Hba announces Launch of Canvas: An Art Resource for the Luxury Hospitality Design Community

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HBA Announces Launch of Canvas:

An Art Resource for the Luxury Hospitality Design Community
Canvas combines the talents, experience and capabilities of HBA’s award-winning designers, collectors and artists into a stand-alone art consultancy
(May 16, 2011) HBA today announced the formation of Canvas, a newly integrated global art affiliate within the HBA family and a full service firm with an intimate knowledge of the hospitality design industry. From budgeting and concept planning to procurement and installation, Canvas is a comprehensive art consultancy focused on enhancing exceptional hospitality interior designs with well-conceived and fully realized art collections. Formerly known individually as International Art Collaborative (Atlanta), Art Group International (LA), and HBA Art (Singapore), these three consultancies (plus a brand new division in Hong Kong) have joined forces under one collective name.
Although a new entity, Canvas has deep and wide experience supporting HBA projects around the world. “We’ve developed an unrivaled grouping of artists, consultants and designers whose work speaks for itself,” said Matthew Whitaker, Director of Canvas. “Making their talents available to hospitality and other luxury design firms that share our belief in the power of art to transform aligns perfectly with our long-term vision. Canvas will deliver the same high-caliber results already evident in properties as diverse as The St. Regis Atlanta and Siam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok—both superlative examples of seamlessly integrated art collections.”
Canvas maintains offices in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Singapore. All can be reached through the firm’s website: http://www.canvasartconsultants.com .
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Art installation at Kempinski Hotel Indonesia Art installation at St Regis Hotel Atlanta

About Canvas

An independent company within the HBA family, Canvas creates distinctive, sophisticated and relevant art collections for luxury properties around the world. We are connected to an unparalleled global network of galleries, collections, artisans, and craftspeople working in every conceivable medium and scale.

About HBA

HBA creates inspired, brand-defining design experiences that evoke a distinct sense of place, while delighting the world's most discriminating travelers. Our portfolio spans more than 80 countries and encompasses the planet’s finest nameplates.

HBA spaces are a fusion of tradition and innovation, craft and the cutting edge. From 13 studios worldwide, our designers blend incomparable industry experience with a passion for artistic exploration and a philosophical approach to each project as a discovery opportunity. By expanding the aesthetic envelope, we develop strong, inspired identities that set new standards for luxury and comfort. www.hbadesign.com

Media Contact:
Lemor Moses

Director of Public Relations


3216 Nebraska Avenue

Santa Monica, CA 90404 U.S.A.

TEL 310 829 9087

FAX 310 453 1182

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