Majin Buu-zzerpalooza Round 1 Written by Connor Teevens and Ryan Dillon

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Majin Buu-zzerpalooza Round 1

Written by Connor Teevens and Ryan Dillon

1. A Buster Cannon was fired shortly before the first appearance of this character, and Cell first demonstrates his regenerative abilities after an encounter with this character. This character says “I refuse,” when asked to fight Vegeta, and another character remarks “Seems Goku is the only thing he has on his mind.” The Capsule Corporation logo replaces the Red Ribbon Army logo on this character’s uniform after a fight in which Semi-Perfect Cell says “You only have half a brain left.” That fight sees this character employ a Rocket Punch, as well as an attack in which he detaches his hands and fires energy beams from his arms, Hell’s Flash. This character says “You scared the birds away,” after Android 18 fights Vegeta, and this character is entirely synthetic. For 10 points, name this Android, numerically before 17.

ANSWER: Android 16

2. This character possesses a grappling claw in his chest cavity, and this character technically dies three times during Dragon Ball: GT. This character fights off several sand snakes in order to protect another character, and he accidentally triggers the takeoff system of the Para Para brothers’ ship, taking him to Planet Luud along with Pan. This character is associated with the Sigma Force, who are inhabitants of this character’s home planet, M-2. While General Rilldo attacks Gohan, this character uses a green beam to reverse the metallization of Gohan’s legs, and Trunks, Goku, and Pan first encounter him when he absorbs their dragon radar. For 10 points, name this robot, also called T-20-06, who helps to find dragon balls during Dragon Ball: GT.


3. During the Garlic Jr. Saga, this item is used in a poker game against Maron and Yajirobe, and it can be seen in the Japanese credits during the last episode of Dragon Ball GT. This item is retired after a fight with Dr. Wheelo in World’s Strongest, and it was also used against Annin in the final episode of Dragon Ball. Originally owned by Master Roshi before being given to Grandpa Gohan, this object can reach a height of at least 225,000 miles, as seen when it transports Goku and Master Carrot to the Moon, and Goku used it to break Mercenary Tao’s sword. Originally created to connect Korin Tower to Kami’s Lookout, for 10 points, identify this magical, length-changing staff carried by Goku in Dragon Ball.

ANSWER: Power Pole

4. This technique was one of several moves that were used in a mental projection inside Super Buu’s mind, as well as being used to defeat Salza, one of Cooler’s top henchmen. It is used to save Gohan from Bojack’s energy ball in Bojack Unbound, and the Cell Juniors attempt to use it against Gohan. Super Buu uses it after he absorbs Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks and the character for which it is known, and that character attempts to use it on a Baby-infected Gohan in Dragon Ball GT. This technique was used to destroy the spaceship Goku used to come to earth, which was projecting the image of a moon in the sky, and its most notable use caused the death of two Saiyans. For 10 points, name this attack that killed Raditz and Goku, Piccolo’s signature move.

ANSWER: Special Beam Cannon [or Makankōsappō]
5. One person to work under this character is the guardian of the Furnace of Eight Divisions, and transforms into a giant to fight Goku. That person is Annin. Besides Goku, this character was the only one to ever beat Goz, catch Mez in a footrace, and escape from Princess Snake’s palace. Janemba traps him during Fusion Reborn, and he was slowly freed by Pikkon. This character is responsible for reincarnating Kid Buu as Uub, and he sends Dabura to Heaven, saying that Dabura would have enjoyed himself in Hell. This character easily defeats Raditz after Raditz was killed by Piccolo, and gives Goku permission to run on Snake Way. For 10 points, name this giant Ogre that judges souls in the Other World.

ANSWER: King Yemma [or Enma Daiō]

6. This character is the first to recognize Chi-Chi when she fights Goku in the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament, and a wish that he made was responsible for the creation of Oceanus Shenron in Dragon Ball GT. This character originally resided in Octagon Village, but was exiled for kidnapping a kindergarten teacher. Bulma gives this character a “vitamin” which causes him to have to go to a bathroom whenever anyone says a code word, and this character is the first to have a wish granted by the dragon balls. Some of this character’s disguises include an ogre, a motorcycle, a ramen-carrying robot, and Bulma, even though he can only maintain these disguises for five minutes at a time. This character is first seen kidnapping young girls in the Aru village, and his counterpart is Puar. For 10 points, name this shapeshifting anthropomorphic pig.

