Max Green ran the company - not so confidently without Perry in the garage. Max Green interview.

40Tales of the Pioneers of Big Bear Lake, B. G. Holmes, pp. 12-13.

41Redlands Daily Facts, May 15, 1917.

42Ibid. May 19th.

43Tales of the Pioneers of Big Bear Lake, B. G. Holmes, p. 14. February.

44San Bernardino Sun, January 6, 1917.

45Redlands Daily Facts, June 20th; Herbert Clark from the Country Club catered Bristol Cafe.

46Tales of the Pioneers of Big Bear Lake, B. G. Holmes, pp. 17-18.

47Redlands Daily Facts, June 25th.

48San Bernardino Sun, June 10th.

49Shown in 1917 Assessor's books.




53Redlands Daily Facts, June 25th.

54Shown in 1917 Assessor's books.

55Redlands Daily Facts, May 29th.

56Ibid. June 6th.

57Ibid. June 5th.

58Redlands Daily Facts, June 25th. Wm. H. Bristol, reporter.

59San Bernardino Sun, June 12, 1917.

60San Bernardino Sun, May 31, 1917. August 14th accepted by State Highway.

61Redlands Daily Facts, June 4th.

62San Bernardino Sun, June 6, 1917.

63Ibid. July 9, 1917. The founder was Mrs. Orville W. Jones of Los Angeles, new cabin builder.

64Ibid. June 30, 1917.

65Where is still is, living here permanently after 1932.

66San Bernardino Sun, August 21, 1917. Only a stone's throw from where Bert Switzer will be in 1919.

67Ibid. June 20th.

68Ibid. August 9th.

69Redlands Daily Facts, August 20th.

70Ibid. June 4th.

71San Bernardino Sun, June 23, 1917.

72Ibid. June 4th.

73Ibid. June 25th; also John Dexter reference to its building from Baylis' burnt trees, and much Elk card-playing there.

74Ibid. June 7, 1917.

75Ibid. June 25th.

76April 21, 1917, the day of his son's birth. He was glad of the $25.

77San Bernardino Sun, June 25th; September 9th.

78Griffin sold his store to Tom Dexter when he had to go to service.

79San Bernardino Sun, August 30, 1917.

80Ibid. March 27, 1917.

81Ibid. August 3rd.

8282iid. October 22, 1917.

83Redlands Daily Facts, September 11, 1917.

84Ibid. October 15th.


86Ibid. November 9, 1917.

87Riverside Daily Press, December 5th and 11th, 1917, Annual Meeting.

88Riverside Daily Press, December 18, 1917 and January 19, 1918.

89Ibid. January 23, 1918.

90San Bernardino Sun, January 7, 1918.

91Ibid. January 23rd.

92Riverside Daily Press, January 17, 1918.

93Ibid. February 22nd.

94Ibid. Spring Issues.

95San Bernardino Sun, June 14, 1919.

96San Bernardino Sun, July 21, 1918.

97Ibid. July 2nd.

98Redlands Review, July 16th. When Fisher sells his 'cabin,' August 12, 1922, it is spoken of as a $60,000 one.

99Ibid. July 15th, 1918.

100Ibid. July 2nd; San Bernardino Sun, August 11th.

101Ibid. September 22nd. Told when shown at the theatre.

102Redlands Review, July 15th; San Bernardino Sun, August 13th.

103San Bernardino Sun, August 25, 1918.

104Ibid. August 30, 1918.

105San Bernardino Sun, April 21, 1918.


107Oxnam-Hulme deed.

108Reference of September 1922 will say that he has run it two years at a $4 a ton profit.

10927th Annual Mineral Report, Walter Bradley, 1931.

110Riverside Daily Press, December 10 and 18, 1917.

111San Bernardino Daily Sun, August 18, 1918.

112San Bernardino Evening Index, July 13, 1919.

113San Bernardino Sun, October 8, 1918.

114San Bernardino Sun, July 3, 1918.

115Ibid. July 21st.

116Ibid. July 24th.

117August 6, 1918, per San Bernardino Evening Index of June 14, 1919.


119San Bernardino Sun, July 4, 1918. There exists a legend around Lake Arrowhead that the "stroke" was a bullet; that Parley Heap strapped on a gunbelt and went around talking to witnesses - saying nothing would bring her back, that it would be better for all if her death was listed as apoplexy. The truth - I know not.

120Redlands Review, August 10, 1918.

121San Bernardino Evening Index, May 18, 1919.

122Learned on one of many interviews with John Dexter.

123San Bernardino Sun, October 26, 1918.

124San Bernardino Evening Index, April 1, June 16 and July 4th, 1919.

125May 1919 Touring Topics had a complete history of the road written by William H. Bristol; so did the May 18th San Bernardino Evening Index.

126San Bernardino Evening Index, May 2, 1919.

127Ibid. January 26, 1919.

128Ibid. May 11, 1919.

129Ibid. May 12 and June 28, 1919.

130Ibid. April 26 and May 9th.

131Ibid. June 15th.

132Ibid. June 14, 1919.

133San Bernardino Evening Index, June 28th, 1919.

134Ibid. July 12, 1919.

135Ibid. July 13, 1919.

136Ibid. April 24th.

137San Bernardino Evening Index, June 24, 1919.

138Ibid. July 18th.

139Ibid. September 4, 1919.

140Ibid. August 20th.

141Ibid. August 22nd.

142Ibid. June 14th.

143Ibid. July 10th.

144Ibid. August 29th.



(Pages 323 through 334)

    Ibid. August 22, 1919.

    2Deed 657-162 @ $15,000, for the NE 1/4 of Section 27 T2N R3W.

    3Deed 644-113 is from Harry J. Pinney to Edith Paden of the SE 1/4 of SW 1/4 Section 23, and the S 1/2 of SE 1/4 Section 22 2N 3W. Harry Pinney is Joe Henck's uncle, and will by 1922 have him in the company.

    4San Bernardino Evening Index, July 13, 1919.

    5Ibid. April 13, 1919; March 4, 1920.

    6Ibid. May 27th.

    7Ibid. May 27th.

    8Ibid. May 27th.

    9Deeds 646-141, 653-356, et al. Tales of the Pioneers of Big Bear Lake, B. G. Holmes.

    10San Bernardino Evening Index, November 25, 1919, March 31, 1920. Tales of the Pioneers of Big Bear Lake, B. G. Holmes.

    11Ibid. November 25, 1919.

    12Ibid. August 17, 1919, picture.

    13Ibid. March 4, 1920.

    14Ibid. September 6, 1919.

    15Ibid. December 3rd. Also Beldon on recovered 18,000 on Cushenbury.

    16Ibid. September 7, 1919. Might it have been at this barbecue when the ladies cooked beans in Talmadges copper kettle and made everybody sick? (Holmes)

    17Tales of the Pioneers of Big Bear Lake, B. G. Holmes; Belden: History in the Making.

    18San Bernardino Sun, October 6, 1919.

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