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Request for Services 15-12


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Wireless E911 Call Delivery


i3 ESInet Network Services
Table of Contents

Section 1 General Requirements 3

1.1 Response Instructions 3

1.2 Purpose of this procurement 3

1.3 Project overview 4

1.4 Scope of Services 7

1.5 IN911 Background 8

1.6 Standards 18

1.7 Open Standards 19

1.8 Cost and Pricing 19

Section 2 IN911 ESInet Requirements 21

2.2 ESInet Architecture Requirements 21

2.3 ESInet Network Diagram(s) 22

2.4 ESInet Features and Functions 23

2.5 Network Failover 28

2.6 Network Security 28

Section 3 IN911 Specific Requirements 32

3.3 Text to 9-1-1 Requirements 32

3.4 Text FROM 911 Requirements 35

Section 4 i3 Network Services Requirements 35

Section 5 Service and Support Requirements 41

5.1 Customer Support Services 41

5.2 Help Desk 42

5.3 Trouble Handling and Ticketing Requirements 42

5.4 Training 44

Section 6 System Reporting Requirements 44

6.1 Reporting and Data Collection System Requirements 44

6.2 Statewide Statistical Monitoring 45

6.3 Operational Reporting 46

6.4 Event Reports 47

6.5 Local Logging Recorder Interface 47

Section 7 Monitoring and Maintenance Requirements 47

7.1 Monitoring of Applications and Equipment 47

7.2 Network Operations Center 48

7.3 Notification and Escalation 49

7.4 Performance Monitoring 49

7.5 Alarm Categories 49

7.6 Scheduled Maintenance 49

7.7 Maintenance Support Logs 49

Section 8 Transition and Testing Requirements 50

8.1 Transition Plan 50

8.2 System Test Plan 50

Section 9 Electrical, Wiring, And Cable Requirements 51

9.1 Electrical 51

9.2 Electrical Interference 52

9.3 Wiring and Cabling 52

9.4 Grounding 53

Section 10 Project Planning Requirements 53

10.1 Implementation Project Plan 53

10.2 Service Management Plan 54

Section 11 Appendix 55

- The remainder of this page intentionally left blank -

Attachment D IN911 RFS Technical Specifications

Section 1 General Requirements

1.1 Response Instructions

Respondents must respond with either COMPLY, NON COMPLY or EXCEPTION to all of the sections in this Technical Specification.

It is recommended that all detailed responses are located directly under the section heading and section verbiage to aid in evaluation. Enter your response(s) in the yellow shaded expandable text boxes at the end of each section. If no clear order is followed; the response may be disqualified.

Respondents that take an EXCEPTION to a particular requirement must provide an alternative to the required feature or function specified. The alternative must describe in detail how it meets the original requirement and must include any other pertinent information that may be necessary to properly consider the alternative being offered (i.e diagrams, enhanced capability, design efficiency, cost savings, etc.).

The Board recognizes that in some cases Respondents may be able to provide a service or function that is superior to the requirements listed. If the Respondent wishes to present such an alternative, an EXCEPTION should be used to clearly articulate the functionality that Respondents would like to propose as an alternative for evaluation.

The requirements specified in this RFS are identified as MUST haves, SHALL haves, REQUIRED, REQUIRES, or REQUIREMENT(S).

Each proposal will be evaluated according to how well the requirements have been addressed.

Features and functions listed as DESIRABLE are not required. Desirable features and functions add value to a requirement. Respondents are encouraged to provide desirable features and functions where they have an opportunity to maximize the value to the Board while also satisfying the underlying requirement.

Desirable features, functions or elements are described in the RFS as SHOULD, MAY, COULD or DESIRED.

1.2 Purpose of this procurement

Indiana statute IC-36-8-16.7-27(b) requires that the IN911 Board seek competitive bids from qualified vendors to provide integrated network services for the operation of the IN911 Network currently serving the PSAPs of Indiana. Indiana is currently served by an IP-based network known as IN911.

The purpose of this procurement is to ensure that at a minimum, the current services provided by the existing IN911 Network are continued and improved upon as technology, standards, and societal demands evolve.

The IN911 Board invites qualified vendors with documented expertise and experience to submit proposals to provide wireless E9-1-1 call delivery, i3 ESInet Network Services, reporting, monitoring, service and support for the operation of the IN911 Network.

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