Gmnc board Meeting Minutes April 5, 2011

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GMNC Board Meeting Minutes

April 5, 2011


  1. Doug calls Weekender Sports in Hotchkiss alerting them to need for a snowmobile next year.

  2. Dave sends out questions to Board members and copies Joe Ramey on Weatherport proposal

  3. Annie turns in user day report to USFS.

  4. Christie sends out Nonprofit excellence packets via e-mail to Board

  5. Christie arranges Personnel Committee meeting with Doug

  6. Annie checks to see if her conference room is available 5/10

  7. Dave sends out survey to Board members regarding temporary structure next season.

Board Members in attendance:, Annie Murphy, Tom Ela, Winslow Robertson, Christie Aschwanden, Suzi Evans, Jerry Evans, Anita Evans, and Dave Knutson
Staff: Doug Conant, Ops Coordinator
Guests: Shannon Raborn, GMNC volunteer
Regrets: Denis Reich, Bob Kretschman, Christina Stark, Richard Hypio
Approve agenda: the agenda was reviewed.
Minutes: Tom moved to approve the March minutes. Then Anita seconded which prompted the first unanimous approval of the meeting.
Budget: Suzi noted that trail box donations were down while membership contributions beyond suggested dues went up 4500. With $61,000 inflows this year including $5,000 REI grant money and $3,400 from maps, Suzi predicts $53,000 for our working budget next year. Suzi stated that the Board could take this year’s excess and commit it to next year’s grooming. Dave moves to approve the budget Tom seconds and again those present nodded to approve. Thankfully they were not nodding asleep.
Membership update: Ruth reported we had a new record this year of 524 members. 426 mailed checks in while 90 used Google. A total of 308 paid members that want e-mail newsletters, saving us printing, collating, and postage costs.
Ops update: Doug reported that March was exciting. We did 80 hours last year during March and given the snowfall, he was surprised that we didn’t use more hours. March this year totalled 107 hours. Usage is down. There were 8 cars at County Line this a.m. Christie did not get a single e-mail complaining about driving up and the trails being un-groomed. Doug got a round of applause for that feat!
“You are here” dots on signs need to be updated. Diesel has been billed and we bought our last tank barring further thefts of fuel. We’re in good shape to not dip into our reserve. People tend to ski when weather is lousy, raining, and mud in valleys. Tom said we typically buy a snowmobile every other year and this next year we are due for a new one. Doug will call Weekender in Hotchkiss to give them a heads up that we will need one next year. Recommendation was made to do the same level of maintenance on Cat as we did last year. Doug said the major teardown would only be needed if we were stepping on it a lot up and down hills. “We baby this thing.”
REI grant: Doug will re-apply for the REI grant through the Grand Junction store. It is due June 6.
Trails: Winslow reported that the USFS wants a “semi-official” courtesy closure on dogs. This would allow us to sign the trailheads and parking lot at Skyway. In subsequent years following the courtesy closure, the rule will be final.
Fundraising & House party update: Dave mentioned that following last meeting he was warned not to raise funds for capital improvements. This would set a precedent and would not be in GMNC’s best interest as the USFS would most likely approach us in the future for any further capital needs. It was suggested that we go after a shelter instead. Christie checked with USFS and was given a green light to proceed with one for next season. Dave summarized a proposal from Weatherport systems which was e-mailed to the Board. Many questions remain to be discussed which are listed below:
First question - do we want to do this now?

Second question - how will we pay for it?

Third question - where will we put it? County Line or Skyway?

Fourth question - where will we store it in the off season, how much are we willing to pay?

Fifth question - who will put it up and take it down each year?

Sixth question - how will we heat the warming hut part?

Seventh question - what about insurance?

Eighth question - will taking it down every year cause more wear and tear?

Ninth question - if we come up short of money from summer fundraising, what will we do?

Tenth question - is there a danger of cannabalizing other grants or member donations as we go after raising the $30,000 needed?

Final question - what questions aren’t we asking that we have overlooked?

Skis For Kids Update: Anita reported that we finished the season with 548 skier days, down from 620 last season. Coburn, Hotchkiss, Delta, Montrose, ESL, church groups, boy scouts but no girl scouts were all groups using the Skis for Kids program. Anita lamented the absence of Girl Scout Cookies this year! We bought 36 pair of boots this year. We have a lot of big skis. We’re stretched for the larger size boots. We usually buy Alpina equipment through Jeans Westerner. Ruth waxed sentimentally about the announced closing of the Delta store by Jeans Westerner.

Gliders update: Annie will turn in a user day report for USFS. Annie doesn’t count our program as skier days. We are only allotted 120 skier days at Skyway. Ski camp in the fall and Al’s stuff counts to skier days.
Mesa State Update (Christina) Whoo, Hoo! They kicked butt! Eight skiers attended nationals in Sun Valley, ID. Brook finished 3rd and 5th and will be back next year. Girls finished 5th overall. Dustin was top 20 and Trey finished in top 20. Budget was 20 to 25% less than last year. Most of these skiers will be back next year.
Principles & Practices for Nonprofit Excellence: Christie wants us to think about discreet terms for Board members, terms for officers and make it part of minutes and by-laws. She mentioned the benefit of having new people coming in and officers changing. For instance, a deadline of a three year term makes a President think about what they want to accomplish. Also she wants us to pursue a way to evaluate ourselves and develop a five year plan. A fundraising plan is needed. She will send out the packet to Board members again, patiently asking us to do some homework.
Suzi asked Doug if he is considering a second season with GMNC. Perhaps forgetting the Personnel Committee’s charge to handle this, she pressed Doug about salary and staffing during the meeting asking him to come back to the Board with a discussion of what he needs for next year to stay with GMNC regarding compensation. Winslow requested that Doug to come back with his recommendations for staffing for next year. Christie talked about moving us toward a Executive Director and make our staffing sustainable over time. Christie, Annie, and Dave (personnel committee) will arrange a meeting with Doug to discuss this further and bring recommendations back to the Board.
8:15 came and passed - we adjourned at 8:20 p.m. a mere 5 minutes past Christie’s projected time.
The next GMNC Board meeting will be held on the second Tuesday of May, the 10th of May 6:30 p.m. Christie requested the change due to her work obligations. Suzi and Ruth mentioned that meeting the second Tuesday would make it easier to produce financial reports on time. Winslow was making plans and mentioned that we should be consistent in our scheduling. Annie moved Dave seconded to move to 5/10 - the motion passed with Winslow voting nay and Tom abstaining.

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