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    108Evening Index, August 23, 1907: W. S. column.

    109Which reason Dr. Baylis declared in later years.

    110Per John Dexter: 2000 feet due north from Cedar Pines Store, on the site of teacher Joan White's hilltop home.

    111Evening Index, June 26, 1907.

    112Ibid. July 4th.

    113San Bernardino Sun, July 23, 1907.

    114Ibid. August 27th.

    115@ $4500 County expense.

    116Citrograph, May 25, 1907.

    117Daily Times-Index, July 23, 1907.

    118Citrograph, August 24th.

    119Ibid. June 22nd.

    120Reverend Fields of Redlands was too busy soliciting funds for a new Baptist College Redlands was to get.

    121Evening Index, June 28th, 1907.

    122Daily Times-Index, July 18th.

    123Ibid. W S. columns: July - August.

    124Evening Index, July 4th.

    125Citrograph, August 3rd.

    126Daily Times-Index, August 10th: the origination of a placename still used. It was the site of the first Caley Company Bear Valley Sawmill.

    127San Bernardino Sun, July 14, 1907.

    128Daily Times-Index, May 28th.

    129Evening Index, June 28th. This was challenged by George Miller.

    130Daily Times-Index, December 17th: Lytle Creek and Converse Flats.

    131Citrograph, August 3, 1907.

    132Daily Times-Index, August 12th.

    133Highland Messenger, July 17, 1907.

    134Evening Index, October 1, 1907.

    135Ibid. October 5th.

    136It is a question whether an exchange was ever effected. They did not cut the front, but it continued in their ownership until Dade Davis bought from them in the 1920s.

    137Evening Index, October 15, 1907.

    138Ibid. September 19th.

    139It had been reported in the Citrograph of June 1, 1907.

    140Evening Index, October 17, 1907, quoted from Riverside Press.

    141Ibid. September 25th.

    142Daily Times-Index, July 15th.

    143Citrograph, June 1st.

    144Evening Times Index, July 10, 1907.


    146Now "Terrace Springs" on the map.

    147Mines 60-231 Proof of Labor. May 1907. Unruhs, you recall, were his first wife's nephews.

    148Mines 60-272.

    149Mines 59-157 Proof of Labor. December 31, 1907.

    150Daily Times-Index, August 23, 1907.

    151Citrograph, August 17th.

    152Daily Times-Index, August 10th, September 2nd.

    153Ibid. July 22nd.

    154Daily Times-Index, September 5, 1907.

    155Frank Mooney, nephew of the builder, wrote in a resume once: "All that the Incline ever hauled was 5000 pounds of cement and Baylis' crop of apples."

    156Daily Times-Index, September 5, 1907.



    Daily Times-Index, February 13, 1908.

    2Ibid. February 14, 1908. To the 5000 foot level on City Creek; Chambers-Scott party.

    3Ibid. February 8, 1908; April 27, 1908.

    4Citrograph, February 1, 1908.

    5Ibid. May 23, 1908.

    6San Bernardino Sun, July 18, 1908.

    7Daily Times-Index, January 10, April 27, 1908.

    8Ibid. March 17, 1908.

    9Highland Messenger, June 6, 1908.



    12Daily Times-Index, May 28, 1908.

    13San Bernardino Daily Sun, August 4, 1908.

    14San Bernardino Sun, August 20, 1908. Surely nicknamed by someone familiar with Cincinnati.

    15Daily Times-Index, July 5, 1908.

    16San Bernardino Sun, August 27, 1908.

    17Highland Messenger, June 6, 1908, and thereafter.

    18Memories of Albert Wells, Seely grandson.

    19Highland Messenger, May 8, 1908.

    20Citrograph, July 11, 1908.

    21Ibid. June 6, 1908.

    22Ibid. April 18, 1908. Deed 404-282, November 21, 1907: S 1/2 of SW 1/4 Section 20; lots in Section 19 2N 1E.

    23San Bernardino Sun, July 11, 1908. One-third of the $11,500 at Edison expense.

    24Ibid. July 30, 1908.

    25Citrograph, May 9, 1908; July 4, 1908. A $600 tram.

    26Ibid. January 25, 1908. Presumably of Charles Martin. Not verified by deed.

    27Ibid. June 13th.

    28Ibid. February 15th. Storm of November 7, 1907.

    29San Bernardino Sun, August 18, 1908.

    30Citrograph, May 16, 1908.


    32Daily Times-Index, June 27, 1908.

    33Ibid. July 8th.

    34San Bernardino Sun, July 15, 1908.

    35Ibid. July 5th.

    36Some brought by A. S. Drew in his Oldsmobile, they say later.

    37San Bernardino Sun, July 30, 1908.

