Salisbury University Athletic Training Spring 2008 Newsletter

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Salisbury University Athletic Training

Spring 2008 Newsletter




Greetings from Pat  

Dear Alumni:


Whew, that’s all I can say!!!  Where has the time gone???  I apologize for not getting a Fall Newsletter out; it is totally my fault and will do my best to keep the bi-annual newsletter going.  Much has happened, is happening and will be happening.  I hope we can catch you up on all that has transpired since last spring.  I appreciate all of you who send me updates concerning your lives.  I am equally appreciative to those who have given back to our program in the forms of money, time, service and many other ways of contributing to the good of Salisbury University Athletic Training.  The strength and the growth of the program really depend on the commitment of the institution, the faculty and staff of the program, the students in the program and the alumni.  And to be honest the alumni play the biggest part in our growth.  You supply necessary resources both financially and personally that provides opportunity for all.  So again, thank you.


There has been a lot of movement of alumni an in my tid-bits section I will try to get everyone caught up.  With movement comes opportunity and also confusion.  So, if you know of anyone who has moved or is in the process of moving or have not heard from us lately, we probably do not have their accurate information.  Please….please contact Maureen Thompson, aka Mo, to update the web cite.  As we near 2010 and the convention in Philadelphia, we need accurate information so we can plan an alumni event similar to the Baltimore convention.  I have a couple of alums who have volunteered to help with the event so we need to get to work now and clean up our Alumni Directory so all can be informed about our plans.  For all that are going to Virginia Beach and St. Louis, I think we will plan on the fly some gatherings.  I will be in St. Louis June 16-20 and if anyone would like to help me plan a get together let me know.  If not we will have to do it out in St Louie.


The Hunter Smith Endowment Scholarship is growing.  I still challenge all of us to meet my proposal of the $100,000 plateau by Philadelphia 2010.  Currently we are sitting at $60,000, reaching our goal can be accomplished if we all do a little to grow the account.  We are looking at several ways of improving the disbursement of the funds; increasing the scholarship amount to giving 2 scholarships per year.  We pledge that this scholarship will continue to be awarded to the person(s) who display the characteristics of the endowments name sake.  We feel confidently that this has been the case thus far.  Please consider a gift to the endowment.  On the same note, Varsity Club membership is equally important and is a tremendous way of giving directly to the Athletic Training program.  Varsity club membership goes directly to us to be used at our discretion to help those in the program.  Again, I ask for your support.


After being here at Salisbury for a number of years you become reflective on what has occurred during that time period.  You cherish most, the relationships you have established with all the folks that have walked though the athletic training room doors.  The countless number of athletes, the different coaches, but most it is all of you; the students, the graduate assistants and former staff members that have etched an indelible impression on my mind, heart and soul.  What I fear most is the loss of the kind of burning desire to make the program and the people involved, to be the best.  Our society has and is changing.  The sparks that excite people are different now then they once were.  I hope that all of you still possess the spark.  I hope all of you still have the burning desire to make our program and the people in or from our program the best.  So I am asking you to rekindle old friendships.  Contact alumni you have not heard from or have wanted to contact but haven’t.  I hope our alumni will desire to be the best.  I will throw this out again, I think we need a true alumni association who can lead and organize our alumni.  I know I have asked in the past, and I am asking again, those who want to be involved please contact me.  Let’s meet in Virginia Beach or St. Louis and let’s start to build the future of Salisbury Athletic Training.  We done pretty good so far, but we can be and do better with your help, all of your help.


Finally, Grace and the little adults, no longer “kids” are doing well.  Katy 19 is a freshman at Salisbury and is playing on the field hockey team.  Stacey is 17 and is playing field hockey and lacrosse at Parkside and works at Rita’s on the weekends, which is right up her alley.  And then there is Kari, she will being graduating middle school and heading off to Parkside where she will play field hockey also.  She is full of p& v and certainly keeps Grace and me on our toes!!! 


