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Chaim Chessed

My name is Chaim Chessed

I’m really not a snob

I’m just a regular guy

Doing favors is my job

But one thing I must mention

Before I go ahead

That usually my favors

Turn to tragedies instead.


Chessed is the thing to do

To each and every single Jew

Chessed, Chessed, all the way

Will brighten our lives every day

We must always practice it

It’s a Midah of Hashem.
I saw an old lady

Who looked so very sweet

She stood on a corner

So I helped her cross the street

When we reached the other side

She created a big fuss

I wasn’t crossing the street, she said

I was waiting for the bus.

I visited a sick friend

And brought him a tray of food

I thought to cheer him up

And put him in a good mood

But as I walked in his room

I slipped on a banana peel

The tray I held went flying

Goodbye to my friend’s meal.


I took a box of breadcrumbs

And threw them on the street

So all the little birds

Would have what to eat

I stood there with a smile

Admiring my feat

When a policeman came and arrested me

For littering the street.
I saw two people fighting

On a summer day

I hurriedly went over

To stop it right away

I stood between them, and I said

Be friends and not foes

When one of them threw a punch

And hit me on the nose.

I saw my friend’s donkey

Lying on the road

He couldn’t get up

Because of his heavy load

I went over to help him

And it came to pass

That this crazy donkey

Kicked me in my…

I went to a friend’s wedding

To liven things a bit

With singing and humor

I think I was a hit

Then I thought I would go out

And do a big dance

But I gave a wrong turn

And ripped apart my pants.

I was once a judge

In a Color War

And I worked very hard

To figure out the score

When I announced the results

Who had lost and won

Everyone started chasing me

And I’m still on the run.

Every Jew Possesses

(T.T.T.O Nigun Simcha – Nichoach #4)

Every Jew possesses,

A Neshoma from above,
It’s clear and pure and brighter,
Even than the sun.
Even if he’s far from Torah,
And his Guf is low,
Within him is a Neshoma,
Although it may not show.
With this thought in mind,
We must set our goal,
To love every Jew,
With all our heart and soul.
Through Ahavas Yisroel,
We come to love Hashem,
And honor His Torah,
As a priceless gem.
As soon as we arise,
Our Nefesh weeps and cries,
When will we return to Hashem, grant us your mercy,
And redeem us from Golus speedily.

Listen Brothers Listen Friends

Like angels in the sky, in a garden full of glory

A galaxy so brilliantly related

Ultimately high on the first page of our story

Until the time our parents were created.

An envious brother Cain

Threw a blow so mad and chilling

Tragically he never did recover

It’s really so insane all our selfishness that’s killing

That stranger who’s our sister and our brother.

Listen brothers, listen friends

Just a little smile a helping hand

And we all will find a loving and kind humanity.

We must teach our children too

Treat a fellow friend like they were you

And our souls combined such peace of mind and unity.
Ages rushing by writing chapters full of sorrow

Webs of self destruction we are weaving

If we don’t even try, there’s no hope for our tomorrow

‘cuz what’s it worth if we are not achieving.

But one thing makes us smile

Now at last a happy ending

A universal union undivided

In just a little while we will join the angels singing

With peace and love across the world united.

Our Ancestry Stems From Just One Man

Our ancestry stems from just one man

Symbolizing our unity

Our souls are twins, our Father one

Separated only bodily.

Ke’ish echod bilev echod

Yisroel encamped neged ha’har

Receiving Torah from the Almighty

Whatever you disfavor

Keep from your neighbor

Is the Torah in entirety.

Oheb es habriyos umikorvon laTorah

Is the derech for a Jew to follow

Opening the door to oseh orah

Terminating our Golus sorrow.

To Love A Fellow Jew

To love a fellow Jew

Just the same as you

Is the basis of our holy Torah.
He may be far from me

Across the widest sea

Still, I’ll always love him just the same.
For seventy, eighty years

A Neshama wears and tears

Just to do a favor for another.
Love him with all your heart

The heavens spread apart

And have your prayers answered speedily.


Far Over Distant Hills

(T.T.T.O. Erev Shel Shoshanim)

Far over distant hills

The air with anxiety fills
Yemei haslichos already have come
Tefilos are directed to marom.

A young Jewish boy of five

His parents no longer alive
A Christian he has been brought up to be
A siddur is his only memory.
In a dream his parents appear
They tell him Yom Kippur is near
Alas the message he did not heed
The dream they had to repeat.

Shuv el yisod ameich

Al derech hayashar teilech

For the Mitzvosof which he’d been deprived

The time for teshuvah has arrived.

To go to shul he does at last decide

He sees mispalilim standing side by side
Inspired by talleisim he stands by the door
Until his tears he can hold back no more.

Hashem here is my siddur in my hand

The words I do not understand
Accept these osiyos as tefillos to you
Open shaarei shamayim for every Jew.

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