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Lifeliqe is a platform company for the creation, sharing and deployment of advanced interactive models into mobile, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and 3D printable media. Lifeliqe’s platform exclusively presents Corinth Classroom, a visual learning tool with 1,000 advanced interactive (3D) models proven to increase engagement and learning in students. Education is the first industry launching on the Lifeliqe platform with more to follow.

Technology Behind Virtual & Augmented Reality

Lifeliqe is a leader in the latest virtual and augmented reality technologies. Its solutions leverage different types of VR/AR approaches. Using a technology called “stereo rendering,” objects are manipulated in a real environment between the screen and a user’s head. Lifeliqe technology integrates head tracking with full motion parallax and a precision interactive stylus. Lifeliqe also works with sensor-based virtual reality -- technology used by HTC Vive, for example -- to merge real word objects into a virtual reality setup. The combined real word environment uses a two-part system based on stereoscopic 3D rendering on a semi-transparent mirror (i.e. normal or head mounted-glasses).

Industry Facts & Statistics

  • Augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR) are poised to become one of the next largest consumer electronics verticals. According to Goldman Sachs, AR/VR has the potential to surpass the TV market in annual revenue by 2025, which would make AR/VR bigger than TV in less than 10 years. And in 2015 alone, AR/VR startups raised a total of $658M in equity financing across 126 deals. (Source: CB Insights)

  • According to research by Penn State University, students performing a task with Immersive Virtual Reality (IVR) technology were significantly more efficient compared to those who didn’t use IVR. On average, the group using Oculus Rift completed the task in 23.21 seconds while the other group assembled the pot in 49.04 seconds – more than double the first group’s time. (Source:

  • According to Professor Dr. Anne Bamford, visual learning improves the pupils’ understanding of functionality and by seeing the whole of something, and children are able to understand the parts. The research results indicated that the pupils had a strong preference for visual and kinesthetic learning, with 85% of the pupils preferring seeing and doing while only 15% of pupils preferred hearing. (Source: The 3D in Education Whitepaper,

Education & Virtual Reality

Lifeliqe is a strategic content partner for education with HTC Vive, the world’s leading manufacturer of the most advanced VR systems. Lifeliqe also partners with HP School Pack 2.0, which is pre-loaded on over 1 million HP devices in 2016 and is VR-enabled, which means students worldwide will be able to use 3D objects in the classroom and at home. Lifeliqe is also bundled with zSpace, a leading VR device maker. Through this partnership the advanced interactive models that Lifeliqe presents is used by students in virtual reality using their device and glasses.

Founding Story

Lifeliqe’s sister company, Corinth, was launched more than four years ago and it has become a leading publisher of advanced interactive content in K-12 education. As Corinth’s content library grew, there was overwhelming demand from schools, educators, students and parents for direct access to all of Corinth’s flagship content -- Corinth Classroom. After 15 months of development, the team built the Lifeliqe visual learning and productivity platform that is the content hub for all Corinth content and it is available to anyone.


  • Ondrej Homola, CEO. Serial entrepreneur and co-founder/CEO of Corinth (sister company to Lifeliqe), which has been twice awarded Microsoft’s Partner of the Year Finalist. He is also the founder of SVHouse.TV, an onboarding guide for startup teams to Silicon Valley, and former regional director of Building Innovation for Central Europe South at DuPont.

  • Mark Andersen, VP of Marketing. Silicon Valley tech startup veteran with nearly 20 years experience, including the launch of a new product that generated $28 million in revenue in nine months. He is also chairman of the Business School at Anglo-American University.

  • Daniel Sklar, VP of Research & Development. Graphic artist veteran with more than 15 years experience, including the leadership of an award-winning educational 3D objects team and game development at 2K Czech, a leading game development company.

  • Daniel Capek, Chief Technology Officer. Lead developer of Mafia and Mafia II computer games, which generated more than $5 million in sales in 2002, resp. 2010.



Lifeliqe is a cutting-edge 3D visual learning and productivity tool. The platform has more than 1,000 advanced interactive models in breathtaking quality and detail to provide individuals with a fun, engaging way to learn. With roots in the classroom and having been used by teachers in more than 100 countries, Lifeliqe is available on the Apple App Store & Windows Store to any student, parent or teacher seeking an exciting way to learn STEM topics.

The Importance of Visual Learning

  • According to Hyerle1, 90 percent of information that comes to the brain is visual and a research from 3M Corporation showed that visual aids improve learning by up to 400 percent.

  • According to MindTools2, two thirds of population are visual learners.

Key Features

  • Lifeliqe Creator. Empowers teachers and students with the possibility to create their own 3D content by enhancing their learning resources with advanced interactive models with a simple drag and drop into the text and then share the ebook or presentation with others.

  • Augmented Reality (AR) Feature. We’ve added an augmented reality (AR) feature so you can have dinosaurs and potato beetles running and flying around your screen.

