Descendancy Narrative of John Morgan by Charles J. Vella, Ph. D

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2685 Jeanette Morgan5 ROGERS was born on Apr 25, 1896 in Union, Hardin, IA, USA, age 4 in 1900; age 13 in 1910; age 21 in 1920.mdcccxlvii,mdcccxlviii,mdcccxlix,mdcccl She was listed in the census of Rowland Stanley ROGERS and Sarah Louisa MORGAN in 1900 at Union, Hardin, IA, USA.mdcccli She was listed in the census of Rowland Stanley ROGERS and Sarah Louisa MORGAN in 1910 at Union, Hardin, IA, USA.mdccclii She graduated from Union High School and Rockford College, Iowa University. She graduated from Iowa State Collegee, majoring in Institutional cooking (home econ.).mdcccliii She was listed in the census of Rowland Stanley ROGERS and Sarah Louisa MORGAN in 1920 at Union, Hardin, IA, USA.mdcccliv She was a She taught home economics and was ass. manager of Cosmos Club, Washington DC, Tea Room, Woodward & Lothrop, Washington DC.mdccclv Her married name was MASON. She married Franklin Allison MASON in Jun 19, 1926 at New York, New York Co., NY, USA.mdccclvi,mdccclvii She resided Washington, D.C. She resided in Bethesda, MD, USA.mdccclviii She also went by the name of Pansy.mdccclix,mdccclx She also went by the name of Millicent.mdccclxi
26851 Franklin Rogers6 MASON was born on Jun 16, 1936 in Washington, Washington Co., DC, USA.mdccclxii He was educated Grammar school in Chicago and Bethesda, MD; entered Jr. H.S. in 1949 in Bethesda, MD. Graduated from St. Algans, Washington DC in 1954. Entered Princeton Univ, in fall of 1954.mdccclxiii
269 Emma Lodusky4 MORGAN was born on Aug 14, 1861 in near, Boonville, Yadkin Co., NC, USA, age 9 in 1870.mdccclxiv,mdccclxv,mdccclxvi,mdccclxvii She was educated school in NC, in Liscomb IA under Prof. Jennings and Albion Seminary at Albion, IA. She was a a teacher for many years, then a hat designer and owned a Millinery shop for 30 years at Union, IA, USA. She was listed in the census of Hardin MORGAN and Elizabeth WHITE on Jun 18, 1870 at Providence, Hardin, IA, USA.mdccclxviii Her married name was HUMPHREY.mdccclxix She married Edgar H. HUMPHREYS in Jun 5, 1895.mdccclxx,mdccclxxi,mdccclxxii She resided in 1928 in Union, IA, USA. Her married name was HUMPHREY-RALLS.mdccclxxiii She married Nathan RALLS in Oct 24, 1933.mdccclxxiv,mdccclxxv,mdccclxxvi She resided in Jan, 1940 in Eldora, IA, USA.mdccclxxvii She resided in 1942 in Union, IA, USA.mdccclxxviii She died on Nov 6, 1945 at Union, Hardin Co., IA, USA, of a stroke following a broken hip.mdccclxxix,mdccclxxx She was and Edgar H. HUMPHREYS were buried at Liscomb Cemetery, Liscomb, IA, USA, in the Morgan Family plot.mdccclxxxi,mdccclxxxii She was also known as Em. She was also known as Emma Lodusca.mdccclxxxiii
26A James Hamilton4 MORGAN was born on Mar 31, 1864 in near, Boonville, Yadkin Co., NC, USA, age 7 in 1870; Mar 1864, age 36 in 1900 census; age 45 in 1910.mdccclxxxiv,mdccclxxxv,mdccclxxxvi,mdccclxxxvii He was a a superintendent of Schools; practiced law; and was a real estate broker.mdccclxxxviii He was listed in the census of Hardin MORGAN and Elizabeth WHITE on Jun 18, 1870 at Providence, Hardin, IA, USA.mdccclxxxix He graduated on 1885 from Albion Seminary, Albion, Marshall Co., IA, USA.mdcccxc He corresponded with Lydia May HOUGHTON on Oct 12, 1885 He states that if she ever wants to break up their friendship "to place the pepper box in the road about one inch west from your house." He graduated from Drake University Ph. B.; also did graduate work at the