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    79Citrograph, May 12, 1900.

    80Frank Kuffel patented 158 acres in Section 26 in March 1899; F32 Adam Kuffel homesteaded 158 acres in Section 27, 1900 F68.

    81Citrograph, July 1, 1900.

    82Riverside Daily Press, august 6, 1900. Quote from San Bernardino Sun. Files of San Bernardino papers are very skimpy 1900-1902.

    83Riverside Daily Press, August 25, 1900.

    84Homesteads: Rogers F72, October 4th; Smithson F61, October 12th. So far as papers show he first leased the East half of the northeast quarter of Section 25, 2N 3W, from Frank Binkley after 1889. This adds the east half of the southeast quarter and some lands in Section 30 across the road.

    85San Bernardino Evening Transcript, August 24th, September 3rd.

    86Times-Index, July 21st.

    87Ibid. August 4th.

    88Citrograph, February 20, 1901, at trial.

    89Citrograph, September 29th.

    90Riverside Daily Press, July 24th; Citrograph, October 6, 1900.

    91Citrograph, September 22nd, November 3rd. Postmaster C. L. Metzgar.

    92Citrograph. Knight's Golden Era Mine Property, Inc., @ $350,000.

    93Citrograph, December 29, 1900.


    95Deed 289-82. December 27, 1900.



    Daily Times-Index, February 15, 1901.

    2Ibid. February 20th.

    3Citrograph, February 16, 1901.

    4Times-Index, June 15th.

    5Citrograph, August 17th.

    6Times-Index, February 4, 1901: parts of nine townships.

    7Riverside Daily Press, September 22, 1900.

    8California Historical Quarterly, June 1948: "Founding of a Desert Community:" Martha A. Chickering.

    9Citrograph, September 14, 1901: Account of letter by C. S. Porter to the Los Angeles Mining Review regarding Gold Mountain and Rose Mine.

    10Interview with John Dexter. Drake said "the brave Anna Crain." I do not know his source of information.

    11Citrograph, July 6, 1901.

    12Times-Index, July 11, 1901.

    12See note 9.

    14Deed 352-394 dated April 7, 1901, and not recorded until December 30, 1904. Told in Citrograph, March 18.

    15Daily Times-Index, June 25th.

    16Water Records G108. August 28, 1901. 10,000 inches.

    17Henry Green Powerhouse site in Waterman Canyon. Forestry. February 15, 1901.

    18Daily Times-Index, April 22nd; Citrograph, July 13. Drivers are: Russell Roberts, C. J. Daley, George Clyde, Frank Barker, Billy Martin, M. E. Bermudas, J. D. Watson, John Huff, J. G. Nish, R. F. Short, John Talmadge, C. A. Lamb, Chas. Goss. Also willing: Will Talmadge, Jack Weeks, Alex Wisom, Chas. Wixom, Jack West, Will Rathbun, Ben Hawes, Bud Hawes.

    19Citrograph, September 7, 1901.


    21Interview with Gertrude Switzer Berry.

    22Daily Times-Index.

    23Daily Times-Index, July 25th.

    24Patent F385, paralleling Smithson's Ranch.

    25Daily Times-Index, June 22nd.

    26Citrograph, July 27th.

    27Daily Times-Index, February 19, 1901.

    28Ibid. July 20th and succeeding issues.

    29Citrograph, August 17th.

    30Ibid. Quoting from a biography of L. M. Holt.

    31Deed F72. September 15, 1901.

    32Citrograph, September 7th, August 10th.

    33San Bernardino Evening Transcript, March 31, 1902.

    34Ibid. Description. September 22, 1902.

    35Newlands (of Nevada) Bill. June 17, 1902.

    36By Judge Ross in Circuit Court. January 25th, February 8th.

    37Obligations are the Cleveland mortgage and monies due Hubbard, Fisher, et al. San Bernardino Transcript, July 23, 1902.

    38Citrograph, april 12, 1902.

    39Ibid. March 22nd.

    40San Bernardino Evening Transcript, March 17th.

    41Citrograph, April 5th.

