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April 9, 2010 – Columbus, OH

Chair: Debra Brill, NAD VP

Present: Ron Pickell, ACF NAD Coordinator, Kirk KIng, Mid-America Union Rep.,

Bill Cork - Texas Conference, Cyril Millet - Ontario and Canadian Union, Manny Cruz - NAD Youth Department, Eric Penick - Southeastern California Conference, Damita Miller - Student Rep., Gary Wagner - Greater New York Conference, Charlie Thompson - Lake Union Conference
Voted Actions
10-01 Dissolve ACF Constitution Resolution to dissolve ACF as it has

and By Laws been structured under the consitution

10-02 Suggested Change in Terms Send request to NADCOM to redefine of Reference ACF as a committee of the NAD defined by the Terms of Reference and membership. Current Terms of Reference are:

1. Approve ACF campus Chapters

– - Power to Act

2. Evaluate ACF programs and functions – Power to Act

3. Develop Working Policies and functions – Recommend to NAD Young Adult Ministries

4. Empower ACF Coordinator to carry out initiatives – Recommend to NAD Young Adult Ministries.

Change Terms of Reference #3 and 4 – change young adult ministries to Youth Ministries

Add #5 Recommend the development of resources

Membership to be recommended by NAD Youth Department
ACF Advisory

April 9, 2010
Packet – Ron Pickell
Prayer – Todd Stout

Bill Cork - Texas

Gary Wagner - New York

Annual events in New York

Using students to train

Cyril Millet – Ontario

Spring retreat

Student groups helping launch ministries on other campuses

Bill Wood – Atlantic Union

Active in each conference

Illinois Conference
Robert Hines– S. New England

Baptized 3 new


Todd Stout – Greater New York

Columbia U. -- annual event
Michala La – Ga Cumberland & Advent House
Damita Miler-- Email
Japhet De Oliveira – CYE / 180 -- book

Stand out Conference

Kirk -- Mid-America
Review Articles
Recommendation: Ask Union Presidents to ACF NAD department

Need a document with main points for everyone to use contextually

And signature (Assignment: Ron and Kirk)

ACFCF – Adventist Youth Transitions Network (Attach Description)

Under 18 issue noted
Recommendation Web site for acflink needs updating

Debra -- ask Vervent

Scott Ward

High School ministry

Campus Catalyst books

Word in Action: Launching Public College Ministry

Word in Action: Sharing Your Faith on a Public Campus

Word in Action: Growing Your Faith on a Pubic Campus
7 K run

ACF Mission Year

ACF Institute
Mike – Ohio

Funds left -- 4 taskforce workers

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