ANSWER: Oolong [or Ūron]

7. Before an appearance of these entities, one character destroys a news helicopter, and most of them were killed during the Tritek War. Chiaotzu and Tien meet Gohan for the first time before a battle with these characters. During Bardock: The Father of Goku, one character asks “What’s he going to be like when he’s full grown?” after seeing another character defeat several of these with ease. When they first appear in Dragonball Z, one character tells another that there are six of them left, and those characters want to “have some fun” by using these creatures. One of these creatures uses a self-destruct technique to kill Yamcha, and they are grown by planting a seed and administering special liquid. For 10 points, name these small clawed creatures with green scaly skin that are used by Vegeta and Nappa against the Z Fighters.

ANSWER: Saibamen

8. After Super Android 17 opens up Hell during Dragon Ball: GT, this character is targeted by members of the Red Ribbon Army. One of this man’s former sparring partners is allied with Maloja, and that former partner, Lord Jaguar, revealed a secret about this character wetting the bed. A statue of him is erected at the end of Dragon Ball: GT next to one of Goku, and this man erroneously believes that the secret to flight is sufficient upper-body strength. Android 18 allows this character to win the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament in exchange for a large sum of money, and his daughter eventually marries Gohan. For 10 points, name this World Martial Arts champion who claims responsibility for the defeat of Bojack and Cell, the father of Videl.

ANSWER: Hercule Satan [accept either]

9. Moori uses a finger beam to destroy several of these objects and Babidi posseses one device similar to these objects that counts units of kili. Androids possess integrated versions of these objects that can perform 3D scan mode, and the punching machine at the World Martial Arts Tournament performs a role similar to these objects. While observing Vegeta’s fight with Cui, one of these objects belonging to Zarbon overloads, as does another after Goku uses the Kaio-ken times three, and that one of these objects was recovered from Raditz’s dead body. Invented by the Tuffles, these devices can be used to tell time and communicate, in addition to their more notable role. For 10 points, name this device that measures power levels, prompting Vegeta to yell “IT’S OVER 9,000!!!” when measuring Goku’s.

ANSWER: Scouter [or Sukautā]

10. This character incapacitated two of Lord Slug’s soldiers before being knocked out by a third, and at the end of Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan, the phrase “My favorite hobbies are reading and sports” causes this character to pass out. This character fought Gohan on top of the Kame House while infected with the Black Water Mist, and along with Yajirobe and Master Roshi, this character was part of a group that tried to travel to Namek to assist the Z Fighters. This character took part in the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament under the name “Anonymous” and as a child, she possessed a helmet that shot lasers and had a detachable blade. For 10 points, name this daughter of the Ox King and wife of Goku.


11. Goku attempts to eat a yellow kangaroo shortly before the first appearance of this character, and this character calls Goku “big-hair.” This character uses a mask to fight in the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament but is defeated in the prelims by a disguised Kami, and this character is first seen wearing the one-star dragon ball as a necklace. This character nearly passes out after drinking a small portion of the Ultra Divine Water, and at one point eats far too many Senzu Beans, causing him to inflate like a balloon. Goku once ate this character’s fish, and this character’s importance is lessened during Dragon Ball Z, but he is responsible for cutting of the tail of Great Ape Vegeta. For 10 points, name this orange-clad samurai.

ANSWER: Yajirobe

12. In Plan to Eradicate the Super Saiyans, Goku defeats Hatchiyack with the Spirit Bomb in conjugation with this technique, and Meta-Cooler calls it one of his favorite moves. It is revealed that this technique briefly moves the user to a pocket dimension in Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan. After figuring out the weakness of Pikkon’s Thunder Flash Attack, Goku uses this technique in a similar fashion to when he vaporizes the torso of another foe. In addition to that Kamehameha variety, in Dragon Ball GT, Goku as a child is not able to perform this technique accurately, and this move was learned by Cell after the destruction of King Kai’s planet. Originally taught by the inhabitants of Planet Yardrat, Goku first demonstrates it by retrieving Master Roshi’s sunglasses. For 10 points, name this teleportation technique.

ANSWER: Instant Transmission

13. This character teaches another character that ice cream cones aren’t eaten with spoons, and after Hell is opened during Dragon Ball: GT, this character kills Pui Pui and assists another character in killing Android 19. This character is upset at being paired with Majin Buu in the first round of the 28th World Martial Arts tournament, and a wish that this character makes allows another character to show up and assist in the creation of a “family” Kamehameha to defeat Broly. In Dragon Ball: GT, this character is repeatedly seen on his cell phone with his girlfriend Valese. This character is one half of the Mighty Mask, and he is born nine months after Cell is defeated. For 10 points, name this son of Goku and Chi Chi who fuses with Trunks to form Gotenks.


