11-Year Old Grand Rapids Boy Launches Nationwide Drive that Empowers Kids to Save Polar Bears Worldwide Through Art

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11-Year Old Grand Rapids Boy Launches Nationwide Drive that Empowers Kids to Save Polar Bears Worldwide Through Art
(GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. – Sept. 26, 2016) – 11-year old Bryce Madder (pronounced “MAY-DER”) of Ada, Michigan, couldn't just sit in his 5th grade class and learn about global climate change--he wanted to make a contribution to the environment and do something actionable that truly made a positive impact around the world. So he created the "Polar Army" (polararmy.org), a not-for-profit 501c-3 entity, online website and portal for kids to create and post artwork dedicated to saving polar bears. Through a focus on polar bears, Polar Army aims to educate children about the impact of global warming in the Arctic.
"My vision is to use art to change the world, and at the same time, inspire a new generation of leaders," stated Bryce, who attends Knapp Forest Elementary School, in the Forest Hills-Eastern district. "Climate change is a serious threat to our planet's wildlife, and I think kids need an interactive way not only to better understand, but also be part of the solution."
In a news conference held today at the Grand Rapids Children's Museum, Bryce announced that kids of all ages can enlist online (polararmy.org) and be a force in the Polar Army by posting sketches, paintings, 3-d models, digital art, lego creations, clay creations, etc. The theme of artwork should align to one of the four pillars of Polar Army: Arctic Habitats, Climate Change, the Devastating Impacts of Climate Change, or Polar Bears. A variety of creative submissions have already been posted on the website.
"It's not often that you run across someone with startling creative talent, combined with a powerful drive to make a difference in the world," mentioned Art Roche, Author and Creative Executive, Cartoon Network, National Geographic Kids, PEANUTS. "I'm a huge fan of Polar Army and its newest four-star general, Bryce Madder."
Bryce will continue bringing his Polar Army presentation to schools, churches, and other community organizations around West Michigan and beyond. As its general, Bryce and his Polar Army will not be satisfied until a positive impact is made on saving polar bears and solving global warming issues around the world.
About Polar Army:

Founded in 2016 by 11-year old West Michigan native, Bryce Madder, Polar Army is an educational non-profit company that has applied for 501c3 status, and is for kids of all ages dedicated to saving polar bears. Polar Army aims to educate children about global warming its impact on the Arctic, and ways to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. It does this through a global art initiative, youth ambassador programs, school partnerships, brand/corporate sponsors, and business collaborations. Bryce’s vision is that kids can make a difference, and his program aligns with the Michigan Department of Education Science Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, and Visual Arts Standards for grades K-12. Additional information on Polar Army can be found at www.polararmy.org or contact Bryce Madder at info@polararmy.org.

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