Hope all of you are enjoying a successful spring and looking forward to some summer fun.  Hope to see many of you at the various meetings and please stay in touch.



Pat’s Tid Bits

The Seagulls had a fabulous fall season sending all 7 teams to NCAA tournament play.  Men’s soccer and field hockey made the deepest advancements, but still it was a pretty special fall for us.  The spring season is coming to a very quick conclusion and at this time we are hosting all but the Track & Field and Women’s Tennis tournaments.  It looks very promising for many of the teams making it to NCAA post season play also.  At the time of this printing Baseball is on a 33 game win streak, Women’s & Men’s Lacrosse are undefeated, the Men’s Tennis team is on the brink of a conference championship and a NCAA birth, Track & Field has already had several athletes and relay teams qualify for the NCAAs and finally softball needs to win the conference tournament and some help regionally to return to the NCAA regionals.  So not too shabby


See you in Virginia Beach and St. Louis.  After a year hiatus from the national meeting we will all be in St. Louis this year.  So if anyone is familiar with St. Louie maybe we can find a watering hole to have some fun and socialize.  Let me know if anyone wants to play scout and coordinate.  As usual we will have some fun in Virginia Beach, it will be impromptu and we will have to be very quite!!!!


New Jobs:       Congratulations to Richard E. Stewart ’05 who is the Head Athletic Trainer for the basketball team at Georgia Tech. University.  Richard was in the now defunct NFL Europe, but is back in the good ole USA and is doing great at Tech.  Kelly Murphy GA ’07 is the new assistant athletic trainer at Good Counsel High School working with Peter Kotz.  I saw Kelly and she loves her new position, Pete not withstanding.  Laura Marinaro ’05 is the new full time athletic trainer at Woodbridge High School in Bridgeville, DE.  Jason Weddle ’98 has moved move Hagerstown Community College to Frederick Community College also assuming Assistant Athletic Director position.  Ben Waples GA’ 07 is new Athletic Trainer at Snowhill High School in Snowhill, MD.  Amy Schmidt ’07 will be entering Physician Assistant program this summer and Rosalea Acap ’05 entered Physical Therapy school at UMES this fall.  Maggie Byrum Burke GA ‘04 graduated from PA school and is working with Orthopaedic Associates in Towson, MD. Congratulations to all and best of luck.


New or expected new arrivals:  Liza Snader Sylvia ’05 and her husband Michael recently had a baby girl Madeline Marie in March 2008.  Jeff Boyer ‘97 and Amy welcomed Ryan Cal into the world in September 2007.  Wayne Wedderman ’95 and his wife Janine are expecting their first in October ’08.  Courtney Jones Wisk GA ’07 and husband Andy are expecting in June.  For those who have delivered can you say sleep????  For those who are waiting you better get some, because you ain’t getting any…… sleep that is, later!!!  Congratulations and hope all is well with your family.


Special Happenings:  Jay Scifers former Program Director was recently elected president of the North Carolina Athletic Trainers Association, just what Jay needs is another hat to wear.  I am sure he will do an outstanding job.  Rusty Segan, MD’96 was featured in the April 2008 Bulletin of the American College of Surgeons; “The Best and Worst Week of My Life” a surgeons story from the war zone.  The web cite is:  which I have yet been able to open.  Welcome home Rusty we are all proud of you and thank you for taking care of our troops.  Rusty and his wife Michelle reside in Guilford, CT.  Thad Moore ’96 has done an outstanding job as the president of the Maryland Athletic Trainers Association.  Thad’s leadership has been nothing short of phenomenal during our recent legislative push.  Though our law was short circuited in the 11th hour, Thad was the beacon of light that lead us further than we have ever gotten in this process.  Thad, thank you I am very proud and honored that you are an alumnus and when this licensure thing is passed; your presidency will be the reason for its success.