Univ. of California and Univ. of Washington; he was admitted to the Iowa State Bar.mdcccxci He married Lydia May HOUGHTON, daughter of George Washington HOUGHTON and Clarinda Ette TENDER, in Dec 20, 1887 at Albion, Marshall Co., IA, USA, at the farm home of her parents.mdcccxcii,mdcccxciii He immigrated in 1891 to Gilman, Marshall Co., IA, USA.mdcccxciv He immigrated in 1893 to Clarence, Cedar Co., IA, USA.mdcccxcv He and Lydia May HOUGHTON appeared in the census of 1900 of Dayton, Cedar Co., IA, USA, age 36, principal of schools.mdcccxcvi He immigrated in 1904 to Sigourney, Keokuk Co., IA, USA.mdcccxcvii He immigrated in 1908 to Glenwood, Mills Co., IA, USA. He and Lydia May HOUGHTON appeared in the census of 1910 of Glenwood, Mills, IA, USA.mdcccxcviii He and Lydia May HOUGHTON were divorced on Nov 23, 1912 at Glenwood, Mills Co., IA, USA.mdcccxcix He was a teacher in 1917 at Everett, WA, USA.mcm He married Lillie Lurene VALENTINE in Jun 4, 1920.mcmi,mcmii,mcmiii He and Lillie Lurene VALENTINE had no children. He music director in 1927 at Cut Bank High School, MT, USA. He resided in between 1928 and 1942 in Cut Bank, MT, USA. He was a member of the the Democratic party. He was president of the Iowa State Teacher's Assoc., twice chairman of the County Democratic Convention in Iowa; chairman of district Democatic Club in Seattle, precinct committeman for 20 years; member of the Exec. Board, King Co. Democratic Central Committee for 10 years, member of the Doric Lodge No. 92, F. & A. Masons, and member of the McGuffey Reader's Society. He was listed in the city directory of at Seattle, King Co., WA, USA, between 1931 and 1959.mcmiv He resided in 1942 in Seattle, King Co., WA, USA, 431 16th Ave.mcmv He was baptized in Jan, 1957 at First Christian Church, Seattle, WA, USA, by immersion at age 93; he was also still a Democratic Precinct Committeeman. He corresponded with Norvin Dwight MORGAN in Jul, 1957 Discussed catching 7 skunks in the granary, deodorizing them, and keeping for pets. Cut 5000 bales of hay. He was retired in 1958 at Seattle, WA, USA. He corresponded with James Hamilton MORGAN in Apr, 1960 at St. Petersburg, FL, USA, He was mentally clear. As of 1961, the address of James Hamilton MORGAN was at Redington Beach, St. Petersburg, FL, USA, (an unknown value). He died on Feb 4, 1961 at Mound Park Hospital, St. Petersburg, Pinellas, FL, USA.mcmvi,mcmvii He was buried on Feb 7, 1961 at Liscomb Cemetery, Liscomb, IA, USA, in the Morgan Family plot. He was cremated.mcmviii He also went by the name of J. H. Biography: He was born in Boonville, NC in 1864. In 1870 census, age 7, he was at Providence, Hardin Co, IA. He was in school until he was 14. He worked on a farm for 3 years. He lived one summer at Carleton (now Popejoy) with his brother Drew. Drew found him a job with a railroad fence building. He was promoted to "straw boss" and took charge of reports at age 16. Drew insisted he return to school. He attended the Albion Seminary and graduated from the 4 year course in 2 years. He taught his first school at age 17. After finishing the Albion Seminary, he taught for 3 years. He attended Drake Univ. for a year then returned to teaching and began working for the Iowa State Teachers certificate and the study of the law. He passed the state certificate in 2 years passed the exams for Profess. Life Diploma in another year, and the State Bar exam. He coached athletics at Clarence and Sigourney. He was a school and Chautauqua lecturer, trained the town bands, vocal quartets