Motive Power News: cn ex-bnsf c40-8W roundup: Wearing full cn livery with their paint shop, and new releases

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Motive Power News:
CN ex-BNSF C40-8W roundup:
Wearing full CN Livery with their paint shop, and new releases:
2099 - Centralia

2135 - Centralia

2136 - Centralia


2138 - Centralia

2139 - Centralia

2141 - Woodcrest

2144 - Centralia

2145 - Centralia

2146 - Centralia

2147 - Woodcrest

2148 - Woodcrest

2149 - Centralia

2151 - Centralia

2152 - Woodcrest

2153 - Centralia

2154 - Woodcrest

2155 - Centralia

2156 - Centralia

2157 - Centralia

2159 - Centralia

2161 - Centralia

2162 - Metro East Industries

2163 - Centralia

2164 - Woodcrest

2165 - NRE - Dixmoor

2167 - Quality Rail

2168 - NRE - Dixmoor

2169 - Centralia

2170 - Metro East Industries

2173 - Centralia


2177 - Quality Rail

2178 - Centralia

2180 - Centralia

2181 - Centralia

2183 - Centralia

2184 - Centralia


2188 - Centralia

2191 - Quality Rail

2193 - Quality Rail

2194 - Woodcrest

2196 - Centralia

2197 – Centralia


As of December 1st 47 of the 67 units are finished.
Trace locations of CN 2098-2199:

(CN ex-UP C40-8, ex-BNSF C40-8W) NEW NOVEMBER?

Report compiled by Joe Ferguson (with thanks):
At Centralia Temporarily CN renumbered in black in BNSF paint: 2141, 2142, 2150, 2158, 2160 (5)
At Centralia awaiting repaint still in BNSF uniforms and number:
809 > 2166

821 > 2172

825 > 2174

835 > 2179

849 > 2186

851 > 2187

855 > 2190

857 > 2192

863 > 2198 (9)
Inside the Centralia Paint Shop in November:
2098 ex-865

2137 ex-804

2140 ex-810

2171 ex-819

2175 ex-827

2182 ex-841
2185 847

2189 854

2195 860
New CN72173 2098 photo coming via ED and George
I want this in ONE paragraph!
George Redmond photographed freshly painted CN C40-8W 2137, 2185, and last months release 2180 at Centralia November 11th. Next to the coal chute were CN 2142, 2150, and 2158 still in BNSF paint.

CN 2137 was the 4th unit and dead in tow on SB train M336 at Centralia. At the CN yard at Du Quoin, IL on November 13th, henoted six CN 2100-class engines: CN 2137 in new paint and 2134, 2102, 2129, 2120, and 2149.

On November 7th he clicked CN 2173 (Above) at Centralia, along with freshly painted 2185 (below).

CN repaints 2099, 2181 and 2184 were shot in Centralia in late October.

Note the new cooling fan modification and DPU red light now being installed onto the right numberboard on some of the CN Dash 8 40C’s and is seen on the first to be done CN C40-8 2108 shot in early November.
CN ES44DC 2342 was involved in a mudslide / washout accident on

the Chetwynd Sub in Northern BC earlier in the year, while operating on train A472. The locomotive sustained damage to right side and was seen on November 6th moving westbound on CN train 399, supported on and straddling two QTTX flatcars, with GE trucks removed. It is destined to a contract shop in Madison, Illinois, where CN has locos repaired and/or upgraded.
CN Locomotives Sold:
On November 3rd ERS C-424 4204 (Ex-Ottawa Central, nee CP) was pulled from the CN Woodcrest storage line, and prepared for shipping via CN with SFEX reporting marks. CN sent it north to Proctor, MN in error and then redirected it east bound to destination. Bu mid-November SFEX 4204 had arrived at Morristown NJ.
CN retired eight units during 2011:
CN GP9RM’s 7007, 7010, 7018, 7045, 7216, and 7259;

IC SW14 1501;

CN slug 272.
Chris Wilson videoed and photographed CN train Q149, rolling through Newtonville, Ontario on November 10th.

Q149 :
Powered by CN North America painted SD40u 6016 and SD40-2W 5339, CN train 907 reverses up the cowpath under the conductors protection at Hamilton, Ontario November 4th, in order to head east towards MacMillan Yard in Toronto. (Dan Tweedle photo)
Déjà vu? On November 7th Wayne Shaw caught train 450 heads south through Utterson (Huntsville, Ontario) with the exact same power set Dan Tweedle caught (above) at Hamilton West a few days earlier, only reversed.
Myles Roach clicked matching blue GTW GP38-2 4917 and GP9R 4622 in the small Shaefer road yard in Dearborn MI. August 8th.
Paul Burgess clicked CN C40-8 2117 South on M397 passing through Danforth, IL October 29th, the former UP nee-CNW toaster looking fine in CN uniform.
On November 5th, Patrick DeLarue photographed CN O48221-04, the TEST train at Tarte siding (Pelletier Sub.) at Rivière-Bleue, Québec. Burly CN C44-9W 2669 is certainly overkill for the light load behind, test cars 15007-15008.
Mark Forseille clicked beefy CN SD70M-2 8815 between assignments at Port Coquitlam, BC on May 30th as a tired CP AC4400CW looks on. In October near the same spot, Mark caught CN 8826 coupled to an SD60F.
A rarity occurred on 11/11/11 when five CN SD60F's were all at Thunder Bay, Ontario (Lakehead Region) on the same day: CN 840 had 5522 + 5551 on an overnight grain train, and CN 436 a mixed freight had 5552 + 5539 + 5529. (Images courtesy of B. Skedgel and Craig Konopski)

Andy Cassidy clicked this birds eye view of CN SD60F 5501 West at New Westminster Yard, at Mile 16 on the Lulu Island Industrial line July 27th.

CN Vignettes:
On August 1, 1966, Doug Hately recorded train No. 10 at the station in

Bowmanville, Ontario. CN FPA4 6786 and a GP9 lead the head-end baggage cars.
Doug also shot this impressive westbound CN express/TOFC train easing over the CP bridge at Port Hope, Ontario August 7th, 1970. The detour was due to a derailment on the double track CN Bridge at Port Hope, which spans alongside only a few hundred feet south of the single track CP bridge.


