William f. Oliver and mary venable married 1814 savannah, georgia

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And Their Descendants
Compiled by Sandra Oliver Becker

The surname Oliver is derived from the Old French personal name Olivier. The Oliver surname (meaning "seller, or processor of olive oil") seems to be French Norman in origin. The Oliver family was a sept of the Scotland Highlands' powerful Fraser Clan and was a very powerful clan themselves in Roxburghshire and the Borders area. It arrived in Scotland and Ireland in the 14th century. This Old French name was introduced to Scotland and Ireland by the Normans2. During the Middle Ages, it was a popular name throughout Europe. It was borne by one of Charlemagne's paladins, and friend of Roland. Ostensibly, the name is said to derive from the Latin olivarius, meaning "olive tree" However, all of Charlemagne's paladins bore Germanic names; and the Latin derivation of the name may be a result of folk etymology working on an unidentified Germanic personal name, possibly a cognate of Álvaro; or possibly distantly connected with the Old Norse Óleifr, meaning "ancestral relic". Perth

The Catalan and (Occitan) French surname is a topographic name. It is derived from oliver (pronounced [uliˈβe, oliβe, oliˈve(ɾ)]), meaning "olive tree". It may also be related to the homonymous name listed above. Some of the Oliver family who moved to the United States, ended up moving to Vermont, Michigan, and Florida.

Scottish surname Meaning: "Bearer of the olive branch" or "Ancestor", Origin: Scottish Borders, Original Language: Latin or Scandinavian, Related Names: Olivier

Many Scottish people with the surname Oliver are descended from the Oliver family that settled in the Border area of Scotland and England by the middle of the 13th century. By the beginning of the 16th century, they had become a kinship group in which all its members bore the same surname of Oliver3

By Sandra Oliver Becker
I am not the type of family researcher who is easily satisfied with a neat family tree with names, dates and places. I want to know more. I want to know the history of the families they and their descendants intermarried with, I want to know the history of the areas where my ancestors lived. I want to know who their neighbors were. All of that information tells me what kind of people they were associated with. If they intermarried with hard working farmers they were more than likely hard working farmers themselves. If their neighbors were the social elite, then it is likely that they were part of the social elite themselves. If there was an epidemic in their area at the time they died, it is likely the epidemic was the cause of their death. If there was a war during their lifetime, it is likely that they either fought in that war, supported that war, were affected financially by that war or lost family members from that war. All of this information tells me more than bare, dry facts ever can. I can visualize the lives of my ancestors, their siblings, their descendants and how my immediate family came to be who they are.
I have spent a large chunk of my life trying to find the ancestors of John William Oliver, the father of my grandfather, Edgar Ray Oliver. It has not been easy. I think that it is now time to put what I have found out there and let other researchers break down the brick wall I have come against. This is not just the story of one family, it is a part of the history of Georgia and Florida as well. I grew up hearing a slightly biased history of the South. When I was born, my family lived in Atlanta and I was raised with the romantic “Gone With The Wind” version of dashing Confederate soldiers, beautiful Southern belles, happy slaves who were loyal to their masters, and cruel heartless Yankees. I wondered about my ancestors’ part in this history. Were there brave men in gray hanging on my family tree? I wanted to find a Scarlett O’Hara and a Rhett Butler somewhere in my own family history.
The curiosity about my ancestors intensified when I was expecting my first child. I wanted to know who they were and how they lived and what they did and what they experienced in their lives. I wanted to pass along a legacy to my unborn child. Is this curiosity a genetic thing? Are we hard wired to seek out the past to preserve for the future? I asked my paternal grandparents about their lives. My grandfather was Edgar Ray Oliver who had been born in 1891 in Macon, Georgia. I learned that my grandfather’s father had been John William Oliver and his mother had been Inez Stowell. John William Oliver had been a railroad engineer who had the Savannah to Macon route. After he retired from the railroad, he had moved from Macon to Atlanta and operated a grocery store. But, my grandfather did not know who his paternal grandparents had been. He said that his father had not talked about his family much. Possibly because his father was orphaned at age 12.
I sought out others who were researching my family, cousins and second cousins, to help me find out the rest of the story. My daughter inherited this curiosity and joined in the hunt for facts. After decades of passing information around back and forth, we all know more about our ancestors and their origins.
The death certificate of John William Oliver was filled out wrong. When his daughter filled out the form, in the blanks where she should have put his parents, she put her own: John William Oliver and Inez Stowell. This put a real halt on trying to find out who his parents were. The Stowell Genealogy by William Henry Harrison Stowell states that John William Oliver was born in Traders Hill, Georgia. My father’s cousin4 gave us a family group sheet with his birthdate as 1853 and his birthplace as Florida. We knew he had the Savannah (Chatham County) to Macon railroad route as an Engineer so we went to Savannah records and found a John William Oliver on the 1870 census as age 17, apprentice RR engineer b. Fla. with sisters Addie and Willa both age 22 born in Florida. They were living in the same household as G. Pardue and his wife. Then, we found a James W. Oliver in the 1850 Hamilton County, Florida census with daughters Laura, Mary, Leadonus A. and Willaminer (twins with the right birthdates for them to be the Addie and Willa on the 1870 Savannah Census). Then we found a James W. Oliver 1822-1865 in Gravel Hill Cemetery in Pooler, Chatham County, Georgia. A trip to Gravel Hill Cemetery found James W. Oliver in the same cemetery plot as William F. Oliver (d. 1854 age 64), Mary Oliver (d. 1860 age 60), and Stephen Oliver, Georgianna Oliver (17 months) and two unnamed infants. Nearby was the Box family and the Cook family. Chatham County marriage records have a William Oliver who married a Mary Venable in 1814. 1850 Census records have both William F. Oliver and Mary born in NC.
I remember the day I discovered Gravel Hill Cemetery. I had known that it was located in Pooler, Georgia. On a trip from Florida to North Carolina, I noticed a highway exit sign for Pooler and wrote down the exit number. On our way back, I would, no mights or maybes, I WOULD stop and see if I could not find the graves of my ancestors. I called a funeral home in Pooler and got directions to the Cemetery. We drove through the arched gate onto a dirt road shaded by huge moss draped oaks. I began to look for an Oliver monument and immediately saw a large stone with the name Oliver. This must be the right plot.
I started at the Oliver marker and walked straight back and to the left. There was a small plot with three stones for my ancestors. William F. Oliver, Mary Oliver and James W. Oliver. The stones were dirty and hard to read so I went back to the truck to get some paper to clean them. Yes, these were my ancestors. My great-great grandfather James W. Oliver and his parents William F. Oliver and Mary. In the same plot were Stephen Oliver, Georgiann Oliver (age 17 months) and two un-named infants. Near-by was the Cook plot where James’ sister was buried with her husband’s family. Also close were Box family graves.
When I started researching the Olivers’ buried in Gravel Hill Cemetery, I called the Cemetery office. They had no records for many of the burials, but they did have the name of the monument company that had carved the stone for James William Oliver. Yes, they were still in business, but they had lost all their records in a fire in the 1920’s. The only record they had indicated that James William Oliver had been buried in a plot owned by the Boxxe family and they even knew descendants of this Boxxe family who still lived in the area. I called and introduced myself. I did not think that after almost one hundred and fifty years the Boxxe family would know anything, but it was as if it had happened yesterday. The woman who answered did know the name James William Oliver and verified that her family had owned the plot he was buried in. She also informed me that the Oliver family were a bunch of liars and cheats who never paid for that plot. In the South grudges die hard. Near the Oliver family marker is the Boxxe family marker. (changed from Box) One descendant of this Boxxe family married a descendant of William F. Oliver and Mary Venable in Generation Five. My generation is Generation six, so the Boxxe/Oliver descendant marriage was in my parent’s generation (bc. 1920 +/-). James William Oliver was the second generation (b.c. 1820 +/-)
This book is the result of condensing thousands of pages of notes and research into a compact history of our known Oliver family. I have tried to find as many of the descendants of William F. Oliver and Mary Venable as I could and, I have tried to find out as much about these descendants as I could. This book gives an identification number to each descendent that I could find for William F. Oliver and Mary Venable. Not every descendant is identified or listed. The male descendants were easiest as they kept their surnames when they married, unless they died early and family history records do not list them. Sometimes it was difficult to find the descendants of a female descendants because they either died early and the event was not recorded or they married and the husband’s surname is not known. Unless there has been information passed down in a family, and then recorded, they will remain just a name of a child on a record somewhere or not even recorded and thus will remain unknown.
WARNING: The information in this book is not gospel truth written in stone and unimpeachable. Sometimes transcribers of data goofed. Sometimes researchers get it all wrong. Sometimes old documents are not easy to read. I have tried to get it right, but someday may be proven wrong. Use the data here as a guide for your own research. I have included all my sources for research convenience. What is not known are the ancestors of William F. Oliver and Mary Venable. So far I have found two Oliver families that have coincidental evidence indicating they may be our ancestors. I cannot prove it as there is no proof