Reaching Out:  Strength is always in numbers, but not only numbers the quality of the numbers is what provides maximal strength.  Our alumni are growing and so should our network.  As we all get a little older and our lives change, we tend to become placid in our connection to the program.  Which is understandable, you have new associations, new commitments and you are growing your own traditions.  All I ask is you do not forget where you came from and the opportunities we tried to give and create for you.  Obviously times have changed, we have grown and we have met with some success, but again our success is dependant upon everyone.  No entity is more important then our alumni.  You are the people who have made it in the world.  Many of you have done very well in and out of the profession of athletic training.  I ask that you give of your resources so WE can continue to provide for our students the opportunities you had.  I ask of you to give back in any way you can manage.  Whether that be as an ACI for our students, you’re financial resources, your time for the alumni association or your services as we are in constant need for volunteers and paid staff to cover various events for our institution and for the Maryland Athletic Trainers Association.  WE are in this together and I hope you will find it in your heart and mind to be a part of our program’s growth as we move toward our 40th year of existence in the year 2012. 


Donna and Kelly’s Update


The summer months are quickly approaching us and I hope that this means that you are able to spend time away from the workplace and with family and friends. The 2007-2008 academic year has been quite exciting and productive for the athletic training students, faculty and staff. Salisbury University has eight seniors, six that will be graduating May 17th after completing a semester-long internship during the spring semester. Richie Gilbert, supervised by Scott Hopson ATC, completed the semester at Frederick High School and after graduation he will attend Shenandoah University’s Physician’s Assistant Program. Isaac Kloch spent the semester at AquaCare in Salisbury MD. Supervised by Becky Thomas PT, ATC, he is gaining some valuable experience prior to attending the University of Maryland-Eastern Shore’s Physical Therapy Program. Beth Montgomery completed an internship at Towson Physical Therapy under the direction of Stephanie Adams, ATC and Meaghan Murphy at UMBC gaining valuable Division I Lacrosse experience with Michelle Daniels, ATC. Ryan Sley has also completed a Division I lacrosse experience interning at Georgetown University under the supervision of Joe Haren, ATC; and under the supervision of Pat McCloskey, ATC at Villanova University, Megan Wright has gained valuable experiences with primary responsibilities of spring football and lacrosse. Meaghan Murphy, ATC will attend West Virginia University as a Graduate Assistant and Ryan Sley has accepted an Internship position at the US Naval Academy. Megan Wright has been accepted to Wilmington University, DE and plans to complete a master’s degree in education. Alicia Canzanese will complete her internship this fall at Virginia Tech University as Pamela Staso sets her sights on an internship at Princeton University. Please join me in congratulating the 2007-2008 graduates and the newest members of the Athletic Training Profession!


                                    Photo Senior Students: (l-r standing Alicia Canzanese, Beth Montgomery ATC,

                                                Meaghan Murphy ATC, Megan Wright, Pam Staso: l-r seated Ryan Sley, Isaac

                                                Kloch, Richard Gilbert ATC)


The Athletic Training Program was well represented at the University, State and Regional Levels. The students received numerous awards & recognition.


  • Alicia Canzanese, senior, added to her list of achievements with recognition as a Presidential Citizen Scholar and Campus Life Award; awards for civic leadership and outstanding contributions to Campus life, respectively. In her junior year, Alicia has been named an NATA Scholarship Recipient, a member of Who's Who Among Students in American College & Universities, received the Achievement Key Award, and is a member of the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi.


  • Isaac Kloch, senior and Joshua Michael, junior are the newest recipients of the Achievement Key Award. This award is give on the basis of outstanding student scholarship and outstanding campus service.


  • Pamela Staso and Richard Gilbert, seniors also received Campus Life Awards and were recognized as members of the 2007-2008 Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. Joshua Michael, junior, was also recognized as a member of the 2007-2008 Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges.


