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Acts as:

  • Backdraught Preventer

  • Regulator

  • Accelerator

  • Aerator

+ Material: 99.5% pure aluminium

+ Ultra-simple installation: No tools required

+ Available in diameters from 85 to 270mm

+ With optional nesting prevention

+ Approved by Vincotte & Electrabel

Fitted to a chimney, Réacteurop® ensures faultless operation for all homes and all fuels (coal, wood, oil, gas, etc.): constant, complete

We undertake on your behalf all required work for assembly, sorting, folding, cutting, handling, etc.

  • Assembly of electrical enclosures

  • Sorting and quality control

  • Miscellaneous assembly work, fitting displays and presentation units

  • Cleaning tanks etc.)

  • Reconditionnement de produits réfractaires

  • Reconditioning of refractories

  • Picking

We are experienced in many types of work!

Pressurised and air-conditioned room, perfectly suitable for simple operations such as cutting, sorting, assembly, welding and packaging of products or components
A growing number of businesses are using pressurised rooms under a controlled atmosphere in order to ensure faultless product quality


  • Hospitals

  • Veterinary

  • Paramedical

  • Cosmetics

  • Food and drink

  • Useful area: more than 110 m2

  • Extension possibility

  • ISO8 100.000 classification

  • Quality certificate issued by CMI

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Chemin de la Villa Romaine, 1


Tel: 32-(0)68456464 - Fax: 32-(0)68456465
Email: - Web:
Contact person: Mr Jules COLEN

THE BOX AND BEERMAT COMPANY was founded in 1996 and is the only Belgian producer of beermats on an industrial level.

One year after the actual foundation, the company decided to work together with a Slovak Printingshop in a joint venture; together with the production unit in Belgium this has proved to be an excellent way of covering the market on a global level.
Since 1999 we expanded our offer with:

  • packingmaterials in cardboard

  • servingtrays, signs and packings in metal and aluminium

  • promotional materials in all sorts of synthetic materials

  • all kind of labels

With our 4- and 5- colourpresses and a modern silk-screen department – of course by using adjusted ways of wrapping the end product – BBC has grown into an important provider of the international market.

Well-considered investment politics make sure that technical innovations are watched closely, so that BBC can continue to measure up to the highest qualitative demands of its clients.
A highly modern pre-press department has also an important part in this; our highly qualified DTP’s make sure that there are no problems with the processing of digital materials that are brought to us by the client. They are also responsible for the further realization of even the most daring ideas that are presented to us.
Need a few million beermats, 100.000 labels, 10.000 sixpacks, 1.000 servingtrays or 100 tabletents?

No worries, our motivated team is up and ready to deliver you an end product that measures up to the highest standards, at a reasonable price. Our prices are also unbeatable for orders of very small quantities. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information on these types of orders.

THE BOX AND BEERMAT COMPANY is the only Belgian producer of beermats on an industrial level.
In addition, we also design and produce:

  • packingmaterials in cardboard

  • servingtrays, signs and packings in metal and aluminium

  • promotional materials in all sorts of synthetic materials

  • all kind of labels

Need a few million beermats, 100.000 labels, 10.000 sixpacks, 1.000 servingtrays or 100 tabletents?

No worries, our motivated team is up and ready to deliver you an end product that measures up to the highest standards, at a reasonable price. Our prices are also unbeatable for orders of very small quantities. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information on these types of orders.

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Chaussée de Lannoy, 144

Tel: 32-(0)69843269 - Fax: 32-(0)69646941
Email: - Web:
Contact person: Mrs. Delphine DEKNUDT

Caterers, ready to eat and ready to cook dishes

Organization of events

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Rue du Calvaire, 11

Tel: 32-(0)69662737 - Fax: 32-(0)69662188
Contact person: Mr Charles VAN DEN BROECKE

Manufacturing of cattle feed (animals of farm)
Agricultural Raw material (except seed)

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Rue Montavaux, 155

Tel: 32-(0)65662900 - Fax: 32-(0)65662918
Email: - Web:
Contact person: Mr Pierre-Pascal HECQ

Food complements

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Chaussée de Leuze, 1


Tel: 32-(0)69871900 - Fax: 32-(0)69871910
Email: -Web:
Contact person: Mr Jean-Paul JORION