and orchestras where he lived. He directed orchestras, bands and all kinds of vocial music in connection with his school positions, and was director of many Church choirs. He composed 60 or more school songs, and had an unpublished textbook on public speaking. He coached boy's athletics and practiced law in his spare time and had a real estate office. In 1890, he co-edited the Albion Seminary Alumni Magazine with Frank Houghton. He met Lydia at Albion Seminary and in 12/1887 married her. At age 23, he was the principal of the Albion public schools. He lived at the Houghton home until Genevieve was born in 1889. He moved to Gilman, Marshall Co, IA, where he was superintendent of schools. He moved to Clarence, Cedar Co, IA in 1893 where he was superintendent for 12 years. He moved to Sigourney in 1904 where he was superintendent for 4 years. He taught for 43 years, mostly in Iowa. He joined the Masonic Lodge there. He moved to Glenwood, Mills Co, IA in 1908 where he was superintendent for 4 years. The 1910 Census lists him at Glenwood, superintendent of schools, age 45, married 23 years. He was divorced by Lydia in 1912 . He was known as a scholar and read several languages. He was offered a professorship in English at Drake University. In 1938 he sent flowers for his ex-wife Lydia's funeral, and his son Max tracked him down through the florist. His granddaughter Jan Morgan visited him and his wife Lurene in 1948 in Seattle, WA. He and Lurene owned some copper claims located 4 miles northwest of Silverton, Washington, next to Deer Creek, for 7 years. They would make trips there where they had a cabin. He wrote poetry and published a lullaby with music. The Seattle City Directory lists him there in 1931 at 431 16th Ave, with Lurene. He was listed as a teacher in 1931 and 1934. He was listed alone in 1958 and last appeared in the 1959 directory. Lurene died before him . He left everything to her in his will. Marshall Uran was discouraged from visiting him because of family feelings toward him. He was know as "Prof." and "Supt.". He was an educator for 43 years and in the real estate business for 30 years. At age 90 he organized a male quarter in the McGuffey Reader's Society (average age of 80). He was in Seattle, Wash. in 1958 at age 94 (photo). In the last several years of his life, his son Max brought him to live with him at St. Petersburg, FL. He needed nursing home care toward the end of his life and died in St. Petersburg at age 97.
On 2/5/1952, he wrote on a map of his father's journey to Iowa from Boonville, NC: "Copied from the Diary of Hardin Morgan. Left Boonville, Oct. 17-1969. First day, stayed all night at Brooktown, Forsythe Co. Second day, stayed all night near Kernersville. Third day, got to Greensboro; took the cars ten o'clock at night; got to Richmond at eleven next morning. Left at one the same day; went to West Point in 2 hours - 35 miles. Took passage on the Kennebec 20 minutes after 3 P.M. Sailed 215 miles under Capt. Fremont; got to Baltimore at 8 o'clock in the morning. Left Baltimore by train at 4 in the evening; passed through Bellaire and Janusville, all got to Columbus. Passed through Union City, 5 P.M., Friday; reaching Logans in the morning at nine; (snowing very foot). Got to Chicago at 9 P.M.; left at 11. Crossed the Mississippi at Clinton. Got to State Center, Iowa at 11, after passing through Cedar Rapids and Marshalltown, and arrived at New Providence, (wagon & on foot-18 miles) Nov. 20th, 1869. Moved to Liscomb, Ia., Nov. 7th, 1870.

