Note: 09/30/12 Sunday 8: 05 P. M. I ate a 14. 5 ounce Maria Callendar chicken pot pie with a 12 ounce glass of diet

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Note: <888> 10/25/12 Thursday 6:55 A.M.  I reheated and ate the same Dinty Moore beef stew and rice mixture as yesterday along with a 12 ounce glass of Sprite.  If we should get Hurricane Sandy early next week, there might be power outages.  I am stocked up on batteries and emergency light needs.  The best place to get large quantities of batteries, if one needs them is the Port Chester, New York is you are a Costco member.  I am charging up my three jump start systems to make sure they are fully charged with their emergency lights.  I will now go downtown for a walk, and I will forage around.  I will wait until I return home to hang the dinner plate.  On the primary work computer, I disabled the McAfee addons for Internet Explorer, so Internet Explorer 8 works a little bit faster.  Of course Google Chrome on it works faster, but it might not have as good of security.  CIO  

Note: <888> 10/25/12 Thursday 5:55 A.M.  There is one third of an inch triangular chip that I can not figure out where it goes on the dinner plate.  I will wait until 6:30 A.M. to let it dry some more, when I will try to hang it up again above the sweater closet in the hallway.  CIO

Note: <888> 10/25/12 Thursday 5:25 A.M.  Flossie whom I used to chat with quite a bit, once told me that unlike what everyone else thought, she did not spend the entire winter in Nantucket having never left the island since the 1930s, but she actually went to Lyford Cay - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia in the Bahamas for the winter.  It might get a little bit wet there with Hurricane Sandy, if you get my drift.  I have glued in the fifth piece to the plate, but I might not have enough Super Glue.  I could always get some more at the 24 hour CVS nearby.  CIO

Note: <888> 10/25/12 Thursday 5:05 A.M.  Donald Trump’s Dr. Evil “blockbuster” — a $5 million hostage offer? (VIDEO) - CT Politics - Connecticut News  CIO

Note: <888> 10/25/12 Thursday 4:55 A.M.  The like new antique reproduction French plate that I broke yesterday, broke into five major pieces and two smaller pieces and a few chips.  I have glued four major pieces together with super glue, letting the pieces dry for a while after each piece.  It was only about 50 cents at the Greenwich Hospital Thrift shop many years ago, but it was my "Nantucket Memorial Dishwasher's Plate".  It was like the old chipped plates that Mrs. Florence Frances alias "Flossie" had her boarding house at 31 India Street on Nantucket, where I stayed for several seasons while out on Nantucket.  The final season in 1983, I stayed at the Grennon's Guest House on Hussey Street one block west of India Street.  Thus I am trying to reconstruct it.  I have learned from my extensive reading over the years that a lot of former U.S. Government workers in Washington D.C. are volunteers at the Smithsonian Institution.  One of their many tasks is to piece back together many pieces of pottery found in archeological expeditions around the world.  CIO

Note: <888> 10/25/12 Thursday 3:40 A.M.  F.D.R.’s Vision, on Roosevelt Island -

VMSG Bristol 2013

United Nations (UN) (international organization) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia

BBC News - Sandy hits Cuba as category two hurricane

BBC News - Microsoft's Steve Ballmer has plans for more hardware  CIO 

Note: <888> 10/25/12 Thursday 1:45 A.M.  I will now shower and clean up.  CIO

Note: <888> 10/25/12 Thursday 1:35 A.M.  Greenwich, state cast wary eye on Hurricane Sandy - GreenwichTime  CIO 

Note: <888> 10/25/12 Thursday 1:15 A.M.  I woke up at 10 P.M..  The was a cooking smoke false alarm in the building.  The fire department arrived and reset the alarm.  I ate breakfast of oatmeal with honey and milk and sliced banana, a toasted bagel with olive oil, a 12 ounce glass of watered down punch, and a cup of coffee with Splenda sweetener and milk. I washed the breakfast dishes, and I made my bed.