  • Ashley Littleton, Junior, was awarded a Presidential Citizen Scholar and was inducted into the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi and Omicron Delta Kappa. These two honor societies recognize the students in the top 35% and 5% of their class, respectively. Ashley was also the recipient of the 2008 Andrew Kotz Memorial Award (sponsored by the Maryland Athletic Trainers' Association) and the 2008 Edward Block Award (sponsored by the Mid-Atlantic Athletic Trainers’ Association).


  • Keith Hardesty, sophomore, was awarded the Hunter Smith Athletic Training Scholarship. This award recognizes an up and coming student in their first semester in the Athletic Training Program.


Athletic Training students were also represented at the professional conferences. Research Presentations and Appointments for the 2007-2008 year included the following:


  • Alicia Canzanese, senior, attended the Mid-Atlantic Athletic Trainer’s Meeting and Symposium as the Maryland Representative to the District 3 Student Senate. Alicia participated developing the student symposium for this year’s MAATA Conference.


  • Ashley Littleton, junior, has two oral presentations at the 2008 MAATA District Meeting in Virginia Beach, VA. She will be presenting her original research that she has completed as part of her honors thesis: Comparison of Concussion Assessment Tools: Standardized Assessment of Concussion (SAC) and Immediate Post Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Test (IMPACTTM) and the second, Test-Retest Reliability of Immediate Post Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Test (IMPACTTM).    


Faculty and Staff The faculty and staff will be losing some valuable staff members this academic year. Graduate Assistants Heather Martin (George Washington University), Mike Eubank (Roanoke College), and Emily Weimert (Lenoir-Rhyne College) will all be graduating with degrees in Education and Applied Health Physiology, respectively. Please join me in extending to Heather, Mike and Emily best wishes.


Additional student demographics and programmatic information can be accessed on our Athletic Training Program Website (  In closing, we (along with Pat & Maureen) will be attending the NATA Convention in St Louis this summer. For those attending this year’s NATA Convention, I hope to see you there!!  


Have a healthy and joyous summer!


Donna Ritenour EdD, ATC                                                       Kelly Fiala PhD, ATC, CSCS

Program Director & Assistant Professor                                    Clinical Coordinator                                                     

410-543-6348                                                                         410-543-6347





Mo’s Notes  


Hello Alumni!


I can’t believe it’s been a full year since we’ve connected via newsletter.  I know it’s a typical excuse, but we’ve been so busy here that the newsletter just didn’t get finished.  It won’t happen again!  At least we have more news to report.


This semester is almost complete.  It’s been challenging but we grow from our struggles!  It’s been really exciting to see our new class of sophomores grow and “learn the ropes” over the course of the semester.  They are becoming the leaders of this program as we say goodbye to our graduating seniors and juniors who will be heading to their internships in the near future.  As always, I find myself reflecting a lot this time of the year as school comes to a close.  This is a special year for me because our graduating seniors were my freshman 185 students way back when!  I can’t believe I’m finishing my fourth year here…imagine how Pat feels!  It definitely is a bittersweet moment…I’m extremely proud of what they have accomplished but will miss their presence in the classroom and clinical settings. 


Enough of the mushy stuff…our athletic teams continue to excel.  It’s really exciting this time of year on this side of campus because our teams are preparing for the post season.  The men’s lacrosse team continues to keep me on my toes as does their fearless leader, Coach Berkman!  They challenge me everyday…usually it involves testing my patience and tolerance!  I really feel the outstanding care we (faculty, staff, and students) provide is a part of the success of many of our teams.  I also feel there are people across campus who would agree.  But as Pat says, success brings attention and it only forces us to continue the tradition of providing exceptional care.  It forces our faculty, staff, and students to become even better.  The bar keeps being raised and I don’t know how much further it goes!  From an alumni perspective, it makes me very proud to say I’m a Salisbury grad and I hope all you have that same feeling.  And just when you thought the mushy stuff was over!


It was great to see a large alumni contingent at the Sports Medicine Symposium in January.  I think this was the most attended Symposium we’ve hosted in quite some time.  We look forward to continuing the Symposium every other year to keep the topics fresh.  Our students really benefited from the support of all those who attended not only monetarily but more importantly, it offered them a great opportunity to network.  