I traced our journey from North Carolina to Iowa, as shown by the above Map.

James Hamilton Morgan, youngest son of Hardin and Elizabeth Morgan; now the last living one of the Morgan Family of eleven Children. I shall be 88 on March 31st, 1952. Dated Feb.5-1952." He stated that only his mother, and Ellen and Jimmie rode in the wagon from State Center to New Providence; everyone else walked the 18 miles. Eight children made the trip from North Carolina to IA (Mase, Mattie, Jack, Lou, Emma, Jimmie, and Ellen Annetta).
"The Great Treck of 4 Families" (by J. (Jack) Morgan (spelling as given): "The Morgan Family comprising 12, including Father and Mother; Next comes Mose Cordals Family comprising 8, the next was Isham Copeland--wife and son John, then comes a new married couple Lewis Hall and Manda Cordle, one of Mose's daughters. We started from near Boonville, Yadkin County, North Carolina. Was on the road 3 days and 2 nites before we reached Greansboro where we took the train at 10 o'clock at nite. However Father being better educated and having more business experience, swing to his dealing in his manufacturing and selling tobacco, was chosen Captain and Head Spokesman of the Entire outfit. And when the tickets was bought, which cost $79 for all full fare tickets and $40 for half fare tickets. Mat and I came through for 1/2 fare, although Mat was above the age limit of 12 years. Jimmy and little Ellin came through free. None of us but Father had ever seen a train or large town before and you can bet your bottom dollar we were wide eyed. We reached Richmond, Vaginnia [sic] 11 o'clock the next day. Left there at L - 10. Reached West Point and took the beat Kennebeck 3:30 same day. Reached Baltimore, Marriland 8 o'clock next morning. Remained there 8 hours. Left at 4 P.M. Our Caption's namewas Fremont. Lots of people get sea sich and kept the Limber Legs busy with their mops and pails. We was offered a grand dinner on the beat about 9 P.M . free of charge, but we were so shabbaly dressed Mother would not let us go in the dinning room. Father, nancy, I and I think Sister Lou, went to the door and looked in at the table and it just dazzled our eyes as we had never sean any thing to compare with it before. My recollection is, Father and I think nance went in and dined, but I'm not certain abot it.

Got to Ohio River at Belair, 7:30. Our trian ran onto a Ferry Boat and they took us train and all across. Reached Zanesville, Ohio at 10:30 A.M. Passed Union City, at 5 P.M. Friday evening. Got to Logansport, Indiana 2 o'clock Saturday morning. Reached Chicago Illinois at 9, crossed the Mississippi River 4 P.M. on a wire Bridg reaching from bank to bank composed of 6 heavy wire cables, the First and only rail road bridg crossing the river at that time. Our train cralled across so slow you could hardly feal it move. It sagged down almost touching the water, we arrived at State Center 11 P.M. remained there till 9 Sunday A.M. Father got 3 teams to hall the outfit to friends near New Providence where we staid over nite. Then went on to Quill Spears. Then moved to New Providence. Lived there 1 year. Then moved to Liscomb, where Father and Isham Copeland, our friend and neighbor back in North Carolina bought 2 lots side by each and built houses wher Father and Mother spent the remainder of their lives."

