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Country summaries and notes



Army and army aviation only. Pre 1979 was royalist, Indo-British model; 1979-1988 was soviet model; post 1988 disintegration; multinational stabilization after 1988 with NATO, UN and bilateral assistance.
National Military Academy of Afghanistan


Afghan Defense University: Building Enduring Institutions

Next month, 212 students of the National Military Academy of Afghanistan (NMAA) will graduate and receive commissions in the Afghan National Army. The Graduating Class of 1388 (2010) will be the second graduating class of the four-year military academy – and serve as a sign of enduring capability in the Afghan National Security Forces.

This past week we were able to visit the site of the new Afghan Defense University (ADU) which is being built just outside of Kabul. This site, when completed, will house not only the National Military Academy of Afghanistan, but will also serve as the flagship campus for Professional Military Education for the Afghan National Army. The Afghan Defense University will provide the Afghan National Army an enduring intellectual development center of excellence, including university-level education and officer/NCO leader development capability.
The campus is scheduled to open in the summer of 2011, and will be occupied first by the Afghan Defense University Headquarters and Support Battalion. The following schools will eventually move into the campus:

· National Military Academy of Afghanistan (NMAA) in Spring 2012 with 2400 cadets.

· Bridmals/NCO University in Summer 2013 for three courses – the Sergeants Major Academy, First Sergeant Course, and the NCO Battle Staff Course.

· Command and Staff College (CSC) in Summer 2013 for 850 officer students.

· Counterinsurgency Training Center/Center of Excellence (CTC-A) in Summer 2013 for 300 students.

· Foreign Language Institute (FLI) in Summer 2013 for 200 students.

· Legal School/Center of Excellence in Summer 2013 for 470 students.

· Religious Cultural Affairs (RCA) School/Center of Excellence in Summer 2013 for 120 students.

The Afghan Defense University is now a sprawling construction site with over a thousand workers pouring foundations – but the construction is a symbol of an enduring institution being developed for the Afghan National Security Forces.
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“Shaping the future: a new profile for the Albanian Military Officer” 1 “The Defense Minister, Saset Zhulali, is currently developing plans to downsize and professionalize his military - which includes an army, navy, air force, air defense force, interior ministry units, and border guards. Ground forces will reduce from 25 divisions to 5 and will consolidate from almost 2,000 small installations into a few new large bases.” (1996)2 describes Albania’s shift from Soviet to Western Orbit in 1993; “Fortuitously, on April 4, 1995, the commemoration day of NATO's founding, the Albanian Defense College was established in Tirana. President Berisha and high officials from NATO countries and the George Marshall Center were present. This college represents Albania's highest form of political-military training in security and defense policies and is open to civilian and military personnel who hold or might hold high responsible state positions for security and defense matters. The first student body, drawn from the Foreign Ministry, Ministry of Defense, Government, Parliament, political parties, and media consisted of 15 civilians and 9 military men. More than half of the lecturers came from western colleges and universities. At the end of the course's term, the whole group of students was invited for a week-long working visit to the George Marshall Center.”(ibid)

-Defence Ministry

-General Staff

-Armed Forces Press, Publications and Translation Center

-Training and Doctrine Command (appears to list several academies and a university)


-Ministry of the Interior


-State Police

-Republican Guard



Bulk of equipment is soviet; updated with new east European, Russian, and US equipment in 1997-1999, paying customer for US IMET3

-links to France and Russia, non-aligned movement

-defence college, police academy, gendarmerie with post-independence east European and soviet ministry of interior structural influence.

-French and Arabic are the dominant languages

-nothing noted in 4icu





Population 84k and area 468 sqkm, civil police only; ties to France and Spain; defence is shared responsibility of France and Spain; In 2002 the police force was 50 officers.4


Security information – lengthy civil war, DDR process under UN mission5 South Africa and Angolan armed forces will be cooperating on technical training and telecommunications programmes.6 Portugal and Angola have a bilateral cooperation agreement on military training and the Angolan Defence ministry cooperates directly with the Portuguese military academy.7

-general security information about Angola:




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