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Appendix 7: How can the service offered by the Warden Team be improved?

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Appendix 7: How can the service offered by the Warden Team be improved?

Actually doing something useful.

don’t know

I do not even know what this service is or why I need a warden and what are the responsibilities of the warden.

I don't even know what the warden team is, so I can't say anything about it...

I find it difficult to understand why Wardens have access to all dorms. I also think the warden to the halls shouldn't be a student (as I believe the wardens are students). Wardens should have to sign out for cards that access all areas, and sign in when they return those cards. I do not know what the Wardens are supposed to do in the flats, but there should only be one warden to each halls of residence. I also believe the warden should be a member of the security staff, and not a student.

I have no way of actually contacting my Warden as I don't know their email and I can't get into University Hall to post a not under the Warden's door. So being able to contact them would be good.

I think more inspections should be taken of all, especially in regards to cleanliness and whether people are smoking tobacco or weed in the halls. Also inspections should take place during the night to ensure that the noise level is kept down to allow people to sleep. Too often when I try to sleep there is far too much noise from other rooms or the kitchen. And since I'm the only one who doesn't join in with their company, they would know if it was me if I reported them. Hence a system of inspections should be a regular occurrence.

It is very good.

Maybe if they actually introduced themselves?

Maybe they have to tell more about them and more information where and how to find ymen and what queries they can help to solve you.

More visibility from the wardens, more interactions between the wardens and the hall residents.




student wardens need to listen to students and deal with there problems better

Appendix 8: Further Comments on Facilities

Add wireless internet capabilities

Fire alarms are really just too often! Having them 3 times a day, doesn't lead to the fact to take them seriously anymore. The University should install a different system which is not hypersensitive to any kind of smoke. Burning a toast should not set the fire alarm off...

I am very satisfied with all the facilities else than the internet. I have never been able to upload any file on internet throughout the year. The problem was resolved in the end , but still the response was very poor. After my complaint I was asked every other day is it fine or not , and after responding many times I quit responding and the problem remained same.

I think a change machine is needed in the laundrette.

I would like to have a washing-machine in the flat. The telephone provided did not work and I did not have the need to use it at all. The design of the sinks seems ridiculous, it does not matter too much for me that it is the same in all the UK, I want to be able to use warm water from one tap with two handles for hot and cold water mixing.

I'll like to draw your attention towards the internet facility. Internet speed is so slow that sometimes you are not able to open some links and download some data.

It could be a good idea to build a halls with windows in the bathroom... I like natural light :)

Launderette is ok. I don't use telephone service. Resnet is terrible, I came over with a computer console, Xbox 360 (my friends also have other consoles) and could not connect it to internet. I was told they would not open the required "port" because it is not educational. I have paid to live in halls and I think this is a stupid excuse; it does not take up any more bandwidth than what a laptop would. Reception is brilliant, they always help with queries and questions


Need better cookers as they are fire death traps and a better microwave as they seem they may blow up when ON also to hot in the rooms as heating is on full blast constantly and when you have bars on widows you can’t get air into room because widow only opens a few inches.

Roamnet needed in all rooms

The car park is far too noisy there are people playing music that shakes the drink in my glass at 5 am this is unacceptable when I’m trying to sleep. Because the building is close together its warm so my window is open a lot and therefore the music is even louder and its hard to concentrate on work with that. also nothing is done about smokers setting the fire alarms off its been set off at the entrance at least 10 times and i once heard the security people say "oh it was just someone setting it off at the entrance" when someone asked what had happened. Which sounds like it was normal. People will stop coming down and it will endanger lives just because people aren't being stopped smoking in the doorway.

The dryers in the laundrette often don't work also it would be more useful if it was open later. from my experience students are never awake at 6:00am (the time that it opens) and are frequently awake past 2:00am (it shuts at 10:00)

The facilities are basic, but adequate. You get what you pay for, and with it being the cheapest halls you don't come with high expectations.

The facilities are good.

The halls should consider putting up a list of ground rules for each flat to do with general cleaning- as is in Trinity Halls. Some people seem to respond more or faster to notices from halls management than communication from their flatmates.