Background: Gravestones of William F. Oliver (d. 1854 age 64),

Mary Oliver (died 1860 age 60),

Foreground: gravestone of James W. Oliver (1822-1865, son of Wm. F. Oliver)

In the same plot are the graves of Georgiann Oliver (died age 18 months. d/o John A. Oliver), Stephen H. Oliver (d. 1863 s/o Wm F.Oliver) and two un-named infants

Nearby are the graves of John A. Oliver (s/o Wm. F. Oliver) and Caroline Oliver Cook (d/o Wm. F. Oliver)





Frances Long Greene

Lynn Cole Scott5

Walter Gould6

Barbara J. Daniel7

Kimberley Oliver Gentry8

Terry Butler Barnes9

Judy Hart Tomasovich

Pamela Hart Lane

Camiella Hart Acker


Harold Dean Oliver10

Michael Foster Oliver11

George Hollis Oliver III12

A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU TO Sheila Schmutz, the coordinator of the Oliver DNA project who has been very patient with me as I run through MANY Oliver families trying to find the right one.




The first two digits of a record number designate the child of William F. Oliver and Mary Venable from whom the person of record was/is descended.


(1) William F. Oliver and Mary Venable


(2A) Caroline Oliver-m-Henry K. Cook

(2B) Elizabeth Oliver-m-Gardin Backley

(2C) James William Oliver-m-Mary Dudley

(2D) John A. Oliver-m-Georgia Turner

(2E) Rebecca Catherine Oliver-m-Rbt. Henry Gould

(2F) Mary A. Oliver-m-Charles A. J. Sweat

(2G) Sarah Emily Oliver-m-John Charles Ulmer

(2H) Stephen H. Oliver-died without issue
(2A1) Laura M. Cook–m-William H. Gould

(2A2) William A. Cook-m- Laura Eliz. Ulmer

(2A3) Dewitt Clinton Cook-m-Mary Mgt. Cook

(2A4) Charles A. Cook-m-Catalina Pacetti

(2B1) Lawrence Backley-no further information

(2C1) Laura V. Oliver-m-Wm. S. Fountain

(2C2) Mary A. Oliver-m-P. Ellis Laurence

(2C3) Wilhelmina Oliver-no further information

(2C4) Leadonnis A. Oliver-m-Jesse S. Bevill

(2C5) John Wm. Oliver-m-Inez Stowell

(2C6) Caroline E. Oliver-m-James H.C. Barnwell

(2C7) Robert Joseph Oliver-m-Harriett Ella Brantley

(2C8) Georgia E. Oliver-m-Michael Pickett

(2C9) James F. Oliver-m-Eliz. Louisa Boon

(2D1) John A. Oliver-died without issue

(2D2) William H. Oliver-m-Estella A. Keller

(2D3) Georgiana Oliver-died in infancy

(2D4) Alice C. Oliver-m-George A. Keller

(2D5) Sarah Ethylene Oliver-died in infancy

(2D6) George B. Oliver-m-Laura Eliz. Ulmer (Cook)

(2D7) Stephen H. Oliver-m-Cora Louisa Kessler

(2D8) Langdon Cheeves Oliver-m-Priscilla Kessler

(2D9) Mary Emma Oliver-no spouse/issue identified

(2D10) Robert H. Oliver-died in infancy

(2E1) George Davis Gould-m-Anne Castlellaw

(2E2) Mary A. Gould-m-Charles B. Norris

(2E3) Rebecca E. Gould-no spouse/issue identified

(2E4) Alice E. Gould-m-Unknown Jones

(2E5) Ida A. Gould-m-Eban H. Williams

(2E6) Robert Lee Gould-m-Carrie E. Glenn

(2E7) Florence Gould—m-Emanuel Mavromat

(2G1) Laura Ulmer- m-(1) W.Cook (2) G. B. Oliver

(2G2) Robert C. Ulmer-never married

(2G3) Rosa G. Ulmer-m-Thomas M. Keller

(2G4) Mary A. Ulmer-m- William G Sutton (?).