He and Lurene taught school in Montana and after retiring moved to Seatlle WA.
He stated that his grandparents were all born in Virginia, except for grandma Knight who was born in Wales.
On July 19,1887, he wrote to May Houghton: "I commenced at the age of 11 to buy my own clothes. I have never allowed father to buy me one single "dud" since. The spring I was 14 I began work on the farm as a full hand and worked the year round except 2 or 3 months in the winter, giving all my earnings outside of my own expenses to Father until I was almost 20. I left home then simply because father depended upon me and not himself. He at one time was well off and could have been rich if not for his mismanagement, and when I saw that he was able to work, I knew that he ought to do it and not receive so much help from his children, till no longer able to labor, so I left home with $10 in pocket and since then it has been 4 yrs during which time I have gone to school 2 yrs which cost me full $300 nearly all borrowed money, which I have repaid during the two years I have been out of school besides taking the trip to Nebraska which cost me $50 and I now have $50 to my credit."
According to Fern Hauser, James had a fine voice and sang a lead role in the opera, "Barbara Fritchie.mcmix"
26A1 Genevieve Ethelyn5 MORGAN was born on Jun 2, 1889 in Albion, Marshall Co., IA, USA, Jun 1889, age 10 in 1900 census.mcmx,mcmxi She was listed in the census of James Hamilton MORGAN and Lydia May HOUGHTON in 1900 at Dayton, Cedar Co., IA, USA.mcmxii She graduated on 1907 from Sigourney High School, Sigourney, IA, USA. She graduated on 1913 from Jennie Edmundson Memorial Hospital Training School for Nurses. She was a a nurse. Her married name was ROBERTSON. She married Frederick Byron ROBERTSON in Aug 23, 1916 at Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, IA, USA.mcmxiii,mcmxiv She and Frederick Byron ROBERTSON were divorced on Jan 23, 1952. She died on Jan 25, 1969 at Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN, USA, of the flu.mcmxv,mcmxvi Biography: She was born in the farm home of her grandparents on the Houghton farm 1 mile east of Albion. She moved to Gilman with her parents in 1891, to Clarence in 1893, and to Sigourney in 1904. She graduated from Sigourney High School in 1907. In Glenwood, IA, in 1908 she became a telephone operator. Her father opposed her becoming a nurse. Her mother financed her at the Jennie Edmondson Hospital in Council Bluffs, IA. She practiced as a nurse at the Council Bluffs hospital until 1916, when she married Frederick Robertson. She learned the organ from her mother. She liked to embroider and played the piano. She sang sols in Glee clubs, quartets and a girl's octed in high school. She and husband settled in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She returned to working as a nurse when Ted went to work for Honeywell. In 1950, she lived at 3101 Humboldt Ave, Minn. MN. She was listed in the 1933, 1940, and 1965 Minneapolis City directory, last being listed as a nurse at the Maples Home for the Blind, living at 3232 Blaisdell Ave, apt 204.mcmxvii,mcmxviii
26A11 Patricia Jean6 ROBERTSON was born on Dec 26, 1920 in Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN, USA, 1926 also given.mcmxix,mcmxx Her married name was SORENSEN. She married Neal Edwin SORENSEN in Jun 17, 1947 at Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN, USA.mcmxxi,mcmxxii She resided in 1994 in Edina, MN, USA. As of 1997, the address of Patricia Jean ROBERTSON and Neal Edwin SORENSEN was at Patricia Robertson Sorenson, 132 Penninsula Road, Medicine Lake, MN, USA, 55441, 612-545-2658, (an unknown value).mcmxxiii,mcmxxiv She died on Dec 9, 2009 at Brooklyn Center, MN, USA.mcmxxv She was buried at Fort Snelling National Cemetery, MN, USA. Biography: At birth needed 8 blood transfusions. She graduated from Minneapolis high school and attended business school. She worked for Imperial Printing Co. for 5 years. Patricia and Neal belonged to the Presbyterian Church. They lived at 1336 Penn Ave, S. Minneapolis in 1953. In 1954, they were living at 7326 Penn Ave., Richfield MN and in 1995 at Medicine Lake, MN. Collected bottles and primitives.
26A111 Neal7 SORENSEN Jr was born on Dec 27, 1948 in Jackson, Jackson, MI, USA, Morgan Gen.: Minneapolis, MN.mcmxxvi,mcmxxvii He married Barbara (--?--).mcmxxviii He and Barbara (--?--) were living in 1997 at Robinsdale, MN, USA.mcmxxix He and Barbara (--?--) had no children. Biography: Lived at 8326 Penn Ave., Richfield MN. Later Robinsdale MN. Have 2 bassett hounds and 4 cats. In 1995 he was a foreman of the Minneapolis waterworks.
26A112 Dane Charles7 SORENSEN was born on Jan 17, 1952 in Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN, USA.mcmxxx,mcmxxxi He married Candice FRISK.mcmxxxii He was living in 1997 at Ely, MN, USA, Moved there in 1995.mcmxxxiii Correspondence: he corresponded with the author and contributed his daughter's name to the Houghton Project. As of Aug 18, 2003, the address of Dane Charles SORENSEN was

"Regal Music/Grot Music/D&C Sorensen and Assoc." .mcmxxxiv Biography: Owned an instant printing business and sold it and moved to Ely MN.