We hope to see many on you in St. Louis.  Like Pat wrote, a get together would be great.  Even if it’s not formal, I know many of us will wind up at the same establishments…oops, I mean educational sessions!  If the summer vacation brings you to the eastern sho’, please stop in and see us!


Thanks for all you do to promote SU Athletic Training! 




Seagull Sports Update


Men’s Soccer

After a rough start to the season, the SU Mens Soccer team regrouped and turned their season around and had great success.  The team, composed of mostly young players was able to advance into the NCAA playoffs.  After their NCAA record tying 10-0 win over Old Westbury, the Seagulls were edged out of the NCAA playoffs in the second round after a 0-0 game in penalty kicks.  The Seagulls also emerged CAC champions after beating and shutting-out their rival York for the second time in the season.  Their first defeat of York ended York's 49-game unbeaten streak.  There were also many individual honors awarded this season; Soph. midfielder Kyle Sterling, soph. goalie Greg Wellinghoff, and soph. defensemen Justin McGrath were all named to NSCAA All-South Region Teams.  Sterling, McGrath, fresh. forward Mike Napolitano, jun. forward Romain Bruney, and jun. defensemen Ryan Chacon were all named to All-CAC conference teams.  This was also a big year for coach DiBartolo as he was named CAC coach of the year and on the final regular season home game of the season earned his 300th career win.



The softball team has just captured their 11th straight CAC Championship this season after defeating Mary Washington University.  The Sea Gulls are now 30-7 with one more regular season game remaining.  This is Coach Margie Knight's 11th straight 30-win season.  She has also been inducted into the Fastpitch Hall of Fame.  The team has their hopes set high leading into the NCAA Regional tournament which begins on May 8th at a site that is TBA.


Men's Lax:

The Men's Lacrosse team recently won their 14th straight CAC Championship.  They received their 20th consecutive NCAA Tournament bid. This win gives the Salisbury Men's Lacrosse team a 99-0 winning record in the CAC. Head Coach Jim Berkman is one win away from the NCAA record for wins all time in collegiate men's lacrosse.  This spring season, four seagulls have been named CAC Player of the Week; Matt Hickman, Greg Titus, Riley Clark and Mike Von Kamecke.  One of the biggest games of the season was away against #2 Gettysburg.  The Seagulls scored the first goal to begin the game but did not answer until the score was 6-1 with Gettysburg leading.  Going into half time, the Gulls were down 7-2. However, this was not the case in the second half when the Gulls dominated the scoring with nine goals to Gettysburg's one. The Seagulls won the game 11-8, showing why they continue to be the #1 ranked team in Division III Men's Lacrosse.



The Salisbury Volleyball team was composed as a majority of new, young players lead by strong returning leaders on the court including Jaime Marchozzi, Stacey Krebs, and Gabby Long. The team won both home tournaments and had an impressive performance to win the CAC Championship against St. Mary's.  The season ended in the first round of NCAA against rival foe Christopher Newport. Stacey Krebs came out of the season being named  Salisbury's first volleyball All-American.



The Men's team finished 3rd in the conference and the women placed 4th. Coach Jill Stephenson said "We swam out of our minds", which she was absolutely correct for saying. Stephenson had every right to be proud of the success of her team.  The Seagulls had 5 All-CAC performances.  The men's team broke ten school records while the women broke two in the three day event. Two freshmen, Becky Akers and Drew Robichaud both broke the record for the 1000 meters.  The most impressive school record to be broken was by sophomore Mike Ferrari who broke the 200 Breaststroke (previously held by Assistant Coach Ryan Kooy) by 5 seconds with a time of 2:12.37.  Ferrari is Salisbury's first swimmer in over five years to win an event at the CAC Championship meet.  The Seagull swimmers worked hard all season and it showed at the championship. GO GULLS!