(2G5) Irene V. Ulmer –never married

(2G6) Florence E. Ulmer-never married

(2G7) Jacob H. Ulmer -m-Annie Unknown

(2G8) Nittie Ulmer –m-W.G. Haupt

(2G9) Emma J. Ulmer–m- Leonard Parnelle

(2A2A) John Oliver Cook-Agnes Dorney

(2A2B) Wm. A. Cook II-no spouse/issue identified

(2A3A) Anna Rosalee Cook-no spouse/issue identified

(2A3B) Edward Cook-m-Pearl Farmer

(2A4A) Joseph Cook-no spouse/issue identified

(2A4B) Melanie Cook-no spouse/issue identified

(2A4C) Lara Cook-no spouse/issue identified

(2A4D) Caroline Cook-no spouse/issue identified

(2A4E) Mercedes Cook-no spouse/issue identified

(2A4F) Charles A. Cook-no spouse/issue identified

(2C5A) Edgar Ray Oliver-m-Ella F. Payton

(2C5B) Edna Mae Oliver-died in infancy

(2C5C) Carrie E. Oliver-m-Thomas R. Payton

(2C5D) Nellie V. Oliver-m-John C. Bramblett

(2C5E) Bessie Oliver-m-Earnest Atkins

(2C5F) John Wm. Oliver, Jr. –m-Mary W. Bird

(2C5G) James Roland Oliver-m-Ruby Lou Lyndsay

(2C5H) Herbert W. Oliver-m-Frances Bales

(2C5I) Horace Josh Oliver-died in infancy

(2C5J) Fred Robert Oliver-m-Janie Boyd

(2C5K) Bertha A. Oliver-died in infancy

(2C6A) Sarah R. Barnwell-m-Wm. C. White

(2C6B) Ida Barnwell-m-Wm. F. Lamon

(2C6C) Harriett Barnwell-m-Wm. Abernathy

(2C6D) Elizabeth Barnwell-no spouse/issue identified

(2C6E) Estelle Barnwell-no spouse/issue identified

(2C6F) Charles Barnwell-m-Rena Unknown

(2C7A) Robert Wm. Oliver-m-Eugenia Somberg

(2C7B) Ella V. Oliver-no spouse/issue identified

(2C9A) Lila Oliver-m-W. H. Russell

(2D2A) Gertrude Oliver-m-William E. Jones

(2D2B) Eugene Charles Oliver-m-Flossie Murell Keller

(2D2C) William H. Oliver-m-Sarah G. Unknown

(2D2D) George Keller Oliver-m-Elizabeth Ulmer

(2D2E) Estella E. Oliver-m-Edward Hoyt Anderson

(2D4A) Hubert Keller-m-Ada Unknown

(2D4B) Lottie Keller-no spouse/issue identified

(2D4C) Mary Keller-no spouse/issue identified

(2D4D) Lucia Keller-no spouse/issue identified

(2D4E) Lamar O. Keller-m-Julia Unknown

(2D4F) George Keller-no spouse/issue identified

(2D4G) Cora Keller-no spouse/issue identified

(2D6A) Sarah Ethylene Oliver-no spouse/issue identified

(2D7A) Stephen Earle Oliver-m-Lillian Welch

(2D7B) Nina Lauralene Oliver-no spouse/issue identified

(2D7C) George Hollis Oliver-m-Sarah Norman

(2D7D) Dorothy Oliver-no spouse/issue identified

(2D7E) Waulene Oliver-no spouse/issue identified

(2D7F) William Cheves Oliver-m-Norma Woodward

(2D8A) John Cheves Oliver-m-Alice Strickland

(2D8B) Iola Pearl Oliver-m-William Gary Goggins

(2D8C) Dr. Robert Lee Oliver-m-Martha Farr

(2D8D) Bruce X. Oliver-m-Varden Byrd

(2D8E) Helen Oliver-no spouse/issue identified

(2E2A) John R. Norris-no spouse/issue identified

(2E2B) Dottie E. Norris-no spouse/issue identified

(2E2C) Beulah Norris-no spouse/issue identified

(2E2D) Lydia Norris-no spouse/issue identified

(2E2E) Mabel Norris-no spouse/issue identified

(2E2F) Thomas Norris-m-Beulah Elkins

(2E2G) Irene Norris-no spouse/issue identified

(2E2H) Roslyn Norris

(2E2I) Paul R. Norris-no spouse/issue identified

(2E2J) George S. Norris-m-Eunice Crawford

(2E2K) Wallace O. Norris-m-Annie Baggs

(2E2L) Barnard Norris-no spouse/issue identified

(2E4A) Purse (Percy?) Jones-no spouse/issue identified

(2E6A) Walter Glenn Gould-Kathleen Swinford

(2E6B) Maybelle E. Gould-no spouse/issue identified

(2E6C) Albert Elmo Gould-no spouse/issue identified

(2E6D) Mary Eunice Gould-m-Wm. C. McDuffie

(2E6E) Ruth Gould-no spouse/issue identified

(2E6F) Edna Mae Gould-no spouse/issue identified

(2E6G) Lee Oliver Gould-m-Maggie Unknown

(2E6H) Carrie R. Gould-no spouse/issue identified

(2E7A) Reba Mavromat –m-John Steven Perry

(2E7B) Angelie Mavromat

(2E7C) Eldred Mavromat

(2E8A) Champion Gould-m-Frankie Cowart

(2E8B) Herbert C. Gould-m-Minnie Taylor

(2E8C) Lillie Gould-no spouse/issue identified

(2E8D) Laura Viola Gould-m-John Hutton

(2E8E) Randolph Earle Gould-no spouse/issue identified

(2F3I) Wylene Keller-no spouse/issue identified

(2G1C) Sarah Ethylene Oliver-no spouse/issue identified

(2G3A) Maude C. Keller-m-Alfred Peeples

(2G3B) Rosalee Keller-m-R. L. Walker

(2G3C) Virginia Keller-m-Wm. H. Righton

(2G3D) P. Edgar Keller-m-Frances Ward

(2G3E) Lena Keller-m-Hampton Averitt

(2G3F) Carrie Love Keller-m-Clarence Baker

(2G3G) Laurina Keller-m-Thomas B. Cavanaugh

(2G3H) Charles T. Keller-no spouse/issue identified

(2G9A) Emily Parnelle-no spouse/issue identified

(2A2A1) John Oliver Cook, Jr. –no spouse/issue identified

(2A3B1) Helen Marie Cook –m-Wm. C. Lee

(2A3B2) Margaret Cook-no spouse/issue identified

(2C5A1) William R. Oliver-m-Opal Hall Stephens

(2C5A2) Frances E. Oliver-m-William Guyton

(2C5A3) Edgar F. Oliver-m-Marie Johnson

(2C5A4) Julia C. Oliver-m-Magnus Ramey

(2C5A5) Mary E. Oliver-m-Robert Hart

(2C5C1) Inez Irene Payton-Harrison Hammond

(2C5C2) Agnes M. Payton-m-(1) O. McFarland (2)S.Duncan

(2C5C3) Beryl M. Payton-m-Stewart F. Greene

(2C5C4) James R. Payton-m-Margie Mae Kelly

(2C5C5) Trellis Maxine Payton-m-Richard H. Stowe

(2C5E1) Ernestine Atkins-m-Roy Lusk

(2C5F1) John Wayne Oliver

(2C5F2) Herbert W. Oliver-m- Annie R. Murphy

(2C5F3) Wm. S. Oliver

(2C5F4) Charlotte Inez Oliver

(2C5G1) Joseph Roland Oliver

(2C5G2) Margie Coleen Oliver

(2C5G3) Harold Dean Oliver

(2C5G4) James Harvey Oliver

(2C5G5) Peggy Oliver (Breedlove)