Some key moments

Some important key moments have punctuated all these years of work and have contributed to make the company what it is today.
• In 1957, Jean JORION launches into the selection of seeds for straw cereals, a long-term project rownded with success in 1969 with the registration of the 1st variety, called VAL. In 1982, the Capitaine variety, at the center of an entire range, sets itself up as a benchmark on the Belgian market.
• In 1972, JORION becomes the exclusive agent for CARGILL varieties of maize and rape.
1989 is when JORION fi nalises the setting up the “Ferme de Liessart” experimental station, an indispensable tool for supporting its research activities. At the same time, the company develops several experimental projects, in Belgium, France and Great Britain.
1997 is marked by the acquisition of the SAPSA-SES company’s cereal activities and buildings dedicated to storage and seed preparation, set up in Jodoigne.
• In 1998, JORION invests in new high-tech infrastructures, namely a new totally computerised seed treatment unit for cereals. This new unit enables the new requirements for application of products destined for seed protection to be met.
1999 is also a great year, marked by obtaining ISO9002 certification, the first of this type in Belgium for a society active in the seed sector. Again in 1999, JORION develops a 100 % process which uses foam to ensure maximum contact between each seed and the phytosanitary protection product.
• In 2001, JORION continues its expansion and develops a totally new bagging plant. These infrastructures enmomentsable better management of the continuous increase in volumes and guarantee speed of service, among other things for cereals and maize.
• At product level, 2002 is marked by the development of a new seed range for forage crops and grass.

Research comes into play as well, since a new laboratory approved by the Ministry of Agriculture enables germination tests to be carried out and the purity of the lots to be measured with accuracy. Along the same lines, new work programs are set up in collaboration with the industrial world and research centres, which enable defi ning new work focuses for research and selection.

• In 2003, JORION strengthens its position yet further on the Belgian and international markets
• New investments are made in 2004. Buildings as well as sorting and bagging grass seed enabling the major development for this type of products to be met.
• In 2007, the new Hacquegnies unit, as always located on Frasnes-lez-Anvaing territory, takes off. This new plant is ideally located, in the center of a large ariculture area where cereal has a dominating position. Closeness to the motorway network (Brussels-Paris motorway) and very easy access are first rate advantages, reflecting the company's concern of also ensuring a service of excellent quality.

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Avenue des Artisans, 47


Tel: 32-(0)68570800 - Fax: 32-(0)68552496
Email: - Web:
Contact person: Mr Geert VAN DE MOORTEL

Focus on and expansion of three activities
Vandemoortele focuses on packaged consumer goods. It closes down its upstream activities (crushing and refining) and its oil bottling and mayonnaise production activities (except for Belgian brands). The focus is on three core activities: Soy Foods, Lipids (margarines and fats) and Bakery. The acquisitions perfectly fit the strategy of expanding the core activities: Cottes France (artisan bread - 2004), Colombus Food Belgium (donuts - 2004), SoFine Foods the Netherlands (tofu and meat replacers - 2006), Erkens Bakkerijen the Netherlands (patisserie - 2006), Gourmand Poland (bread and pastries - 2007) and Panavi France (bread and pastries - 2008).
Focus on business-to-business
Vandemoortele decides to focus on Bakery Products and Lipids and sells its Alpro soya division. In both Lipids and Bakery Products, Vandemoortele holds a leading position in Europe. Even more than before will the client be given an even more central position in the elaboration and execution of plans and projects. In 2010 Vandemoortele takes over the margarines & fats business of Van Dijk Food Products.
High-quality food products...
Vandemoortele is a family controlled food group with Belgian roots and a European outlook. We occupy a leading position in our two core businesses, Bakery Products and Lipids. In 2010 Vandemoortele realised a revenue of ca 1,1 billion euros with 5100 employees working in 36 production and 15 commercial sites across 12 European countries.
Mainly for retail and professional users (B2B)
Vandemoortele is a household name. Literally, as our margarines, oils, dressings, breads, donuts, pastry products, patisserie and many other products from our portfolio find their way into your life almost every day. Still, you may have never associated our name with some of these product categories. That is because many of our products are not marketed to consumers under our own brand name, but are instead delivered to professional users and retail customers. We just happen to honour the tradition that it's not the name that makes the product; it's the quality and taste.
We love food"
But we do not produce just any food product. All our products are well-balanced combinations of the general trends in food: taste, variety, indulgence, convenience, health and environment.
Our vision:
Vandemoortele is a family-controlled group active in the production and sale of food products in Europe.
We wish to create value within a perspective of continuity. To realise this, we focus on specific activities where we hold or can establish a leading position and in which we can achieve sustainable and profitable growth.
Our activities today are frozen bakery products and margarines & fats. We aim to expand them through organic and external growth, based on operational excellence, innovation and a clear customer focus.
Our mission:
Vandemoortele develops produces and markets frozen bakery products and margarines & fats. We deliver them as ingredients and semi-finished products to professional users, and as finished products to end-consumers. These consumer products are sold primarily under private labels by retailers, although we also market them under our own brand names.
We are committed to being our customers’ preferred supplier. This requires us to efficiently provide the customer with products at a quality, service and innovation level that creates value for all involved. Our work is firmly embedded in close cooperative relationships with our customers as well as in a profound understanding and active analysis of major consumer and food trends.
In operating our business, we wish to respect society and the environment. We are also convinced that the development of Vandemoortele goes hand in hand with the personal development of our employees.