Current tracking on Hurricane Sandy Hurricane SANDY Tracking shows it coming into this area early next week.  CIO   

Note: <888> 10/24/12 Wednesday 3:55 P.M.  I seasoned 12 ounces of Dinty Moore beef stew with garlic powder, celery salt, ground black pepper, and soy sauce, and I heated it on two vegetable cycles in the G.E. microwave oven.  I put it on a half of portion of Michael Louis Scott's Microwave Oven Rice Recipe , and I ate it with a 12 ounce glass of A&W root beer.  I will now shut down the primary work computer, and I will go to bed soon.  I have been up since midnight, so I am a bit tired.  I noticed when I was looking at Google satellite maps of Greenwich on the faster IBM ThinkCentre computers today which it works on just fine, something that I never noticed in Greenwich before.  I always thought the Mianus pond with the Mianus reservoir, and I never knew the larger Mianus reservoir was further up in back country east of Stanwich Road.  CIO

Note: <888> 10/24/12 Wednesday 2:50 P.M.  I went out, and I chatted with neighbors a couple of times.  The building custodian put a new flush mechanism in the toilet tank, so the toilet is back up and running again.  I showed the building custodian Windows 8.  I was told by the ceiling people that they would not be doing my ceilings next Tuesday and Wednesday.  The building custodian said he would talk with them about when they will do the ceiling tiles and insulation.  From my viewpoint, they do not really need to do them, since it never really gets too cold in my apartment, and I should know after living here 23 years.  Usually with the minimal amount of heat going, it is never colder than 68 degrees Fahrenheit in my apartment.  I put the various items back in place in the bathroom.  CIO

Note: <888> 10/24/12 Wednesday 11:50 A.M.  On the fourth IBM ThinkCentre with the Windows 8 demo, for some reason the boot manager disappeared, so I had to restore it with the Windows 7 DVD.  It now shows both bootable partitions.  I worked with Windows 8.  Although the Windows 8 Email program does not work with POP3 from what I can tell, one can download the Windows Live Email program from Microsoft Live Essentials, and it does work with POP3 and Windows 8.  In Google Maps, the satellite photo of my building at 71 Vinci Drive is labeled as the nearby Western Middle School.  I have not seen many students around here today.  I chatted with a relative.  The building custodian still has not shown up to fix the toilet.  I called the Greenwich Housing Authority to make sure they got the work order.  When one turns the water off to the toilet with the shut off valve, the toilet works after a while, when one turns the shutoff valve back on, but after the first flush, it quits working again.  I went out, and I chatted with neighbors.  I got the blue plastic bucket out of the back of the Audi, and I put it in the bath tub.  One can flush a toilet by pouring a couple of gallons of water down it.  CIO 

Note: <888> 10/24/12 Wednesday 9:15 A.M.  I chatted with the building custodian downstairs.  He said he would get to the toilet repair after his coffee break.  We agreed to do the ceilings and insulation in my apartment next Tuesday and Wednesday depending on how much time it takes.  I move the various items away from the toilet.  CIO 

Note: <888> 10/24/12 Wednesday 8:40 A.M.  The bathroom toilet quick working.  Water will not come into in, when one flushes it.  I called up the Greenwich Housing Authority at 1-203-869-1138 to get someone over here to repair it.  I broke the antique French plate hanging above the hallway sweater closet.  I put an older Japanese plate in its place.  CIO 

Note: <888> 10/24/12 Wednesday 8:15 A.M.  I ate three scrambled eggs with four strips of bacon and a toasted whole wheat bagel with Smart Balance Spread and a 12 ounce glass of Sprite.  I called up , and they told me since the order for Windows 8 will not arrive until November 9, 2012, and they show it as being cancelled until it ships.  They told me gives the local weather hour by hour.  CIO

Note: <888> 10/24/12 Wednesday 6:30 A.M.  I downloaded 32 bit 12.2 and 12.3 and burned them to DVD, but neither will install on the Panasonic Toughbook CF-29 laptop computer.

California surfer killed in shark attack off Vandenberg Air Force Base beach | Fox News  CIO

Note: <888> 10/24/12 Wednesday 4:45 A.M.  I downloaded 12.10 32 bit, and I burned it to DVD.  I was going to install it on a second partition on the Panasonic Toughbook CF-29, but the DVD will not boot on it, and it says it needs another processor.  CIO

Note: <888> 10/24/12 Wednesday 4:00 A.M.  I drank a eight ounce cup of Brew1 coffee with Splenda sweetener and milk.  I only use 8 ounce of water, so I have a stronger cup of coffee.

Biltmore Email Newsletter

GSA 2012 Annual Meeting - Short Courses

KLM Journeys of Inspiration

Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Library: Email - Disney Collectible Storybook Pins Available Only at the Reagan Library.

