Computer application II (use of packages) windows, msword, powerpoint, excel and internet table of content chapter One

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To save a presentation in an new folder

  1. Specify the required folder name click the OK button (A new folder is created at the required location)

  2. Enter the file name in the File name box of the Save As dialog box

  3. Click the Save as type drop-down list. This displays a list of options that enable you to save the presentation

  4. Select the required file type from the Save as type drop-down list

  5. In the File name box, type a name for the presentation

  6. Click the Save button to save the presentation file

Closing a Presentation



To close a presentation

  1. Select the File à Close command; OR

  2. Holding down the Ctrl key press the F4 key; OR

  3. By clicking the Close button (x) displayed in the upper-right corner of the window

    • If you make some changes to a presentation and then try to close without saving, PowerPoint will prompt you to save the document

  4. To close all active presentations, press the Shift button and select the File àClose All command

  5. In addition, to exit PowerPoint, select the File àExit command.

Working with Presentation

  • Power Point enables you to perform operations such as:

Inserting Text

In a presentation, text can be inserted in the place holders provided by PowerPoint



To insert text

  1. Click inside the text placeholder. The shape of the cursor changes to an I - bar

2. Type the required text

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