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Name of the Activity


Jun 18, 2012

Inaugural Prayer Service for the Senior Classes

Lighting of the lamp by Rev. Frs. Rector, Secretary and Principal. Prayer Worship.


Jun 20, 2012

I UG Inaugural Prayer Service & OrientationProgram

Inputs given to I UG Students on History of the College, Jesuit Vision, Campus Culture, SHEPHERD activities, Placement Cell and Other organizations and Photo Session.


Jun 22, 2012

Students’ Council Election

Class Representatives were elected by the students of each class. All the elected representatives elected the One Chairman, Three Vice Chairmen and Three Secretaries


Jul 02, 2012

I PG Inaugural Prayer Service

Inputs given to I PG Students on History of the College, Jesuit Vision, Campus Culture, SHEPHERD activities, Placement Cell and Other organizations


Jul 06, 2012


Installation of Office Bearers of the Students’ Council, Welcoming the Freshers and Inauguration of the Fine Arts Assiociation The Chief Guest, Dr. P Devanesan spoke on the importance of Fine Arts and the Aesthetic Sense of the Students. Cultural Show by the students of College Fine Arts Association


Jul 14, 2012

Leadership Training Seminar

Two-Day seminar on Leadership skills was conducted Inputs on Leadership qualities and Social Responsibilities were given.


Jul 14, 2012

Annual Retreat

Annual Retreat for the I UG and I, II & III PG students were organised Students were divided in to 5 groups – A, B, C , D & E. Preachers were asked to give spiritual inputs to the students


Jul 21, 2012

Retreat for all catholic Girl Students

A Spiritual Exercise given to the students to help them grow in christian faith.


Jul 21, 2012

Retreat for IIUG and III UG Students (Day Scholars)

A Spiritual Exercise given to the students to help them grow in christian faith.


Jul 26, 2012

WASE-WISTA Programme

Mr. Lavanam Amballa Region Campus Manager, Talent Aquisition , Wipro Technologies spoke on the WASE and WISTA programmes in WIPRO. He gave a tentative plan of organizing a recruitment drive for the WASE and WISTA.


Jul 30, 2012

Feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola

Prayer Service in front of the Lawley Hall. Rev. Dr. Rufus Godwin SJ, Vice Principal, Arul Anandar College gave the Feast Day message. The Digital Display Board was dedicated to the College.


Jul 31, 2012

Feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola

Feast Day High Mass was concelebrated at St. Lourdes Church. Rev. Father Rector greeted all members of St. Joseph’s Community. Greetings were exchanged by all the members. Morning Breakfast was served to all members of St. Joseph’s Community.


Aug 02, 2012

M. Phil Inaugural Prayer Service

It was organized by the Campus Ministry and it began with a prayer song. Rev. Fr. Rector, Rev. Fr. Secretary, Rev. Fr. Principal, Rev. Fr. Deputy Principal & Rev. Fr. Controller lit the lamp and addressed the students highlighting the importance of relevance of research.


Aug 16, 2012

Meeting for the Physically Challenged Students

The meeting was called for to address the physically challenged students the various welfare schemes available in the government towards their education. Certain sports events were also planned out.


Aug 18, 2012

168th Annual Sports Meet

Some special sports events were conducted for the Physically challenged students. All the participants were honoured on the day of Sport Meet by the Chief Guest - Honbl. Union State Minister of Social Justice T. Nepolean. The Students Council coordinated the conduct of these special events. 1. Tricycle Race, 2. Running along the Rope, 3. Basketting the Ball 4. Carrom Tournament.


Sep 05, 2012

Teachers’ Day Celebration

Students’ Council Members greeted and honoured all the Teaching staff of our college. Col. Vivek Davar, Station Commander, Army Recruiting Tiruchy spoke about Teachers’ service to the Community and Rev. Dr. S. John Britto, SJ, Rector greeted and felicitated the teachers. A culturl show was organised by the Staff


Oct 03, 2012

Health and Harmony

About 36 UG students from various US universities visited our campus and had interaction with our students. The theme of their interaction was on the topics – rural occupation, life style, habits, customs, folk arts, etc.