ASU Geophysics News

ASU School of Earth and Space Exploration

For some reason, my Windows 8 order at has been cancelled although they billed me already.  I emailed them, and I will call them up at 7 A.M..  It sounds like somebody does not want me to have Windows 8.  Having had it installed on my computers for about 13 months, it is not exactly a new product to me.  It is the nature of beta testers, they get bored of the product long before they are released.  Maybe in another year, the beta for Windows 9 will be out.  Microsoft does not pay their beta testers, since they are usually affiliated with other computer companies.  I live near , but they have ignored me for 50 years other than sharing the same beaches with them around the world.  CIO

Note: <888> 10/24/12 Wednesday 2:50 A.M.  The political survey person, I chatted with from Brevard County, Florida today told me that 25% of Miami, Florida is HIV positive which I had not read up North.  CIO

Note: <888> 10/24/12 Wednesday 2:05 A.M.  I ate a 16 ounce Boston Market meat loaf dinner with a 12 ounce glass of A&W root beer.  I will now make my bed, and then I will shower and clean up.  CIO

Note: <888> 10/24/12 Wednesday 1:05 A.M.  Cops probe Stamford link in Greenwich shooting - GreenwichTime .  CIO

Note: <888> 10/24/12 Wednesday 1:00 A.M.  I chatted with a relative at 9 P.M..  I finally woke up at 12:30 A.M..  I threw out the Brew1 espresso maker shipping box.  I picked up the mail.  CIO

Note: <888> 10/23/12 Tuesday 6:10 P.M.  I answered a political survey from Brevard County, Florida - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .  I will now take a nap.  CIO 

Note: <888> 10/23/12 Tuesday 5:00 P.M.  I woke up at noon.  I still had the splitting headache that I had when I went to bed earlier.  I called up at 1-800-936-5700, and I told the computer phone that I was interested in Windows 8.  I chatted with someone from New Deli, India for a long time.  I told him about the several problems that I had with Windows 8 RTM.  Besides, the older AMD processors not working with it, the Windows 8 email program does not support the POP3 email client that uses, instead it has three other email protocols that I am not familiar with and Optimum does not offer.  I also told them about the installation problem I had with installing it on a second partition, but having the product activication coming up on the first partition, and the work around by restoring the first partition backup and then repairing the boot manager with the Windows 7 DVD and then the Windows 8 Consumer release DVD which is somewhat complex.  I chatted about what I have been doing for the last two decades.  I was told Windows 8 Pro is an upgrade, but one can install it without having Windows 7 installed by inserting the Windows 7 DVD.  I tried to go back to bed at 2 P.M., but I slept lightly.  Around 3 P.M., the order with tracking of UPS: Tracking Information on the order for Brew 1 Official Brew1 Single Cup Coffee Maker Website Brew1 Coffee Set with Coffee Maker, Travel Mugs, and reusable coffee capsule in Titanium from Family Daily Deal, 1 Sale A Day for $19.99 and $4.99 shipping for $24.98 total arrived.  I unpacked it.  I put it on the left side of the Krups espresso machine on the center kitchen counter.  I ran a 50% white vinegar and 50% water through it to clean it out, and then I ran cold water through it.  It holds 8 to 12 ounces of water.  I put its coffee cup hodler stand on top of the refrigerator since I won't be using it.  I cleaned the two travel mugs that came with it.  It has a fresh water filter that one uses for water only that I put on the wooden rack behind it.  It came with a plastic coffee holder that one puts coffee in, instead of using the expensive premeasured coffee holders.  I also left it on the wooden rack behind it after I made coffee.  The coffee that comes out of it, is hot and very tasty.  I got out my two smaller black coffee cups and saucers to have available for coffee use, and I cleaned them.  They are in the front of the cups kitchen cabinet on the far right of the kitchen to the left of the refrigerator.   I chatted with a relative who was having 10 medium shrimp for dinner.  I ate breakfast of oatmeal with honey and milk and sliced banana, a toasted English muffin with olive oil, a 12 ounce glass of watered down punch, and a cup of coffee with Splenda sweetener and milk. I washed the breakfast dishes, and I made my bed. I ran a 50% white vinegar and 50% water mixture through the Krups espresso machine. I then ran cold water through it. The Brew 1 coffee maker turns off automatically after it is done, but one has to wait about two minutes before using it again. CIO    

Note: <888> 10/23/12 Tuesday 7:50 A.M.  I ran Microsoft Safety Scanner - Antivirus | Remove Spyware, Malware, Viruses Free , and it got rid of one piece of malware called "Adkubru".   I ate two bowls of Lays barbecue potato chips.  I will now shut down the primary work computer, and I will go back to bed.  CIO