  • Advanced interactive models. More than 1,000 interactive 3D models available on the platform with descriptions and introductions to guide the learner.

  • K-12 STEM Curriculum. With 1,000 models in 10 libraries to choose from, Lifeliqe enables users to learning the latest in science, technology english and math.

  • 3D Printing Capabilities. Connect with any 3D printer and bring to life the creations on screen.

  • Microsoft Product Integration. PowerPoint and Keynote.

  • Multiple Language Options. Available in both the English and Spanish languages.

Product Benefits

  • Increased Engagement & Enjoyment. The unique visual learning approach has been proven to increase student learning and creativity, as well as improve teacher enjoyment with greater student engagement.

  • Frequently Updated Content. Schools have content that's always being updated versus textbooks with outdated content, and Lifeliqe provides constantly updated content on its platform for users.

  • Available Anywhere, Anytime. With limited internet connectivity in many schools and around the world, Lifeliqe native app can be downloaded to devices -- not via the web -- for an optimal user experience.

  • Accessible Through Multiple Operating Systems. Different operating systems and different devices on which schools want to use the same software.

  • Individual and Licensing Options. Teachers and parents often prefer individual subscriptions and schools usually prefer purchasing an entire license, which is why Lifeliqe has made its content flexible for both schools and consumers.

Major Partners

  • Content: Stanford, University of California, Charles University (Prague) and the University of Tennessee (Knoxville)

  • Technology: HTC Vive, Microsoft, Dell, HP, Intel, Actiontec, zSpace, Qualcomm

Recognition & Involvement

  • 2013 & 2014 Microsoft Partner of the Year Award Finalists

  • SIIA EDIN “The best-runner-up” Recognition

  • App of the Year 2015 (awarded by Microsoft)

  • TELL US Awards 2015 Finalist

  • Winner of the 2013 CG Awards


Available for consumers for $14.99 per month, or $9.99 per month with an annual subscription.


The Lifeliqe app is globally available via the Apple App Store & Windows Store.3


“As a teacher educator who assists educators to implement technology into 21st century classrooms, I am blown away by the design of Lifeliqe. I've never seen 3D animation with so much realism and practical application for today's classrooms. So user-friendly for both teachers and students, I wholeheartedly recommend this program to any school or district that is looking to revolutionize teaching content for today's student."

- Dan Philips, Educational technology trainer/ Assistive Technology specialist at Technology

Resource Center of Marin, California & 2015 Marin County Teacher of the Year
“Our teachers were astonished how easily they could prepare classes and engage students for science subjects difficult to explain.”
- Luis Fernandes, School Principal at Freixo School Cluster, Freixo, Interactive Classroom

Working Group at the European Schoolnet, Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert
"Not everything makes me sit up and say: What just happened? Lifeliqe did that. It’s unbelievable. When I get in, I'm shocked by the amount of detail of the content. I love it and I'm becoming a huge fan."
- Jonathan Smith, Technology coordinator, Apple Distinguished Educator, Professional

Development Trainer, Book Creator Ambassador, Flocab MC Educator
"Having access to a fantastic encyclopaedic catalogue of interactive 3D models all in one place makes Lifeliqe a very interesting prospect for the classroom."

- Mark Anderson, United Kingdom, Edtech expert, technology consultant, blogger, speaker,

author. ITL associate, Apple Distinguished Educator

“Once you try this app, you'll never go back to using your textbooks. It lets you visualize 3D examples while having tons of information so you can easily learn about anything.”

- Jordan Lee, Australia
“Awesome, mega creative, addictive!”

- Imcil, Australia
“Using this app is like studying with the smartest student in the class... Getting their help to answer questions and do lessons! It is like cheating!”

- E. Cullen, Canada
“I am 71 years of age doing my degree in Horticulture. These programs were not available when I went to school but what wonderful insight and power of knowledge they can give us.”

- Denys Moss, New Zealand
“It's something that lets you study things more practically and makes studies more creative, innovative and alive! Something that every student needs.”

- Nawal Mohammed Joynalabedin, United Arab Emirates

Industry Professionals

“You can start at a large macro view and scale all the way into the cell level and actually understand how the full model looks like on the inside.”

- Pete Johnson, Director of Alliances & International Sales at zSpace
“These experiences really can enhance what´s happening and partners build very powerful experiences that can change the dimension of learning.”

- Anthony Salcito, VP of Worldwide Education at Microsoft
“Excellent!!! I am especially impressed by quantity of content, PowerPoint export and Virtual reality.”

- Nathan Moyal, General Manager at FlatFrog

1 Hyerle, David: Thinking maps: Visual Tools for activating Habits of mind, 2008


3 Due to direct sales availability, the only countries where the app is not available: Czech Republic, Slovakia & a few other Central European countries.

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