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Title: BMV iPhone and Android Applications

Category: Fast Track Solution

Contact: Kent Schroder, Chief Information Officer

Agency: Bureau of Motor Vehicles

Phone: 317-232-0661

Email: kschroder@bmv.in.gov

Project Initiated in March 2012 and installed in the ITunes app store and Google Play in November 2012. After the pilot completed, the application and marketing was initiated in December 2012.

  1. Executive Summary (one page)

The agency’s goal for 2013 is to have more transactions conducted outside of a branch than in a branch. IPhone and Android applications were created to provide services comparable to traditional branches. The application underwent our normal development cycle, but a goal was set to complete it prior to the next plate registration year. Currently, these application channels offer ten transaction types. The applications were created and are maintained by the BMV Information Technology Department.

Transactions and services include:

  • Renew plate registrations

  • Renew drivers licenses (DL)

  • Renew identification (ID) cards

  • Update insurance information

  • Update mailing address and phone number

  • Plate renewal history

  • Transaction history

  • Update emergency contacts

  • Update email address and opt-on for email reminders

  • Map of closest branch to customer’s home address

  1. Business Problem Solution Description (section 3-5 cannot exceed 5 pages)

Most Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) transactions can be completed remotely. However, customers had been trained to visit a branch (regardless of the transaction or service required) because it was the only channel the BMV offered. As a result, the BMV often had long lines, particularly in its larger branches, causing customer wait times to be unnecessarily long. In an effort to reduce the number of in-branch transactions that did not require a visit to a branch the BMV decided to expand the number of transactions and services available on its website, myBMV.com, and launch IPhone and Android mobile apps. By removing these transactions lines would be shorter and wait times would be reduced resulting in shorter overall customer visit times.

As it had with its website, the BMV decided to in-source the design, development and management of the mobile apps. The web services created for the website could naturally be extended to ease the development of these new solutions. The IPhone app is written in C and the Android app is written in Java. Both connect to the BMV SQL Server database. The design of the myBMV website and mobile applications was a combined effort of the BMV IT Department, Policy and Programs team and Communications group. Both mobile applications were managed as part of the normal software build cycle for the BMV IT Department (Waterfall Method). The BMV continues to maintain the apps internally.

Although written by the BMV, due to contractual requirements the mobile applications were published to ITunes and the Google Play Store by IN.gov partner NICUSA.

Marketing for the mobile applications have been through direct mail and email renewal reminders as well as advertising (with links to app stores) on the myBMV website.

Significance of the Project

Since November 2012, the BMV Android app has had 5,312 transactions, and the BMV IPhone app has had 11,126. The combined transactions totals for mobile apps were 16,438 meaning they have beaten 44 branches in the same timeframe for total transactions.

Benefit of the Project

The increase in usage directly impacts customer traffic in branches causing a corresponding reduction in branch visits meeting the strategic goal of the BMV. The result is shorter visit times for customers who must visit a branch as well as requiring fewer customer service representatives.

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