    42Ibid. February 15th.

    43San Bernardino Evening Transcript, June 26th. They will absorb Lytle Creek and be Edison Electric Company after Setpember 1st. Transcript, September 1, 1902.

    44Ibid. August 15, 1902.


    46Ibid. June 6, 1902.

    47Interviews with Miss Maud Kuffel and Mrs. Grant, daughters. 1958.

    48Per Gertrude Switzer Berry.

    49San Bernardino Evening Transcript, July 23rd.

    50Miscellaneous Records O233, March 27, 1902.

    51Gus Sr. Deed 253-292, April 19, 1902. Nancy Deed 316-357, May 31, 1902.

    52San Bernardino Evening Transcript, August 12, 1902.

    53Mining Records Book 22-471 and 472. May 1902. In Section 32 R1E. Signers: Tom Stewart, J. R. Metcalf, J. D. Spargo, John McFee, Ed Dolch, Jim Johnston and G. W. Rose.

    54San Bernardino Evening Transcript, July 14, 1902. I suspect Matheson did Lucky Bill Hoisting Works.

    55Mines 32-198. Book 32 records Proof of Labor for 1902-03 mine ownership.

    56San Bernardino Evening Transcript, September 28th.

    57Deed 339-105 @ $1500. August 20, 1902.

    58Miscellaneous Records R172, R175, September 29, 1902.

    59North half of Section 17 and three-quarters of Section 18 @ $4000. Deed 310-96.

    60San Bernardino Evening Transcript, August 20th.

    61Miscellaneous Records N242. November 21, 1902.

    62San Bernardino Evening Transcript. Index. February 6, 1903.

    63E. C. Sterling, who also built a mansion in Redlands.

    64Double that of 1902.

    65Citrograph, February 7, 1903.

    66San Bernardino Transcript-Index, July 16, 1903.

    67Ibid. Letters of William Stephen. May and June.

    68Ibid. July 22nd.

    69San Bernardino Transcript, July 24, 1903.

    70Ibid. July 29th. Per William Stephen, correspondent.

    71120 acres in Section 20 from Olive Byrne, formerly Flanagan's Deed 335-110.

    72Miscellaneous Records R173. September 21, 1903. Deed 336-333 to 640 acres.

    73There were eighty-five camped.

    74Citrograph, June 6th.

    75San Bernardino Transcript, August 7. Gulielmus letter.

    76Citrograph, March 28th.

    77Ibid. May 7 and May 23rd, 1903.



    80Citrograph, May 9, 1903. General Agent A. S. Selig, H. I. Chatfield, F. W. Balfour and J. S. Brown.

    81San Bernardino Transcript, July 14, 1903. San Antonio L & P. had claimed transmission of 10,000 volts in 1892. Holt: Westways, March 1957.

    82He issued citations to the Kavanaugh boys and Milton Vale: "fire arms" and "fire danger."

    83Citrograph, June 20th, quoted from Riverside Enterprise.

    84Filling the bottlet with a portion of dry lime, then water; corking, and tossing into a pool where it exploded.

    85San Bernardino Transcript, July 11th.

    86Miscellaneous Records O97. Brookings-Heap contract for ten years privilege on NE 1/4 Section 25 2N 3W (his homestead). One camp was known as "Chicago," still marked by a spring on the Helen-Dade Road; one as "Washerwoman's Flats" per Switzers.

    87Personal memoirs of Sara Switzer 1935-1940.

    88San Bernardino Transcript, July 1, 1903.

    89Citrograph, August 29th.

    90Mines 35-39. In the southwest quarter of Section 29, 3N 1E. July 22nd.

    91San Bernardino Transcript, July 1, 1903. Gaylord-Taylor have a Mammoth Mine there (34-313).

    92Mines 32-198 and 199 Proof of Labor.

    93Ibid. 32-165, 168, 341, 344.

    94Ibid. 32-203.

    95Citrograph, August 29th. Later shown to be Dentist Nathaniel Kuns.

    96San Bernardino Transcript, August 30th.

    97Citrograph, September 12th.