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Boulevard Industriel, 120


Tel: 32-(0)56481948
Email: - Web:
Contact person: Mr Gauthier VINDEVOGEL

Vandeputte or the fabulous destiny of linseed…

Vandeputte, it’s a love story between a family and a company. And like all love stories, it begins with a seed… ours is a linseed.
In 1887, in his mill in Rekkem, on the borders of Flanders, Wallonia and France, our grandfather Gustave Vandeputte starts pressing the linseed…
Over time, and the idea is the seed, each generation Vandeputte brought its share of innovations and investments in tune with the times.
Today, our family business has deployed itself as a group with a human face, a company with a well developed corporate citizenship, an actor of reference in its Euro-region, radiating across 5 continents from its location in the heart of Western Europe. Repeatedly honored for its durable positioning, Vandeputte enjoys an excellent image.
Our recipe: giving good ideas means to achieve successes!
The linseed, we wanted to honor in this page, has allowed our family to develop three areas of activity which we invite you to discover.
Two distinct entities united by our desire to ensure quality products, innovative processes and thus the satisfaction of our customers...
- Soap (Soap and Detergent)

- Oleo (Oils & Oleochemicals)
Let’s meet… if we haven’t already done so.
Luc, Christian and Pierre VANDEPUTTE

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Rue de l'Epinette, 12


Tel: 32-(0)65560404 - Fax: 32-(0)65569935
Email: -Web:

Contact person: Mr Hubert EWBANK DE WESPIN

VANHEEDE ENVIRONMENT GROUP is an integrated environmental company whith 40 years of experience.
Treatment and valuation of organic waste (green waste and food-processing waste) and industrialists. The company values the green waste by the transformation in compost and the food-processing waste by the transformation, on one hand, in food for animals and, on the other hand, in green energy by process of bio-methanation.
SODECOM handles the waste essentially dairy products with the biggest names of the food-processing industry such as Danone, Alpro, Belgomilk, Nestlé, Candia as well as of the mass-market retailing (Colruyt in particular).
Current investments are soon going to allow the company a processing capacity of 45.000 T/ year, and to become so, in Quévy, the biggest European center of treatment of food waste.

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Chaussée de Renaix, 113


Tel: 32-(0)68332854 - Fax: 32-(0)68337530
Email: - Web:
Contact person: Mrs. Brigitte LONGEVAL

Culture of healing plants, manufacturing of essential oil
Products: roots of angelica, burdock, roots washed by valerian, bald roots of marshmallow, essence of angelica, seeds of angelica
Wholesale trade of bulbs of tulips
Retail trade of pharmaceutical products in specialized store
Retail trade of medical and orthopaedic articles
Retail trade of pets, food and accessories for these animals in specialized store

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Rue d'Armentières, 150


Tel: 32-(0)56588923 - Fax: 32-(0)56587559
Email: - Web:
Contact person: Mr Alex MAHIEU

VANUXEEM: Your Drink Specialist since 1906.