(2C6A1) Daisy White-m-Wm. Treml

(2C6A2) Wm. C. White-no spouse/issue identified

(2C6A3) Lilly White-no spouse/issue identified

(2C6A4) Carroll J. White-no spouse/issue identified

(2C6A6) Howard White-no spouse/issue identified

(2C6B1) Mary A. Lamon-no spouse/issue identified

(2C6B2) Jennie V. Lamon-m-Harry W. Kennedy

(2C8B3) Ruth Lamon-no spouse/issue identified

(2C6B4) Thelma Lamon- no spouse/issue identified

(2C6C1) Eunice A. Abernathy-m-Andrew J. Downey

(2C7A1) Carl Rutledge Oliver-m-Lorene Amos

(2C7A2) Robert Joseph Oliver-m-Lucille C. Pyles (2) Edith Walker

(2C9A1) Gladys Russell-no spouse/issue identified

(2C9A2) Claude Russell-m-Bertha Unknown

(2C9A3) Gordon Russell--no spouse/issue identified

(2D2A1) William Oliver Jones-no spouse/issue identified

(2D2A2) Kenneth Jones- no spouse/issue identified

(2D2A3) Dorothy Jones- no spouse/issue identified

(2D2A4) Leonard Jones- no spouse/issue identified

(2D2C1) William H. Oliver-m-Katherine Unknown

(2D2C2) Anita Oliver- no spouse/issue identified

(2D2D1)Elizabeth L. Oliver- no spouse/issue identified

(2D4A1) Inez Keller- no spouse/issue identified

(2D4A2) Gertrude Keller- no spouse/issue identified

(2D4A3) Hubert Keller- no spouse/issue identified

(2D4E1) Lamar J. Keller-m- Julia Ellen Cycoperly

(2D4E2) Alice L Keller-m-Thomas George

(2D4E3) George A. Keller III-m- Barbara Janyne Johnson

(2D7C1) George H. Oliver-died w/o issue in WWII

(2D7C2) James S. Oliver-m- Betty Lee Mullins

(2D7F1) Norma A. Oliver - no spouse/issue identified

(2D7F2) Stephen E. Oliver-m- Linda Gail Ritchie

(2D8A1) John C. Oliver - no spouse/issue identified

(2D8B1) Wm. G. Goggins, Jr. –m- Janet Bond

(2D8C1) Martha Oliver –m-Andrew Vaught

(2D8C2) Rbt. Lee Oliver-m-Phyllis Unknown

(2D8C3) Wm. Langdon Oliver-m-Claudette Unknown

(2D8D1) Joyce Byrd –m-(1)J. D. Boxxe (2) Unk Tice

(2E2F1) Mercer E. Norris-m-Hilda Tyson

(2E2F2) Bertha Norris- no spouse/issue identified

(2E2H1) Winston S. Moore-m- Dorothy Stephens

(2E2H2) Mary M. Moore-m- Clarence Arnold Adams

(2E2H3) John N. Moore-m- Nell Waters

(2E2H4) Eugene P. Moore-m- Christine Louise Smith

(2E2J1) George S. Norris - no spouse/issue identified

(2E2J2) Jack W. Norris- no spouse/issue identified

(2E2K2) Martha Norris- no spouse/issue identified

(2E6A1) Walter E. Gould-m- Louise Gaubert Berry

(2E6D1) Wm. Crawley McDuffie-m- Vigo Ray Dalbo

(2E7A1}Delores Theresa Perry (1904) –m-Wm. Coffield King

(2E8B1) Grace C. Gould- no spouse/issue identified

(2E8B2) Emily Gould- no spouse/issue identified

(2E8B3) Lila Gould- no spouse/issue identified

(2E8D1) Angela Hutton- no spouse/issue identified

(2G3A1) Homer F. Peeples-m-Marie Unknown

(2G3A2) Betty Peeples- no spouse/issue identified

(2G3A3) Doris Peeples- no spouse/issue identified

(2G3B1) Elfrita Walker- no spouse/issue identified

(2G3C1) Wylene Righton-m-Robert Commander(?)

(2G3F1) Margaret Baker- no spouse/issue identified

(2G3F2) Clarence E. Baker- no spouse/issue identified

(2G3F3) Rose M. Baker- no spouse/issue identified

(2G3F4) Howard F. Baker- no spouse/issue identified

(2G3G1) Thomas B. Cavanaugh, Jr. –m- Jean Vivian Stoy

(2G3G2) Catherine Cavanaugh- no spouse/issue identified

My generation, granddaughter of Edgar Ray Oliver and Ella Frances Payton. Data has been limited to protect the privacy of the living.
(2C5A1A) Robert Oliver

(2C5A1B) Eleanor Ruth Oliver –m- (1) J. Hall (2) J. Robeau

(2C5A2A) Edgar Franklin Guyton –m- (1) Marlyce Unknown

(2C5A2B) Joyce Guyton –m- (1) F. Mojahedi (2) M. Rivers

(2C5A3A) Sandra L Oliver –m- (1) G. H. Cole (2) W. Becker

(2C5A3B) Beatrice Eileen Oliver-no issue

(2C5A3C) Michael Foster Oliver –m-Patricia Minarck

(2C5A4A) Carol Ramey –m-(1) L. Kesselberg (2) T. Stancil

(2C5A5A) Judy Hart –m- John Tomasovich

(2C5A5B) Pamela Rene Hart -(1) E. Kem (2) R. Lane

(2C5A5C) Robert Hart, Jr. –m- (1) Sherri Morrison

(2C5A5D) Dan Hart –m-(1) Pamela Robey

(2C5C1A) Harrison D. Hammond –m-Grace Lanier

(2C5C1B) Cheryl E. Hammond-m-Jerry Reeves

(2C5C3A) Michael S. Greene –m-Rebecca Moon

(2C5C3B) Richard Greene-m-Frances Long

(2C5C3C) Sandra M. Greene-m-Raymond L. West

(2C5C4A) James Randolph Payton, Jr.

(2C5C4B) Darlene Annette Payton

(2C5C4C) Larry Dee Payton

(2C5C4D) Tommy Lee Payton

(2C5C5A) Wade T. Stowe –m-Carol J. Sapp

(2C5C5B) Richard H. Stowe-m-Janet L. Johns

(2C5C5C) Genia Stowe –never married

(2C5E1A) Dorothy Lusk-no spouse/issue identified

(2C5E1B) Barbara Lusk-m-Robert E. Daniel

(2C5E1C) Roy Lusk-no spouse/issue identified

(2C5F2A) Carolyn Oliver –m- Davis

(2C5F2B) Mary Belle Oliver –m-Butler

(2C5F2C) Herbert W. Oliver –m-Alice Duncan (Chambless)

(2C5H1A) Butch Oliver –died without issue

(2C6A1A) William Treml-m-Marie Myers

(2C6A1B) Howard Treml-m-Bernadine Kordsmeir

(2C6B2A) H. Wm. Kennedy-m-Billy A. Boyd

(2C7A1A) Robert Oliver, Jr.-no spouse/issue identified

(2C7A2B) William S. Oliver-no spouse/issue identified

(2C9A2A) Irma Russell-no spouse/issue identified

(2C9A2B) Dorothy Russell-no spouse/issue identified

(2D4E1A) Lamar O. Keller-no spouse/issue identified

(2D4E1B) Pamela Keller-no spouse/issue identified

(2D4E1C) Dana T. Keller-no spouse/issue identified

(2D4E3A) George Adam Keller IV-m-Unknown

(2D4E3B) Barbara E. Keller –m- Robert Daniels

(2D4E3C) Charles M. Keller-no spouse/issue identified

(2D4E3D) Joanne A. Keller-married Unknown Wolf

(2D4E3F) David O. Keller-no spouse/issue identified

(2D7E2A) Elizabeth L. Oliver-m-Unknown Jeffords

(2D7E2B) George Hollis Oliver III –m- Donna Unknown

(2D7E2C) Jean Oliver-m-A. Y. Scollin

(2D8B1A) Gary Goggans-no spouse/issue identified

(2D8B1B) Mark S. Goggans-no spouse/issue identified

(2D8B1C) Julie A. Goggans-no spouse/issue identified

(2D8C2A) Robert L. Oliver III –m-Lucinda Unknown

(2D8C1B) Eliz. L. Oliver-m-Bill Loge

(2D8D1A) David Boxxe-no spouse/issue identified

(2D8D1B) Terri Boxxe (Tice) –m-Unknown Lewis

(2D8D1C) Tammy Boxxe (Tice)-m-Unknown Crosby

(2E2H3A) John Homer Moore-no spouse/issue identified

(2E6A1A) Walter L.Gould –m-Janet Whetstone

(2E6A1B) David L. Gould –no spouse/issue identified

(2E6D1A) Dal McDuffie-m-Barbara Unknown

(2E6D1B) Lee McDuffie-m-Suzanne Unknown

(2E6D1C) Elaine McDuffie-m-Johnnie Hamm

(2E6D1D) Wanda H. McDuffie-m-John North

(2E7A1A) William C. King-m-R, Theresa Moree

(2E7A1B) Charles S. King-no spouse/issue identified

Listed as children of generation six. No details to protect the privacy of the living