26A1121 Alexa Genevieve8 SORENSEN was born on Dec 14, 1982 in Golden Valley, MN, USA.mcmxxxv,mcmxxxvi She graduated on 2006 from University of Wisconsin Superior Graduated with honors with a Bachelor of Music Education - Instrumental in 2006

Taught band in Juneau Alaska 2006-2008, and in Washington 2008-2009.mcmxxxvii Her married name was CONNOLLY.mcmxxxviii She married James CONNOLLY in Aug 1, 2007 at Ely, MN, USA.mcmxxxix She was a State of MN in Revenue Collections in 2010. Correspondence: she corresponded with the author and contributed data to the Houghton Project. As of Feb 5, 2010, the address of Alexa Genevieve SORENSEN was at Ely, MN, USA, Contribution: Alexa Genevieve SORENSEN contributed her sisters genealogy.

26A1122 Adria Daphne8 SORENSEN was born on Jun 6, 1984 in Golden Valley, MN, USA.mcmxli,mcmxlii She graduated on 2006 from St. Scholastic College Graduated with honors with a Bachelor's in Biology.
26A1123 Anesa Kay8 SORENSEN was born on Sep 17, 1985 in Miaple Grove, MN, USA.mcmxliii,mcmxliv She was a CNA in 2009.
26A113 Diane Jean7 SORENSEN was born on May 11, 1954 in Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN, USA.mcmxlv Her married name was UMEDA. She married Gerald Yasuo UMEDA in Jul 18, 1980 at Grace Presbyterian Church.mcmxlvi,mcmxlvii She and Gerald Yasuo UMEDA were living in 1997 at HI, USA.mcmxlviii Correspondence: she corresponded with the author and contributed data to the Houghton Project ("Diane J. Umeda" ). Biography: Received Commercial Art Certification, University of Minnesota 1977. (At the time, the University of Minnesota did not offer graphic design or commercial art in its regular 4-year degree program.)
Received BA in Pre-Law, 1984, University of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI. Did attend Law School in 1984 but left due to health problems. After I recuperated, I decided not to continue my law studies.

Member Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Chapter of Hawaii, 1985.

Member of University of Hawaii Mortar Board, 1983-84. This is an honor society that does volunteer work for the community.
Received BGS in Computer Science, 1991, Hawaii Pacific University, Honolulu, HI. This was a business-oriented degree.
Married: July 18, 1980, Grace Presbyterian Church. Husband: Gerald Yasuo Umeda, DOB 2/15/52. Gerald was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. We met at the University of Minnesota in September, 1974. My husband has a BS in Architecture and BS in Environmental Design from the University of Minnesota, 1977.
I gave birth at age 52 years, 10 months to a beautiful baby boy. His name is Garry Neal Yasuo Umeda. DOB: 3/21/2007. I think that's one of my biggest accomplishments ever!
My husband and I are ballroom dancers. We have competed in competitions mainly in California, although we did attend one competition in Minnesota. We hope to continue competing once our son Garry is older.
I like to collect vintage Christmas decorations from the 1950's, 60s, and 70s. These are not just tree ornaments, but musical decorations. I also have a small collection animated motionettes from the 1980s-1990s. I also collect and wear vintage costume jewelry from the 1960's and beaded evening bags from the 1960's.
I've very big on decorating the house for Halloween and for Christmas! I am an avid reader, especially works of nonfiction, like biographies of famous people. I am an old movie buff and enjoying making my own DVDs of classic films shown on TV.
My husband works for the Naval Public Works Center as an Architect in Pearl Harbor.

I used to work as a User Information Analyst and a Graphic Designer. Now I am a stay-at-home Mom, Homemaker.mcmxlix

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