Located in the heart of Europe, the company Vanuxeem has become a reference in the beverage distribution network. Thanks to its experienced and dynamic team, Vanuxeem offers a wide selection of beers of various origins and specificities, as well as a large range of alcohols, spirits, wines and non-alcoholic drinks.
We invite you to visit our sale department with your family. Those who like having a drink will be greatly surprised.
Moreover, the professionals from the hotel-restaurant-pub sector will highly appreciate our competitive commercial terms and find a solution that fulfils each of their expectations.
The activities are split according to 3 sectors:

- CHR (Cafe – Hotel – Restaurant) full range: beers, wine, alcohols, softdrinks...

- EXPORTATIONS (Platform of full range of 850 references trough Europa on 1 ramping site)
Other specialities of the Brewery:
The Brewery VANUXEEM has his own production of beer: “La Queue de Charrue”, translation of the Flemish name of Ploegsteert. Range of 5 beers: Blond, Brune, Amber, Triple, Red.

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Z.Ind. de l’Europe 2


Tel: +32-(0)69221201 – Fax: +32-(0)69220401
Email: - Web:
Contact person: Mr Stijn BAUWENS

Tradition and great taste come together at VerBau, the dynamic young Belgian confectionary company where “artisanal” is first thought that comes to mind.

At VerBau our state-of-the-art production methods carry the tradition forward, allowing us to provide mouth-watering desserts with the “artisanal flair” that our consumers demand.
VerBau offers dessert cups and Mini-Bavarois under our brand “Les amuses du Chef” or your premium label.
Either way, they represent a delicious indulgence for a consumer or the crowning achievement at any social event.

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Rue Orquennois, 2


Mobile: 32-(0)473968591
Email: - Web:
Contact person: Mr Christophe VERSCHEURE

Angela was a pleasure to drink artisanal Belgian-based angel, created by Christophe Verscheure in 2002.

Having done my graduation work on the soles of the angelic, so I started my business by growing plants in my angelic family farm in order to market the roots to their essential oils
After several years of experience with this culture, and following a growing demand, I have developed a drink made of angelica. My goal was to find a craft cocktail, original and good to drink pure or diluted. After more than a year of trial and error, the first drink is pleased to Angela was born, achieved based angelica, ginger and exotic fruits. Some time later, a second forest fruit cocktail was born.

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Route de Valenciennes, 97

7301 HORNU

Tel: 32-(0)65784961 - Fax: 32-(0)65785922
Email: -Web:

Contact person: Mrs. Camille VUYLSTEKE

Home-made manufacturing of liqueurs and cocktails aperitifs
Trade of other wines and spirit

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Rue de l’Abattoir, 35


Tel: 32-(0)56588893 - Fax: 32-(0)56589811
Email: - Web:
Contact person: Mr Emmanuel BOISDENGHIEN

- Conceptualization of packagings

- Development and conception of machines to produce these packagings

- Production of the components of the box of packaging

The process NEWCAPS allows the realization of forms of the box
A packaging must be thrifty and the least polluting...
Packaging NEWCAPS is recyclable in the sectors...

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Rue Pasquier-Grenier, 10


Tel: 32-(0)69223175 - Fax: 32-(0)69223176
Email: -Web:
Contact Persons: Mr Jérôme STROBBE - Mr Raphaël STROBBE

It is based both on quality – their most important priority – and on their dynamism and sense of service.

The STROBBE firm was founded by Jérôme Strobbe in Froyennes in 1929.
At the time, the family company specialised in the pork business, at the Chaussée de Courtrai.
When the founder died in 1955, his son Willy took over the reins and developed the wholesale beef business within the firm considerably.
By 1972 Strobbe had grown so much that the decision was taken to change status and became an S.P.R.L. (a kind of limited company).
By 1984 turnover had grown so much - thanks to its management’s dynamism, skill and business sense, together with the know-how of its staff - that the company again changed status and became “Les Établissements Willy Strobbe S.A.” (J.W.S. 1929).
Willy's own sons Jérôme and Yves took over in 1990, which means that there have been 3 generations in succession since 1929.
The company is constantly looking to improve conditions and so the brand-new cutting room (which meets the European EEC standards) is linked directly to Tournai abattoir in order to maximise the cold chain and thus the quality of the freshness of the meat, whether it is in quarters, cut or vacuum-packed.
We can guarantee our customers an excellent, superior quality product.
The cattle we select come from breeders and fatteners who work to SGS , PROMAG and PROCERVIQ specifications.
We also take great care to adhere to animal protection rules and laws in order to avoid stressing the animals in any way.
In addition to the AFSCA, there are two private bodies (INTEGRA and COMASE) which handle the inspection of our cutting room. These regular checks ensure that our meats meet all requirements and are subject to quality systems (HACCP, etc.).