John Reay clicked a westbound VIA train that had just come to a stop in a cloud of steam after being nailed by the hotbox detector at Newtonville, Ontario March 3, 1986. CN train 393, led by HR616 2105 and two six-axle MLWs, are seen passing the stopped VIA train’s head-end.



USA and Canadian CPR “Holiday Train” full schedule:


Motive Power News:
CP ES44AC 8900-8956 are now all in service.
November 9th Bill Sanderson clicked CP 8951 almost right out of the box at Smiths Falls, ON with eastbound Toronto-Montreal manifest Train #234. During the crew change, the conductor told Bill he had enjoyed the smooth ride, and liked its “new car smell!” The engine was getting a workout too, as Train 234 can be one of the heaviest on CP.
As we reported in November, ES44AC 8939 wears a commemorative crest for Lord Strathcona, and seen here as the remote on CP train 351-439 at McCracken, BC Nov 7th,photographed by John Leeming.
As well, 30 new ES44AC’s were ordered by CP from General Electric in October, and earmarked for delivery in 2012. They are to be numbered in a new series: 9350-9379, and are the first CP units that will comply with U.S. Tier 3 emissions standards.
New Candy Apple Red ES44AC’s CP 8918-8928 arrived in Ontario the first week of October, followed by CP 8929 - 8940 arriving and entering service by mid- October. 8941-8944 arrived in late October.

CP leased locomotives on the property in November:

CEFX (AC4400CW) 1002, 1006, 1007, 1014, 1018-1020, 1023, 1024, 1026-1059.


CEFX (SD40-2) 2786, 2791, 2797, 2802, 2803, 3105, 3109, 3112, 3120, 3121, 3127, 3128, 3130, 3133, 3137, 3139, 3143, 3145, 3148, 3149, 3151, 3155, 3163, 3164, 3166, 3168, 3172, 3173, 3175, 3176, 3181, 3182, 3183, 3184, and 3188.


CITX (SD40-2) 2785, 2790, 2792, 2794, 2796, 2799, 2804, 3008, 3024, 3026, 3032, 3035, 3036, 3053-3067, 3070, 3071, 3073, 3074, 3075, 3077-3083, 3086, 3088-3092, 3095, 3097-3102, 3110,3157, 3170, 3177.


NREX (SD40-2) 4403, 5542, 5581, 5661, 5777, 5823, 6301, 6309, 7003, 7212, 7223, 7237, 7246, 7275, 7287, 7349, 7356, 7360, 7370, 7374, 7931, 8092, 8096, 8099, 8401.


HLCX (SD40-2): 6206, 6299, 6340, 6341, 6844, 7003, 7008, 7009, 7161, 7191, 7193, 7205, 7230, 7231, 7233, 8033, 8085, 8089, 8139, 8163, 8176, and JFDX 8045
It is not often that “the Ogden Yard Switcher” CP SW900 6711 comes out of the yard and can be photographed by the public, as it did on 08 Nov 8th. According to the Canadian Trackside Guide, it is the last SW900 on the CPR roster. There were 11 built in 1955; the other ten have all been retired, become private industrial switchers or have been converted to CPR slugs. Now that the Ogden shops and yard have ceased operations (other than for the steam program and three transloading facilities), one wonders how long this switcher will remain on active duty at this location. (Cor van Steenis)
CP Retired 58 Locomotives in 2011

(As follows in “road number” order):
CP GP7u 1501, 1503 and 1505

CP GP9u 1515, 1519, 1525, 1528, 1531#, 1543, 1565, 1566, 1567, 1568, 1569, 1570, 1581, 1588, 1603, 1611, 1612, 1615, 1617, 1621, 1628, 1638, 1639, 1644, 1649, 1692, 1696, 1697
CP GP7u 1682 (Ex-TH&B #72)
CP SD40-2 762* and 5415 (ex-KCS 670)
CP SD40M-2 5491, (ex-SD40), 5493 (ex-SD45)
CP SD40-2 5573, 5672, 5691, 5697, 5728, 5729, 5734, 5735, 5747, 5789, 5793, 5843, 5869 and 6604*
CP GP9u 8214, 8224, 8229, 8230, 8240, and 8242.
CP GP9 8264* and 8270*

* (Both ex-SOO, and scrapped at Ogden Shop in 2011).
CP GP38-2 / SD40-2 overhaul update:

Released from EMD-Progress Rail - Paducah, KY:
CP GP38-2 3038, 3048, 31111,

SOO GP38-2 4446
Undergoing overhaul at EMD-Progress Rail:

CP GP38-2 3126

SOO GP38-2 4414, 4428, 4515

Enroute to Mayfield, KY for interchange:
CP GP38-2 3024 (for overhaul),

SOO GP38-2 4414, 4428, 4515 (For overhaul)

CP SD40-2 5918, 5950, 5971, 6039 (for "Remanufacturing").

CP SD40-2 5415 (ex-KCS), 5745, and 5933 (for “ECO repower” Rebuild)

SOO SD60 update:

CP SD60 6240 (ex SOO 6040) was rebuilt to Dash-3 standards by Cadrail shops in Lachine, QC, and released in full CP colours the first week of November. Richard Marchi clicked CP 6240 on November 6th in St-Luc Yard in Montreal. Two are now in service, as CP 6250 (former SOO SD60 6050) was released in October. SOO SD60’s 6025, 6028, 6040, 6041, and SD60M 6060 are currently at Cadrail for similar overhauls.
Then on November 12th, CP SD60 6225 (ex- SOO 6025) was pulled out of paint shop in fresh Candy Apple red but with no CP lettering,

It was then pushed back into the shop tracks by Cadrail RS18 1825. Outside the shop, red SOO SD60M 6060 and white SOO SD60 6o28 both were in varous stages of preliminary dis-assembly, with 6028 on shop trucks. Soo 6041 was inside the shop. (Gerry Burridge)
CP GP9u update:
The first of 30 former CP GP7u/GP9u have already been moved west to moved to Port Coquitlam, BC to the SRY Shops in New Westminster for removal of fluids (fuel, oil and water). Theywill then move to ABC Metals siding in Langly, BC., for removal of specific usable parts, deck components, and then scrapping. All these specific parts will be sent to EMD (Progress Rail) in the USA, for remanufacturing program into EMD ECO geeps. THE ECO units will have 8 or 12 cylinder 710 engines with Electronic Fuel Injection, among other improvements to increase their efficiency and HP.
The following list are the remaining GP9u’s still to move west to Coquitlam, BC in mid-November. In total, 30 geeps are to be received at the SRY Shop.
From St Luc Yard - Montreal: CP 1519 CP 1612 CP 1615 CP 8214 CP 8224 CP 8242 CP 1639 CP 1649

From Agincourt Yard - Toronto: CP 1682 CP 8229

From Winnipeg: CP 1569 CP 1570 CP 1644 CP 1617

From Moose Jaw: CP 1566 CP 1603 CP 1621 CP 8240 CP 8264
Noted at Coquitlam, BC in early November were: 1501, 1503, 1515, 1525, 1528, 1565, 1567, 1568,1581,1588,1611, 1638, 1696 and 1697.