(2C5A1B1): Robert Richard Hall

(2C5A1B2) : James W. Hall

(2C5A1B3): Frank D. Hall

(2C5A1B4): William W. Hall

(2C5A1B5) Deyna Robeau

(2C5A1B1) Daniel Mojahedi

(2C5A1B2) Mina Mojahedi

(2C5A3A1) Helen Marie Cole

(2C5A3A2) William Gene Cole

(2C5A3A3) Matthew Lee Cole

(2C5A3C1) Sarah Elizabeth Oliver

(2C5A4A1) Codi Kesselberg,

(2C5A4A2) Dylan Stancil

(2C5A5A1) Kristen Tomasovich

(2C5A5B1) Rainey (Tammy) Hart

(2C5A5B2) Tonya Hart

(2C5A5B3) Jennifer Lane

(2C5A5B4) Jonathan Lane

(2C5A5B5) Philip Lane

(2C5A5C1) Camiella Hart

(2C5A5C2) Bob Hart

(2C5A5C3) Sean Hart

(2C5C1A1) Sherre Gail Hammond

(2C5C1A2) Steve Glen Hammond

(2C4C1A3) Michael Greg Hammond

(2C5C1B1) Kristi Michelle Reeves

(2C5C1B2) Karmen Melissa Reeves

(2C5C1B3) Kristopher Michael Reeves (adopted)  

(2C5C1B3) Keri Malcolm Reeves

(2C5C3A1) Michael Scott Greene

(2C5C3A2) James Brian Greene

(2C5C3B1) Denise Greene

(2C5C3B2) Richard Lamar Greene

(2C5C3C1) Patricia Lynn West

(2C5C4A1) Cereta Payton

(2C5C4A2) James R. Payton III

(2C5C4A3) Michelke Payton

(2C5C5B1) Karen Denise Stowe

(2C5C5B2) Leslie Annette Stowe

(2C5C5B3) Richard Hampton Stowe III

(2C5E2B1) Robert Wesley Daniel

(2C5F2B1) Terry L. Butler

(2C5F2B2) Pamela D. Butler

(2C5F2C1) Kimberley Oliver

(2C5F2C2) Aaron Oliver

(2C5F2C3) Dana Oliver

(2D4E3A1) George Keller V

(2D4E3B1) Emily Daniels,

(2D4E3D1) Tyler Wolf,

(2D4E3D2) Kylie Wolf

(2D4E3D3) SlaterWolf

(2D4E3D4) Marissa Wolf

(2D4E3D5) Samantha Wolf

(2D4E3F1) Amy (Steinberg)

(2D4E3F2) Alisa (St. John)

(2D4E3F3) Lamar Keller

(2D4E3F4) Jennifer (Zuniga)

(2D4E3F5) Katherine (Capps)

(2D4E3F6) Emma Keller,

(2D4E3F7) Julia Keller

(2D4E3F8) Alexander Keller

(2D7C2A1) David Jeffords

(2D7C2A2) Sarah Jeffords

(2D8C2A1) Matthew Oliver

(2D8C2A2) Meaghan Oliver

(2D8C2A3) Linden Oliver

(2D8C2A4) Westin Oliver

(2D8C2B1) Courtney Loge

(2D8C2B2) Connor Loge

(2E6A1A1) Walter Patrick Gould

(2E6A1A2) Wendi Lee Gould



1820 - January: Fire.

1824 - Savannah Fire Company formed

1825 - March: Lafayette visits town

1830 - Population: 7,303.

1831 - Savannah–Ogeechee Canal constructed.

1833 - First Baptist Church built.

1834 - Oglethorpe Barracks built (approximate date).

1837 - Central Railroad begins operating.

1839 - Georgia Historical Society organized.

1842 - Convent of St. Vincent de Paul founded.

1844 - Savannah Institution for Savings instituted.

1846 - Bonaventure Cemetery established near town.

1847 - Fort Pulaski built near town.

1848 - Population: 13,573.

1850 -Daily Morning News begins publication.

Custom House built.

1853 Forsyth Place (park) laid out.

Catholic Diocese of Savannah and Laurel Grove Cemetery established.

St. John's Church consecrated.

1854- Yellow fever outbreak. 13
According to Robert L. Usinger of the United States Public Health Service, “The years 1821, 1827, 1831, 1839, 1850, 1852, and 1853 each had a more or less severe [yellow fever] epidemic, the last three culminating in the sad year 1854 with 580 deaths and an unknown number of cases.”14
1854- Augusta and Savannah Railroad in operation (approximate date)

1855 - Young Men's Literary Association organized.

1858 - Old Harbor Light erected.

1859 - First African Baptist Church rebuilt.

1860 - Central of Georgia Depot built.

In November 1864, two months after capturing the city of Atlanta, General William Tecumseh Sherman and his army of 62,000 men began the march south to Savannah. They lived off the land and, by Sherman's own estimate, caused more than $100 million in property damage in Georgia alone. Sherman called this harsh tactic of material war "hard war" (in modern times this is known as total war).

Sherman and his troops captured Savannah on December 22, 1864. Sherman then telegraphed his commander-in-chief, President Abraham Lincoln, offering him the city as a Christmas present.

By 1870 three principal railroads—the Central of Georgia, the Savannah and Charleston and the Savannah and Gulf—connected the city to markets along the coast and the interior. The Central of Georgia, whose principal shareholder was the city of Savannah, established its own docks and canals to the west of the existing Savannah riverfront. This marks the first shift of industrial-commercial activity outside of the central plan of the city.

The Savannah Cotton Exchange was established in 1876 and made its permanent home on Bay Street in 1883. The exchange was established to provide cotton factors, brokers serving planters’ interest in the market, a place to congregate and set the market value of cotton exported to larger markets such as New York or London. By the end of the 19th century factorage was on the decline as more planters were selling their products at interior markets, thus merely shipping them from Savannah via the extensive rail connections between the city and the interior.

An additional railroad was built extending from the Drayton Street Depot out to Tybee Island in 1887. The rate, 1 cent per mile or 17.7 cents each way, enabled city dwellers to escape to the ocean and spend their newfound leisure hours at the beach on Tybee Island. This became the first commuter line from Savannah to an outlying area”.15


During the Civil War, Pooler was a railway stop called Pooler's Station—the last stop before Savannah on the Central of Georgia Railroad. In December 1864, Pooler was a meeting place for Union officers led by William Tecumseh Sherman, who negotiated with Savannah authorities for the strategic port city's peaceful surrender. The city was named for railroad employee Robert William Pooler

John William Oliver left Savannah for Macon (Bibb County, Georgia) before 1900 when he is shown on the Bibb County, Georgia census.

Additional: 1873.—February 21st, First fatal casualty at a fire in Savannah, George Puder being killed by falling walls.16

Please notice as you browse through this book that there is a core of families who intermarried with each other in early Georgia history. Some intermarried with descendants of William F. Oliver. All of them are related to descendants of William F. Oliver through these complicated intermarriages.

FAMILY NAME (married/related to)

BACKLEY (Metzger, Oliver)

BARNWELL (Cheves, Oliver)

BERRY (Metzger, Kennedy)

BEVILLE (Scruggs, Strobhar, Brantley, Oliver, Herrington)

BRANTLEY (Fountain, Strobhar, Ulmer, Harbuck, Oliver)

CHEVES (Barnwell)

COOK (Gould, Ulmer, Kennedy, Oliver)

DUDLEY (Gilleland, Gindrat, Wisenbaker, Oliver, Treutlen, Kennedy)

FOUNTAIN (Brantley, Oliver)

GILLELAND (Ulmer, Dudley, Gindrat)

GINDRAT (Gilleland, Wisenbaker)

GOULD (Ulmer, Cook, Oliver)

HARBUCK (Brantley, Sweat)

HERRINGTON (Strobhar, Beville, Scruggs, Oliver?)

KELLER (Wisenbaker, Ulmer, Oliver)

KENNEDY (Treutlen, Dudley, Metzger, Cook, Wisenbaker)

METZGER (Kennedy, Backley, Berry)

OLIVER17 (Cook, Backley, Dudley, Fountain, Beville, Brantley, Keller, Gould, Sweat, Ulmer, Barnwell, Kessler)

OLIVER? 18 (Storbhar-Beville, Herrington)

STROBHAR (Brantley, Herrington, Beville, Oliver?)