The image/feel of the rooms is that of a prison cell. Walls allow far too much noise through and may as well not be there. Plumbing is extremely noisy, to the point where it disrupts sleep. Fire alarms go off far too much and the consequences of staying in through an alarm are not made clear at all. Heating is too hot when on yet too cold when off. Windows need replacing.

The laundrette would be better if it was a lot closer

The laundrette is too far away, i know it’s being lazy but why can’t it be in the building, crossing part of campus with laundry is embarrassing

The next thing is the annoying alarms and I really don’t get it how the authorities expect that people will act on a real fire breakout. The sensor adjustments are poor and too sensitive for temperature changes. Ive seen people smoking in the rooms so this can’t be the reason for this. The heating is shut down during night, even in winter. Students tend to work not only on daytimes and it is not acceptable in my opinion to cut that last piece of personal convenience for their work. Also the internet access is a impertinence. In 21st Century you cannot justify the speed of the supplied service with just academic work. There are media students who deal with big sized files and it is almost impossible to up or download such files. Saying that the support of faster connection would support the file sharing I must refuse. It is still possible with this actual connection and should not be used as an excuse for it. These are points you might consider to change because it is also an important fact for choosing living in halls or spending the money on some privately owned houses or flats.

The vacuum never got fixed/replaced, the cupboard door which was fixed in the kitchen fell off again as it had only been 'fixed' with one lousy screw. The halls need a 'brighter' paint scheme, one that reflects modern times and doesn't make you feel as though you’re living in a prison cell. The bars on the windows near ground floor are a pain, they should be retractable and on the inside so you can at least open your window. The smoke alarm is far too sensitive, you burn a bit of toast and everyone panics like there’s no tomorrow. You need cigarette bins outside the main doors to the halls. I've been told to that the bars on the windows and the collection of sewage under the accommodation is illegal; but I don't really know anything about that, that's just what other students have told me by word of mouth.

There are large areas of space that could be used as seating areas.

They are quite old, especially the vacuum cleaner, I have never seen a device as antique as the one in halls. A new iron would be a good idea.

University halls are the worst halls to live in. The amount of fire alarms caused by students by smoking and cooking is unbelievable. The internet is utterly slow and useless. The rooms are so closely packed together that you could each other’s phone conversation when you leave your room.

Appendix 9: Additional general comments provided at the end of the survey

Although my feedback would generally be good the reason I would not consider booking it again or recommend it to a friend is for reasons such as the frequency of fire alarms.

Considering the prices in Bradford and the service provided, the rooms are expensive.

Daily fire alarms!

Fire Alarms, should be checked to see if the right one is over the cookers, as the smoke one over the cookers defeats the object and often leads to cookers abandoning trying to cook and have microwave meals

Get aerial sockets - we cant get TV in here and yet we have letters from TV Licensing - its ridiculous. Also, make the lift in Uni Halls pretty, ours is horrible compared to Bradford Halls.

Getting told that i owned rent all the time even though i had paid plus fed up with fire alarms and how fire marshals are not polite or nice to residents of halls when they do a fire drill so early in the morning when alot of students have to be up early for lectures.

Grateful for the cleaning- definitely a plus.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to address the problem with the fire alarm system. It sounds two times a week, sometimes two times a night! Anyone, no matter how willing to follow the rules or how afraid of the fines for staying inside will eventually get used to it. It does not work when everyone is certain that there is no danger and therefore it puts everyone in real danger. IT MUST BE FIXED OR SOME DAY SOMEONE WILL DIE IN A FIRE HERE. And I think it will not be only one person. It also makes the accommodation in the halls not attractive to new students, because, you know, we inform each other about these things, and make sure our friends do not have to suffer this. I personally, strongly suggested a few friends to search for accommodation somewhere else just because of this and I made sure they will not use your service and I am going to continue this. That is at least 3 clients that you will CERTAINLY LOOSE. Imagine the effect it has globally. Care your money if not our safety. Everything else is just fine if this problem is removed.