In Scranton, PA on July 2nd, Mark MacDougall clicked CP SD40-2 5698 leading a CEFX leaser northbound on 259 on a gorgeous summer morning. In the foreground is the Delaware Lackawanna's connection to the CP.

While on the 3rd Street overpass after snapping the previous CN power, Andy Cassidy caught CP GP38AC 3002 and 3012 switching in the New Westminster Yard Then after moving to ground level, clicked the Southern Railway of BC / Railink (SRY) train E-12 coming over the Fraser River Bridge into the yard with two of their three operating SD38-2’s (SRY 384 and 382), with SRY caboose A2 on the tail end. All this activity at Mile 9.2 on the CP Westminster Sub August 27th.
Remembrance Day 11/11/11
Again this year, all CP trains stopped at 11:00 hrs local time on 11/11/11, for two minutes of silence. The crews then sounded the locomotive horn in honour of those past and present, who have sacrificed, or served our nation in armed conflict, and in peacekeeping operations.
Every year since the Canadian Pacific Railway moved its Headquarters from Montreal to Calgary a Remembrance Day Service is held outside the corporate office along side displayed CPR 4-4-0 #29. On November 11th, John Soehner observed the ceremonies at the CPR Headquarters, and provided these photos.

CPR 4-6-4 Hudson #2816

A reliable source has indicated that the short test run conducted with the CPR's steam locomotive 2816 in Calgary on November 3rd was successful, and no impediments to the its future healthy performance

were uncovered. The new driver axle (the rear axle) was accurately machined by a local firm in Calgary and mated well with the other components of the engine. The locomotive is expected to be resuming its ambassador role for the CPR next summer. (via Don McQueen)

Freight Car News:

Canadian Pacific Railway is partnering with a large Canadian trucking firm and logistics provider Contrans, to use collapsible containers to convert some flatbed-type shipments to double-stack rail intermodal service. CP and Contrans, will deploy 53-foot, open-framed containers from Raildcks Intermodal that can easily load and secure piping and other industrial products that do not usually ride in containers. CP testing these multi-modal units over the summer at its Toronto Intermodal Facility and at the AAR Assoction of American Railroads’ center in Pueblo, CO.

See photos here:

At Coquitlam Yard, near Vancouver, British Columbia, at the east end of the Car Shop on Track X-2 (The old Rush Repair), sit three snow plows (CP 400648, 401002, and 401035) awaiting dispatch when weather warrants. Also waiting for snow assignment is a Jordan Spreader (CP 402880). All have been serviced and are good to go. On November 18th two CP plows departed the yard, as early snow has hit the mountains.
The 54-year-old Chief Executive Officer of Canadian Pacific Railway Fred Green, has emerged as the prime target of unhappy investors, led by Pershing Square Capital Management, the activist hedge fund that has built up a 12.2 per cent stake in the Calgary-based rail operator.Mr Green, who has worked for CP Rail for 31 years and took over as chief executive in 2006, is blamed for tolerating a culture that critics cite as the key reason why CP Rail’s performance lags behind the US and Canada’s six other Class I railroads. At a time when railroads are generally performing well, CP’s performance is often compared to its Montreal-based rival Canadian National, which has been transformed over the past 15 years from a sleepy government organisation into the most efficient of the Tier I railroads. Mr Green told analysts last month: “I’m satisfied with our progress,” adding: “The railroad ... is on a path of steady improvement.” It aims to lower its operating ratio to close to 70 per cent.Even so, his ambitions appear to have limits. “Always remember that whatever we do has to be compared to the competition,” he said. “So if their game is elevating and ours is elevating, that’s good for the customer, good for the fluidity of the railway and the industry. But it may not provide a competitive advantage.”

Kevin Dunk caught CP tuscan red and gray GP38-2 3084 and F9B 1900 heading eastbound on the western outskirts of Fernie, BC late in the day July 16th 2011, with the “Children’s Wish Foundation” excursion train last July.


Steve Morris photographed CPR Train #22, the overnight from Toronto to Montreal at Montreal West Station destined to Windsor Station downtown. The photo was taken in July 1954 with CPR 1411 and 1414 at the point sporting green flags.

Canadian Pacific RSD-17 8921 was a one-of-a-kind MLW Demonstrator which tested on CN, CP and BC Rail. CP eventually acquired the engine at a food price and she was primarily used in transfer service and at times the odd mainline run. Peter Cox caight the engine in Montreal, QC on June 25th, 1962.
Ron Visockis clicked CP RSD-17 8921 (after her nose was chopped at Angus), sitting at her old home at Agincourt yard in Toronto, ON Mar 21, 1992. When chopped around 1990, only the cab and nose was painted. The front nose stripes were incorrectly applied in reverse at the Angus Shop, and that the long hood was not repainted and kept the Multi-mark.
Pierre Fournier sent us probably 4744’s last assignment at the Angus Shop in Montreal August 12th 1992. It was stored out of service ar the shop at that time.
Mid-1997 was just about the end of the line for the C-424’s on CP - most would be sold off or retired before the end of the year. On July 31, 1997, Bill Sanderson recorded CP Rail C-424 #4214, #4219, #4241 and #4231 are on the head end of westbound Montreal-Toronto intermodal freight #929, as it departs from Smiths Falls, ON. Within four months, #4214 and #4241 would be sold to the Quebec-Gatineau Railway (QGRY). #4219 and #4231 lasted another year before they, too, were sold in November, 1998.