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Boulevard Millénium 260, Entrepôt 1

Tel: 32-(0)64841299 - Fax: 32-(0)64841299
Email: -Web:
Contact person: Mr Frédéric CHAPELLE

WLC translogics has been established since January 2011 on the site of Garocentre north (La Louvière).

1. Logistic
Our speciality: loading and unloading container

  • Handling, palletizing, repacking

  • Storage (rack/floor)

  • Management and optimization stocks (fifo, filo, dluo...)

  • Picking

  • Cross-docking (consolidation/deconsolidation)

  • All custom work

> Labeling / remove labelling

> Filling and assembly or display (display)

> Co-packaging, deposit of samples

2. Transport
Possesing some vehicles, we pull our strength through collaboration with owner truck operators, national and international.

This allows us offer you a comprehensive and flexible service on 24h/24. Of tractor-tailors to trucks, while ensuring the integrity of your goods.

Our destinations: Belgium, France, Luxembourg

Frequently: England, Germany and Netherlands

We also provide an express service in the regular national borders via truck.
3. Our trumps

  • Monitoring warehouse in 24h/24 (G4s)

  • Guarding (G4s)

  • Heated building

  • Flexibility 24h/24 and 7j/7 (a simple phone call)

  • Opportunity to rent office space within 100 meters

4. Our standards:

  • Standard: AFSCA

  • Let's start the process for standards "HALAL"

Wlc translogics can acquire all standards useful for the customer’s logistics

Ensuring a complete logistical service, of arrival of the container to unloaded through storage, or picking upto the final delivery of the customer.
WLC translogics turned naturally to E-commerce. Iindeed, in the heart of an area called "banana european logistics" WLC translogics occupies a strategic position in terms of logistics and distribution, and allows to reach more than 60 million consumers within a radius of 300 kms.
WLC translogics is a young PME, which also looks to the young cyber-trader who starts.
By bringing together this little cyber-shopping around
same point-logistics, we provide a sharing of certain costs (like transport).
You take care of your business and we'll do the rest.

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Drève Gustave Fache, 3 Bte 5


Tel: 32-(0)56847282 - Fax: 32-(0)56845094
Email: -Web:
Contact person: Mr Fredéric LIEM

Created in 2001, XL COMMUNICATION realizes annually more than hundred editions for Public Institutions, organisms, professional federations, associations and establishments of Health.

XL COMMUNICATION handles from A to Z all the stages necessary for the realization of an edition, from the beginning of the project to its realization.
XL COMMUNICATION conceives and also realizes publications at the author's own expense with specific themes and so varied as: the pregnancy, the birth, the domestic risks, the road safety, the early retirement, the breweries.
However, XL COMMUNICATION tries to develop its own thematic publications in Europe where it tries to keep a length beforehand on her local competitors.
Map of the roads of the Belgian beer: all the breweries, the taverns, the traders agents, beer museums.

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publications ->  Preparation of Papers for ieee transactions on medical imaging
publications -> Adjih, C., Georgiadis, L., Jacquet, P., & Szpankowski, W. (2006). Multicast tree structure and the power law
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publications -> List of Publications Department of Mechanical Engineering ucek, jntu kakinada
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publications -> Sa michelson, 2011: Impact of Sea-Spray on the Atmospheric Surface Layer. Bound. Layer Meteor., 140 ( 3 ), 361-381, doi: 10. 1007/s10546-011-9617-1, issn: Jun-14, ids: 807TW, sep 2011 Bao, jw, cw fairall, sa michelson

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