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  Press release
  Lse public Lecture London, 11 November 2013
  Memo/11/75 Brussels, 8 February 2011 a common mobile phone charger – Questions and Answers What is the issue?
  Handbook for new swimmers 2014 2015 handbook for returning swimmers 2014 2015 Welcome
  Digital Agenda: eu-funded research to make the "cloud" greener
  Summit Program (tentative) 8: 00 – 8: 45 Registration, Continental Breakfast, and Exhibits
  Summit Program (tentative) 8: 00 – 8: 45 Registration, Continental Breakfast, and Exhibits
  World Food Day: Joint statement by Commissioners Andris Piebalgs (Development aid) and Kristalina Georgieva
  Enter 2003 Conference Helsinki, 31 January 2003
  European Commission memo
  Mwezi Tumia eneo hili kwa maneno yanayohusiana na mwezi
  Commission européenne Bruxelles, le 14 février 2014 calendrier du 17 au 23 février 2014
  A million voices make a difference: the power of the European Citizens' Initiative
  European Commission Press release
  Checklist for rapid response

  Safeguarding children boards working in partnership rapid response team protocols
  Mergers: Commission clears proposed joint acquisition of Virgin Atlantic by Delta and Virgin Group
  Rapid Education Needs Assessment Report
  European Commission memo brussels, 3 July 2013 The 2012 life+ projects Austria 4 projects
  European Commission [Check Against Delivery] José Manuel Durão Barroso
  IP/10/1109 Brussels, 10 September 2010 eu steps up academic co-operation with the usa and Canada
  Oscar triumph for media-backed films Amour and Searching for Sugar Man
  Cannes to screen 21 films backed by Creative Europe media fund
  Commission européenne Bruxelles, le 15 juin 2012 calendrier du 18 au 24 juin 2012
  Europe : a common place for 75 million young people
  European Commission [Check Against Delivery]
  Antitrust: Commission consults on commitments offered by Samsung Electronics regarding use of standard essential patents
  Memo/09/137 Bruxelles, le 27 mars 2009 calendrier du 30 mars au 05 avril 2009
  IP/00/433 Brussels, 4 May 2000 Commission nominates new Deputy Director General for External Relations
  Licences for Europe stakeholder dialogue – Frequently Asked Questions
  Rapido! a 14-Day Composition Contest
  Speech by President Barroso: "a eu-us partnership for growth and jobs"
  A european Foreign Policy: Ambition and Reality
  Winners of the 2012 European Union Prize for Literature announced at Frankfurt Book Fair
  Digital Agenda: Commission welcomes French regulator's moves against incitement to hatred; ends legal action
  IP/07/1740 Brussels, 21 November 2007 Commission proposes 2008 fishing opportunities for the Black Sea
~naumannj/Geography 1001 articles/ch 2 global warming
  Tim Appenzeller Photographs by James Balog
  The Court has set aside record fines totalling eur 273 million imposed by the Commission for abuse of a collective dominant position on shipping companies forming a conference
  M17/M18 Gort-Tuam motorway gets €144 million European Investment Bank backing
  New Eu transport infrastructure policy – background What is the eu infrastructure policy?
  Commission appoints eleven European coordinators for the new transport infrastructure policy
  New Eu transport infrastructure policy – background What is the eu infrastructure policy?
  Rapid Assessment of the Governance System’s Ability to Respond to Climate Change
  European Commission memo brussels, 24 May 2013 Marine research in the European Union and the Atlantic
  European Commission Press release Brussels, 24 May 2013 eu, us, Canada launch Atlantic Ocean research alliance
  Speech/10/626 Janez Potočnik European Commissioner for Environment Marine litter: from shelf to shore
  Details on the new additions to the Union lists of Natura 2000 sites
  Commission proposal on venture capital for small- and medium-sized enterprises (smes) Frequently Asked Questions
  Let's act for Europe's maritime and coastal economy
  Site: rapid monitoring the A
  Questions and Answers on an action plan to support the development of blue energy What is blue energy?
  European Commission Press release Brussels, 26 November 2012 Environment: a good day for nature in Europe
  IP/00/1237 Brussels, 30 October 2000 eu steel research addresses environmental issues
  New momentum for the Integrated Maritime Policy and the Common Fisheries Policy
  Speaking points for the press Conference on Atlantic bluefin tuna
  Bluefin tuna fishing season 2014: eu prioritises high control standards
  A strategy for the Atlantic Lisbon Atlantic Conference Lisbon, 28 November 2011
  Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership: Commissioner Karel De Gucht welcomes Member States’ green light to start negotiations
  Speech/10/135 José Manuel Durão Barroso
  Speech/03/322 Romano Prodi President of the European Commission Looking ahead in transatlantic relations
  Speech/06/58 Danuta Hübner
  Europas Potenziale Nutzen
  Ribolovne kvote za leto 2006: večja stabilnost zahteva dolgoročno zavzemanje za obnovitev izčrpanih staležev
  State aid: Commission approves aid for the construction of French airport Notre-Dame-des-Landes
  Memo/08/222 Bruxelles, le 04 avril 2008 calendrier du 07 avril au 13 avril 2008
  Emergency calls: Commission welcomes growing Member State endorsement for eCall in-car system
  State aid: Commission opens formal investigation into proposed Polish aid to Fiat Powertrain
  Who will be in the driver’s seat?
  Speech/08/604 Neelie Kroes European Commissioner for Competition Policy Car Glass Cartel
  What should I bring on a deployment?
  Antitrust: Commission fines banana suppliers € 60. 3 million for running price cartel
  Mergers: Commission approves merger between banana companies Chiquita and Fyffes, subject to conditions
  Bei/10/54 29 March 2010
  Ordering in: The rapid evolution of food delivery
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