Senior VIA News Editor Tim Hayman

VIA News Co-Editor Terry Muirhead:
On October 29th, several HEP-1 cars were dropped off at VIA Rail’s Halifax station to undergo maintenance. This is equipment that is being used on the Budd consist which has returned to operation on the Ocean (starting from Montreal on November 16th). According to station staff, some of the equipment was brought to Halifax to spread the maintenance work between there and Montreal.
The equipment that arrived at the station consisted of Renaissance transition car #7601, HEP-1 coaches #8112 and 8127, and Chateau sleepers Lasalle, Laval, Dollier, and Closse. VIA Rail News Editor Tim Hayman was able to visit the station, and took these photos of the spare equipment.
On November 9th, the HEP-1 equipment was being prepared to be sent back to Montreal on the next day’s VIA 15. Prior to leaving, VIA crews used rebuilt F40 locomotives 6402 and 6437 to perform a series of coupling tests. Apparently, the tests were to help “work out the kinks” that would be involved when coupling VIA 14/15 (the Ocean) with VIA 16/17 (formerly the Chaleur) at Matepedia during the winter season. Several combinations were attempted, which included placing one locomotive between Renaissance and HEP-1 cars, and between two segments of HEP-1 cars. This seems to suggest VIA is considering coupling the Chaleur and Ocean together with locomotives placed between the equipment from the two trains, rather than the typical arrangement that has been used with the locomotives from both trains placed at the head of the consist. Below are photos Tim Hayman took of some of the equipment movements.
Tim Hayman photos HFX Nov9-1 and HFX Nov9-2
On November 10th, the HEP-1 equipment was coupled to the rear of VIA 15, and sent back to Montreal in time to be used on the first HEP-1 Ocean departure of the season (Nov. 16). David Othen photographed this unusual Ocean consist as it left Halifax, and Wendell Lemon caught it as it passed through Sackville, NB.
David Othen VIA 15 photos 1 and 2

Wendell Lemon VIA 15 photo
Since the F40 rebuild program began, many of the rebuilds have been assigned to Trains 14/15, The Ocean, and non-rebuilt F40s have been a relatively rare sight for several years. However, on November 2nd in Halifax, both #15 for Nov. 2 and #15 for Nov. 3 were equipped with dual non-rebuilt F40s. Tim Hayman took this photo of the two #15s, one ready to depart and one waiting for the next day’s departure, while in Halifax station. #6435 and #6415 would lead one train out that day, and #6453 and #6408 (in the Coors Light livery) would lead the next.
While at the Halifax station, Tim was also able to photograph #6408 in its Coors Light promotional livery, inside and out. These photos show 6408 behind 6453 on the point of Train 15, as well as inside the cab (compare these non-rebuilt F40 cab photos to the rebuilt cab of 6437 below).
A week later, Tim was able to tour inside rebuilt F40PH-2d locomotives #6402 and 6437 while at the station in Halifax. In addition to touring the cabs of each locomotive, Tim got a first hand look “under the hood” of 6402. Below are photos of the engineer’s controls in 6437, as well as the second engineer’s (or conductor’s) side of the rebuilt cab. Comparing the photos of the new cab to those of the non-rebuilt cab of 6408 (above), many of the improvements VIA made to the rebuilt cabs are evident. Note the new screen displays, new and modified controls, pull-down window shades, along with the overall “sprucing up” of the cab. Not visible in these photos are the newly added refrigerator and microwave, which are amenities surely to be appreciated by crews! The next two photos are from inside the engine room of 6402. In the first photo, the fresh looking rebuilt engine is visible, resplendent in bright blue. With the shift to Renaissance green on the outside of the locomotives, this is the only part of a VIA F40 that is blue anymore! (well, apart from the HEP receptacles!) The next photo shows the newly added CAT HEP generator that is responsible for the added “bulge” on the back of the rebuilds. Along with the bright blue engine, the yellow CAT generator makes the interior of these locomotives very appropriately VIA coloured. These new rebuilt locomotives have been very nicely improved both inside and out.
Tim Hayman photos 6437cab1, 6437cab2

Tim Hayman photos 6437engine, 6437CATgenerator
In mid-November, both Coors decorated locomotives (6408 and 6445) were in service on Trains 14/15. Wendell Lemon caught 6445 on the point of VIA 14, while leaving Sackville, NB on November 10th.
Wendell Lemon VIA 14 photo
On November 2nd, two VIA Rail engineers operating VIA Train 692 from Chruchill to Winnipeg were suspended following an incident en route. The train was supposed to have stopped at the Meharry siding to wait for CN 853 to pass. Instead, the train had traveled several kilometers past the siding, when it was forced to stop and reverse to clear the line for the CN freight. While reversing to the siding, a passenger on board (who was familiar with train operations) noticed that the train began moving before the second engineer had reached the last car of the train. According to the passenger, it was nearly 5 minutes after the train began moving in reverse that the second engineer finally reached the rear of the train, to offer appropriate protection for the reverse move. VIA has confirmed that the incident took place, and that the two engineers had been suspended, but also stressed that there was no actual danger of the two trains colliding. You can view the Winnipeg Free Press article, which hugely exaggerates the event in the title, here:
At the start of November, VIA officially unveiled the new paint scheme that will feature on the rebuilt LRC Business Class cars. The scheme varies heavily from the original LRC paint, and features VIA’s Renaissance Green as the predominant body colour. An artist’s rendition of the new paint scheme, along with some more information on the painting process, can be found on VIA Rail’s website here:
Still unknown is what paint scheme will be used on the new “Combination” LRC cars (which will feature half Economy and half Premium Economy seats). VIA has not said whether they will feature the same scheme as the rebuilt LRC cars, or a unique scheme different from the Business and Economy paint jobs.
The rebuilt LRC coaches that have already been released continue to move around the Corridor. On November 10th, Ron Visockis caught two rebuilt LRC coaches, still looking sharp in their new colours, on the tail end of VIA 44 in Belleville, ON.
Ron Visockis LRCs photo
On November 6th VIA No 670 lead by F40PH-2 6443 bottomed out over a crossing between Lihou and Frauts, Ontario creating a fuel

leak with the ensuing loss of about a 1/4 tank of fuel. It is believed a CN 4700-series GP38-2 went out to drag No 70 into the CN yard at London East, with 6443 and seven VIA HEP coaches already turned and facing east. 6443 was dead and closer examination revealed a missing plow, deflected pilot and broken ditch light. VIA 900 (off the #85/88 run) and a coach from TMC was the rescue train to fetch No 670's train from London, departing about 21:00. No 72 picked up No 670's passengers on the way by. What is interesting is no other trains reported any rough track or bottoming out at the location previously over the crossing, thus the cause has yet to be determined. (Froth)
Hugues St-Pierre clicked Central Station action on July 20th 2010 from the Delta Hotel in Montréal as the Ocean VIA #15 arrives and and the Adirondack AMTRAK # 68 prepares to depart for New York .