14. This character was once blasted into the Bloody Pond in Hell by Tien, and in one episode, this character complains about “how long it’s gonna take to wash all this dust outta my hair” after being sprayed by debris from Vegeta’s energy blasts. He commented that Goku deflected his signature attack “like a beach ball,” and he used that attack with another character’s Mach Kick technique in a move called the Red Comet Attack. This character uses his Red Magma move in a combined attack known as the Purple Comet Attack, but despite their efforts, Goku still soundly defeats both this man and his friend Burter. For 10 points, name this character, a member of the Ginyu Force, notable for his white hair, red skin, and Space Australian accent.

ANSWER: Jeice [or Jiisu]

15. When the spirits of the Shinsenkai attack one character, this villain is given the upper hand in a battle. Icarus carries Maron to safety during an attack by this character’s minions, and afterwards, Yajirobe and Koren are forced to watch Maron while Gohan and Krillin go to fight this villain. While at this villain’s residence, Gohan eats an apple and becomes drunk. Nicky, Ginger, and Sansho are this character’s disciples during one movie in which he appears, and this character’s father lost to Kami for the position of Guardian of the Earth. This character used the Makyo Star’s power to come back from the place where he was originally trapped, and he was granted immortality by Shenron. For 10 points, name this character with a namesake saga who has the power to open the Dead Zone.

ANSWER: Garlic Jr. [or Gārikku Jr.]

16. This character begins one of his fights by yelling and almost pushing his opponent out of the ring with his voice, and that fight sees his opponent blow up a moon while trying to hit this character. This character taunts Kid Buu before Buu travels to the Sacred World of the Kais, and Goku chooses to eat instead of watch this character’s fight against Torbie. This character uses the Hyper Tornado attack during the final match in the tournament in which he appears, and this character had previously defeated Olibu. This member of the West Quadrant quelled Frieza and Cell’s rebellion in Hell, and was a finalist in the Other World Tournament. For 10 points, name this green-skinned fighter that was knocked out of the ring by Goku.

ANSWER: Pikkon [or Paikūhan]

17. This character took another character to a location called Yunzabit Heights, and he once collected the dragon balls in just one day. In Dragon Ball: GT, he tries to stop Kibito Kai from retrieving a cure for Baby’s infection, and he briefly spars with a Super Saiyan Goten in Dragon Ball Z. This character originally suggests that Goten and Trunks should perform the fusion dance during the Buu saga, and Piccolo commends him for his bravery after he throws Dende off of the Lookout after Super Buu murders Android 18. Earlier in Dragon Ball Z, this character trained Yamcha, Krillin, Tien, and Chiaotzu in anticipation of the arrival of Vegeta and Nappa. For 10 points, name this black-skinned, turban-wearing genie who serves both Kami and Dende in maintaining the Lookout.

ANSWER: Mr. Popo

18. Super Buu’s Mystic Shooter is one variation of this technique, and it was used by Tien against Future Trunks in the Intergalactic World Tournament during Bojak: Unbound. It’s most regular user fired a “Chain Barrage” variety at Frieza, and Frieza himself employed a “Homing” variety. It shatters after being launched at Perfect Cell’s neck and it was used to free Goku in The Return of Cooler. The Mighty Mask was revealed to be Goten and Trunks after this technique was used, and Vegeta jumped over it in the form of the Great Ape. This technique is responsible for cutting Kid Buu in half and slicing off Frieza’s tail. For 10 points, name this razor-sharp energy attack, Krillin’s signature move.

ANSWER: Destructo Disk [or Kienzan]

19. Toolo placed a curse on this man, but was killed shortly afterwards by one of this character’s accomplices, Tora. That event occurred near the end of the extermination of the Kannassans, and this character was presumed dead after a Super Mouth Blast from another character. His great-great-great grandson is seen sporting a headband at a World Martial Arts tournament that is similar to the one that this character wears on Planet Meat when he fights Dodoria’s Elite. He uses a Final Spirit Cannon in an attempt to kill one character, but is blown up by that character’s Supernova, along with his home planet. Before he died, this character had a vision of his son defeating that villain, Frieza. For 10 points, name this low-class Saiyan warrior, best-known for being the father of both Raditz and Goku.

ANSWER: Bardock [or Bādakku]

20. One of these objects was destroyed by King Piccolo’s son Tambourine, and another was acquired after Goku survived drinking the Ultra Divine Water. Mercenary Tao briefly used a “dark” one of these objects, and Master Roshi originally intended to give Goku his Immortal Phoenix instead of one of these objects, but forgot that it died from bad birdseed. Bulma shrinks herself to get around one aspect of these objects, while Krillin simply hangs on to Goku. In Dragon Ball Z, one of these objects is responsible for saving Gohan from being stomped on by Nappa. These objects can only be used by those who are pure of heart, and Goku was originally given one for rescuing Turtle. For 10 points, name these objects that provide transportation through the sky.

ANSWER: Flying Nimbus

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