International day of youth

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November 2004
Posted by Mohamed S. Kamara (Music Name Lustin Jay)

My Name Is Mohamed .S. Kamara, A Senior Student From The Government Model Secondary School And President of Government Model Secondary School iEARN Club, and a great member of the International Education and Resource

Network(iEARN-Sierra Leone).
The international day of youth was celebrated by the youth of Sierra Leone on the 12th august, 2004 at the national stadium hostel, Atlantic Hall. It is a day that I will never forget in my life, it was a great pleasure for me on that day when I first attended the conference, I was advised by peer around the country in different aspect of life, and I too gave them my own message of courage through music performance in combination with the iEARN musical team, and other groups.
People were so amazed for such advise of courage, also I preached about the dangerous killer disease Hiv/Aids and human rights violation as well as corruption. That was a good initiative that helped other youth to build up good relationship, friendship, tolerance and also healthy environment and improved our skills in different aspects of developmental issues. It was an opportunity for us (youth) to voice out our opinions on vital issues to others on how to create a better world.
The international day of youth expanded relationships and brought up ideas of progress. This celebration was done by youth, individuals between the ages of 15 to

35. I will like you to solicit the needs of us (youth) in order to make this program successful for us every year.

iEARN Sierra Leone empowers youth to use information communication technology(ICT) to address global issues of importance, this enhance learning and positive inspiration to the youth on how to address issues of peace building and conflict resolution, human, violation, environmental concern, health issues, sensitization and prevention of Hiv/Aids.
We the young generation face a major challenge regarding access to ICT and knowledge, knowledge must therefore remain permanently accessibility to us (youth). Thanks in advance.

Andrew Greene

Andrew Koroma

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