On November 5, VIA Rail removed the two RDCs from Vancouver Island, to be sent by barge to the mainland, and then to Moncton, NB, by rail. With passenger service on the island suspended for the foreseeable future, it appears VIA is taking the opportunity to take the sidelined RDCs in to IRSI Moncton for their planned rebuild.

VIA Vignettes:


(Edited by Jean-Francois Turcotte)
AMT “Hot” Tunnel:

AMT’s Mount Royal tunnel has been the hot topic of debate and discussion over the last month. The tunnel is currently used solely by the Bombardier-built AMT electric multiple unit sets, but will start hosting Mascouche trains hauled by the new dual mode ALP45DP locomotives starting in 2013. Despite operating through the tunnel in electric mode, each locomotive can still carry up to 1700 gallons of flammable diesel fuel, a fact that has alarmed the media and elected officials, because the 3.1miles-long tunnel does not have any ventilation shaft, emergency exit or fire suppression system. In 2007 AMT ordered in a risk evaluation of the tunnel, which has not been released to the public despite the media’s insistence, fuelling the debate.

Many observers call for the tunnel to remain 100% fuel-free, which would require a full and costly electrification of the not-yet-in-service Mascouche line. It would also disavow AMT’s controversial strategy of using dual-mode locomotives. On the other hand, while the tunnel doesn’t comply with the most recent safety standards, it still is structurally sound. Moreover, the dual-mode ALP45DP’s have been custom-designed precisely because they will be operating through the non-compliant Mount Royal and Hudson River tunnels, and include advanced safety features such as a built-in fire suppression system in the engine room. This is a far cry from the VIA FP9A’s that were pulled through the tunnel with CN box cabs until 1995.

Historical note: in 1946, two deadheading sleeping cars caught fire upon leaving Central Station, resulting in 4 deaths. It took 10 hours for the firefighters to extinguish the fire – and no flammable diesel was involved back then.
AMT “dual-mode” ALP45DP status as of Dec 1st. 2011:
AMT 1350 - being tested

AMT 1351 - in transit from Vienna, Austria following weather endurance testing

AMT 1352 - on property

AMT 1353 - on property

AMT 1354 - on property

AMT 1355 - on property
Ron Visockis caught AMT F59PH 530 Westbound at Beaconsfield, QC hauling the new Bombardier cars on June 17, 2011. and AMT4140 with another w/b.

Former AMT FP7A’s on the move:
On November 13th the Michigan Air Line Railway placed on the CSXT interchange at Wixom, Mich. WCOR 1304 and 1306. These are FP7s ex-Montreal Transport that h Wellsboro and Corning Railroad ave been sitting in Walled Lake, Mich. for several years. Units are going to G. Silcott for work then on to the Tioga Central.
On October 14th. 1982, coasting on the Vaudreuil Sub STCUM liveried FP7A 1304 hits the curve at Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, QC (Peter Cotterill photo).

(Edited by Daniel Dell’Unto)
In conjunction with Cummins, GO is planning to re-engine 11 of their MPI MP40PH-3C locomotives with new Cummins QSK95 Tier 4 compliant diesel engines:
The latest and last regular bilevel coach of the current GO Transit order, 2770, was noted on property in late October. That leaves the 3 accessible bilevel coaches and single cab control coach yet to be delivered. As of mid-November, accessible coaches 2547 and 2548 have been interchanged to CN for delivery to GO, and 2549 is enroute in Thunder Bay on CP. Cab car 254 has yet to be released.
Toronto TTC 4400-series Streetcars: Mock-ups of Toronto's next generation of streetcars went on display mid-November giving TTC riders a chance to step into their new light rail transit trolleys at their Hillcrest yard. The modern streetcars are lowfloor to ensure full accessibility, air conditioned, and will carry almost two times the number of passengers current streetcars can hold.
Electro Motive Diesel Inc.
EMDI Summary of deliveries:

(Edited by Don McQueen)
During the month of October, nine new units were reported shipped from London.
Six of the deliveries were in order 20106374 for 40 UP SD70ACe’s (8671-8710). They included UP 8677, 8702, 8707-8710.
The first deliveries in the current NS order (1025, 1028 & 1029) were shipped during the month.
Still about the plant in blue and silver were the first of the 23 SD70ACe’s (EMDX 2110-2114) for the Progress Rail lease fleet in order 20116528, including three painted (but not numbered) in KCS red, yellow & black Retro-Belle scheme.
On November 5th, Norfolk Southern SD70ACe’s 1034-1033-1030-1032 were in tow on CN #385 departing Sarnia, Ontario.
CADRAIL / RB Recycling
The F40 rebuild program:

CP SD60 6240 is the second SD60 (ex-SOO 6040) to be rebuilt, repainted and released from Cadrail in Lachine, QC. Bob Heathorn caught her first assignment November 3rd leading train 231 into Smiths Falls, Ontario, bound for Toronto. On November 12th, CP SD60 6225 (ex- SOO 6025) was pulled out of paint shop in fresh Candy Apple red but with no CP lettering, It was then pushed back into the shop tracks by Cadrail RS18 1825. Outside the shop, red SOO SD60M 6060, and white SOO SD60 6o28 both were in varous stages of preliminary dis-assembly, with 6028 on shop trucks. Soo 6041 was inside the shop. Last month CP 6050 was released from Cadrail.