Men's Basketball

Men's basketball has an upsetting season, with an overall record of 7-20 and a conference record of 4-12.  Though this wasn't Coach Holms' best season since he's been coaching the SU Men's Basketball Team, he has picked up some new players that have the potential to build the team and lead them into a winning season.  The new players that were picked up this year were Montez Haggans, Todd Dembroski, Darius Smith, Brandon Abney, Drew Dickson, Ty Reese, Wesley Sweet, Chris Johnson, Todd Ostrum, and Aras Vaitkus.  Together they lead the team this year into the CAC tournament Semifinals, where they lost the St. Mary's 95-89.  Coach Holm's has great hopes for next season. 


Women’s Soccer

The Women’s soccer team did very well this past year.  They began the season ranked 23rd by NSCAA.  They had a great record and earned first seed in the CAC tournament.  Our ladies made it to the championship game.  They also earned a poll C bid in the NCAA tournament.  There were also several personal achievements from the team this past season.  Team captain, Kate Weaver, was named CAC women’s soccer player of the year, was named to academic all-America first team and was selected to NCSAA scholar all east region.  She was also named to NCSAA all-region team along with teammate Robyn Bishop.



The Baseball team is doing great this year.  The Seagulls were ranked No. 26 in Collegiate Baseball Newspaper preseason poll.  They crushed an old school record of 16 straight wins and kept dominating before their streak was ended at 35 straight wins.  Our boys also hosted the CAC tournament and won the CAC championship.  This is Salisbury baseball’s 8th CAC title. Prior to the season, Mike Celenza was named to Cal Ripken, Sr. All-League team.


Women’s Basketball

For the first time 17 seasons there was a new coach guiding the Salisbury University women's basketball program. Coach Charisse Mapp took over the program this past summer and hit the ground running ready to mold her team.  Salisbury finished its first season under Coach Mapp with a 12-15 record and 8-8 mark in the CAC.  Their season ended in the semifinals of the CAC Playoffs with a loss to the second-seeded Marymount (Va.) University.  Throughout the season the team was lead by juniors Monica Merkel and Lindsay Martin.  Together the junior duo averaged 28.6 points, 12.4 rebounds, and 4.9 steals per game. Monica Merkel was named first team All-CAC.  The team graduates only one senior and returns all 5 starters to the 2008-2009 squad. 


Cross Country

Senior Eric Graves earned the Capital Athletic Conference Male Athlete of the Year award as he led the Salisbury University men's cross country team to its third straight CAC title, seventh overall, with a first-place finish at the 2007 CAC Championships. The SU men's team edged University of Mary Washington, 26 to 33, Mary Washington ended Salisbury's University’s women’s streak of three consecutive titles. The SU women's team finished in second place with 34 points.  The men’s team swept the CAC yearly awards including Coach of the Year: Jim Jones, Rookie of the Year: Chris Barnard, and Runner of the Year: Eric Graves.  In addition to these awards the team added two more First Team All-CAC and three Second Team All-CAC.  The women’s team earned two First Team All-CAC (Casey McInerny and Kelly Sullivan) and five Second Team All-CAC.  In addition the women’s team was named as a 2007 NCAA Division III USTFCCCA Women's Cross Country All-Academic Team with a team GPA of 3.24.


Women’s Lax

This has been a record breaking year for No. 1 ranked Salisbury University women's lacrosse team.  For the sixth consecutive year the womens lacrosse team will host the Capital Athletic Conference championship.  Salisbury is 47-0 in CAC play since 2003. This is the Gulls 10th straight appearance in the CAC title game.   The Sea Gulls have won seven titles since 2000, and are currently five-time defending conference champions.   Salisbury (19-0) tied the school record for regular season victories.  Earlier in the season, top-ranked Salisbury (16-0) hung on to win 11-10 in overtime against TCNJ (9-1).  The victory is the first-ever for the maroon and gold in 12 chances in Lions' Stadium since 1988. This is only the third time Salisbury has beaten TCNJ in the 20-year history between the two schools. The Sea Gulls have won 21 consecutive regular-season games since 2007.  The womens Lacrosse team is doing everything they can to get back to the ever so cherished National Championship game. 


