Leadership Development Seminars and ecq-based Readings

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University of Washington

Executive Development Program

Created for busy senior managers, executives, and other professionals, the Executive Development Program, formerly The Management Program, is a nine-month, part-time certificate program. The program covers essential business subjects, including finance, accounting, economics, marketing, international business, operations, leadership and strategy.

Dates: applications accepted throughout the year; program runs September - May

Location: UW campus

Fee: $18,500 for the program

$20,500 (for credit track)

Table of Contents

Leadership That Shapes the Future

In Leadership that Shapes the Future, you will develop the essential leading, planning, and influencing skills necessary to create and sustain long-term organizational success. During this interactive three-day seminar, you will learn strategies and methods you can use to become a "transformational leader” — one who enables others, especially peers and subordinates, to transcend self-interest and act for the common good of the organization.
Dates: TBD

Location: UW campus

Fee: $3,300
For more information on all programs contact 206-543-8560

Table of Contents

University of Wisconsin - Madison

Wisconsin School of Business Executive Education - http://exed.wisc.edu/

Wisconsin School of Business Executive Education has a long history of partnering with organizations and working professionals to provide real-world learning and development programs.

Our wide selection of open enrollment courses and limitless customized solutions are designed to address real and emerging business needs. Led by expert faculty, business leaders, and consultants with extensive real-world work experience, our programs draw a robust mix of participants from across industries for a lively classroom environment, whether at our award-winning Fluno Center or a destination of your choosing.
Every year, thousands of professionals from industry, government and nonprofit organizations participate in executive education programs taught by the Wisconsin School of Business.

Teaching and facilitation approaches often include a combination of lecture, discussion, interactive participation, team experiential exercises, hands-on industry or organization-specific case studies, role playing, and application exercises to ensure that participants can immediately apply the information to their workplaces.

Our partnership includes the following options:
Open Enrollment Programs

    • Over 100 open enrollment courses on more than 80 business topics and 15 certificate series

    • Attendees network and learn with peers from other companies and other industries

    • Offers maximum scheduling flexibility for individuals and organizations

    • Organizational discounts available based on volume

    • For a full list of open enrollment courses visit our Courses page on-line

Custom Programs

    • Designed to meet individual and organizational goals and objectives

    • Delivers real-world practical solutions for business challenges

    • Provides measurable outcomes linked to specific business results

    • Delivered at the Fluno Center, online, or a location of the client’s choice

Hybrid Programs

    • Tailored open enrollment certificate series delivered on-site for a specific company

    • Blended approach of custom programming with open enrollment supplements to allow scheduling flexibility

    • Organization-specific learning and development paths through use of open enrollment courses for in-depth development in areas as needed.

Getting It Right: Decision Making and Change Management


Important decisions require leadership to use the appropriate processes and data tools to reach the best conclusion. In this course, you will learn how decision making criteria can help you frame the problem, define alternatives, and incorporate appropriate data into solution identification. Leadership skills and leadership communication are vital in not only reaching the right conclusion, but implementing it. After making the right decision, you have to impose change. Getting people to change behaviors may be the toughest and biggest challenge managers, effective leadership and executive leadership, and organizational leadership face today. Learn the six strategies that can overcome the resistance to change and how and when to use them. You can make it happen!
Execute decision making and tree diagrams

  • Define problems so alternative solutions become apparent

  • Frame business problems using decision trees

  • Understand and model uncertainty

  • Perform sensitivity analysis: the “what if?” dilemma

  • Analyze data

Execute organizational change management

  • Understand the impact of change on your employees

  • Analyze the positive and negative impacts of change

  • Examine the Kurt Lewin change theory along with others

  • Explore six change strategies that reduce resistance and enhance commitment to change initiatives

Program Dates: March 4-6, 2013; September 9-11, 2013; December 2-4, 2013

Program Tuition: $1,895 USD

Contact Number: 608-441-7357
Table of Contents

Leadership Beyond Management


This dynamic program is designed for managers of managers or high-potential managers who want to benefit emergent leaders and people who others follow, not because of their position on an organization chart but because of their ability to create greater value for the larger organization.