    38Mojave Land and Water filing H248-251-260. July 1908. A Mojave Land Water and Power Company will be incorporated in Sacramento, which is rumored as taking over Westwater interests: Sun, October 21, 1908. Another source said Westwater interests had been discouraged by the shake of an earthquake.

    39The Verde Ranch.

    40San Bernardino Sun, August 16, 1908.

    41Ibid. August 20, 1908.

    42Ibid. August 19th.

    43Ibid. August 22nd.

    44William Stephen: Sun columns, August and September.

    45San Bernardino Sun, November 3, 1908.

    46Ibid. July 24th.

    47Ibid. August 6th.

    48Ibid. December 22, 1908.

    49Ibid. November 12th.

    50Ibid. November 10, 1908.

    51Ibid. August 24th.

    52Ibid. August 26th.

    53One of its original discoverers, now taking Starbird's place.

    54San Bernardino Sun, October 9, 1908.

    55Redlands Daily Facts, December 28, 1908. John Bull Flats mine.

    56Los Angeles Express quoted October 27, 1908.

    57San Bernardino Sun, November 10, 1908.



    San Bernardino Sun, March 21, 1909.

    2Ibid. April 10, 1909.

    3Ibid. February 20, 1909.

    4Ibid. April 29, 1909.

    5Ibid. April 11, April 29, 1909.

    6Ibid. May 2, 1909.

    7San Bernardino Sun, May 19, 1909.

    8Ibid. January 6, 1909. Also Water H166 and Deed 451-6 when he sold to the AR&P.

    9There were no recorded deeds to prove it . . . for two years.

    10San Bernardino Sun, October 24, 1909.

    11Ibid. September 22, 1909.

    12See application maps at Burnt Mill Ranger Station. 1909.

    13San Bernardino Sun, May 15, 1909.

    14Interview with Fred Jeken 1955.

    15Redlands Daily Facts, February 5, 1909. In presenting his Bill, Senator Willis spoke of an amalgamation of forest reserves in 1908.

    16Gifford Pinchot, head of the National Forests, is a Yale graduate with post-graduate work in France.

    17San Bernardino Sun, April 20th, May 21, July 31, August 3rd.

    18Ibid. August 1, 1909.

    19Ibid. August 2nd. A composite.

    20Ibid. August 24th. W. S. column. Helen Baylis and Nora Parker are among them.


    22San Bernardino Sun, August 10th. "Arrocrest" say Messrs. Herb and Ed Suvurkrup, 1968. "At the east end of Fleming Drive" say 1909 papers.

    23Information and color from my first interview with Pioneer families, 1953-54: Shirley and Mollie Tyler Bright, one of my bridges into the past.

    24Interview with Max Green.

    25San Bernardino Sun, about July 10th; ceremony at Pinecrest barbecue.

    26San Bernardino Sun, September 7th.

    27Ibid. June 15, 1909.

    28Per Harry Welton, employee at the time. Interviewed 1968.

    29San Bernardino Sun, September 14, 1909.

    30Redlands Daily Facts, April 15, 1909.

    31Ibid. January 21st. Delinquency March 9th.

    32Big Bear Panorama: Big Bear High School, 1934: pp. 67-68 (August-November).

    33Deed 430-398. August 25, 1909. Named in addition to NW 1/4 Section 6 T2N R2E were the Gold Mountain Group of mines: Rainbow, Moonlight, Central, Ace of Diamonds, Ace of Hearts, Oxnam, King of Diamonds, and Ace of Spades.

    34Deeds 390-391. January 29, 1908, i.e., to Rex Mining Corporation.

    35Per taxes on SE 1/4 Section 35 T3N R1E.

    36Proof of Labor Mines: 57-274 (1908); 57-462 (1909).

    37Mines 57-433, 66-261 and 68-220, 61-127, 63-415 and 64-486. Later they will call this region northwest of Texas Springs "Eagle City."

    38San Bernardino Sun, February 20, 1909. [Not documented, however. Edt.]

    39Mines 78-113, 78-163.

    40Mines 57-368. December 9, 1909. Proof of Labor. Forestry maps show Wright Mine.

    41San Bernardino Sun, October 15, 1909.


    43Ibid. April 2, 1909. October 9th.

    44San Bernardino Sun, May 28th, August 24th.

    45Ibid. October 25th.

    46Water of Sugar Pine Mountain Spring H243 (May) for mining, milling and domestic uses. Desert King Mine (57-377) T2N R5W. In a year or two he will have a Cleghorn Mining Company.

    47San Bernardino Sun, November 7, 1909. Correspondent William Stephen wrote that Suvurkrup Mill had ceased for the season, but that Joe Dempsey and Opie were still hauling.

    48Interview with Max and Perry Green.

    49San Bernardino Sun, November 23rd.