Note: <888> 10/23/12 Tuesday 6:30 A.M.  I found this page Fix Internet Explorer issues to make IE fast, safe and stable , and it fixed Date Execution.  I found it from here Internet Explorer is extremely slow in my Windows 7 computer. - Microsoft Community .  The recommend this page Microsoft Fix it Online  and  Tips for solving problems when Internet Explorer crashes or stops working .  CIO      

Note: <888> 10/23/12 Tuesday 5:40 A.M.  I woke up at 2 A.M..  I made my bed.  I ate a few day old muffin.  Yesterday, I also ate  a few day old muffin.  I chatted with Cablevision about Windows 8.  They told me they were not allowed to discuss the matter, and I should refer comments to Microsoft.  Microsoft during the waking hours in the Western Hemisphere can be called at 1-800-MICROSOFT.  Tech support can be found at .  I made 117 Premier Lights 100 MM filter Peter Stokkebye Turkish pipe tobacco cigarettes while watching Series 3 Episode 1 of "Poirot".  It was a two hour video, and it seems to be the original in the series, although it is not series 1 episode 1.  CIO 

Note: <888> 10/22/12 Monday 7:45 P.M.  Windows 8 As A Security Tool: Its Anticipated Effects And Risks

Data.GISS: Forcings in GISS Climate Model: Stratospheric Aerosol Optical Thickness

Ice-Core-Based Volcanic Atmospheric Loading for the Past 1500 Years

Alan Robock Home Page

Gates on Microsoft's Launch Week: 'This Is the Big Time for Us' -- Redmond Channel Partner

TechNet Blogs or

Microsoft: Skype Ready For Windows 8


Fresh Windows, but Where’s the Start Button?

BBC News - Beluga whale 'makes human-like sounds'

BBC News - Microsoft profits fall 22% ahead of Windows 8 launch

If one uses , one has to click on the link and verify their phone, which I have already done.

I chatted with a relative.  I will now shut down the primary computer, and I will go to bed soon.  CIO

Note: <888> 10/22/12 Monday 6:25 P.M.  I ate a ham and cheese sandwich on a bulkie roll with Hellmann's olive oil mayonnaise, Italian spices, ground black pepper, hot horseradish, olive oil and four one eighth inch thick slices of a Bermuda onion with Lays barbecue potato chips and a 12 ounce glass of Sprite.  CIO   

Note: <888> 10/22/12 Monday 5:20 P.M.  I went downtown, and I walked the entire length of Greenwich Avenue and the train station area.  I sat out at various locations.  I chatted with three locals.  I stopped by the Greenwich Cigar store, and I played an "Ace's High" scratch card for a dollar, but I lost.  I used the bathroom at the Senior and the Arts center.  I stopped by CVS, and I bought four 45 ounce 2X Xtra Tropical Passion detergents for $1.47 each and .37 tax for $6.25 total.  After I finished my walk, I sat out for a while.  I found a foreign car key similar to my Audi key, and I gave it to the desk at the Greenwich Police Station.  I was told that the retired volunteer at the Senior and the Arts center for their computers had passed away at age 72.  I next went by the Greenwich Library, and I chatted with two staff members.  While I was sitting outside, I saw a formation of five Eagles fly by.  I have never seen that many Eagles flying by in formation.  After they left, two red cardinals took off in the opposite direction.  I next went to the Stop and Shop.  I bought a six pack of Thomas' 100% whole grain bagels for $2.99, a two pound bag of baby carrots for $3.29, broccoli crowns for $1.99 a pound for $1.09, two 10 ounce Oven Poppers salmon stuffed with spinach and cheese for $3.99 each, bananas for .79 a pound for $1.52 and 90 cents can return for $15.97 total.  I then returned home.  I said hello to neighbors.  I picked up the mail and put away my groceries.  CIO

Note: <888> 10/22/12 Monday 12:25 P.M.  I chatted with a friend.  I will now shower and clean up.  I will then go downtown.  CIO

Note: <888> 10/22/12 Monday 11:40 A.M.  I received a telephone call this morning at 9 A.M. that my niece had a new baby boy.  Mother and child are doing fine.  I woke up at 10:30 A.M..  I ate breakfast of oatmeal with honey and milk and sliced banana, a toasted English muffin with olive oil, a 12 ounce glass of watered down punch, and a cup of coffee with Splenda sweetener and milk. I washed the breakfast dishes, and I made my bed. CIO  

