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University of California Los Angeles

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University of California Los Angeles

Behavioral Decision Making in Teams

This session explores the psychology of decision-making both at the individual and the group level. The common decision making traps that lead good managers to make bad decisions are addressed. And the “wisdom of crowds” is shown to present its own perils even though groups can mitigate some decision-making errors made by individuals. Finally, the session delivers strategies for becoming a more influential group member.
Dates: TBD

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Fee: $750

Contact Number: (310) 825-2001

Table of Contents

University of California San Diego

Harnessing the Creative Power of Teams

In theory, work groups are more creative than individual efforts. However, in practice this is often not the case because it is difficult to access individuals’ knowledge perspectives in group settings. This course will help you to build cohesion and increase motivation and coordination in your work group. This will lead to much higher creative output and deliver increased productivity and results.

Participants in the class will:

  • Discover what a successful creative team looks like and how to get your team to that state

  • Recognize the symptoms of groupthink in the decision process

  • Uncover how to bring out ideas in group settings

  • Understand how dissention can affect group settings

  • Gain applications to help your team feel comfortable in voicing opinions

Date: February 21, 2013

Fees: $325

Contact: 1-858-822-6004 or radyexecdev@ucsd.edu
Table of Contents

Difficult Conversations


Many business situations challenge even the most experienced and skillful communicator. Whether you are facing a difficult conversation with a stakeholder, colleague or employee, how you handle these conversations can determine your success or failure. Take the skills learned in this course and start applying them immediately for the confidence and camaraderie that gets you the results you need to succeed.

Difficult Conversations will teach you how to communicate with finesse to achieve desired goals. Your difficult conversation could include terminating an employee, dealing with discipline issues, explaining you lack the funds to make payment, dealing with coworkers and much more. Regardless of your situation, the tools learned in this course will make an immediate impact in your conversations surrounding any difficult situation.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Build trust and maintain rapport

  • Effectively listen and get credit for listening from others

  • Give actionable feedback

  • Engage others in a constructive dialogue involving difficult issues and highly emotional content

Date: April 9, 2013

Fees: $325

Contact: 1-858-822-6004 or radyexecdev@ucsd.edu
Table of Contents

Conflict Resolution Strategies for Managers


Conflicts within the workplace impact productivity and create a negative work environment. Conflict Resolution Strategies for Managers is a practical, interactive course which helps a diverse group of professionals integrate conflict management skills into their respective professions.

Developed by the National Conflict Resolution Center, this course provides a comprehensive set of communication skills and introduces useful strategies for managing workplace conflicts. Beyond that, the course provides tools for the employees who participate. The course is designed to foster accountability both for the problem and its solution.

Dates: March 5, 2013, September 17, 2013

Fees: $450

Contact: 1-858-822-6004 or radyexecdev@ucsd.edu

Table of Contents

Managing High Performance Teams

Emotions are contagious. It starts with the leader at the top: your state, your expectations, your structures, your emotional regulation and how you set the context. Today’s' teams must do more with less. High performing teams need members with technical competency and intelligence—but that is not enough. Motivation, engagement and productivity happens through effective collaboration based on team dynamics. On a team, the whole is never the sum of its parts, but is greater or lesser depending on how well the individuals work together. The leader has a huge impact on the emotional state of the team and its ability to work together. Who the leader is, and how the leader is presented on a consistent basis, can have dramatic effect on leading the team through change, fostering creativity, innovation, and job satisfaction. Learn key facilitation skills that will engage your team. Never have a boring meeting again.
Date: April 25, 2013

Fees: $325

Contact: 1-858-822-6004 or radyexecdev@ucsd.edu

Table of Contents

University of Chicago

High-Performance Leadership

Leaders need to create an environment that fosters high performance. In order for a business unit to create value for the organization, the brainpower within the workgroup that will lead to innovative products, services, and markets must be unleashed. Participants will learn and practice a six-step collaboration model that high-performing groups use to encourage the flow of ideas and to solve complex problems. Through this course, participants will learn the behaviors that accelerate or stifle high performance, how to better leverage the positive attributes of the work environment, and techniques to build performance drivers into their company.

Dates: March 11-15, 2013; June 24-28, 2013; November 4-8, 2013

Location: Chicago campus

Fee: $8,675

Table of Contents

Personal Leadership Insight


Leadership is something most businesses strive to achieve in their industries. Leadership operates at many levels, including country, industry, business, product, and personal levels. But businesses and countries don’t lead unless individuals lead. In this course experience, you will look at your own personal leadership capabilities and develop the insight necessary to transform your leadership. You will explore the knowledge, skill, and discipline that build your leadership capital; you will determine the direction of your leadership journey; and you will learn to tell compelling stories that allow people to follow the direction you have set.