    50Ibid. October 22nd.

    51Accounting for the "Old Mill Road" off Emerald Drive, per Max Green's picture, memories of Suvurkrup brothers, and John Dexter, who later bought the mill.

    52From the Max and Perry Green interview, 1957.

    53Redlands Daily Facts, January 3, 1910.

    54Ibid. January 1, 1910; San Bernardino Sun, January 3 and February 1, 1910.

    55San Bernardino Sun, January 8, 1910.

    56Redlands Daily Facts, January 4, 1910.

    57San Bernardino Sun, February 1, 1910.

    58Ibid. April 8th; Redlands Daily Facts, April 7th . . . @ $80.000.

    59San Bernardino Sun, May 15, 1910.

    60Redlands Daily Facts, April 26th.


    62San Bernardino Sun, June 10, 1910.

    63Ibid. April 30th.

    64Ibid. April 27th.

    65Ibid. May 6, 1910.


    67Since Fall he has bought all Joe Bright's teams.

    68San Bernardino Sun, May 13, 1910.

    69Ibid. May 15, 1910.

    70Ibid. May 20, 1910.

    71Deed 463-232. May 31, 1910. Drew said later that he refused to repair at his own expense. Sun, June 10th.

    72San Bernardino Sun, July 16th.

    73Ibid. August 3rd.

    74Ibid. June 17th. Effective July 1, 1910.

    75San Bernardino Sun, July 6th.

    76Daily Times-Index. W. S. columns. July-September.

    77Ibid. July 10th and 23rd.

    78The giant specimen of which a slice now stands in front of Strawberry Flats Masonic Hall.

    79San Bernardino Daily Times-Index, August 3, 1910.

    80Daily Times-Index, July 10, 1910.

    81Memories of Max Green, associated with the mountains from 1909 as commissary clerk, later as stage driver and owner for many years.


    83Daily Times-Index, July 26, August 14th.

    84Times quoted are from the Index, details from Heyser's letter, above.

    85Big Bear Panorama, Big Bear High School, p. 36. To $135,000, they say.

    86San Bernardino Sun, August 6, 1910.

    87Early purchasers from Metcalf.

    88Redlands Daily Facts, November 5th: her ad for a new job.

    89Deed 451-356. March 24, 1910. The SE 1/4 Section 24, NE 1/4 Section 25, R1W, twenty acres south of Glass in Section 19 and N 1/2 of NE 1/4 Section 15 R1E (at the tip of the lake); a half interest in 200 acres of Section 20 (with George Miller) excepting lots sold to above (east of Knickerbocker, south of Smart).

    90San Bernardino Sun, July 16, 1910.

    91Daily Times-Index, August 8th.

    92Redlands Daily Facts, November 19, 1910.

    93Mines 81-129. May 16, 1910. (81-120 to 130 locates each of the mines.)

    94Redlands Daily Facts, November 15, 1910.

    95Mines 90-66; Water from Burnt Flat Spring H244.

    96Mines 78-235 and on, March 12, 1910.

    97Daily Times-Index, August 27, 1910.

    98Max Green; Frank Mooney interview.

    99Index, September 20, 1910.

    100Ibid. September 7, 1910.

    101Palmer-Lowe & Dobbins Deed.

    102Memories of Thaddeus Lowe. He said teamsters were going down through the place "just anywhere."

    103Daily Times-Index, September 27, 1910.

    104Ibid. September 4th.

    105Ibid. October 17th; according to Herb and Ed Suvurkrup: the Lakebrook hilltop.

    106San Bernardino Sun, August 1st.

    107Redlands Daily Facts, November 9th and 14th.

    108San Bernardino Sun, August 1st.

    109Daily Times-Index, September 14, 1909.

    110Kate Collivan Harvey was an adoptee of Skinners.

    111Redlands Daily Facts, December 21, 1910.

    112Ibid. December 23rd.

    113Ibid. November 28, 1910.

    114Permits filed in the Burnt Mill Ranger Station, signed by Bert Switzer and F. J. Kerr. This January 4, 1911, application was, it says, a refiling of one made February 15, 1901. A letter of January 20, 1911, says AR&P filed amended maps on February 25, 1910, of the West Fork Reservoir site.

    115Daily Times-Index, March 31, 1911.


    117Ibid. April 23, 1911.

    118Ibid. W. S. column.

    119Ibid. March 31, 1911, May 14th.

    120Index, May 14, 1911. According to the Redlands Daily Facts, she has just finished playing "The Rejuvenation of Aunt Mary" on the Wyatt stage.

    121Daily Times-Index, June 12, 1911.

    122Ibid. June 12th, July 3rd.

    123Water Records H301. May 2, 1911.

    124Daily Times-Index, June 12, 1911.