CEFX ACC4400CW 1031 arrived for repairs in OCT and CEFX 6537 is still at CAD.
Mike Berry clicked SOO SD60M 6060 at Cadrail, prior to entering the shop for overhaul in November.
Diesel Electric Services:
DESX SD40-2W 5306 a black and blue painted former CN SD40-2W leased to Huron Central (HCRY) for work train service for $30M upgrade of the mainline west from Sudbury.
American Motive Power:
Industrial Rail Services Inc (IRSI):

In November, IRSI in Moncton, NB scrapped their Budd coach 132 (ex-VIA 132). It was built in 1949 for the Great Northern Railway. I RSI still has five RDC's in the rebuild program. 6251 was tested on the east coast but had a couple of problems. The door insulation has been improved and some electrical tweaks have been completed. Chris MacMahon visited Industrial Rail Services shop last month and send these shots. The shop is the former CN Moncton Diesel Shop at Gordon Yard. Rebuilt RDC 6251 was inside the shop. Chris also saw RDC 6222, incorrectly mentioned on some rail forums online that it was sold to Cuba, when in fact it's in Moncton, NB.


The two former (HudBay Minerals Inc.) Hudson Bay Mining & Smelter (HBM&S) GE 45 tonners 100 and 101, were sold to RAIL TRUST of Atlanta, GA, and trucked out of Flin Flon, MB November 16th. The smelter at Flin Flon is shut down for good and there is no need for these two units that were employed on slag dumping trains, they replaced 250V electrics
Southern Prairie Railway had their kick off event Movember 4th, 2011. They will be operating a new tourist railway in the community of Ogema, Saskatchewan. This is the first tourist railway in Saskatchewan. Check out their facebook account

Wayne D. Shaw clicked arguably the best looking Ontario Northland

Locomotive, ONR GP38-2 1805 leading 698 at Huntsville, Ontario on November 4th.

Wayne also caught the “Northlander” with ONRAIL liveried GP38-2 1802 rolling along the shores of Lake Vernon at Mile 144 of the CN Newmarket Sub (Huntsville, ON) November 4th.
Calling it an 'evolution' of the over 20 year old "Santa Claus

Express", Ontario Northland announced in November the introduction of the new "ONR Holiday Train". Gone is the annual train ride that local children along the majority of ONR trackage (except the Island Falls Subdivision) used to get in order to pick up Santa at a designated pick up point, replaced by having the children wait at designated points (again, except the Island Falls Subdivision) as a Christmas light decorated freight train rolls up with Santa Claus on board. Santa will then get off the train to visit children with the decorated train fully lit and Christmas music being piped in. Yes, this does bare an uncanny resemblance to Canadian Pacific's Holiday Train, however, as stated in the official ONR release, the ONR

Holiday Train will be completely freight tonnage. Scheduled stops will be 1 hour in length and Ontario Northland is once again teaming up with Community Groups for necessary coordinating of each stop,
The schedule for the inaugural run of the "ONR Holiday Train" is as follows...
North Bay, December 7, 2011

Temagami, December 8, 2011

New Liskeard, December 8, 2011

Englehart, December 9, 2011

Kirkland Lake, December 9, 2011

Rouyn-Noranda, December 11, 2011

Matheson, December 12, 2011

Iroquois Falls, December 12, 2011

Cochrane, December 13, 2011

Hearst, December 14, 2011

Kapuskasing,, December 15, 2011
Here's a few photos of ONR's classic Santa Claus Express...
The long day continues for our Volunteer Running Crew of December 3rd, 2005's Santa Claus Express schedule. The Crew have just completed Timmins' Santa Claus Express and are seen here crossing the bridge at Monteith enroute to Matheson for their scheduled 12 pm "Ho Ho".

Here's a photo captured December 3rd as the 2005 Santa Claus Express makes it's triumphant return to the Timmins area. The trainload of kids and their Volunteer Running Crew of Jeff, Rick, Brad, and Tyler cross the Frederickhouse River Bridge at Mile 96 of the Ramore Subdivision enroute to Porquis to pick up Santa and the Mrs.

Welcome to Matheson on the Ramore Subdivision as December 3rd's Santa Claus Express is spotted on the platform for boarding. The Volunteer Crew of Jeff, Rick, Tyler, and Brad have a little time on their hands before their noon departure as the crowds slowly begin to arrive at Matheson Station. On this particular edition of the "Ho Ho", the train will be picking up Santa at Ramore (Mile 55).

The CEFX 2000-series GP20D’s originally leased to the Cape Breton and Central Nova Scotia Railway (CBNS), have been transferred to the Southern Ontario Railway (SOR) in Hamilton. CBNS's largest shipper, a paper mill that accounted for 40% of their traffic, closed resulting in many of their employees being laid off, assignments cancelled, and much of their loco fleet has been stored.
In November RailAmerica sold 40 of their locomotives to an American locomotive rebuild and leasing firm. RLK 1755 - 1757 - 1808 and 5005 were included in this lot. They are currently having their fluids drained. The firm who purchased them will be making an evaluation of each unit to determine if it will be remanufactured, stripped or scrapped. James Gardiner’s photo from October 18th, 2008, shows RLK 1808 switching the yard in Hamilton
Quebec-Gatineau SD40-3 update:
-Now working in Schefferville, QC.

> GCFX 6057 to QGRY 6057 for Labrador Iron Mine project.

> WC 6900 to WLRS 6900 to QGRY 3325

> WC 6905 to WLRS 6905 to QGRY 3326

> WC 6906 to WLRS 6906 to QGRY 3327
-Now working between Quebec City and Montreal, QC.

> WC 6904 to QGRY 6904

> WC 6908 to QGRY 6908

> WC 6913 to QGRY 6913

> WC 6920 to QGRY 6920
The Wellboro & Corning Railroad purchased four ex-QNS&L SD40-2CLC locomotives in October 2010. Robert smith clicked WCOR 309, WCOR 301, WCOR 302, and WCOR 307 are seen on CN near Welland in transit to Wellsboro & Corning last year.
CEFX SD9043MACs 118 and 133to Becancour QC in late October.

We could not confirm destination but these are likely for the Cartier or the Arnaud Railway. Motive-power will be needed as the New Millenium Mine project starts up over the next few months. Eight CEFX GP20D units were leased and arrived earlier this year, and were assigned switching duties on the Arnaud Railway.