Field Hockey

The field hockey team had another great season.  They concluded the season with an overall record of 20-2 and a conference record of 7-0.  Unfortunately, the season ended with a heartbreaking 2-1 loss in overtime to Middlebury College in the NCAA Division III semifinals. However, all in all it was a good season and the team received many honors.  These included having five players on the National Field Hockey Coaches Association’s Division III South All-Region team, having a first and second team All-American, receiving the 2007 NFHCA Division III National Academic Team Award and Dawn Chamberlin being named the 2007 Dita/National Field Hockey Coaches Association NCAA Division III South Region Coach of the Year. 


Track and Field

The track and field team had a great indoor season.  At the Mason-Dixon Indoor Championships, the men’s team finished second overall and the women’s team placed fourth overall.  In addition, they received 20 all-conference awards and broke several school records.  Also, Delannie Spriggs finished fourth in the 55-meter dash finals at the 2008 NCAA Division III Indoor Track and Field championships and became SU’s first ever indoor track and field All-American.  They are now having a great outdoor season in which many more school records have been broken.  The team also has members who have provisionally qualified for nationals, including the men’s 4x100 team and Christian Adami for javelin.  In addition, at the CACs, the men came in first for the fifth time in a row, and the women placed second.  The team looks to finish out the season strongly at the Penn Relays, the Mason-Dixon Championships and Nationals.


Men's Tennis

Salisbury's men's tennis team started the season strong accumulating 10 straight wins before falling to Bowdoin (6-3) in their spring break trip to Claremont, CA.  This loss was followed with 6 consecutive wins including matches against conference rivals Hood, Wesley, and York.  On March 29, the men's team defeated powerhouse Mary Washington 5-4.  The suspenseful match required the last two deciding matches to go to three sets.  This win marks the first time in 8 years that the men's tennis team has defeated Mary Washington.  After securing the #1 seed in the conference with a win against York, Salisbury fell to TCNJ (7-2), Johns Hopkins (6-3), and Washington & Lee (5-4).  They lost the conference championship at home to Mary Washington, 7-2.  After finishing the season at 17-5, Salisbury is currently ranked 22 in the nation and are awaiting a bid to the national tournament.


Women's Tennis

Salisbury's women's tennis team began it's season with a 5-4 win over Meredith, but fell to New York University (9-0) and Washington College (5-4).  The team quickly pulled themselves together and won 11 consecutive matches.  This includes being undefeated on the spring break trip to Claremont, CA and conference victories against St. Mary's, Hood, Wesley, Villa Julie, and York.  Of those 11 consecutive wins, 7 of them were won 9-0.  In regular season, Salisbury fell to Mary Washington and TCNJ.  They entered the conference tournament as the #2 seed, but fell to Mary Washington ending their season 16-5 and ranked #2 in the conference. 



The Salisbury football 2008 season ended up a success with an overall record of 9-2 in the season, 3-1 in conference, finishing second in the ECAC and ranked 17th in the nation.  The team also was able to hold on to the Regent’s Cup trophy with a victory over Frostburg University, 35-14, increasing the winning streak to four years.  One of the biggest accomplishments of the season was it’s fifth appearance in the NCAA tournament, traveling to Muhlenberg College in Pennsylvania.  The Sea Gulls played a tough game, but unfortunately endured its second loss of the season, 21-31.  Salisbury also received 13 nominations for the Atlantic Central Football Conference (ACFC) all conference first, and second teams.  Nationally the Sea Gulls had the second best rushing offense averaging 323.8 yard per game, also earning an average of 39.9 points per game which is the 10th best mark in Division III out of 231 programs.  

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