Note: <888> 10/22/12 Monday 5:20 A.M.  I will now shut down the primary work computer, and I will go to bed soon.  CIO

Note: <888> 10/22/12 Monday 5:15 A.M.  Back in October 1986, when I got a yellow Volkswagen Dasher after not having a car for three years in Greenwich, since I had returned from Nantucket, gasoline was $1.29 a gallon.  Thus it is up about four times as much since then, but my income is not.  CIO 

Note: <888> 10/22/12 Monday 5:10 A.M.  Why I am not going downtown for an exercise walk Greenwich Gas Prices – Find Greenwich, Connecticut Gas Stations and Cheap Gas in CT at Automobile Magazine .  CIO

Note: <888> 10/22/12 Monday 4:50 A.M.  Prison » Globalists Plan to Nuke America Revealed  CIO

Note: <888> 10/22/12 Monday 4:10 A.M.  I ate two tuna fish sandwiches on white bread with barbecued potato chips and a 12 ounce glass of A&W root beer.  CIO

Note: <888> 10/22/12 Monday 2:20 A.M.  I chatted with a relative at 10 P.M.. I woke up just now.  CIO

Note: <888> 10/21/12 Sunday 9:50 P.M.  I chatted with a relative.  I ate a Stauffer's 19 ounce meat and tomato lasagna with grated parmesan and Romano cheese and a 12 ounce glass of Sprite.  I will now take a nap.  CIO

Note: <888> 10/21/12 Sunday 8:50 P.M.  I tried once again putting Internet Explorer 9 on the primary work computer, but it is still to slow, so I uninstalled it back to Internet Explorer 8.  Internet Explorer 10 comes out in November 2012, so maybe that will be faster.   CIO

Note: <888> 10/21/12 Sunday 7:40 P.M.  I woke up at 3 P.M., when a relative called.  I ate breakfast of oatmeal with honey and milk and sliced banana, a toasted English muffin with olive oil, a 12 ounce glass of watered down punch, and a cup of coffee with Splenda sweetener and milk. I washed the breakfast dishes, and I made my bed. I chatted with two friends. I installed the Windows Updates on the primary work computer. The primary work computer has been acting erratically recently, and I might have finally fixed the problem. I turned off the Netgear storage device and disabled its software in Services, and for now the primary work computer seems to be running just fine and faster. CIO   

End of Scott's Notes week of 10/21/12:

Note: <888> 10/21/12 Sunday 7:35 A.M.  I will now send out my weekly notes.  I will then shut down the primary work computer, and I will go to bed soon.  CIO

Note: <888> 10/21/12 Sunday 7:10 A.M.  I ate a 18 ounce can of Campbell's New England clam chowder with dried parsley in it and a Kaiser roll with Smart Balance Spread and a 12 ounce glass of A&W root beer.  CIO  

Note: <888> 10/21/12 Sunday 6:30 A.M.  If one looks at , Windows 8 RTM 90 day demo DVD 32 bit will not boot on these test computers:

Gigabyte GA-7VT600-RZ Socket 462 Motherboard with AMD Sempron 3300+ SDA3300DKV4E

FIC KT-600 Pro Socket A ATX Motherboard w/Audio SATA FIC KT-600 PRO KT-600 PRO with AMD SEMPRON 2800+ 2.0 Ghz 333Mhz 256K CPU SOCKET

Epox Store EP-8RDA3+ Socket A Motherboard with AMD Sempron 3000+ 512K Cache 333MHz FSB Socket A Processor SDA3000BABOX

ABIT KW7 VIA KT880 Socket A Motherboard with AMD Sempron 3300+ SDA3300DKV4E

Panasonic Toughbook CF-29 Pentium M 1.4GHz

Dell Dimension 4600i Micro Tower

It does boot and work with:

Dell Latitude D410 Laptop Pentium M 1.7GHz

Dell Latitude D410 same as above

IBM THINK CTER P4 HT 3.0GHz  Model Number: MT-M 8213-DC1

IBM ThinkCentre M52 8215 Computer 3GHz Model Number:  MT-M 8215-LUC

IBM LenovoThinkcentre 8173-KUC Pentium4 3.2GHz Model Number: MT-M S51 8173 KUC

IBM Thinkcentre 8171-VQL Intel Pentium4 3.2GHz Model Number: MT-M S51 8171-VQL

Download 1.38 Mb.

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