SWEAT (Harbuck, Ulmer, Oliver)

TREUTLEN (Kennedy, Dudley, Wisenbaker)

ULMER (Sweat, Gould, Brantley, Cook, Wisenbaker, Gilleland, Keller, Oliver)

WISENBAKER (Ulmer, Gindrat, Keller, Treutlen, Kennedy)
This pattern of intermarriage is not unusual in early American family history. Remember that these families probably went to the same churches, belonged to the same social class, attended the same social events, attended the same family gatherings such as weddings, funerals, birthdays, etc. And, related families were the best place to find suitable spouses. Once someone married into a family, they were related to all the other families that their spouse was related to. The children of that couple had a list of ready-made “suitable” spouses to choose from.

Using marriage data it is possible to determine which families may have been the catalyst for subsequent family connections. For Instance:

1778: Elizabeth Treutlen –m-William Kennedy

1783: Mary Treutlen –m- Edward Dudley I

1823: Guilford Dudley19 –m- Susan Gilleland20

1829: Dorothy Kennedy21 –m-John Metzger22

1830: Elizabeth Kennedy23 –m-Edward Dudley24

1836: Elizabeth Oliver25 –m-Gartin Backley26

1839: Frederick Backley27 –m- Louisa Metzger28

1840: Caroline Oliver29 –m- Henry K. Cook30

1841: William Hardwick Kennedy31-m-(2) Catherine Cook32

1843: William Hardwick Kennedy33 –m- (3) Lenora Metzger34

1844: Mary Dudley35 –m- James William Oliver36
Perhaps Mary Dudley had attended the marriage of Frederick Backley to Louisa Metzger (cousin of John Metzger who had married her uncle Edward’s sister in law Dorothy Kennedy) where she met Elizabeth Oliver and Elizabeth’s brother James William Oliver. Five years later, in 1844, Mary Dudley married James William Oliver. JUST SPECULATION, but it is possible as related families did tend to socialize with each other through family events such as weddings, funerals and christenings.

Because of the earlier Kennedy, Metzger, Backley, Oliver intermarriages, William Hardwick Kennedy probably knew Caroline Oliver and Elizabeth Oliver. Was Caroline Oliver’s marriage to Henry K. Cook in 1840 the catalyst for William Hardwick Kennedy’s marriage to Catherine Cook in 1841? When Catherine Cook died, he married Lenora Metzger who was already related to him through his sister Dorothy Kennedy who had married John Metzger, the cousin of Lenora Metzger

Lists names associated with descendants of Wm. F. Oliver and Mary Venable. Although many of the person(s) of similar names who were associated with the Oliver descendants may not have been in Chatham during the dates of these records, it is possible they could have had relatives in Chatham at that time and that is why they eventually moved to Chatham.
1820 Chatham County, Georgia Census

Thos. W. Anderson

George Anderson

George Anderson

John Backle (Backley)

Adam Cooke

Warren Dudley37

Margaret Fountain

James Fountain

Elstey T.Glen

Jacob F. Gould

Henry Haupt

John Haupt

Anna Limon (Lamon?)

Mary Lawrence


Josiah Lawrence

Henry M.Russell

Charles Norris

Patrick Norris

James Norris

Wm. F. Oliver

Daniel Pickett

Samuel Russel

Adam, Jr. Sheftall

Adam, Sr. Sheftall

Isaac Sheftall

Benjn. Sheftall

Abm., MD Sheftall

Moses, MD Sheftall

Shefton Sheftall

Revd. Mr. Sweat

Allen Sweet (Sweat)

Lewis Turner

Charles Ulmer
1827 Land Lottery
Brantley's, Joseph orps. - Chatham County, Reeds

Remshart, Elizabeth wid. - Chatham County, Geredons

Sheftall, Sheftall R.S. - Chatham County, Haydens

Russell, Jane M. widow - Chatham County, Haydens

Strobhart, Mary S. widow - Chatham County, Geredons
1830 Chatham County, Georgia Census

George W Anderson

George Anderson

Benj Brantly

James Brantly

Ann Brantley

John Brantley

Wm Brantley

Gastin Buckly

Ann Box

H Castillow

Amos Cook

W J Dudley

James Fountain

James Fountain

Geo Glen

Jacob Gould

John Haupt

Henry Haupt

Paul Killer (Keller?)

Diana Lawrence

S A T Lawrence

Sarah Norris

James Norris

Geo Oliver

W M Oliver

Wm Ramsheart

John W Ramsheart

Isaac Russell

A Scruggs

Mary Strobart

Ann Strobart

Solomon Sheftall

Mary Sheftall

Mary Turner

Charles Ulme


Effingham County, Georgia is on the coast between Screven and Chatham Couties

Many of the families associated with descendants of Wm. F. Oliver and Mary Venable were from Effingham County, Georgia. The following families have members who may have married into the Oliver family or were related to members of these families.
1820 Census:
James Anderson

James Cook

Henry Cook

Wm. J.Dudley38

Benjn. Kennedy

Groce, Senr. Scruggs

Aletha Scruggs

Christian Treutlan

Chrisn. Wesenbaker
1827 Land Lottery
Backly, Jonathan orps. Of

Treutlin, Christian E.

Dudley, Guilford39

Ulmer, Philip

Ulmer, Wm. P.

Strobhar, David A.

1830 Census








1840 Census:












James Wm. Oliver, s/o William F. Oliver and Mary Venable, married Mary Dudley, d/o Guildford Dudley. William I Dudley is Mary’s brother. Mary Dudley was the granddaughter of John Adam Treutlen as was Christian E. Treutlen. Children and grandchildren of William F. Oliver and Mary Venable of Chatham County married Backley, Bevill, Kessler and Ulmer. Scruggs is intermarried with Bevil. Kennedy is related to Dudley and Metzger is related to Kennedy and Backley. This indicates that the Oliver family of Chatham County had connections to families in Effingham County

Screven County is adjacent to Effingham County, Georgia
1850 Screven County, Georgia Census

Martha Oliver (45) widow of Thomas Wm. Oliver

B. (T ?) W. Oliver (22 GA) farmer

Virgil Oliver

G, Oliver (17 GA)

Joseph R. Oliver (14)

Living next door:
McDaniel Oliver43 (33 farmer), Sarah A. (Freeman) Oliver (30), Elijah (8), Jacob (6), George (3), Jackson (1).
Wm. Oliver44 (29 farmer), Catherine Oliver (24), Green W. Oliver (8), Henrietta Oliver (5), Thomas Oliver (4), William Oliver (2)
Nearby: Elijah Oliver (34 farmer), Robert W. Oliver (10)
1860 Screven County, Georgia
M. Oliver (55) widow

R, N. Oliver (32) Doctor

Joseph R. Oliver (24) gentlemen
Next Door: T. W. Oliver45 (37-1823), E. G. Oliver (32), V. E. Oliver (16 f.), Mary Oliver (14), Anna Oliver (12), T. W. Oliver (10), Wm. W. Oliver (8), Virgil B Oliver (6), Ida Oliver (4), infant (1)
1870 Screven County, Georgia
Joseph Oliver (28 Farmer)

Martha (65)

Ida (23)

Joseph Jr (2)

Harry (1)
1880 Effingham County, Ga Census
Joseph Oliver (45 Ga, Ga, Ga)

Ida Oliver (35)

Joseph Oliver (13)

Henry Oliver (11)