I think I have given my point in the extra spaces above

If I can change something in halls the first one will be Heating system and than the structure of walls they give a feeling of living in prison.

It is a way too loud in halls. There are absolutely too many smoke alarms. The training one at monday should be enough, either the devices need an update or you have to make students aware of what they're doing -use any measure, I just don't want to hear an ear tearing alarm again. Furthermore the basic respect of students is lacking. At night there should be nothing but rest. All-day-partying people need a place elsewhere.


Overall I've had a good experience in Halls but feel improvements should be made to the condition of the flats, particularly the kitchens and bathrooms which need more up-to-date facilities.

Replace fire alarm system with one that people trust, because right now nobody believes that there is a fire if it goes off. Could start by moving sensors farther away from ovens, steam is inevitable while people cook. Tell people that the system is extremely sensitive.

Roamnet needed in all rooms better taps required in some halls/rooms some rooms need a lick of paint more storage space required fire alarm system needs to be completely renewed

The accommodation was generally okay but needs to be improved by supplying toilet rolls & hand soap in all the toilets, as it is done in other halls. Students with heavy bags should be able to gain access easily into the building. Overall, good rating as hall is very well maintained and neat

The condition of the halls is poor, with the fire alarm going off at least once a day. The fire alarms are too sensitive which is unnecessary unlike other halls which hardly ever go off. There are always bad smells throughout the halls and the lift is in bad condition. The electricity in the kitchen has stopped working a number of times and the lift stops working a lot which wouldn’t be so bad if i didn't live on top floor.

the door at the back of the halls which we can leave but cant enter should be changed so we can enter as it would be a big time saver. if we can get in that room why aren't we aloud in the other way.... the car park needs to be sorted i can see it getting louder at summertime. i also have been told by security there have been drug dealers there so it should be cut off at night at least or something. the fact that they caught drug dealers down there should have spurted some sort of action. why would i want to live in a place where drug dealers gather together 10 meters away... the fire alarms need to be cut down if this means giving out cooking lessons or something then it should be done smokers in the doorway should not be tolerated because its against the law and endangering many lives.

the fire alarms sensitivity is hell

The halls are fairly depressing, but there good for first year students who are nervous about uni; as most people in halls are first year students and in the same boat when you arrive. Also, the location of the halls is excellent!

The halls benefit massively from being situated on campus.

The University halls of residence while well situated at the centre of campus are outdated and unplesant to live in. University halls of residence are also unfortunately overpriced in comparison to privately owned halls in Bradford and private accommodation. That said it would be unfortunate if all first year halls were to be left to private enterprise.

There is too much of fire alarms which disturbs from our sleep and study. it is hard to have a peaceful sleep in this halls.

There isn't any real female only or male only section in the halls.

There should be a standard fine of £10ish after the first 8 weeks in the event of a fire alarm being set off and there being no actual fire. I believe this should be implemented as the fire alarm goes off far too often and as of yet ther has been no fire. By adding a small charge in the event of a false alarm people will be less careless when cooking food, etc.

Too many fire alarms. Either the alarms are way too sensitive or people/groups need to be charged for multiple instances of setting the alarm off.

Understood that the fire alarms need to be in place, but perhaps less sensitive to things like steam, or different placements several times they have been set off without any actual smoke, because they are above the cookers in university halls.

University halls is the worst hall to live in. The amount of fire alarms caused by students by smoking and cooking is unbelievable. The internet is utterly slow and useless. the rooms are so closely packed together that you could each other’s phone conversation when you leave your room. will not be living in halls next year.

When rebuilding the Halls, include windows even in the bathroom facilities as well as on the floors! It changes a lot of the atmosphere within the Halls. And you might be able to save a lot of energy; the lights would not have to run all day and night long! It doesn't really fit the image of and eco university. The size of the kitchen is nice and also the kitchens itself! Keep that! Maybe create a common room were people from the Hall can meet watch TV etc, have newspapers... Provide more bookshelves in the rooms, we are students who have to read a lot!

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