    98Ibid. August 15th.

    99San Bernardino Transcript, December 2nd.

    100Chappel-Chase Nursery Mortgage C337. April 1903.

    101Lawsuit. (Cf. Times-Index, September 20, 1904.)

    102San Bernardino Transcript, December 2, 1903.

    103Ibid. December 14th.

    104Of which $60,000 was repaid by insurance. Daily Times-Index, Jnauary 4, 1904.

    105San Bernardino Transcript, December 4th and 5th.

    106San Bernardino Times-Index, April 10, 1904.

    107Per John Hansen, Tyler son-in-law. Frequent guest.

    108Daily Times-Index, January 4, 1904: Gulielmus letter (Stephen's pen-name).

    109Times-Index, July 29th. George Dexter interview 1935.

    110Sometimes called the Prairie Flat Station, an early location for the Scherman-Metcalf Mill. Gertrude Switzer Berry interview (Arrowhead Villas arch).

    111Citrograph, April 30, 1904.

    112Ibid. March 26th.

    113Ibid. April 30th.

    114San Bernardino Times-Index, May 20th.

    115Camp #2 (about Troy Beach).

    116Camp #1 (on the present Batson grounds enclosed with a bamboo fence).

    117San Bernardino Daily Times-Index, May 10, 1904.

    118Shown by San Bernardino County Assessor's Rolls: 1904-1905.



    121To James Stocker. Deed 356-306.

    122Powerhouse guards at installations. Mentone litigation.

    123Mines 39-70.

    124Mines 39-141.

    125Mines 34-29.

    126Mines 37-359.

    127Mines 37-421 and 37-350.

    128Tax Rolls 1904-1905. $449. It may be seen also that Valley Gold Co., Ltd., paid on ten placers and mill machinery. Pedley paid on patented land in Section 31 3N 1E. Another taxpayer, surprisingly, was W. L. Palmer, paying on the Olio, San Bernardino and Mammoth ledges.

    129Mines 32-44.

    130San Bernardino Times-Index, July 19, 1904.

    131Mines 40-214 and 37-23.

    132San Bernardino Times-Index, July 19, 1904.

    133Ibid. May 20th, October 18th.

    134Deed 430-384. July 12, 1904. In Section 25, T2N R4W, E 1/2 of NE 1/4; NE 1/4 of SE 1/4 (120) acres @ $4500; plus $4000 to Henry Guernsey for his timber lease. Citrograph, July 16th.

    135Times-Index, July 12th.

    136Citrograph, May 26th.

    137Times-Index, August 23rd; Stephen, correspondent. He did not say that the ten acres of the Pioneer campground was the only part of the Gregory-Guernsey lumber barony kept by Guernsey in the break-up. Deeds 349-200 and 354-311.

    138Times-Index, August 13, 1904.

    139Ibid. August 1st. Lightning death on Grayback.

    140Ibid. August 7th.

    141Ibid. August 27th.

    142Ibid. September 9th.

    143Deed 354-311. June 13, 1905.

    144San Bernardino Times-Index, September 1st. Gulielmus column.

    145September 20, 1904, purchase of Waterman land; November 20th, building.

    146The cliff regions south of Running Springs School; forutnately not logged.

    147Citrograph, May 7th. Receipts from Public Land sales have been twenty-nine million dollars in two years.

    148Citrograph, April 23rd, May 28th, July 30th, October 8th, December 23rd.

    149Federal Agent Campbell's quotation of Agriculture Secretary Maxwell's letter.

    150Col. Wm. Vestal, a new arrival, newsman and politician from Indiana.

    151Citrograph, July 30th.

    152Ibid. December 3rd.

    153Times-Index, October 27th; Citrograph, December 3rd.



    San Bernardino Sun, April 16th and May 7, 1905. From Vulcan Ironworks, Wilkesbarre, Pa.

    2San Bernardino Sun, May 12 and August 1, 1905.

    3ARC vs. Francisca A. Jessurun, who wanted $100 per acre. She was paid $14,000, less than $45 per acre. Nothing was awarded holder of the second mortgage, Jo Brown, or to Frank Talmadge, who had only owed $3500 in the first place.

