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Hobby Club 2

Fudan Univ. Photography Association 2

Movie Club 2

Science-fiction Club 3

Feidian Comic Club 3

The Association of LanguageShare 3

The Association of Coffee and Liquor 4

Harry Potter Fans Association 4

Military Enthusiasts Association 5

Detective Logic Study Institute 5

Tea Ceremony Association of Fudan University 7


Fudan Lecture and Eloquence Association 8

Communication Association 8

Beauty Uping 9

Fudan Association of Public Relations 9

Fudan University Model United Nations Association 10

The Old Timers Club 10

Brain stormers' club 11

Financial Management Association of Fudan University 11

Association of Life Science 12

The youth illuminating society of Fudan University 13

Fudan Astronomy Society 13

Science Group of Fudan University 15

The Bertalanffy Society 16

Fudan Poetry Society 16

Sociology Society of Fudan University 16

The Club of Humanism of Fudan University 17

The Law School Youth League, Fudan University 17

Bo Ya Academic Society 18

The Polaris Literature Club 18

Association for the Readers and the Users of Library 20

Images Society 20

The literati corporation 20

Association for Inner Thinking and Personal Improvement 22

Life and Potentiality Association 23

Association for Deng Xiaoping Theory 23

Fudan Global Affairs Forum 23

Sports Club 26

Pingpang association 26

Fudan Tennis Association 26

Fudan Baseball Association 27

Infinite Volleyball Association of Fudan University 28


Chess Club 29

Board Games Club 29

Fudan university karate association 30

Chan's Taiji club 30

Fitness club 31

Yoga Club 32

Running Club 32

Quincuncial piles club 33

Fudan Electronic Sports Association 33

Fudan Kendo Club 34

The Fudan Community of Parkour 34

Travel Club 35


Fudan Orienteering Society 36


Ultimate Frisbee Club 37

Music Club 38

Guqin 38

The Association of Bamboo Flute 38

FDanso 39

Public Service Club 39

Icare 39

Expedition volunteer association 40

Fudan Association of Social Work 40

I-hope 41

Heart-Together Association 41

Xin Sheng Association 44

Gathering Club 44

Social Innovation Park 45

Child of the World 45

Sunflower Club 46

Colourful Clouds 46

Sunny & Hope Society 46

Service Club of FDU for Children of Rural Migrant Workers 47

Environment Protection Club 47

PowerPresen 48

Environmental Protection Association 48

Fudan University Law School Pro Bono Service Center 49

Siyuan corporation 50

Liu Tiecheng Love Replay Community 50

International Club 51

Nordic Society 51

Silk roads 51

Fudan University Spanish Society 52

The Chinese and Japanese Students' Salon 52

Magic Club 53

85Broads Women’s Development Organization 53

Hobby Club

Fudan Univ. Photography Association

Fudan Univ. Photography Association (FDPA for short) is a student organization dedicated to promoting photography as a form of art. Founded in 1981, FDPA meets its 30th anniversary this year. FDPA is a flourishing and diverse student organization, with basic training, lectures, travelling, darkroom (film developing and amplifying) and forums as regular activities. Members of the FDPA can access to various genres of photography and drastically different opinions on photography. Based on a sound organizational structure, FDPA also provides a sense of community that binds all the members together. We share not only our photos, but also our enthusiasm for photography. If you wish to see pieces of our members and all the notifications about our recent activities, find and track us at:


Movie Club

Movie Club----‘hold on to movies’

Movie club (MC for short) is a community founded in May 1982,in which movie fans can share their views about movies and enjoy entertainments offered by the club, like classic movie shows. Besides, the club organizes amazing regular activities. We book a theatre room for students in Fudan to watch a selected film every month; We provide chances to see the beloved stars if they ever come to Shanghai; We hold a chair about movies from time to time; We organize tours to some famous movie shooting bases occasionally. MC has about 500 members and we’re looking forward to seeing you!

Science-fiction Club

Science-fiction Club is a place for sci-fi lovers to exchange their fantastic ideas as well as their favorite sci-fi movies and novels. As long as you have the passion for science-fiction and are willing to share your enthusiasm, be a member of us!

Feidian Comic Club

Feidian Comic Club is a student club consisting of comic and animation lovers in Fudan University. We aim at cultivating talents for Chinese cartoon industry. In this way, we hope that we can promote the development of comic and animation so that they can be better understood and accepted by more people.

The Association of LanguageShare

The Association of LanguageShare or LanShare for short, aims at promoting the culture of Canton, Hong Kong and Macau through Cantonese Course as well as activities which make a feature of these cultures. The association is evaluated with four stars out of five on a scale of 200 associations on campus.

The pronunciation of LanShare is very similar to that of 零社 in mandarin, which means ‘special’ in Cantonese, so the name of the association attaches both cultural features and uniqueness to our group.
Since founded in 2004, we have been working on sharing the fantastic culture of Canton, Hong Kong and Macau as well as promoting the integration of all kinds of cultures in Fudan University. We also concentrate on popularizing teaching Cantonese, which is acknowledged by the U.N. as a language widely used in the world. As a result, numerous Cantonese enthusiasts have drawn what they need from our assistance, and therefore time witnesses the cohesion and friendship among us.
Apart from making progress in regular Cantonese courses, we have annually held characteristic singing contests in Cantonese in the past five years and two concerts of Cantonese songs as well, which have always been a hit on campus. In addition,the activities such as series of interviews titled Under the Lion Rock, Lingnan Gourmet Festival and Memorial Night of Bruce Lee were incredibly welcomed and gained stormy applause.
We are a group of people crazy about our own culture and would like to do everything to protect and promote it. With so many expectations, along with supports we have received, we will try our best to benefit more people.

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