On November 8th, Kevin Burkholder visted NECR Italy Yard in St-Albans. VT and clicked the remnants of the NECR GP38 3853 that has been sold to BRO-TEX INTERNATIONAL METALS, LLC. for scrapping. RailAmerica is undertaking a major scrapping of locomotives that are either not serviceable or would cost more to restore than they are worth for their scrap value. The other photo shows the long hood of NECR GP38 3853 attached onto LLPX GP38-2 2221, which had been wrecked while serving on the Ottawa Valley Rail Link in Canada. The mismatched LLPX 2221 is seen outside the NECR Roundhouse in St. Albans.



(Edited by Mike Pebesma)
Chris Normandeau was one of the many model train fans I had the chance to meet in attendance at the AMFM last Open House in October. Chris shot an SP&S C425 leading CN power over the arch bridge at Waterford, and about to descend a steep grade on a double track section of the Canada Central Railway.
The last operating session to be held at the club was on November 20th, 2011.

Bowser will begin shipping its HO scale MLW C-630M this month. The release will include Canadian National (both zebra stripes and wet noodle) and Cape Breton & Central Nova Scotia. These will be followed by Canadian Pacific, and Pacific Great Eastern with the production run completed with the arrival of BC Rail schemes, and the balance of Canadian Pacific locomotives in maroon-and-gray.

Rapido has also indicted they are developing their first freight locomotive and has provided some early “teaser” photos in their on-line newsletter.
Steamtown USA:
CPR G3c-class 4-6-2 Pacific #2317 has been stored due to it's boiler time expiring. *However this doesn't mean the end, for she will return to service pending her (15 year) 1472 day inspection. This will begin after work has been completed on their Boston and Maine "Pacific" #3713 currently in the shop. In the meantime, CNR Mikado #3254 is operational.

J.P.Rhéaume took these photos in 2006 at Steamtown in Sranton PA on a rainy afternoon. He could smell the coal burning and the large smoke plume as CPR #2317 made its final switching moves before returning to the roundhouse. As seen she looked very authentic and had been used for short trips pulling a couple of coaches in the yard while CNR Mikado #3254 made excursions out to Tobyhanna, PA. J.P. was in heaven seeing not one, but two Canadian locomotives under steam.
Since then CPR #2317 as made her last trip during September of 2010. She will enter the shop when the museum finishes work on the Boston and Maine "Pacific" #3713. At this time CNR #3254 is still operational. (via Daniel Barnett, and J.P.Rhéaume)
CNR Mikado 2-8-2 #3254 was shot by Karn Rattanaprakarn in September 2004 shunting cars in the former DL&W yard in Scranton, PA now home of the Steamtown Historical Site. As Daniel reported above, this CNR “Mike” is still in service.
Mitch Goldman caught CPR Pacific 4-6-2 #2317 majestically steaming past the former Lackawanna (DL&W) station at Steamtown in September 2010.

Exporail (CRHA):

Revelstoke Railway Museum:
November 9th, 2011 was moving day at the Revelstoke Railway Museum. On that day, a recently built track at the museum was ballasted and connected briefly to the main line.

A variety of equipment was shoved into the new track by CP SD40-2 5792 (only 7 years newer that ex-CP SD40 5500 which was leading the procession). Next was a former through baggage car which was one of the first generation of Robot cars.

CP 353119 is new addition to the collection.. These steel hoppers are 5ft 7in longer than the now standard aluminum car. The new dumpers will not accomodate the longer cars. In what has to be a record, from suggestion to delivery in less than two weeks, 1969 built 353119 (HS-Trenton) was pulled out of storage at Golden and shipped to Revelstoke. It was originally 349301, renumbered to the present number when it was part of a 5 car set in the (1990's?). It has rebuilt trucks, and still has the original red paint under the coal dust.

Revelstoke’s 40 box car is one of ten CP donated to museums when the were retired from tie gang service in about 2000. Others found homes at a variety of museums and tourist lines with the aid the museum. A fuel oil tank car from OCS service was another late addition. Finally, a double track plow that was rescued in the late 1990's rounded out the special move.

Canadina Pacific railway was very generous offering the services of a track gang with materials. The new spur has concrete ties, track and ballast! The group shot shows both CP employees past and present and other volunteers that help this event take place. (Photo report by Phil Mason).
Toronto Railway Heritage Assoc (TRHA):

Canadian Steam news:

Ex CPR D-4g #453 was moved from Utica NY to a Rail Museum in Virginia during early November. )

The status of CPR #1095 in Kingston. Ontario was updated by Bill Thomson: The CRHA Kingston Division went to Maitland last Friday to inspect progress on tender and cab for #1095. Here is a brief up-date of what they found:
1) A "Boiler Tube " pilot has been built to replace the yard pilot.

2) the tank and body of the tender is in terrible shape and a new one will be fabricated

(Unfortunately the city is holding up funds to pay for it.This is being investigated.

3) The frame of the tender is in good shape.

4) No news on the cab.

In summary, some good news and some bad - bureaucracy still is a fact of life.
The Hull-Chelsea-Wakefield Steam Train:
Compagnie de chemin de fer de l’Outaouais (CCFO) made an offer to purchase rolling stock of the Hull-Chelsea-Wakefield steam train in November. The offer has been made by the The Friends of the Steam Train as a temporary action by the CCFO and a first step toward refinancing the rail line and the tourist train under new management.

The CCFO deserves our support and commendation for having rapidly risen to the occasion by announcing its intention to find the funding to keep the train in the region. We are happy to see that local municipalities, the region, and the Quebec and Federal governments seem to be willing to rapidly come to the assistance of the CCFO”, said

John Trent, president of the association. “We also think it is crucial that Wakefield, the municipalities, the hotel and restaurant industries and the Chambers of Commerce as well as individual citizens announce their whole hearted support.”
The Friends support the train because of its contributions over two decades to the Outaouais including millions of dollars in revenues, the attraction of thousands of tourists annually, and the provision of full- and parttime employment. Moreover, the train has become a regional icon that puts the Outaouais on the international map.