Percy Oliver (9)


Fraddie Oliver (5)

Frank Oliver (3)

Mattie Oliver (1)
Because Joseph R. Oliver and his family are living next door to McDaniel Oliver in 1850 in Screven County, Georgia, it does indicate that they are probably a part of that family.McDaniel Oliver was the son of John Oliver of Jones/Craven County, NC and Ann McDaniel.
Joseph R. Oliver is buried in Guyton Cemetery, Effingham County, Georgia46. His tombstone reads:
Joseph R. Oliver, son of Thomas William Oliver and Martha Herrington47, March 27th 1835-March 2, 1885, Confederate States of America War Veteran, Co. B Second Battalion.
There is another, probably later CSA tombstone for Joseph R. Oliver, with the same dates
Joseph R. Oliver married Ida Strobhar, daughter of Henry Strobhart and Henrietta Beville from the same family as Jesse Beville who married Leadonnia Addie Oliver, d/o James William Oliver and Mary Dudley.
1825: Martha Herrington married Thomas William Oliver
1835: Joseph R. Oliver born
1844: James Wm. Oliver married Mary Dudley in Effingham County, Georgia
1850: Joseph R. Oliver on Screven County, Ga Census
1850: James Wm. Oliver in Hamilton Co, Florida with daughter Leadonnis Addie and three other children
1860: Joseph R. Oliver on census Screven County, Georgia
1865: Joseph R. Oliver married Ida Strobhar (d/o Henry Strobhar and Henrietta Bevill)
1870: Joseph R. Oliver on Screven County, Georgia Census
1872: Leadonnis Oliver married Jesse S. Bevill
The Oliver family of Joseph R. migrated from Jones/Craven County, North Carolina to Laurens County, Georgia to Twiggs County, Georgia (next to Bibb County, Georgia where John Wm. Oliver, son of James Wm. Oliver and Mary Dudley moved c. 1900) to Screven County, Georgia and probably to Randolph County, Georgia as well. 48
Although it can not be detrermined if Joseph R. Oliver is from the same line of Oliver as WIliam F. Oliver who married Venable, they are connected through the Beville family of Effingham County, Georgia who had descendants who married into both families.

Beaufort County, SC is adjacent to Chatham County, Georgia

Several families who married descendants of William F. Oliver were from Beaufort County, SC as were other related families
1800 Beaufort County SC Census

Backler, John (Backley?)


Berry: John

Blake: Joseph, William, William

Box: Thomas

Brantly: Joseph (Brantley?)

Campbell: Archibald, Nicholas

Cook: Cornelius, John, Samuel

Dudley: Thomas

Dupies: James Sr & Jr

Gillelond: William

Hogg: James, James, John, William

Laurence: Samuel, Stephen, William

Lee: Solomon

Purse: John

Strobhart: Henry, Jacob, John, John

Sweat: William Sr & Jr

Ulmer: John

Waters: John, William, William

Wigg: Seatitia, William, William H., Mrs

1840 Lowndes County, Georgia Census

Adjacent to Hamilton County, Florida


BOX50, JOHN 6M, 4F


SWEAT52, JOHN 6M, 4F53



1850 Lowndes County Census
Scruggs56, Richard 29, M, Ga

Scruggs, Mary Ann 22, F, Ga

Scruggs, Josephine 4, F, Ga

Scruggs, Joseph 3, M, Ga

Scruggs, Anne E, 1, F, Ga

1850 Hamilton County, Florida Census
John M.Zipperer 57 M Farmer Geo

Mary Zipperer 57 F Geo

Thomas Zipperer 26 M Laborer Geo

Stephen Zipperer 23 M Laborer Geo

Sarah Zipperer 20 F

Benjamin F. Zipperer 18 M Laborer Fla

Elizabeth Zipperer 14 F Fla
John M. Zipperer 34 M Farmer Geo

Caroline Zipperer 28 F Geo

Caroline M. Zipperer 10 F Fla

John Zipperer 9 M Fla

William Zipperer 8 M Fla

Thomas Zipperer 6 M Fla

Mary Zipperer 5 F Fla

Ann Zipperer 2 F Fla

Hezekiah Harbuck57 37 M Farmer Geo

Rebecca Harbuck 35 F Geo

David C. Harbuck 12 M Geo

Eliza Harbuck 10 F Geo

Lucina Harbuck 8 F Geo

Francis C. Harbuck 6 F Fla

Arrelany Harbuck 4 F Fla

James R Harbuck 6/12 M Fla

Alfred Oliver 25 M Laborer Geo
James W. Oliver58 26 M Geo

Mary R. Oliver 24 F Geo

Laura Oliver 6 F Geo

Mary V. Oliver 4 F Geo

Wilelminer Oliver 2 F Fla

Leadnus A. Oliver 2 F Fla


1. WILLIAM F. OLIVER (born c. 1791 NC)

Chatham County marriages: William Oliver and Mary Venable 181459

Children: (2A) Caroline Oliver, (2B) Elizabeth Oliver, (2C) James William Oliver, (2D) John A. Oliver, (2E) Rebecca Catherine Oliver, (2F) Mary A. Oliver, (2G) Sarah Emily Oliver, (2H) Stephen H. Oliver

1816 Chatham County Tax list60: Oliver, Ann (free person of color) page 066, Oliver, Margaret, page 042, Oliver, William, page 042

1820 CENSUS61: Chatham County, Georgia: William F. Oliver, 1 male 26-45, 1 female 16-25, 1 female 0-10

1821 Georgia Land Lottery: William Oliver of Chatham County62

1830 CENSUS63: Chatham County, Georgia: William Oliver: 1 male 0-5, 1 male 5-10, 1 male 40-50, 1 female 0-5, 1 female 5-10, 1 female 10-15, 1 female 20-30.

1840 Chatham County Census District 864: Wm Oliver; 1 male 30-40, 1 female 30-40, 1 male 10-15, 1 male 15-20, 3 females under 5, 1 female 5-10, 1 male slave under 10, 2 male slaves 10-24, 1 female slave 10-24

1850 CENSUS Chatham: William F. Oliver 59 (NC), Mary 49 (NC), Stephen H. 10, Marie/Mariel 12, Sarah 16

1850 Slave Schedule: William Oliver, 6 slaves

1850 Agricultural Census65: William Oliver, Solomon Sheftall (on same page), Paul Keller (on same page)

William Oliver:
Acres of improved land: 30/ Unimproved: 215

Cash Value of Farm: $250./ Value of farming implements: $200

3 horses, 30 milk cows, 85 other cattle, 60 sheep, 70 swine

Value of Livestock: $1000.

30 bushels of Indian corn/ 21,000 lbs of rice
William F. Oliver: Died 1854 per tombstone at Gravel Hill Cemetery, Pooler, Georgia66

Mary Venable (?) Oliver died on June 4, 1860 and is buried in Gravel Hill Cemetery.67


Former site of Alpha United Methodist Church. Alpha was organized by Trinity Methodist Church of Savannah, Georgia in May, 1841 as Alpha Mission. It is, as the name implies, the alpha, or first mission to be established by the rapidly growing congregation of the mother church, Trinity. In addition to providing the pastor for Alpha Mission, the membership of Trinity Church organized a Sunday School and provided materials until such time as the Sunday School could operate independently. Records show the first Sunday School Superintendent, Mr. Mathews Stone, donated the land for the church building which was located at Gravel Hill Cemetery. This was originally midway between Bloomingdale and Pooler on the south side of Highway 8068.

