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News about the Heroes of Windsor”

October 24th – October 27th


We had a great week! In math we continued with subtraction with renaming and took the test on Wednesday. Most of the students are doing great with this concept! We will begin measurement next week. In reading we read a story called Zipping, Zapping, Zooming Bats. We learned all about bats and how they are important to our world. We wrote down facts and are creating our own bats. In writing we finished our Spooky Story! We will have these displayed at conferences. We also are typing them in computer class and it will be turned into a book. We will be set new goals in Reading Counts and everyone is reading. We have earned over 750 points as a class. We are looking forward to our Fall Party and our field trip to the Sheldon next week!

Day 1- Computer

Day 2- PE

Day 3- Art

Day 4- Music*

Day 5- Library

Asterisk is on Monday

Upcoming Events

Oct 28- No School!

Oct 31- Fall Party!

Nov 3- Sheldon Field Trip!

Nov 7- No School!

Did You Know?

Bruce Wayne trained his mind and body, traveling all across the world, before deciding to become Batman. Many call Batman the greatest detective in the world. He is an excellent fighter, strategist, tactician, acrobat, and gymnast. His vast wealth affords him many technological gadgets, weapons, and vehicles like the Batmobile, and the Batwing. He is often called Gotham’s Dark Knight as he prowls the city while it is dark. Batman has had various sidekicks work along his side throughout the years.

Service Project!

October is Disability Awareness Month. We are supporting Helping Hands and Horses as we learn about how students are alike and different. Please send in any spare change. The class that brings in the most will win a popcorn party!

Test List 10

Thurs. Nov 3rd

  • Our classroom is often chilly so, students may bring a jacket or sweatshirt to leave in the room.

  • 2nd grade eats lunch at 12:20 and then we go straight to 2nd recess. Students may bring a snack to eat at 1st recess but should not be hungry 2nd recess.

  • Students may have a water bottle in class, as long as it has a lid on it.

Reading:2nd Qtr. Goal: Level N 76 wpm

Current: Level N ____________wpm

Rdg Counts: ______pts/______ 2nd qtr goal
Rdg Summative: N/A
Math Summative : N/A

Pathways to Reading Spelling Week 10

  1. good

  2. book

  3. too

  4. room

  5. true

  6. blue

  7. school

  8. move

  9. who

  10. two

  11. measure

  12. distance

  13. length

  14. weight

  15. height

Dictation Sentences

  1. Could you get a good book in school?

  2. I have two dogs who want some food too.

Test on Thursday, November 3rd!

Download 136.99 Kb.

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