When you leave this program, you will take home strategies for balancing your role as a leader, manager, coach and team player. You will know how to effectively influence executives, managers, direct reports, and peers, to lead organizational change, and contribute to your company's performance.

The strengths of our leadership training are:

  • Timely, specific, real-time feedback to our participants

  • A focus on leadership style, not just skills

  • Stretch practice fields to help you build your leadership skills

  • Individual coaching based on your particular strengths and challenges

  • Small-group, interactive seminars designed for targeted learning

Program Dates: April 22-26, 2013; October 28-November 1, 2013

Program Tuition: $4,500 USD

Contact Number: 608-441-7357
Table of Contents

Leading Organizational Change

In today’s fast-paced business environment, leaders must recognize when organizational change is necessary and understand how to clearly re-cast the mission statement to create a more effective and forward-looking enterprise. Efficient leaders create collaborative change, align individuals and departments with new goals, and create a culture of self-direction and encouragement.
With the powerful knowledge gained during this course, you will be able to:

  • Articulate, with clarity, the vision/mission/purpose of a successful business

  • Analyze whether the key aspects of your organization are properly aligned with your vision/mission/purpose

  • Construct an organizational culture that best suits your business goals

  • Build and execute a change plan that assures all key aspects of the organization are focused on your key business strategy

  • Assess your own personal leadership style and ensure that it fosters the achievement of your vision/mission/purpose

Program Dates: May 13-15, 2013; August 26-28, 2013

Program Tuition: $1,895 USD

Contact Number: 608-441-7357
Table of Contents

Vanderbilt University

Leading Change

Change is essential to organizational growth and progress. Yet researchers report that over 60 percent of change projects (such as implementing a new strategic plan or enterprise software) fail to achieve intended results.

Through this intensely focused, hands-on program, you’ll learn research-based frameworks, models and strategies that will make you become a stronger leader of change within your organization.

This two-day program will help you lead change initiatives that succeed.

What you will learn:

You’ll learn ideas and techniques you can apply right away, including:

  • How to ensure that change projects succeed (and how to apply course learning to a current change project in your organization)

  • Identify common mistakes to avoid and anticipate barriers to change

  • Understand how to build support for embracing and sustaining change

  • Useful strategies to leverage technology for change

Upcoming Dates: December 2-3, 2013
Location: Owen Graduate School of Management

Cost: $1,980
Table of Contents

Executive Leadership

Some people seem to have a natural gift for transforming an organization, creating a high-performance culture and driving change. For most of us, however, leading teams and organizations is an acquired skill.

By the end of this highly interactive, three-day program, conducted by one of the nation’s leading business experts on the subject, you’ll be equipped to become a more effective leader and to achieve your professional and organizational goals.

This three-day program helps you achieve your potential as a leader.

What You Will Learn:

You’ll learn ideas and techniques you can apply right away, including:

  • How to become a stronger leader who can build a shared vision, improve teamwork and increase productivity

  • Ways to motivate people using key leverage points based on character and ability

  • Developing a personal action plan to create greater impact in your organization

  • Skills for leading change more effectively

Upcoming Dates: February 25-27, 2013; October 28-30, 2013

Location: Owen Graduate School of Management

Cost: $2,970 (includes tuition, instructional materials, continental breakfast and lunch)
Table of Contents

Leading Project Teams for Strategic Results

Leading strategic projects effectively requires a combination of skills: designing and executing strategies, managing relationships and evaluating results. The most successful project managers balance these contrasting capabilities while balancing competing demands within the organization.

This engaging and highly interactive two-day program is designed for experienced project managers who strive to become more effective in conveying vision, coping with complexity and energizing people to achieve important goals.

Upcoming Dates: January 29-30, 2013

Location: Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management - Nashville, TN

Cost: $1,980
Table of Contents

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