    4San Bernardino Sun, May 17, 1905.

    5San Bernardino Sun, July 19th.

    6Ibid. July 25th. Severance, Vale, Dorman and Baylis held out, so the Board learned.

    7San Bernardino Sun, April 6th.

    8Deed 354-311. June 13, 1905. @ $10 (thirty day option on 2000 acres).

    9Guernsey-McDougall Deed 359-339 on NE 1/4 Section 28, etc.

    10See San Bernardino Sun, September 28th, when the cook came down.

    11Deed 377-142. May 20, 1905, not recorded until May 12, 1906: G. W. Nuels and J. F. Redhead sixty shares each; C. C. Ames and W. L. Olmstead fifty-five shares each caseh; A. Gregory seventy shares paid up. The Oak Lumber Mill and the Huston Creek Mill balance each other in valuation.

    12San Bernardino Sun, May 15, 1905. Midnight ceremony.

    13"Near the Island" per Thaddeus Lowe, hunter and fisherman here.

    14San Bernardino Sun, June 1, 1905. May 25, 1905, was the first shovelful.

    15Ibid. July 19th.

    16San Bernardino Sun, August 11, 1905.

    17Ibid. October 20th. Fierro, near Barrel Springs.

    18Ibid. November 17th. Deed 306-206. August 15, 1905; Returned October 4th. Deed 372-51.

    19Ibid. August 11th. With Northrups, Patterson, Feeney and Blackburn. Mines 37-421.

    20Mines 47-75.

    21Mines 40-251. One mile northwest of Wilbur's Cabin, Upper Holcomb.

    22Mines 44-121, et al.: Grand Rapids, Portland, Old Guvnor, Mt. Mineral Key, Rosebud, DeLaMar Duplicate, Black Metal, McDuff.

    23Mines 36-253.

    24George Dexter interview 1935.

    25San Bernardino Sun, August 19th and 29th, 1905.

    26Ibid. August 12th.

    27Ibid. June 27th; July 6th-8th, the Chicago run.

    28$40,000 worth on August 10th. San Bernardino Sun.

    29April 6th, September 8th, October 17th per newspaper mention. Perhaps as a counter action there will be a Benjamin Leiser and Charles Bradshaw who, on October 28, 1905, locate a Bedrock Mining placer (37-428) in the southwest quarter of Section 18, 3N 3W, across the mouth of Deep Creek, which they will sell to the Arrowhead Reservoir Company. They Arrowhead Reservoir Company seems to have its own suspicions.

    30September 8, 1905.

    31Interview with Frank Mooney, 1958.

    32San Bernardino Sun, August 31st.

    33Ibid. October 4th.

    34San Bernardino Sun, October 25, 1905.

    35George Dexter memoirs.

    36Recorded in San Bernardino, January 31, 1906. $1,560,000 of holdings are increased to a $6,000,000 stock issue.

    37Once Frank Mooney checked in Gamble's own office for some record of James A. Gamble's investment in the Arrowhead Reservoir Company or the Arrowhead Reservoir and Power Company and found one loan of $60,000. It could be true for it was aJames E. Mooney's way to have "a front" for his operations. They say he paid every bill.

    38A memory of Margaret Smith Green (Mrs. Perry).

    39San Bernardino Sun, March 13, 1906. Five thousand inches was also running out of the Tunnel #1 pipies under the Gatehouse.

    40San Bernardino Sun, June 21, 1906.

    41Ibid. May 16, June 13, 1906.

    42Ibid. May 26, 1906; Citrograph, June 2, 1906.

    43San Bernardino Sun, May 12, 1906.

    44Ibid. July 24th.

    45Ibid. August 31st. Each stockholder paid in $800 except Reverend Neff @ $400. Guernseys have $1600 in the corporation.

    46The road block was cleared by July 4th.

    47The nickname for Camp Lincoln after so many teamsters had camped. Per George Dexter, the flat main street of Crestline.

    48San Bernardino Sun, September 23rd.

