Saturday Night Live 5 Minutes for groups to assemble

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The Last Night

Perek ב – Saturday Night Live

5 Minutes for groups to assemble

20 minutes to make skits

30 minutes for the performance

6 Groups of 10

Each group will make sketches based on the following scenarios from their summer

  1. It’s the second day of camp and the edah is going white water rafting…

  2. It’s yom sport. It’s hot, everyone’s tired, and you’ve got lost of dances and songs to teach to lots of young kids…

  3. All of tzevet Ramah (except for tzevet Nivonim) are in meetings, and Nivonim is in charge of running camp for an hour. You decide to host a presidential election in camp between Arty Roo and Evelyn Dragat Rubenstein…

  4. All kayitz, you’ve been asking for a Yom Lishon, so you had a Yom Lishon. You fought sheep, you rapped lullabies, and had a hargaah ending in finding out your Yom Sport teams…

  5. As an edah, you wrote a play, created dances and a band for it, and pulled it off in an epic way…

  6. The Mets game got rained out, but then we went the next day. We went to maariv, sold snacks, the Mets won, and then we took a long and twisted subway route home…

Every person will have one thing that they have to do to “Ramah” their character’s performance. Each skit will have one person doing the following things:

  • Keep your eyes closed for the entirety of the skit

  • At the end of every sentence, fade out and imitate an echo of your last word

  • Keep one arm completely in your shirt the whole time

  • Lie down with your belly on the floor. You can only be on your belly an slide around for the whole skit.

  • Only talk in song lyrics

  • When the next person is about to talk, do the Shabbat solo “psssshhh, p-pshh-psssshhh, p-pshh-psssshhh,”

  • Do box step and jazz hands the whole time. If you want to move, you have to walk in a box-step-like fashion.

  • Only speak in Eicha trope

  • Only talk on the banana phone. You may not talk in any other way

  • You have to repeat every single word that you say. Ex: “I I love love camp camp ” “Ya ya ribon ribon olam olam”


Everyone should have at least 2 lines that are more than one word

You must have everyone participating in the skit

You can trade quirks with someone else in your kvutzah

Celebrity cameos are allowed

Set List

  1. Opening monologue - Aryeh

  2. Sketch A, B, C

  3. Musical Guest - Claire

  4. Sketch D, E, F

  5. Weekend Update (Carmi and Aryeh)

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