Silverlight 2 Beta Evaluation Guide

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With support for more than 100 media formats, Microsoft Expression® Media 2 makes managing your digital universe a snap. Wherever your files are stored and whomever you collaborate with, Expression Media 2 supercharges the way you organize, find and share your digital media on your computer, offline or on the Web.

With Microsoft Expression® Encoder 2, encode a wide array of video file formats or stream live from webcams and camcorders. Make simple edits to video files and enhance your media with overlays and advertising. Dial in the VC-1 encoding settings, choose from a range of player templates and publish rich media experiences with Microsoft Silverlight.

Whether developing applications for the desktop or the Web, the Expression products will allow designers to fully engage with developers to finally bridge the gap in the designer/developer workflow. This will bring together the best minds in design and development to create applications and sites with a focus on great User Experience (UX).

UX is a subject Microsoft is passionate about. Windows Vista and the Microsoft Office 2007 system are both examples of what can be achieved in this space. The combination of the Expression tools for designers with Visual Studio 2008 for developers will see the birth of a new era in software and Website development with UX at its center.

Download 2.51 Mb.

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