Speculation on the father of William F. Oliver

William F. Oliver’s tombstone has his death as in 1854 and his age at death as 64 so he would have been born in 1790. The 1850 Chatham County Georgia Census has his age as 59 born in NC. Using these dates as markers, we can say he was born in either 1790 or 1791. Depending on the actual date of his birth, he would have been either under 10 or 10-15 on the 1800 NC census records. Below are the NC Census records with children born within those date ranges.

OLIVER in the 1790 NC Census
Ahijah Oliver, Stokes County, NC

Alexander Oliver, Tyrell County, NC

Andrew Oliver, Tyrell County, NC

Anne Oliver, Dobbs County, NC

Aron Oliver, Moore County, NC

Edward Oliver, Tyrell County, NC

Benjamin Oliver, Onslow County, NC

Francis Oliver, Duplin County, NC

George Oliver, Tyrell County, NC

Gilson Oliver, Stokes County, NC

Henry Oliver, Wayne County, NC

George Oliver, Mecklinberg County, NC

John Oliver, Lincoln County, NC

James Oliver, Wake County, NC

James Oliver, Johnston County, NC

James Oliver, Lincoln County, NC

James Oliver, Rockingham County, NC

John Oliver, Granville County, NC

John Oliver, Tyrell County, NC

John Oliver, Rockingham County, NC

John Oliver, Northampton County, NC

John Oliver, New Hanover County, NC

John Oliver, Richmond County, NC

Joseph Oliver, Tyrell County, NC

Joseph Oliver, Craven County, NC

Martha Oliver, Rockingham County, NC

Mary Oliver, Granville County, NC

Moses Oliver, Moore County, NC

Needham Oliver, Johnston County, NC

Samuel Oliver, Jones County, NC

Solomon Oliver, Craven County, NC

Susannah Oliver, Wilkes County, NC

Thomas Oliver, Craven County, NC

Thomas Oliver, Johnston County, NC

William Oliver, Cumberland County, NC

William Oliver, Robeson County, NC

William Oliver, Jones County, NC

William Oliver, Johnston County, NC

William Oliver, Rockingham County, NC

Willis Oliver, Moore County, NC

OLIVER Males in the 1800 NC Census
John Oliver, Northampton, (-10 (1), 10-15 (2), 45 + (1)

Alexander Oliver, Washington, (-10 (3), 10-15 (1), 26-44 (1)

Andrew Oliver, Washington, (-10 (1), 10-15 (1), 26-44 (1)

Andrew Oliver I, Mecklenburg, (10-15 (1), 26-44 (1)

Andrew Oliver II, Mecklenberg, (10-15 (1), 26-44 (1)

William Oliver, Mecklenberg, (-10 (1), 26-44 (1)

Benjamin Oliver, Buncombe, (10-15 (2), 26-44 (1)

Edward Oliver69, Tyrell, (-10 (1), 26-44 (1)

Joseph Oliver, Tyrell, (-10 (2), 26-44 (1)

Elijah Oliver, Salisbury, (-10 (2), 10-15 (1), 45+ (1)

Francis Oliver, Duplin, (10-15 (1), 45+ (1)

George Oliver, Lincoln, (-10 (2), 10-15 (2), 26-44 (1)

Thomas Oliver, Lincoln, (-10 (1), 16-25 (1)

William Oliver, Stokes, (-10 (1), 26-44 (1)

Henry Oliver, Johnston, (10-15 (1), 45+ (1)

John Oliver I, Johnston, (-10 (2), 10-15 (1), 26-44 (1)

John Oliver II, Johnston (-10 (1), 10-15 (1), 26-44 (1)

Needham Oliver, Johnston, (-10 (2), 26-44 (1)

Stephen Oliver, Johnston, (-10 (1), 26-44 (1)

James Oliver, Onslow, (-10 (2), 26-44 (1)

James Oliver70 , Rockingham, (10-15 (1), 26-44 (1)

Peter Oliver, Rockingham, (-10 (3), 26-44 (1)

William Oliver, Rockingham (-10 (1),10-15 (1), 26-44 (1)

James Oliver, Wayne, Unknown (page torn)

John Oliver71, Richmond, (-10 (1), 10-15 (1), 26-44 (1)

John Oliver, Rutherford, (-10 (1), 16-25 (1)

John Oliver, Craven, (10-15 (1), 45+ (1)

Joseph Oliver, Craven, (10-15 (1), 45+ (1)

Daniel Oliver, Craven, (-10 (1), 16-25 (1)

Samuel Oliver, Craven, (-10 (1), 26-44 (1)

Thomas Oliver, Craven, (-10 (1), 10-15 (1), 45+ (1

Malachi Oliver72, Bertie, (-10 (1), 26-44 (1)

Moses Oliver, Montgomery (-10 (1), 26-44 (1)

Stephen Oliver73, Person, (-10 (1), 10-15 (2), 45+ (1)

Willis Oliver74 , Moore, (-10 (1), 10-15 (1), 45+ (1)

Willis Oliver II, Moore , (-10 (3), 10-15 (2), 26-44 (1)

Chatham County, Georgia is a coastal county. In the early 1800’s the easiest method of travel would have been by ship. It is a possibility that Wm. F. Oliver or his family arrived in Savannah from a Coastal NC county. Of the coastal NC counties that had Oliver males in 1790 and 1800, there are Washington, Tyrell, Craven (parent County of Jones), Bertie and Onslow. However, since William F. Oliver married a Venable, there were Venables in Stokes, Surry and Lincoln Counties of NC. William F. Oliver could have been born in one of these counties as well.

NAMES of Male Descendants:
William F. Oliver had three sons that we know of:

1. James (named sons John William, Robert Joseph, James E),

2. John A (named sons John A, William Henry75, George B, Stephen H, Langdon Cheves76, Robert H.)

3. Stephen H. (died without issue)

If these sons were named after ancestors, then we can further limit the NC counties where William F. Oliver may have been born. The names William, Robert, John, and Stephen appear to be repeated most. George and Joseph are also possible ancestral names, but any of these names could have come from the maternal side as well. If we eliminate the Counties already shown in YDNA tests, we find in 1800 census records: Stephen and John appear in the Oliver names of Johnston County, NC. John and Joseph appear in Craven County, NC. John is in Rutherford County NC, James is shown in Wayne and Onslow Counties. George is in Lincoln County, NC77. William is in Stokes County, NC78
If the family of William F. Oliver migrated to Chatham County, Georgia after 1790, they may have joined family members who were already there.

Pre 1830 Georgia Oliver Records79

In 1790, according to: Early Georgia Settlers, 1700s-1800s The Reconstructed 1790 Census for Chatham County, Georgia

Oliver, Francis; Oliver, Wm.

Oliver, Jas. Tax Digest, 1790.

Miss Oliver, 1806 tax list, p. 29

Three Oliver men (two descended from son James and one from son John A.) who are descendants of Wm. F. Oliver have taken the YDNA test. They match each other but do not have a YDNA match to any Oliver from the almost 200 men who have participated in the Oliver YDNA project. In fact, our Oliver YDNA participants have no match to anyone by any name out of the entire YDNA database. The Haplotype for the three Oliver men who are descendants of Wm. F. Oliver who took the test is I1, which is of Scandinavian origin. The Vikings raided and settled in many coastal areas of England, Scotland France, Germany, and other countries. Normandy is named after the “Norsemen” who settled there. Could Oliver be a Norman name and came to England after the conquest of 1066? Could Oliver be a Scottish name? The Orkney Islands of Scotland were settled by Norsemen. The surname Oliver is from Catalan, English, French, German and Scottish areas and is derived from the given name Oliver.80

We do not know the parents of Mary Venable. If Mary Venable were born in NC in 1800 or c. 1800, she would be descended from one of these NC Venable families:

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