    125Redlands Daily Facts, June 15th.

    126Ibid. July 1, 1911.

    127Ibid. March 17, July 1st, 1911.

    128Ibid. February 10th. Lawrence Emerson Nelson, Ph.D.: Only One Redlands, (Redlands, 1963).

    129Ibid. March 11th: showed at Grand Theatre, Redlands.

    130Ibid. July 22nd; also quote from San Bernardino Sun.

    131Daily Times-Index.

    132Rim of the World Guide: Ferris N. Scott. Santa Ana, 1952. p. 33.

    133San Bernardino Sun, July 26, 1911.

    134Evening Index, July 25th: Andresen, Kohl, Perris, Drew, et al.

    135San Bernardino Sun, July 26th.

    136Ibid. July 27th.

    137Memories of Gertrude Switzer Berry.

    138San Bernardino Sun, July 29th. Supt. Jeken and Doughty were the rangers.

    139Fire Fiend Has Burned Itself Out (Index); Mountain Fire Seems Under Control (Sun).

    140Daily Times-Index, July 31st.

    141Ibid. August 1st; in the Sun Dr. Baylis said the South Park Lodge windows melted.

    142Redlands Daily Facts, August 1st; among the sightseers: John and Olive Fisher, Miss Haver, John Gill, et al.

    143Daily Times-Index, August 1st.

    144Thaddeus Lowe was an eye-witness.

    145From Max and Perry Green, who said they were responsible for the flambeaus that kept the fire out of Grass Valley.

    146Daily Times-Index, August 2nd, 1911.

    147San Bernardino Sun, August 1st and 2nd.

    148Daily Times-Index, August 3rd.



    151Ibid. August 25, 1911.

    152Redlands Daily Facts, August 28, 1911; Baylis water-fire organization; September 12th, Tri-County skeleton plan.


    154Ibid. August 14.

    155Daily Times-Index, August 27, 1911.


    157Redlands Daily Facts, August 14th.

    158Ibid. August 22, 1911.

    159Redlands Daily Facts, August 14th. Daily Times-Index, August 9, 1911. John H. Fisher and wife and W. H. Glass owned the resort in the interim.

    160Daily Times-Index, September 3, 1911.

    161Redlands Daily Facts, August 13, 19, September 1, 1911.

    162Ibid. September 13, 1911.

    163Daily Times-Index, August 30th.

    164Miscellaneous Records U59, U76.

    165Sun, October 13, 1912. At a cost of $150,000. January 21, 1912, tells Hesperia's alarm at Appleton deed.

    166Lawsuit, January 4, 1912. They laid the pipe by night. They had, of course, long ago bought the water right from the former owner of the land.



    San Bernardino Sun, February 2, 1912.

    2Ibid. May 5, 1912

    3Ibid. March 2, 1912. Part of it twelve miles westward, some Oro Grande; 1000 in Apple Valley.

    4Ibid. March 10, 1912.

    5Ibid. April 12, 1912.

    6"Companion company" may not be the word; in six months Hot Springs Company will be suing Cold Springs Company for assumption of the name. The Sun of July 16th has first mention.

    7Deed 519-30. August 6, 1912.

    8San Bernardino Daily Sun, August 1st.

    9San Bernardino Sun, July 15, 1912.

    10Ibid. August 3rd.

    11Evening Index, August 10, 1912.

    12Suvurkrup sons remembered that the "hog venture" lasted a little over a year. They had to haul feed to them.

    13San Bernardino Sun, August 20-August 29th.

    14Ibid. September 10th.

    15Ibid. July 21st; Evening Index, August 16th.

    16Testimony of Mrs. E. P. Crafts. June 3, 1913. Redlands Daily Facts.

    17San Bernardino Sun, July 8, 1912.

    18Ibid. August 22, 1912.

    19Ibid. September 27th.

    20Ibid. September 10th.

    21San Bernardino Sun, March 2, 1912. He was hauling hay from Victorville.

    22As he had predicted when he bought it.

    23Miscellaneous Records U278. January 13, 1912.

    24San Bernardino Sun, August 28, 1912.

    25Redlands Daily Facts, April 24, 1913.

    26Ibid. November 5, 1912.

    27San Bernardino Sun, October 18th.

    28Redlands Daily Facts, February 12, April 24, 1913.

    29Ibid. December 21, 1912.

    30Ibid. November 5th.

    31Ibid. January 1, 1913: "Founding of a Desert Community," Martha A. Chickering, Historical Society Quarterly, June 1948.

    32San Bernardino Sun, September 14, 1912.

    33Perry Green memory.

    34Evening Index, August 27th W. S. column.

    35San Bernardino Sun, October 9, 1912.

    36Redlands Daily Facts, November 13, 1912.

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