The Friends recognize that more than new money is required to give new life to the tourist steam train. Future train operations will also require a new business plan, a revitalized ownership, management structure, and a new vision for the future. `”For several months now the Friends have been discussing alternative forms of ownership of the rail line and the train itself with other interested partners. We hope to have a definitive plan to announce in the coming weeks,” concluded Nicole DesRoches, vice-president of the Friends.
On February 13th 2010, Mitch Goldman ckicked this action shot reminiscent from a scene in the movie Polar Express, where the engine appears sliding on a sheet of ice. CN 2-6-0 #89 makes her way across the frigid plains of southern Saskatchewan. (I mean) make that Stasburg, Pennsylvania.



West Coast Railway Association:

Roundhouse Museum Project:

Kamloops Railway Historical Society:

Revelstoke Railway Museum:


Alberta Railway Museum:

Galt Historic Railway Park

Rocky Mountain Railway Society:

The Alberta 2005 Centennial Railway Museum Society:


Winnipeg Railway Museum:


Waterloo Central Railway

York Durham Heritage Railway.

Canadian Museum of Science &Technology (Ottawa)

Chatham Railway Museum

Bytown Railway Society:

Elgin County Railway Museum:

Southern Ontario Locomotive Restoration Society:

Toronto Railway Historical Association:

Halton County Railway Museum:

Huntsville and Lake of Bays Railway Society

Northern Ontario Railway Museum:



Montreal Railway Modeller’s Association:



Lake Shore Railway Historical Society

Steamtown National Historic Site:
Having learned that CEFX 1055 was leading CP 253 (or 251), Gary knapp was in position as the train hit the detector just to the south at Howard’s passing siding. One minute later, the headlight lit the dark sky behind the station, and CEFX AC4400CW 1055 roared northbound past him. A nice surprse was the third unit, D&H GP38-2 7312 for assignment at Plattsburgh’s Bluff Point Yard. Gary used his 5D and Zeiss ZF 35/2 lens set at f2 with flashbulbs for this shot.
On November 4th George Redmond bagged BNSF 539 leading this freight train through Litchfeild, IL, and (Respondek) RRC GP10 1604, ex RRC 604 wearing ex-ITC colors. This colourful unit is lettered for the Illini Terminal and switches in Litchfield industrial park. Looks like Terry Respondek has another great looking engine!
Fall colors are nearly about gone along the Mississippi - November 3rd Jim Matuska captured this winning frame at Victory, Wi of train H-NTWTUL (Northtown to Tulsa) on the BNSF Aurora sub.
Railamerica has sold approximately 35 units to Bro-Tex International Metals of Brownsville, TX. A surprising number of GP38 and GP40 models are on the list. ... a couple former Ontario L'Original / Mid Michigan GP9’ is one that is known for the count in Muskegon, Mich.
This new CSX “Box Car” logo appeared on ES44AC 957 and 958 iOctober 29th:

Arnold Mooney took a trip to railfan the Saratoga and North Creek Railroad in New York State October 19-23rd and even had a chance to speak with CRO Green News Editor Jody Moore while there. The shot shows SNCR BL-2 #52 in only its second day of service on October 21st, taken 1/4 mile south of the Riverside station at Riparius, NY. The sun has just ducked behind the hills and the cloud had thickened right up, causing Arnold to head back to his car to change cameras, from 400 ISO to one with 800 in order to freeze the shot which turned out! There were approx 150 people on the train, push-pull with AZER 6070 on the north end.
This entire day was an adventure for all concerned. The morning train was delayed by more than an hour as wet leaves on the rails and one plugged sander on the 6070 resulted in the train taking more than one run at several slippery grades before getting back to North Creek late enough that they had to scrap the last of the mid-day Thurman and return trains scheduled for the year. Instead, the weary crew got a rest and the day's return to Saratoga moved to 1615 rather than 1545 scheduled. The half hour later departure made a big difference. As a result with the days getting ever shorter, we missed the sunshine shot.
The SNCR are a class act. Even a wild rainstorm mid-day at North Creek didn't throw them off making the rounds and addressing any problems. Check out the website:
QUESTION: Can you name this railroad and the State?

Hello Will,
I read with interest the CRO article in November about the demolition of the railway bridge in Weymouth N.S.
A few years ago I built a model of the town of Weymouth and railway line that went through it in the late 1890's.This model is now on permanent display at the Sissiboo heritage center in Weymouth.Here are some pictures of the model. While the pictures that I have may note be of the best quality I thought you may be interesed in seeing them. If you should want some pictures of the model for publication I can see what I can do about getting higher quality photo's.
Duane Porter

Halifax & SouthWestern Railway Museum

Lunenburg, Nova Scotia


Guy-Pascal Arcouette, Daniel Barnett, Michael Berry, Paul Burgess, JP Cadieux, Guilio Capuano, Andy Cassidy, Bruce Chapman, Thom Cholowski, Michel Daoust, Daniel Dell’Unto (GO News), Kevin Dunk, Gary Everheart, Joe Ferguson, Denis Fortier, Mark Forseille, Dan Garcia, James Gardiner, Mike Garza, Chris Gertz, Tom Gough, Sean Graham-White (CRO), Doug Hately, Tim Hayman (VIA News), Bob heathorn, Chris van der Hiede, Helm Financial, Frank Jolin, Ken Lanovich, Roman Litarchuk (CRO), Phillip Mason, Chris McMahon, Don McQueen (Froth), Bruce Mercer, Jody Moore (Green Locomotive News), Terry Muirhead (VIA News), Peter Murphy (CRHA), Jason Noe (Railpace), Tim Organ, Mark Perry, Mike Pebesma (CRO) Donna Peters (CRO), Walter Pfefferle (CRO), John Read “GR17f”, John Reay, J.P. Rhéaume, Earl Roberts (Branchline), Mike Robin, George Redmond, Bill Sanderson, Wayne D. Shaw, Wilco van Schoonhoven, Cor van Steenis, Avrom Shtern, Bill Thomson, Jean-François Turcotte (AMT News), Dan Tweedle, Ron Visockis, Ed Weisensel (CRO), Richard Young, Mark-David Zulkoskey, the Bridge Line Historical Society, and the Canadian Trackside Guide. Merci Marc, Peter, Mike, James, John, Michel, Tony, Denis, Mohammed, et tous mes amis a la St-Luc Diesel Shop


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