For immediate release lg electronics demonstrates new products for atsc mobile digital tv

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Prototype MP3 Player, Portable DTV, Laptop PC, Mobile Phones

Support Mobile DTV Broadcasts, 2009 Field Trials
LAS VEGAS, Jan. 7, 2009 – The co-developer of the ATSC Mobile Digital Television (DTV) Candidate Standard, LG Electronics, today announced handheld and mobile receiver products to support broadcasters’ mobile DTV deployments in 2009. Demonstrated at the 2009 International CES®, the prototype LG products include:

  • The first ATSC Mobile DTV MP3 player with a 3-inch touch-screen display

  • A portable DVD player with a wide 7-inch LCD swivel screen and integrated ATSC Mobile DTV tuner

  • A mobile phone with a large 3-inch touch-screen display with Electronic Service Guide (ESG) functions, including TV Guide® program guide

  • A mobile phone with a 2.8-inch dual-touch screen with QWERTY keyboard

  • A USB “dongle” receiver for laptop PCs

LG Electronics also has collaborated with leading automotive electronics suppliers, including Kenwood, Visteon Corporation, Delphi and Hyundai-Kia, providing technical support for in-car ATSC Mobile DTV receivers.

“The timely introduction of a wide variety of ATSC Mobile DTV-compatible devices will be crucial to the creation of a robust mobile digital TV market,” said Brandon Burgess, chairman of the Open Mobile Video Coalition (OMVC), an alliance of more than 800 broadcasters promoting the new standard. “Broadcasters applaud LG’s leadership, both in the development of the standard and in deploying mobile DTV receivers to support our launch plans in 2009 and beyond.”



Dr. Woo Paik, president and chief technology officer, LG Electronics, said, “Digital TV broadcasts to mobile and handheld devices will represent significant new opportunities for consumer electronics manufacturers as digital TV stations deliver a wide range of exciting programming using the new standard.” He said LG Electronics will offer a Reference Design Kit intended to help other receiver manufacturers develop and rapidly deploy ATSC Mobile devices.

At CES, the LG devices will receive nearly 50 programs delivered on seven different ATSC Mobile DTV bit streams. The national and local content includes entertainment, news, sports and weather programming from leading broadcasters, including Journal Broadcast Group, Sunbelt Broadcasting Co., Meredith Broadcasting, Sinclair Broadcast Group, Ion Media Networks, NBC Universal, Fox and ABC.

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