Dates: January 28 – February 1, 2013; May 20 – 24, 2013; September 30 – October 4, 2013

Location: Chicago campus

Fee: $8,675

Table of Contents

Advanced Management Program


The Chicago Booth Advanced Management Program provides executives with a unique combination of benefits that no other senior executive program can offer.Composed of six nonconsecutive one-week courses over a year, the Advanced Management Program format is the result of interviews with more than 300 senior executives, who all cited the critical need for flexibility and an individualized curriculum. We created a program that features a total of six weeks, with half of the content completely customizable. Three nonconsecutive core weeks are cohosted sessions with a group of high-level executives in which you will explore critical issues related to enterprise leadership and general management. Three weeks are in elective sessions of your choosing with executives from a broad range of functions and industries. These electives allow you to individualize the curriculum to best complement your career goals, development needs, and business interests.


Introductory Core Session 1: The Executive

OCT 14-18, 2013

Mid Course Core Session 2: The Organization

APR 7-11, 2014

Capstone Course Core Session 3: The Community

NOV 3-7, 2014




Chicago Campus

Table of Contents

University of Minnesota

Creating a High Performance Organization

The Creating a High-Performance Organization program helps managers develop the methods and skills needed to drive performance while maintaining a highly effective work culture. It will help you increase performance across the organization and support the achievement of business objectives, while building the leadership capabilities to meet future business needs.
This program provides you with a systemic view of the organization, best practices for creating a productive climate, and the tools and leadership practices to implement these ideas. Creating a High-Performance Organization features seasoned faculty who have vast real-world experience. You'll be prepared to assess the needs of your work environment on several dimensions: capabilities, competencies, teamwork, empowerment, systems thinking, and leadership.
Dates: October 28 –30, 2013

Fee: $3,000

Location: University of Minnesota

Contact: 612-625-5412
Table of Contents

Presentations: Coaching for Executives

The program provides managers with the rare opportunity to receive executive-level, strategic coaching to further develop their communication abilities. This valuable experience is a necessity for executives whose success depends on their ability to persuade and influence both internal and external audiences.
Participants explore key communication challenges faced by senior managers and not only learn best practices, but also hone presentation skills under the direction of two highly regarded executive coaches. This program provides a unique opportunity to develop vital communication skills within a group setting that is both challenging and supportive.
Dates: September 23-25, 2013

Fee: $3,500

Location: University of Minnesota

Contact: 612-625-5412

Table of Contents

MBA Essentials

The MBA Essentials program provides an overview of key subject areas found in the Carlson School’s nationally ranked MBA program. It is taught by many of the same outstanding Carlson School of Management faculty members who teach in the MBA program. You will experience classroom sessions with award-winning teachers—many of whom are also accomplished scholars and understand how to transform the latest academic insights into practical application.
MBA Essentials is an evening program that meets twice a week for five weeks in the spring or during the day for one week straight in the fall. The program sets the stage by building an understanding of the nature of business strategy and the foundations of competitive advantage. Next, participants are introduced to the core perspectives of the basic business functions and how they each contribute to the organization. Throughout the program, participants are engaged in discussions to understand the practical issues and challenges associated with each functional area. The program concludes by coming full-circle and relating the concepts covered in the program back to the issues of firm strategy and competitiveness.

Date: April 22-May 22, 2013 (Monday and Wednesday evenings)

Location: University of Minnesota

Fee: $4,000

Contact: 612-624-3821
Table of Contents

Advanced Business Communications for Executives

Gain deeper insight into the art and science of persuasive communications. This program builds on "Presentations: Coaching for Executives" and will give you further understanding of effective executive communications—everything from presenting effectively to top management to communicating successfully with multicultural audiences to leading and creating critical team communications.
Participants will learn tips, techniques and best practices for communicating persuasively and effectively in an increasingly diverse, global, team-oriented, and time-starved business environment.
Specifically, attendees will strengthen their mastery of multicultural communications, fast-paced and limited-attention span communications, in addition to creating and leading team presentations. Attendees will also have the opportunity to participate in an improv module that shows them how to “think on their feet,” and enhance their ability to be persuasive “in the hot seat.” A special area of focus will be persuasive communications with executive level management.
Date: March 4-5, 2013

Location: University of Minnesota

Fee: $2,500

Contact: 612-625-5412

Table of Contents

The Art and Practice of Effective Coaching

Leadership coaching is vital to today’s most successful organizations. In fact, around half of the top companies for leaders provide coaching to their most promising leaders. This program provides a perspective and best practice from Richard Leider, one of today’s top executive coaches. It provides leaders with a proven approach to develop and retain key people through effective coaching practices.
Revealing core philosophies, critical capabilities, and the insights of coaching success, this program also includes a practice field for trying on the concepts presented. This practical program is the definitive source in the region for those leaders who want (or need) to master the art and practice of coaching their leaders
Date: May 6-8, 2013

Location: University of Minnesota

Fee: $3,500

Contact: 612-625-5412
Table of Contents

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