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Student Handbook


10523 - 84 Avenue NW

Edmonton, Alberta

T6E 2H5

Telephone: 780 433 0627

Fax: 780 433 4994

e-mail: oldscona@epsb.ca

Website: http://oldscona.epsb.ca

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Old Scona Academic High School has a long history of success and a tradition of academic excellence spanning many years. This year once again our IB students continue to receive top marks on their IB exams.

Every year scores of graduates return to Old Scona Academic full of praise for the school and its staff, who worked so closely with them to ensure their long-term academic success.

At Old Scona, our priority is to provide you with a positive and purposeful learning environment. Through top quality instruction and caring support, the staff at Old Scona Academic aim to nurture a meaningful and inviting learning culture that enables all students to challenge and achieve to their academic potential. We want our students to take pride in their efforts and accept the many rewards of their success. Our goal is to help you become your very best!

The Staff at OSA take pride in providing the highest quality of programming support for our students. Student achievement is our most important goal; solid staff performance is our direction. This atmosphere of dedication has established our programs in academics, fine arts, career and technology, athletics and extra-curricular activities as among the very best in Canada and indeed around the world. We expect that each student who registers at OSA will take their educational progress seriously and will develop the insights and maturity to flourish in our school. Our purpose is to support and enable all of our students to work to the best of their ability and to achieve the highest possible marks.

Communication and collaboration is essential to the process of success and achievement. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your teacher(s) and/or other staff. Regular communications throughout the year between students, staff and parents will insure the highest possible results.
Lou Yaniw, Principal
Students, staff and parents are our

most important resources at OSA


Old Scona Academic High School is known for its standard of excellence. However, there is a lot more to this school than just academics. With the amazing support from our staff and peers, we are truly a community. We laugh together, cry together, and (hopefully) succeed together. I hope that the Students’ Union can contribute to this sense of community. Along with being a body that you can depend on, we strive to present you the opportunities to bond with your peers. Throughout the year, we will also provide you chances to showcase your talents and interests. Our school's diversity of individual interests and hobbies is considered a merit and we pride ourselves in our differences. Thus, we try to cater to a variety of aspects of student life; our clubs focus on topics ranging from Amnesty to Anime to Photography! The Students’ Union’s mandate is to help students maintain a balance and lead well-rounded lives.

However, the success of students’ activities and events cannot be achieved without the active participation of the entire student population. You define your high school experience! There are many ways to stay involved; the first way is to simply attend events. The Students’ Union holds a variety of events, including school dances, eating contests, showcases, and dress-up days. These events foster a sense of community and pride. Relish in each other’s company, meet new people, and eat free food! What more could you ask for? I hope that you will extend beyond your comfort zone; the OSA environment promotes self-improvement and confidence. Moreover, you can become directly involved with the Students’ Union by running for SU Room Representative at the beginning of the year. If you have a passion for leadership or want to improve our school, we would love for you to join our Students’ Union team! Finally, voice your opinion. Feel free to approach any SU member with your input, suggestions and comments at any time. We have a suggestion box and an online SU Facebook page to facilitate increased communication. It is imperative that you share your opinions so that the Students’ Union can continue to improve and adapt to your interests!

Now being a year away from graduation, I can say with confidence that the sense of camaraderie within this school is unbelievable. Old Scona is a building where I have made unforgettable memories and life-long friendships. Now, I truly look forward to getting to know and working with each and every one of you. Our school may be small, but it is full of heart! Welcome and welcome back; here’s to another exciting and wonderful year!

Edwina Liu, Students’ Union President




I. Services for Students

1. Building Hours p. 6

2. General Office p. 6

3. Student Services p. 6

II. Student Program Planning

1. Advice and Assistance p. 8

2. Tutor List p. 9

3. Program Planning p. 9

4. The Alberta High School Diploma p. 9

5. Course Selection at Old Scona p. 10

6 International Baccalaureate Program p. 11

III. School Rules and Regulations

1. School Philosophy p. 12

2. Definition of an OSA Graduate p. 12

3. School Attendance Policy p. 14

4. Timetable p. 14

5. Student Behaviour and Conduct p. 14

6. Cheating/Plagiarism p. 16

IV. Co-Curricular Activities

1. Students’ Union p. 17

2. Clubs and Activities p. 17

V. Student Awards

1. Old Scona Awards p. 18

2. Academic Awards p. 21

3. Post-Secondary Scholarship Opportunities p. 21

4. Provincial Awards p. 22

5. District Awards p. 22

VI. Appendices

1. OSA Weekly Schedule p. 23

2. OSA Students’ Union Constitution p. 24

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