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 91605 WALTON, Belshazzar's Feast, Partita for Orchestra, Donald Bell, baritone, Phil O & Ch, r&i:1959, SAX 2319, orig silver/blue label, plain sleeve, cond: E, £7.50

 751609 WALTON, Shakespeare Film Scores: Henry V, Hamlet, Richard III, Phil O, r&i:1964, SAX 2527, orig semi-circle label, cond: E, £20.00


651409 Church Cantatas, BACH, Cantata BWV 21, Selig, Jelden, Wenk, Heinrich Schutz Choir of Heilbron, Pforzheim CO, r&i:1963, ZRG 5367, orig oval logo label, groove pr, very rare. cond: E, £18.00


1671611 SIBELIUS, The Tempest, Stockholm Radio SO, c: Westerberg, r:1956, ALFVEN, The Mountain King, The Royal Court Orchestra, c: Alfven, r:1954, Telefunken/Swedish Soc SLT 33148, silver/black label, German pr, The label & sleeve describe this as "stereo" so I think they are ealy stereo recordings. cond: E, £15.00

601408 WIREN, Serenade for Strings, LARSSON, Pastoral Suite, Stockholm Radio O, r&i:1952, [M], Decca LX 3086, 10”, gold/orange label, sleeve is E, cond: V/E + ticks in first minute of Larsson, £2.50

1171407 WIREN, Serenade for Strings, LARSSON, Pastoral Suite,Stockholm Radio O, r&i:1952, [M], Decca LX  3086, 10”, silver/orange label, cond: E + couple of light non-sounding marks (near mint), £5.00


1061506 BACH, St Matthew Passion, Tear, Shirley-Quirk, Lott, Jenkins, Bach Choir, Thames CO, r&i:1979, D139D 4, narrow band, Rare, sung in English. This is the version revised by Elgar & Atkins, and translated into English by Troutbeck. cond: E, Boxed, 4 LPs, £18.00

831604 BACH, Cantata 147 "Herz und Mund", 3 Motets, Ameling, Baker, Partridge, Shirley-Quirk, King's Coll Ch, ASMF, r&i:1972, HQS 1254, dog/stamp, cond: E, £9.00

 31412 BRITTEN, Saint Nicholas, Tear, ten, Russell, treble, King' College Ch, Cambridge Girl's Ch. ASMF, r&i:70, ASD 2637, orig col dog/stamp, cond: E, £3.00

 2371507 HANDEL, Coronation Anthems, Zadok the Priest, My Heart is Inditing, Let thy Hand be Strengthened, The King Shall Rejoice, Thurston Dart, h'chord, King's College Cambridge, ECO, r&i:1963, ZRG 5369, orig oval logo label, groove pr, rare in this original pressing, sleeve is E-, cond: E + couple of light non-sounding marks (near mint), £8.00

 1361405 HAYDN, Nelson Mass, Stahlman, Watts, Brown, Krause, King's College Ch, LSO, r&i:1962, ZRG 5325, orig oval logo label, groove pr, cond: E, £7.00

 131606 VAUGHAN WILLIAMS, Five Tudor Portraits, Bainbridge, contralto, Carol Case, baritone, Bach Ch, NPO, r&i:1969, ASD 2489, early coloured dog/stamp, cond: E, £5.00


 641602 Spain, DE FALLA, La Vida Breve: Intermezzo & Dance, Dances from Three-Cornered Hat, GRANADOS, Goyesxas: Intermezzo, ALBENIZ, Iberia: Navarra, Fete-Dieu a Seville, Triana, Chicago SO, c: Reiner, i:1987, Chesky RC9, Audiophile re-issue of LSC 2230. cond: E, £30.00

 1311109 BERLIOZ, Symphonie Fantastique, Boston SO, c: Munch, LSC 1900, audiophile re-issue on 180gm vinyl, cond: E, £16.00

 521609 STRAUSS, Ein Heldenleben, RPO, c: Beecham, r:1961, Hi-Q Supercuts HIQLP020, 180g Audiophile issue, cut from the original analogue EMI Master Tapes at Abbey Road Studios. Original issue was ASD 421. cond: E, £20.00


781405 An Audio Obstacle Course: The Shure Trackability Test Record for Stereo Cartridges, TTR 101, US pr, The first, and rarest, of the famous series of Shure test records, includes information on the Shure V-15 type II Improved Super-Track Cartridge. cond: E, £19.50

2061403 EMI Technical Test Record, "Monophonic Frequency Record": Constant frequency bands & gliding tone. [M], TCS 104, Rare. cond: V/E, well used, £11.0

1901405 BBC Radio Presents Matrix H, [Q], BBC Transcription Service 140672/3-H, "A Quadrophonic Demonstration Record for Professional Audition Purposes Only". No notes. "Broadcast Standard Quadrophonic programme material recorded with the BBC Matrix H system". brownish-yellow BBC Transcription Service sleeve, cond: E + light non-sounding mark (near mint), £22.50

