Director of Clinical Services: The Atlanta Speech School Start Date: Immediate Availability

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Director of Clinical Services: The Atlanta Speech School
Start Date: Immediate Availability
The Atlanta Speech School is currently seeking an exceptional leader with entrepreneurial spirit for the position of Director of Clinical Services.


The Atlanta Speech School has evolved over its 78 years into the nation’s most comprehensive center for language and literacy – earning a rising national reputation as the educational equivalent of a teaching hospital. The School attracts a staff of the most gifted and committed teaching professionals who apply the research of the nation’s leading brain development and educational experts to achieve transformational language and literacy outcomes for children through its four school divisions, five clinical programs, and Rollins Center for Language & Literacy (“Rollins Center”) professional development program. The School has never turned away a child in need of services based on his or her family’s financial circumstances. All of the School’s efforts are interrelated and intentional, creating a circle of impact that is continually refined and strengthened across all programs. Our mission is to help each person develop his or her full potential through language and literacy. Please visit our website for further information:

The Director of Clinical Services of the Atlanta Speech School oversees services provided by the School’s five clinical programs: the Learning Evaluation Clinic, Learning Lab, Audiology Clinic, Speech-Language Pathology Clinic, and the Occupational Therapy Clinic. The Learning Evaluation clinic includes the School’s school psychologist as well. The director is assisted by a Lead Clinician in three of the five clinics.
The Director of Clinical Services reports to the Chief Academic Officer and represents the clinics on the Leadership Team which is made up of all School and Program Heads, the Chief Academic Officer and the Executive Director of the Atlanta Speech School.

  1. Programmatic Responsibilities with assistance from the Lead Clinicians

    1. Develop and manage policies, goals, and direction of the programs

    2. Develop new programs and services based on ongoing needs assessments

    3. Monitor service delivery, resources, and personnel needs for accountability and program quality and effectiveness

    4. Participate in budget review and manage funds allocated to the Clinics

    5. Supervise administrative staff

    6. Recruit and interview prospective

    7. Assist in developing and maintaining relationships with surrounding schools and professionals providing medical and clinical services

    8. Advocate for exemplary service delivery and adherence to Speech School standard in words and by example

    9. Ensure adherence to laws and standards governing service delivery

2. Responsibilities to Clients/ Parents of clients

  1. Be available for client conferences and calls as requested or required

b. Create or review all written communication with parents regarding departmental guidelines/policies, schedules, procedures

c. Assist with the coordination of services for clients receiving multiple School services as appropriate

3. Responsibilites to Staff

  1. Serve as representative of the clinical staff to the Chief Academic Officer, Executive Director and other members of the Leadership Team on a regular basis

  2. Conduct weekly or bi-weekly meetings with Lead Clinicians and provide ongoing support and guidance

  3. Observe and provide annual staff evaluations to clinic administrative assistants, lead clinicians, and staff members in programs without a lead clinician

  4. Provide an organizational framework for ongoing professional/leadership development

  5. Consult on cases, demonstrate teaching, and assist in clinical recommendations within area of expertise as requested

  6. Confer with staff regarding concerns, ideas, and suggestions

  7. Assist in conflict resolution as appropriate

  8. Provide the following to staff in clinics without a Lead Clinician and assist the Lead Clinicians with the following in other clinics as needed:

    1. Orient new clinical personnel

    2. Observe and evaluate clinicians annually using the Atlanta Speech School guidelines

    3. Consult on cases and assist in clinical recommendations as appropriate

    4. Participate in parent/client conferences as requested or required

    5. Confer with clinicians individually regarding concerns and plans as needed

    6. Review written treatment and evaluation reports

    7. Conduct clinic weekly or bi-weekly meetings

  1. Administrative Responsibilities

    1. Serve as a primary contact for individuals seeking general information about our clinical services, students considering careers in allied health, contract therapy services, and vendors

    2. Review all purchase requests

    3. Ensure the Clinical programs aspect of the website is accurate and updated

    4. Ensure appropriate statistical information about the clinics is being collected and maintained on an ongoing basis

    5. Maintain attendance records on staff

    6. Assist in the organization of observations and recruitment of interns in conjunction with other Speech School professionals

    7. Facilitate the coordination of clinical programs and their support to the School programs

  1. Responsibilities to the Leadership Team

  1. Attend weekly Leadership Team meetings

  2. Keep the Leadership Team informed about the School’s Clinical Services

  3. Collaborate with the Leadership Team members to establish best practices and the best services school-wide

Applicants should hold a master’s or doctorate degree in Speech-Language Pathology or Psychology or a graduate degree in other allied health or educational field as deemed appropriate. An understanding of oral-language weaknesses, attention difficulties, sensory integration weakness, and hearing loss and their impact upon learning in the school-aged population is necessary. Both clinical and supervisory experience beyond the master’s degree is desirable. Applicants must be state and nationally licensed and participate in appropriate professional organizations.

Salary is commensurate with experience. This full-time position offers a generous benefit package including health/dental/life/vision and long term disability insurance; the School subsidizes health insurance premiums of staff and families. Other benefits include Flexible Spending Account; 403(b) Plan; cost reduction of some Atlanta Speech School services; complimentary meals during working hours; and accrued personal and sick leave.

Please submit all of the following documents by December 31, 2016 to ensure that your information is considered: cover letter, resume, college transcript, and written submission describing how your particular skills, talents, and/or expertise could be beneficial to the Atlanta Speech School (please limit to 500 words).

Iris Goodson

Director of Human Resources

Subject line: Director of Clinical Services

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