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MINIMINGUS is a band dedicated to the music of. Charles Mingus, a brilliant and explosive bass player who played with almost every leading jazz musician from the 1940s to the 80s. He loved every Jazz style from and his idol was Duke Ellington. Some of his tunes have become classics, such as Goodbye Pork Pie hat, Better Git Hit in your Soul, Nostalgia in Times Square and Fables of Faubus, have become classics.
After his tragically premature death in 1979, his musicians have continued playing his unique music which takes in all jazz influences from Jelly Roll Morton to Charlie Parker and Eric Dolphy. For recording and tours Mingus was often short of cash and limited to a small group. Some of his music definitely asks for a bigger sound. A few years ago Martin Kemp created Mingusology, an 8–piece band, and the smaller 6-piece Minimingus, to give listeners the opportunity to hear that sound.
Regular gigs have followed including the Edinburgh Fringe, the Cambridge Modern Jazz Club, Jazz @ Johns., the Flying Pig, and Hot Numbers. There have also been gigs at the St Neots Festival, and sell out gigs last year and this year at the Cambridge Jazz Festival. This year’s took place a few days ago before a large enthusiastic crowd.
Minimingus is based on a flexible line-up of 3 sax players plus rhythm section. All are highly individual experienced and inventive local players.
Line-up:- Andrew Goreing alto sax, Martin Kemp sop/tenor sax/clarinet Pete Newman baritone sax Yashodaka piano Joel Humann bass jonny Pyke drums.
Mingus’ exciting music is heavily rooted in blues, boogie woogie and gospel, but also, lyrical and profound. It contains great lyricism and touches of humour. Minimingus aims to use the extraordinary mixture of loose arrangements, exciting harmonies, bizarre juxtapositions and collective improvisation, along with occasional shouts and howls.
Martin Kemp

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