Oct 04-06, 2012

Eco-Human solidarity Week

Display of Placards on “Nature”, Painting Contest, Elocution Contest were conducted for the students. Messages on Ecology and Environment were given to Students through the Public Address System. The Last Day was observed as a vehicle-free day.


Oct 06, 2012

Work shop on Drugs and Their Abuses

A workshop was organized jointly by the JMAAD Team from Kanyakumari. About 110 students participated in this workshop. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Jerald, Ms. Bennito Jose and Mr. Andrew. Students were given inputs on the negative impacts of Drugs and their implications.


Oct 09, 2012

Open Forum

Students’ Representatives and Students Council Office Bearers had a meeting with the Administrators. Students expressed their genuine needs and concerns.


Oct 30, 2012

Condolence Prayer Service

Condolence Prayer Service was conducted on the sudden demise of Prof. Fernandez Garnet on Oct. 28, 2012.


Dec 03, 2012

Special Eye Camp

A special Eye Camp was organised for the students in collabortion with the NCC unit of our College and the Mahatma Eye Hospital, Trichy. More than 700 students and Staff participated and benefitted in that eye check-up camp.


Dec 06, 2012

Condolence Prayer Service

Condolence Prayer Service was conducted on the sudden demise of Rev. Fr. Santiago SJ, on Dec. 05, 2012.


Dec 12, 2012

Indo-US Relations

Mr. David J. Gainer PAO, US Consulate, Chennai addressed the students on Indo-US Relations. Rev. Dr. S. Lazar also spoke on that occasion. Most of the PG and M.Phil Students participated in this programme


Dec 13-15, 2012

INDEP 2012

A three-day interdepartmental cultural competitions were organized by the Fine Arts Association. The Day-1 (Dec.13th) began with a Cultural Procession followed by the Inaugural Ceremony. The Poet Arivumathi spoke on the importance of Folk Arts in human life. Then, the days were filled with eventful cultural shows given by the students of various departments. The Day-3 (Dec.15th) had the Grand Finale of Valediction. The Cine Actor spoke on the Cultural Atmosphere in the campus and the Quality of performances by the students in various events.


Dec 17, 2012

With a view to Celebrating the ‘Year of Faith’, the Prayer Worship on the theme ‘FAITH’ was initiated. All the 12 Departments in the aided section were involved. It had been time-tabled to stretch for 12 weeks starting from Dec, 2012 upto Mar, 2013.


Dec 22, 2012

Crib Contest & Christmas Carol Service

To mark the Year of Faith, a Crib contest was organized by the Campus Ministry on the theme “Christmas in the Year of Faith”. All the Departments participated. The Best three departments were given prizes separated for Shift I and Shift II. Rev. Fr. Irudayaraj of St. Paul’s Seminary gave the Christmas Message. At the end of the program cakes were distributed to the students and the Staff. All exchanged the Season’s Greetings.


Jan 09, 2013

Eye Donation Awareness Programme

The Meditation in Action Movement (MAM) organised a Mega Eye Donation Awareness Programme. The IG of Police, Central Zone, Mr. Alexander Mohan IPS presided over the function. Dr. Subha Prabhu of Joseph Eye Hospital, Trichy gave the awareness message. Nearly 300 students participated in this programme and registered for Eye donation. A rally was organized to concientise people on Eye Donation.


Feb 04, 2013

Soft Skill for Empowerment

A six-day Soft Skill Training programme was conducted by the Equal Opportunity Cell. It was meant for the students of rural background and first generation, Physically challenged students and the girl students. Inputs were given on Values & Attitudes, Interpersonal skills, Leadership skills, Communication skills, Time managing skills, Lateral thinking, Aptitude tests and Interview techniques.


Feb 13, 2013

Monthly Mass on Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent season

The campus ministry conducted the monthly mass for the catholic students. The mass was concelebrated by Rev. Frs. Rector, Secretary, Principal and Campus Minister.


Feb 15, 2013

Grace 2013 – A Youth Prayer Convention

It was a three-day programme organized by the Campus Ministry. It was attended by the students of various colleges all over Tamil Nadu. It began with a high mass on Feb. 15, 2013 concelebrated by Rev. Fr. Principal. Input sessions on spirituality, catholic faith were given to the delegates. Prayer worship sessions and Healing session were conducted.

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