    49William Stephen's columns from July 18th through August and September.

    50San Bernardino Sun, August 8th completion.

    51The spools of inch-and-a-quarter steel cable to be installed have already arrived, on a flat car that they broke through in transit. San Bernardino Sun, September 2, 1906. Toward Spring, they say, twnety-three tons, 17,000 feet that will have to be cut in four pieces for hauling.

    52Thaddeus Lowe interview at Highlowe Farm, 1955.

    53Memories of Margaret Smith Green.

    54Purchased on June 20, 1906, per the Los Angeles Times, along with other lines for a belt route in Southern California.

    55San Bernardino Sun, September 18, 1906.

    56Ibid. June 28th. City fathers wired Washington, to no avail.

    57Evening Index, September 1, 1906. @ $50,000.

    58Deed 369-246. He asks to work the earth they excavate.

    59Water Applications H-11. It spoke of a 160 foot dam to be construct4ed near the southeast corner of Section 13, T3N R4W, and a 36 square foot tunnel that would carry the water through the mountain to San Bernardino Valley.

    60Water Application H-22, June 29, 1906, arranged for a fifty foot diversion dam on the East Fork of the Mojave, 2080 feet northeast of the southwest corner of Section 17, T3N R3W, i.e., the deep basin near the foot of today's Arrowhead-Hesperia Road, and a tunnel to the Reservoir on the West Fork.

    61San Bernardino Sun, September 1, 1906.

    62Ibid. September 15th.

    63Ibid. August 3rd; he had a "reverts if not used" clause in the deed.

    64San Bernardino Sun, July 28th. Which subsequently drew $2700 for the job.

    65Los Angeles Times, May 24, 1906.

    66San Bernardino Sun, August 7th.

    67Citrograph, February 5, 1906.

    68Ibid. September 15, 1906. Quoting Redlands Facts.

    69Deeds 394-396, 377-314.

    70Citrograph, February 6, 1906; fallen through February 17th.

    71Deed 370-207. Signed by order of the Court. @ $8500.

    72Per Albert Wells, Seeley grandson.

    73Deed 370-327. July 5, 1906. @ $15,000.

    74Citrograph, December 22, 1906.

    75Ibid. April 21st. Said to have been $35,000-$40,000 a month.

    76Ibid. November 3rd.

    77Citrograph, August 25, 1906. Nearly complete November 3rd.

    78Ibid. May 19, 1906.

    79San Bernardino Sun, October 3rd.

    80Citrograph, June 30th.

    81Deed 370-146. February 15, 1906. Agreement of the stockholders.

    82Deed 382-77 to Tuthill-Cheney. July 1906; 397-235 to Gregory. November 17th.

    83San Bernardino Sun, September 12, 1906.

    84Citrograph, May 19th.

    85San Bernardino Sun, September 20th.

    86Ibid. September 28th, Octobger 5th, from the Los Angeles Index.

    87Citrograph, October 13, 1906.

    88San Bernardino Sun, October 21st. The doomsayers.

    89Ibid. October 14th; Citrograph, October 20th.

    90Citrograph, October 20th.

    91San Bernardino Sun, November 2nd.

    92Water Records H45. December 5, 1906. San Bernardino Sun, December 6th.

    93San Bernardino Sun, December 6, 1906.

    94San Bernardino Daily Times-Index, January 18, 1907.

    95Ibid. January 27, 1907.

    96Ibid. January 4, 1907, February 9, 1907.

    97Ibid. January 26, 1907, March 23, 1907.

    98Citrograph, February 2, 1907.

    99Daily Index, January 5, 1907.

    100Citrograph, March 9, 1907.

    101Daily Index, March 6th.

    102Ibid. March 23rd.

    103Daily Times-Index, April 17, 1907.

    104Citrograph, April 27th.

    105Evening Index, June 11, 1907.

    106George Dexter, A. A. Dexter, Peck brothers, Frank Baca, A. J. McGinnis, R. E. Imhoff and J. J. Foster.

    107Per John Dexter: the cap-rocks were rolled up a plank from a wagon.

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