Announcing the mvno industry Summit 2012 Launching the Next Ten Years in

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Announcing the MVNO Industry Summit 2012 Launching the Next Ten Years in 24-26 April 2012, Barcelona, Spain
The event is in its eleventh year and grew by over 33% in 2011 to 250+ attendees from over 48 countries; we consistently draw 2/3rds of our audience from MVNO/MNOs.  In 2011, we were delighted to be nominated for Best European Conference by The Conference Awards.


In 2012, we look forward to more growth, business opportunities and crucial industry discussion – on the changing partnership models between MVNOs, MNOs and MVNEs. On the evolution of MVNOs from voice to data. And on new MVNO mature and growth market case studies from sub-segmentation personalised and data MVNOs in Europe and the US and from new markets in Asia, South America and branded resellers in Africa. We also introduce a third day of streamed content, dedicated to 1. Retail and Brands reviewing MVNO opportunity and 2. Wifi offload, Cloud and roaming for MVNOs. MTV Mobile are throwing the second annual MVNO VIP Beach Party on the 24th and on the 25th we welcome the 2nd annual MVNO Challenge. Day 3 will be dedicated to catalyst presentations and roundtables 1:1 discussions to heighten networking.


We will be welcoming 70 international executive speakers (Google, Lightsquared, China Telecom, MTV Mobile, Asda Mobile, Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom, Virgin Mobile, already among the confirmed) and over 300 attendees. There will be maximum opportunity for media partner work among our press release facility and on site.

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