1271507 EMI Technical Test Record:"Frequency Record STEREOPHONIC", Constant Frequency Bands, Left and Right Channels, Identical Bands on both sides. TCS 101, very rare. cond: V/E + slight swish in one place, half price, £25.00

 1491405 EMI Stereophonic Demonstration Test Record, Sound effects include Express & Goods Trains, Table Tennis, Blacksmith's forge. Musical excerpts.. SDD 1, sleeve is V/E, cond: E + small non-sounding mark (near mint), £8.00

791405 Hi-Fi Test, "Proefen beproeving voor stereo-apparatur". with 12 pages "stereo-informatie voor amateurs en professionals" by Jan Kool - I think the language is Dutch - apologies if I'm mistaken. Includes musical examples from the Erato catalogue. Erato 387005/6, gatefold sl, cond: E, 2 LPs, £10.00

1471405 Percussion in Hi-Fi, Orchestra conducted by David Carroll, r&i:1956, [M], Mercury MPL 6531, silver/green Mercury Living Prescence, superb sound: shows just how splendid mono can be! Popular tracks. cond: E + small non-sounding mark in pressing (near mint), £7.50

1931405 True High Fidelity, Full Frequency Range Recording, "Limited Edition For Trade Use Only", at the London Audio Fair 1957. Classical Sampler. r&i:1957, [M], Decca LAF 1, cond: E, £158.00


301612 Chants Patriotiques, Michel Dens, EMI 2C 053-12028, col dog/stamp, French pr, cond: E, £5.00

1941612 Church Bells, recordings selected from the BBC Sound Archives: St Mary Debenham, Lichfield Cathedral, Cadoxton Glamorgan, St Albans Cathedral, Evercreech Somerset, St Martin Birmingham, St John-the-Baptist Hillingdon, Hughenden Buckinghamshire, West-Wickham Kent, Stratton, Cornwall, St Paul's Cathedral. i:1970, [M], BBC REC 77M, cond: E, £9.00

2021612 Cockney as it is Spoke, A compendium of Cockney wit & humour. Spoken & Sung by Annie Windsor & David Rayner. Narrator Tony Miles, Piano Malcolm Sircum. r&i:1968, Saga SOC 1046, cond: E, £6.00

1251612 Judy Garland in The Letter, musical romance composed and conducted by Gordon Jenkins. With John Ireland as narrator and partner in romance. r:1959, i:1985, Capitol 1565501, rainbow label, French pressing, gatefold sl, cond: E + light non-sounding mark (near mint), £12.00

2061612 Marching with the Mammoth Gavioli, marches played by the Mammoth Gavioli Fair Organ. r&i:1967, Decca SKL 4864, wide band, groove pr, ED2, cond: E + light non-sounding mark (near mint), £9.00

1261612 Music for Bang, baa-room and Harp, Dick Shor's New Percussion Ensemble: a stereo Hi-Fi demonstration recording. r:58, i:1958, RCA SF 5031, original silver/blue label, damaged sleeve - triangle cut off bottom of spine. Half price, cond: E, £6.00

2031612 Piaf at the Paris Olympia, Edith Piaf, with Orchestra & Chorus directed by Jacques Lesage. r&i:1961, [M], 33SX 1330, the original issue of this recording. Mono only, cond: E, £9.00

1951612 The World of Steam, Steam locomotives heard at work on railways in Britain, Germany, Spain & Turkey. Produced by Peter Handford. r&i:1970, Argo SPA-A 103, English pr, cond: E, with bonus 7" EP: F 5278 "Trains" Reginald Gardiner, £5.00

570903 John Gielgud & Irene Worth: A Programme of Poems by Edith Sitwell, Recorded Live at the Poetry Centre, New York. r&i:66, SB 6657, stereo test pressing, in mono sleeve, the stereo is extremely rare, and a test pressing even rarer, cond: E, £16.00

1401501 The Best of the Goon Shows, Tales of Old Dartmoor & Dishonoured. With Spike Milligan, Peter Sellers, Harry Secombe. r:1956/1959, i:1959, [M], Parlophone PMC 1108, marks on sleeve back, cond: E + couple of light non-sounding marks (near mint), £5.00

931204 The Butterfly Ball and the Grasshopper's Feast, A vocal interpretation of the complete verse by Alan Aldridge & William Plomer. Maration by Judi Dench & Michael Hordern. Music & Vocals by Rod Edwards & Roger Hand. r&i:75, Argo ZSW 557/8, scarce, English pr, gatefold sl, cond: E, 2 LPs, £10.00

3051002 The Barrow Poets: Outpatients, with instrumental ensemble incl Susan Baker & Jim Parker. r&i:72, Argo ZSW 508, English pr, cond: E, £5.00

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